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The UN votes unanimously in favour of new and tougher sanctions


against North Korea after last month's long-range missile tests.


This resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package


ever levelled against the North Korean regime.


Venezuela's chief prosecutor is sacked by the country's


new constituent assembly - she says it wanted to stop her


Police in Italy are investigating the kidnapping of a British model


who was held captive for nearly a week.


And the legend that is Usain Bolt, books his place in the 100m final


at the World Championships here in London - his final


The United Nations Security Council Has Voted Unanimously To Impose


tough new sanctions against North Korea.


The resolution was drafted by the United States, and it comes


in response to two long-range ballistic missile tests last month.


The sanctions aim to deprive Pyongyang of more


Speaking at the session, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley


North Korea's irresponsible and careless acts have just proved to be


quite costly to the regime. This resolution is the single largest


economic sanctions package ever levelled against the North Korean


regime. The price the North Korean leadership will pay for its


continued nuclear missile development will be the loss of one


third of its exports and hard currency. This is the most stringent


set of sanctions on any country in a generation. Lets get more on this,


because Laura Becker is following events from Washington. Some unity


to the Security Council, they're obviously very worried about North


Korea's nuclear-weapons programme? The US are taking this threat very


seriously, that's two missiles fired in a month, an analyst believed they


could be capable of hitting the mainland of the United States. Now,


obviously, that is contested by many, but they're not taking any


chances. In the last few hours, Donald Trump is there's National


Security adviser has said they will not tolerate these threats. In the


last month, you've heard there from Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to


the UN, she has been trying to work with the other members of the


student council to come up with this resolution. But they've managed to


do is come up with a package of measures which will hit Pyongyang


with a $1 billion worth of export funding. It will strip that await.


The idea behind that is that. Then getting the funds necessary to


plough that money into his missile programme. The key to all of this is


China, because China trade around 90% of North Korea's trade is with


China. The idea is that if China is on board, the sanctions could


actually have some teeth. But you have heard there that China has


backed the Security Council measures, but it's also had a bit of


a swipe at the US. The last 18 minutes it has announced that it


wants the US to halt its deployment of an anti missile defence system


will stop it is based in South Korea, China believes it's a threat


to its own national security and wants the US to remove it. So now we


know what China once in response to its backing, it's asking the US to


take away its military presence near them. Has there been any reaction


yet from North Korea? Within the last few hours before the sanctions


were even voted upon, North Korean state television had published a


series of statements, very defiant statements, thing they would not


tolerate the sanctions and it would not work to stop them rallying


around their party and rallying around their leader. So this is the


latest set of sanctions, and it seems Kim Jong-un is undeterred.


Just hours after it was sworn in, Venezuela's new constituent assembly


has voted to sack the country's top prosecutor, a vocal


The controversial assembly - which is dominated by


Government supporters - decided to remove Luisa Ortega from


Earlier, dozens of National Guard officers in riot gear took up


position around her office preventing her from entering.


It didn't take long for Venezuela's chief prosecutor to take the


consequences of her opposition to the constituent assembly. Just hours


after the controversial new legislative body was sworn in, Ms


Ortega's office was around by security forces. She better


photographers on to her Twitter account of National Guard officers


in riot gear, and she said she denounced the siege in front of the


national and international community. A prominent member of the


new assembly, the country's Foreign Minister, indicated such


high-profile opponents could face which -- swift action. She has


become a vocal opponent Nicolas Maduro. First she led outcry as the


Supreme Court briefly took control of the powers of the National


Assembly. Since the constituent assembly was proposed, she has


consistently denounced it publicly and brought legal action to hold its


advance. And Will Grant joins us


now from Mexico City. Tell us more about Luisa Ortega and


at how was she regarded in the country? There are the years, she


was considered a Loyalist to give Chavez and then to Nicolas Maduro.


And she was a Laurus, she was socially with the revolution, there


is no doubt about that at all. They met a few weeks ago there was a step


by the Supreme Court in Venezuela to store the powers of the National


Assembly. The outcry about that in Venezuela and around the world was


led by Luisa Ortega. They step back from the brink, but was then the


decision was taken to great this new constituent assembly, the one that


is causing all the controversy at the moment. She has consistently


remained in opposition to that. She says it's unconstitutional and she


is the last defender of because digestion as the country's top


prosecutor. Susie he's moved from a Loyalist advice to a opposition won,


even though she's not aligned with the opposition. But she's certainly


butting heads with Nicolas Maduro, and now it seems he's taken a final


decision to remove her from the post, know that this new institution


has been installed. How worrying is this move? It looks like President


Madden oh is digging in his heels here? It's just so swift, it was


immediately after this new legislative body that took office,


one that is not just not reckon I is by the opposition and millions of


Venezuelans who didn't turn out to vote in the election, but also by


neighbouring countries, by the EU, by the State Department under Donald


Trump's administration, and it's causing Venezuela to be removed


indefinitely from the South American trading block. The repercussions of


this, it is an extremely radical step, but it's one in keeping with


what Mr Maduro and his top officials say that they are doing with the way


they are moving the country, what this new constituent assembly is all


about. He's showing no signs of relaxing and it certainly digging in


his heels for the time being. Thank you very much.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Campaigning in the Kenyan general election has officially closed


ahead of Tuesday's vote, with the two frontrunners


President Uhuru Kenyatta led his supporters in prayer


His main challenger, Raila Odinga, was cheered by a huge crowd


at Uhuru Park in the centre of the capital, Nairobi.


And in Rwanda, supporters of President Paul Kagame have been


celebrating after he won a third term in office, with


The Electoral Commission said partial results of Friday's election


The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, has


warned the United States against jeopardising its nuclear


deal with world powers, saying President Trump


He was speaking at his inauguration, after being elected


for a second term in May, at a ceremony in Tehran.


Mr Rouhani accused the United States of trying to undermine Iran's


Police in Italy are investigating the kidnapping of a British model


who was held captive for nearly a week.


The young woman, who has not been named, had gone to Milan


for what she thought was a photo-shoot.


Detectives say her captor drugged her and tried


A Polish man - who lives in Britain - has been arrested.


The 20-year-old model arrived in Milan for a photo shoot in one of


these apartments in the city centre. It's said that this is way sure was


attacked by two men and was drugged. The leaves have reconstructed how


she whispered into a bag and then bundled into the boot of a car also.


It was driven to an abandoned shop on the outskirts of the city. Then


to this cottage in the mountains near Turin.


TRANSLATION: Victim was drugged with ketamine and then driven four hours.


We can only imagine what might have happened its she had had an asthma


attack. It is understood that while she was at the cottage, the woman


was handcuffed a chest of drawers. Her kidnapper is alleged to have


tried to sell her for sex online, and demanded a ransom of over


$350,000 from her agent. After six days she was released, although no


ransom was paid, apparently because the kidnapper find out she had a


child. TRANSLATION: The perpetrator was a


dangerous person. Keep in mind, yet reduced themselves as someone


willing to find final solutions, both as a paid killer and part of an


organisation that works in the dark wave, offering mercenaries services,


bomb attacks, kidnappings and so on. The Polish man said to be resident


in Britain has been arrested. It's said this happened after he was seen


taking the woman to the British Consulate. UK Foreign Office said


they had been providing consular support to a woman in Italy. This is


a story that pulls into sharp focus the potential dangers for young


people trying to get on in the modelling industry.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come.


arrive for their summer vacation, but how much of a holiday will it


The UN votes unanimously to impose new tougher


sanctions on North Korea after last month's long-range missile tests.


Venezuela's chief prosecutor is sacked by the country's


new constituent assembly - she says it wanted to stop her


Like many other residents of Washington DC, President Donald


He will spend 17 days at his private golf club in New Jersey,


for what the White House has billed as a "working vacation".


Mr Trump is known for branding himself as an tireless worker,


so the nearly three-week holiday has raised a few eyebrows.


We'll be in New Jersey in just a minute, but first,


a couple of years ago, the BBC did a little research about


how many days a year Americans take off.


Uh-huh you uh-huh you always had to be available. There's not usually


someone to do the work for you, so you have to come back to the


mountain of work you left behind. You save those days up just in the


event of an emergency. Media child needs surgery, maybe yourself. You


always have that time available to you.


Even when I'm on vacation, I can't relax, because I worry. I am a


Christian Brit on the telephone to wherever I need to be. I'm never


relax. If you're working all the time, you


get burned out really fast. To take vacation time, spend time with the


family, do anything, you reset your brain. Got to have your quiet time


to do what you need to do. I'm from Germany. I needed to take


all my days. NPR's White House reporter


Scott Horsley is in New Jersey, following Donald Trump's


summer holiday. It is typical for presidents to get


out of town, out of Washington, DC, in the August, when they swamp Kabir


specially swamping. 17 days is a little longer than some presidents


have taken, but a correspondent for CBC -- CBS radio has demonstrated


that while President Trump has taken more days away than his immediate


predecessor, President Obama, he is taken less time away then say George


W Bush did. It is interesting, what you're sing about President Trump,


because he criticised President Obama for taking too many vacations.


It is all that he's taking a 70-day holiday? He criticised as an Obama


for taking time away from the White House, but also for not using his


frequent golf outings more strategically to cosy up to world


leaders or lawmakers. The current White House is being very sensitive


to that, and one side of that is, even when Donald Trump is as one of


the signature golf courses, which he spends a lot of time at, the almost


always refused to confirm that he's actually playing golf. We often have


the weight until his coal miners had tweeted out a photograph to learn


that you has been officially on the links. -- his golf partners. What


are Americans making of this, given they don't traditionally take many


holidays? 17 days would be a long vacation for most Americans. I think


the culture is so polarised right now, this will be viewed through the


same course aims at most issues are. -- partisan lens that most issues


are. When President Obama took his Martha's Vineyard at vacation coming


here just been wrestling with the economic crisis for the first seven


months. He had bail that General Motors and Chrysler. Yet been


working towards, although not yet passing the health care bill. He had


been working towards the not yet passing a financial reform overhaul.


President Trump comes into this vacation with very little to show


for a specific month in office. The Republican-controlled house and


Senate have yet to pass the Obama Kare Repeal Bill there been talking


about for the past seven years. The push for tax reform is in nascent


stages. This is a working vacation that comes after not a whole lot of


finished work for this president. Lets get some sport he's Catherine.


Only one place to start, these finals of the 100m and Usain Bolt's


bid for glory. He is in the final, though he didn't win his semifinal.


He was well behind at the halfway stage, but is customary surge saw


him claw back the deficit, only finishing a fraction of a second


behind Christian Kallman. Nevertheless, and that is the first


time Bould has lost a semifinal at a world champion tips or another big


gains. And the final is less than half an hour away now. The Olympic


champion and gold-medal favourite Nafi Thiam is out after four


disciplines they had to happen. She has led all the way, and this


evening, she remains very much on course to win the world title to add


to her Olympic gold. Another blistering performance from the


world-record holder from Ethiopia, she is drawn to gold in the 10,000m.


Well over half a lap ahead of the rest of the field in one of the


greatest distance runs in history. Her compatriot came in second, but


finished over in minutes behind. On day two of the fourth and final test


event between England and South Africa, the hosts finished on top.


Jonny Bairstow the main man in the opening session, helping them to a


opening total of 362. He felt one run short of his century, but by


then the damage had been done. Anderson dismantled the South


African batting, taking four wickets to leave South Africa reeling on


220-9. 142 runs behind. I quite like the pitch. There was a bit of


something there. It was more up and down any bit sideways. So when


you're feeling the game like that, your confidence is always up. You


feel if you, even if you leave a few runs, you're in the game and get a


wicket at any stage. We did very well. I think the wicket has


deteriorated a little bit. He is saying he bowled with a well, as in


Versailles, a few dismissals have put up with assets in a spot of


bother. There has been a fightback on the cards after day three of the


second test fixture between Sri Lanka and India. They bowled the Sri


Lankan is out for 183. The hundred 91 stands for the second means there


is still some life in the second test look Sri Lankan are behind, but


have eight wickets in hand after stumps on day three. For those


banned uh-huh those fans who didn't spend time outside the hotel 20 get


a view of the world's most exerts a player, Neymar was on the turf of


the part of grants. You miserable world-record $263 million from


Barcelona to pay a shave. He was on the pitch effort of the opening


match of the season. The fans were treated to a couple others tricks,


he didn't play because his paperwork wasn't processed in time for the


game. Paris Saint-Germain missing him, they ran out winners thanks to


goals from a story and kabaddi. In the goal today, a good day for


Kim retains lead into the final day, she shot a six under, and Park got


an eight under. Nvidia's Georgia hole is charged in second. Regular


match. As we've heard, in just under


30 minutes, Usain Bolt will run his final individual race,


after a decade of dominating This race is being watched closely


around the world but none more so than in his home


country, Jamaica. The race is of course


being watched closely in Bolt's And from Kingston,


we can join Nick Davis, Everyone is glued to a TV set. I am


at the main bus station. Big screens behind me. People are gathering,


slowly but surely, very much a trickle now, because there's holiday


weekend. It's really, really hot. Lots of people are probably watching


at home able to enjoy a cold drink rather than set out in the hot son.


There are millions of people watching all of the world to see if


Bolt can do it. He will be missed the world over, but this is a man


who lives and trains in Jamaica. Lives and trains here and does a lot


for the local economy. A lot of people don't realise that pretty


much most youngsters... Because of his impact on the economy, Jamaican


people really want him to have a wonderful retirement and hopefully


make space for other talent. Jamaica is a factory as printers, male and


female, who dominate. -- a factory of sprinters. Is there any idea what


Bolt will do next? Well, the Government of Jamaica keep asking if


he will go into politics. He denies he wants to do that. I think he


wants to take a well-deserved break. You's Soren Dymond denies he's bit


lazy, so maybe he's that takes time to relax.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


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