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Thousands of government supporters march in the Venezuelan capital,


Caracas, as the new constitutional assembly takes office.


Despite a Vatican call for its suspension.


America's Attorney General condemns what he calls the staggering level


of unauthorised access to classified


We will investigate and seeks to bring criminals to justice. We will


not now romantic, anonymous sources with clearances to sell out our


country. -- We will not allow rogue


anonymous sources... Health warnings across Europe


as some countries experience expensive footballer,


says he joined Paris St-Germain, Hello, and welcome to


BBC World News Today. Venezuela's new constituent assembly


is being sworn right now. Well, President Nicolas Maduro


called for its election so the existing constitution


could be rewritten. Opposition leaders have denounced it


as an attempt by the government to strengthen its power as it's


formed almost entirely There have been jubilant scenes


in the capital, Caracas. Pro-government rallies have been


taking place. Assembly members have been sworn into the legislative


Palace despite growing international condemnation of the controversial


vote will stop the Vatican being the latest to call on the Venezuelan


governments to stop. BBC's Luis Fajardo


joins us from Miami. That's swearing in has taken place


despite international condemnation. Rat is right, they did it in a very


symbolic and possibly theatrical way. The leaders of the


pro-government faction that control the new assembly walks into the


building carrying the portrait of Chavez, the father of the


revolution. The assembly has been in the house of the national assembly


which has been controlled by the opposition. When they do ever the


national assembly a couple of years ago, they made a big deal of


removing this portrait of Hugo Chavez. They are showing the


pro-government faction taking ever one of the last bastions of


opposition right now. Confusion about what happens next. The need


for a referendum. Could you explain this process to yours. That is one


of the big issues here that no videos what happens next because the


Venezuelan constituent assembly has such a degree of power and autonomy


that they could rule, they would not need any further endorsement by any


referendum. In theory, they could replace the president. One of the


issues of great uncertainty right now is the amount of power that will


be controlled by the assembly. The course leaders of the assembly who


have just been named are closely associated with President Nicolas


Maduro. They are seen as close allies but there is still a strong


degree of uncertainty and that is one of the things the opposition


complained about. There is an enormous amount of power being given


to a new constituent assembly that will rewrite a lot of the


institutional framework in Venezuela and the operation, opposition is


afraid that this will take over the last bastions in Venezuela. The


Vatican appeals for calm from security forces. How real is the


threat of violence breaking out onto the streets of Venezuela?


Unfortunately it is all very real. Of course, for the last three


months, Venezuela has seen almost constant street demonstrations and


confrontation hitting pro and anti-Government sympathisers. Today,


there is an opposition march beginning to form right now and


moving towards the assembly building. Every time in the past


they have tried to reach key Government buildings, they been


strongly confronted by security buildings. Until now, no serious


incidents today but there is unfortunately elderly that potential


because of the extreme degree of all right Asian that the people in


Caracas feel right now. We'll leave it right now but thank you very


much. This is the scene in Caracas right


now as the new assembly has been sworn in. There is. That is to place


a few minutes ago. Up to 500 members were given their new positions and


the new president of the constituent assembly also being named as Dalci


Rodriguez. More news as we get it. Also news on the leaks that have


been brought out. Regarding President Trump.


Donald Trump is never happier than when is out of Washington. This is


where he belongs. An adoring crowd in West Virginia, the problems of


Russia, collusion, special counsel and grand juries are a long way from


the country roads. The Russia story is a total fabrication. It is just


an excuse for the greatest loss in the story of American politics. That


is all it is. He didn't mention the special counsel by name but had him


in his sights when he said this. I just hope the final determination is


a truly honest one. The grand jury is made up of members of the public


meeting behind closed doors to consider evidence gathered. They can


force people to testify or hand over evidence. They will decide whether


the material is strong enough to proceed to a criminal trial.


Crucially, they don't decide if a potential defendant is innocent or


guilty. That is done by a conventional jury. Of course, it may


be that the grand jury meeting at this courthouse will come to the


conclusion that the evidence doesn't add up to much and there's no need


further action. The fact that they grand jury has been called is a sign


that this investigation is intensifying and will last a good


deal of money yet. The other worry for the Trump also Irish is the


scale of the enquiry will spread as well. -- the Trump entourage.


Another is the endless damaging and revealing leaks from within the


administration. Today, the Attorney General revealed a new crackdown.


This new... Nation -- this nation must put an end to these weeks. We


have to bring criminal justice. We will not allow rogue, criminal


sources to sell out our country. The president visited the emergency


centre for Larry King, it is our king season. With this grand jury,


one could soon be barrelling towards Donald Trump. -- the centre for


hurricanes. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. The US economy has seen strong jobs


growth thanks to a wave of hiring President Trump has welcomed


the news, tweeting... Excellent jobs numbers


just released - South Korea's spy agency has


admitted it tried to manipulate the result of the 2012 presidential


election to ensure Park Geun-hye did beat


liberal Moon Jae-in, but she is now facing trial


for corruption and abuse of power. Researchers warn that half


of India's nearly 800 languages Experts says children


from linguistic minorities or indigenous communities aren't


educated in their mother tongue, and there's little incentive


for following generations to keep Parts of southern Europe


are suffering from the hottest sustained heatwave for more


than a decade. Temperatures have reached 45 degrees


Celsius in some parts of Italy and the Balkans and several


countries have issued Let's talk to Phil Avery


from the BBC Weather Centre. Lovely to see you. We have some


wonderful pictures of people really enjoying the weather. However there


is a danger. Most certainly. As you have intimated in your introduction,


a number of authorities issuing a health warnings. The media types, we


always talk about 45 Celsius by day but there is no relief by night. I


was reading lines from Canadian tourists who were expecting a jolly


time in Europe and they said they didn't expect 40 Celsius plus and


the payoff is, once you get at by night, it is hard to drag both


average was down by day. You can get them below 28 - 30 Celsius. People


really stressing through the lack of sleep and the fact it is difficult


to stay healthy in those conditions. What is the current situation? This


is what we are expecting to see on Saturday, on this temperature


profile. Looking across Europe, many of these are above 40 Celsius. We


are going through Sardinia, down to Siberia. Some of these are not


extraordinary in one or two days but we have spoken about wildfires for


quite some time. We go back a few weeks, it was Iberia. We had similar


things in Croatia, talking about the effects. We can drag that engine


power shortages because everyone turns on air conditioning if they


have it in places like Croatia. There are real effect. We see no


reduction going into this weekend. Across the south has been a source


for quite some time. Why has it not move further north?


There is an absolute dividing line comes in the form of the weather


front. Parts of northern Europe, people will look at the south and


think they wished they had part of that sunshine because the north,


which changing you now, at best it is 20-something, nowhere near


30-40dC, mid-40s Celsius. The reason why it has not swept across Europe


as a whole is because the north of Europe picks up cooler, fresher,


Atlantic air whereas the south is but with this big area of high


pressure which keeps circulating this heat and the worrying statistic


that I have to finish with is that the UK Met Office is confirming that


this sort of extreme weather event is ten times more likely to happen


now and into the future than was as recently as the 2000s. Does this


have anything to do with the jet stream? Wheel of talking about that.


I know you are talking about it, we should get you to talk about that


rather than me. It sort of has but I know, thankfully we don't have


enough time to talk about it in detail. New cheat. Thank you, thank


you very much. Leo Varadker crossed the Irish


border for the first time as Ireland's Prime Minister to set


out his concerns about what could -- Ireland's Prime Minister,


Leo Varadkar, says Britain must soon address, the key issue of the status


of the Irish border after Brexit, He says he doesn't want economic


barriers, between Britain and Ireland, and is calling


for 'unique solutions,' to preserve After Brexit, Ireland


will have the EU's only Our Ireland Correspondent


Chris Buckler reports Leo Varadker crossed the Irish


border for the first time as Ireland's Prime Minister to set


out his concerns about what could He arrived in Belfast having upset


unionists with recent But inside Queens University today,


the new Taoiseach was keen to talk At a time when Brexit


threatens to drive a wedge between North and South,


between Britain and Ireland, we need to build more


bridges and fewer borders. He is a Taioseoch


of a new generation. The referendum over


the Good Friday Peace Agreement marked the first time


he was eligible to vote. He said the challenge of this


generation is Brexit and again he challenged those he called


the Brexiteers to come up with proposals to ease the problems


posed by new borders. They have already had 14 months


to do so, which should have been ample time to come up


with detailed proposals. But if they cannot,


and I believe they cannot, then we can start to talk


meaningfully about solutions that For example, if the United Kingdom


doesn't want to stay in the customs union,


perhaps there can be an EU-UK And if it was to end up


being a so-called hard Brexit, no-one is sure how trade


and movement could be monitored, along the border which has


scores of open roads. When people talk about the Irish


border of the past, they tend to refer to the years


of The Troubles, when huge security This is actually the dividing line


between the two countries, There's going to be some form


of border because the UK will want people going into the South


of Ireland and using it I've never seen before,


you know, I was too young. I didn't see the border but I can


imagine that it won't be good. But there are some people in Ireland


you feel that the key shock is interfering.


But there are some people in Ireland you feel that the key shock is


-- On this shared island, Leo Varadkar knows there


A Brexit deal that's good for the UK is likely to be important on both


Chris Buckler, BBC News, Northern Ireland.


Now, Neymar has completed a ?200 million deal to go to PSG. We have


been told it is not all about the money. Neymar finally in Paris with


a ball and the world at his feet. At ?200 million, his transfer from


Barcelona is a wreckage deal. When his wages are included, it will


eventually top ?400 million. The Brazilian star told me today he has


followed his heart and not his wallet. A lot of people say you're


doing this for the money, that is your motivation. What do you say to


that? TRANSLATION: I did not come here for the money. I came here for


the motivation of the challenge and the challenges.


On the Champs-Elysees this morning, fans were happy to part with their


cash, queueing to buy the new Neymar shirt. The club is backed by a


family of Qatar well. The anything he has bagged a bargain. Today until


now, the sort merchandised of half 1 million euros and that is just in a


couple of others. Neymar has been a star of club and country for many


years. People point to the vast sum involved and people as grey as


merely a pawn in Qatar's efforts to spread its influence across the


globe. The man himself said he is simply here to win. What with the


success to you, the Champions League, the Balon D'Or? How would


you say you've made it, delivered? TRANSLATION: I want everything, the


titles... I came over here to make history. PSG want Neymar to spot a


sporting revolution for them. Leaving the stadium tonight, he was


greeted by fans as their new king. The French authorities have been


accused of failing to provide for asylum seekers as a deliberate


policy of trying to dissuade migrants from coming to the country.


Hundreds are living in squalor on the outskirts of Metz. Splashing in


the summer heat, try topping these children from enjoying themselves.


This for them is home, a ramshackle collection of tents perched on how


outskirts of the city. Some have been your Fridays, some for many


months. All are squeezed into tiny tent will stop they complain of


rats, not enough toilets, not enough help. This man is from northern


Iraq. He has been here for four months. He wants out. It is


difficult for life. I need to go to England. I can't because of borders


being closed, it is difficult. We don't have enough money to go. These


kinds of places are becoming more common in wealthy Europe as people


stream west in search of a better life. Some say that France is


denying the stable assistance on purpose. When you are in this kind


of place, no incentives. At the end of the day, I think you create such


conditions for people who know that when they arrive in France, they


have no better conditions than in their own country. It is a charge


vigorously rejected by gift already is. TRANSLATION: We currently have


nearly 5000 people housed in the region. If the states didn't want to


do anything, why would be provide this accommodation? If this camp


existed just to frustrate people, it is clearly not working. Most of


these people will felt to be accepted for a file, wanting a


better life is not a good enough reason for the authorities. -- will


fail to be accepted for asylum. The misery that flourishes here will


continue. More help from the stage is coming. The ball of the rich west


-- The pull ll of the rich west continues.


France remains hard and dangerous for the people who come here.


Researchers at Nottingham Trent University say a simple device


to reduce the weight of washing machines could save fuel,


cut carbon emissions, and reduce back injuries.


A typical budget washing machine is weighted by a 25 kilogramme


concrete block to hold it steady as it spins, but scientists


have experimented with something different.


Amin Al-Habaibeh, professor in intelligent engineering


systems is part of the team at Nottingham Trent


The normal washing machines, they have concrete counterweights and the


idea is to prevent vibration. The problem with this technology is that


the manufacturers need to assemble the concrete counterweights in the


factory and ship them to the stores and then they are being transferred


or shipped to people at home and that will simply produce carbon


emissions that will consume more fuel and, at the same time, could


cause health issues in terms of the people who carry such washing


machines and store them. Health issues, is that really an issue? Is


it a big problem? Normally people need to be trained but certainly


reducing the weight of around 30% of a machine device, that makes moving


it easier. Especially for the people themselves, the users. If they want


to use... Movie washing machine, it becomes easier for them if they are


not strange to do that. I understand a company came to you with the idea


of exploring the possibility of removing the concrete. Why has no


one thought of this before? There were some attempts in the past but


what we have done about this project, the unique thing, is that


we have tried to replace the counterweight with hollow, plastic


containers in the same place, using the same fixture system. That will


hopefully make it easier for washing machine manufacturers to replace the


concrete counterweightss during the manufacturing process without having


to change the design of the washing machine. Plastic can be brutal. How


long will this last converter concrete?


Well, much of washing machines are already plastic. Adding one more


component is within the normal aspect of the current practice. How


much is this likely to cost? And very difficult to tell at the


moment. Our main focus was on reducing the weight and reducing the


carbon emission and the fuel transporting the washing machine to


the end user. Certainly, it will be that there are other issues to


consider when the product goes to the market. Very briefly, is a


interest from manufacturers? Our industrial collaborator is talking


now to plastic manufacturers and washing machine manufacturers and we


hope it will be soon in the market in the future. Amin Al-Habaibeh,


thank you very much. Thank you. The 70th Edinburgh International


Festival is underway. Created in the aftermath


of the Second World War to give a platform


for the flowering of the human spirit, it's now


the largest arts festival One couple has been there


since the beginning. This is Ingrid and


Henry Wuga's story. May 1939, I came on a dramatic


journey by train to Germany and eventually we landed in Great


Britain. I am 90 double zero 92. 93. I am not 93, am I? Yes. When you


heard it was music going on, we thought, can we afford to go?


Edinburgh holds the first international music and drama


Festival. Scotland's capital's streets will come 120,000 visitors.


Gourmand, Young, Lee has no money. We did not mind standing at the


back. Many orchestras from all over Europe, America, came to Edinburgh.


All of a sudden, there was like a rekindling of life, art, music.


People were determined. Iraq determined to lead a better life. It


did work. They were determined it should


change and be better. This iconic singer became an international star


in a very short time. It was fantastic. Having tasted that, of


course, there was no slopping ours. We lived for that moment. Fantastic.


Do stay with us, plenty more coming up on BBC.


Do stay with us, plenty more coming up on BBC.


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