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A show of strength from Nicolas Maduro.


After the UN votes for new sanctions, China urges


North Korea to get smart and stop its nuclear missile tests.


A warning that too much time online is as bad for children as junk food.


American runner Justin Gatlin receives his gold medal in the 100m


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the army has successfully


foiled what he says was a 'terror' plot in the country's third


The uprising comes two days after Venezuela's controversial -


and internationally condemned - new assembly was inaugurated.


A group of men in military uniform who led the uprising


released this video online - In it they say they wanted


Hundreds of anti-government protesters also took


to the streets of Valencia - supporting the uprising.


They were met with rounds of tear gas when they tried


Then, hours later, in a televised address and surrounded


by his supporters Maduro congratulated his armed services.


I've been speaking with Michael Shifter


from the Inter-American Dialogue think-tank, to hear what he makes


of this alleged "terror attack" in Valencia.


Certainly sounds plausible. We know there is enormous discontent in the


country with the Maduro government. That is also reflected in the Armed


Forces. It doesn't mean the Armed Forces are about to switch or there


is going to be a coup, it is very hard to know what this really


represents, but the fact that this discontent, and there are some


uprisings and rebellions, I think is not surprising given the situation


in the country. How great is president and Europe's support in


the military -- President Maduro's support? He has 20% support. Senior


officials have stuck with him. Many of them are part of this system


which was created by Hugo Chavez back in 1999. They are committed to


it. They obeyed the president of the country and there is also an


enormous amount of corruption. Many are involved in drug trafficking, so


they have vested interests in this government and it will be difficult


for them to give up power. If they do so they will be concerned about


prosecution so they tighten their grip. Another development is the


chief prosecutor has been removed from office. Do you think this is a


sign of things to come? I think it is part of a pattern we have seen


already in Venezuela, and it is getting worse. It is intensifying.


Any potential defiance or dissent to the Maduro government is going to be


quashed. The national assembly itself which was elected in 2015,


and dominated by the opposition, has been essentially neutered, and with


this new assembly that has been created this week, there is a very


good chance that that legitimate aquatic assembly will be dissolved.


The Attorney General had been critical of the Maduro government


and it is not surprising that she has been dismissed by this new


constituent assembly which is unconstitutional. Michael Shifter.


China's Foreign Minister, has urged North Korea,


to end ballistic missile tests, that have raised tensions


Wang Yi says Pyongyang has to make "smart decisions".


New sanctions, agreed at the UN, and supported by the Trump


administration, could cost Pyongyang more than 1 billion dollars a year.


Yogita Limaye reports from the South Korean capital, Seoul.


America wants more countries to isolate North Korea,


a day after all members of the Security Council voted to ban


The sweeping measures were even backed by China, North Korea's ally


TRANSLATION: The Chinese side urged the North Koreans to calmly handle


the UN Security Council resolutions and not do anything


unbeneficial such as a missile launch or a nuclear test.


At this meeting, the two leaders described the sanctions


Testing missiles like this one is what prompted the sanctions.


For North Korea the new sanctions could mean a loss


But experts say it is unlikely to deter the state.


The North Koreans are unlikely to negotiate anything


until they will have a proven capability to deliver


a nuclear strike to the continental United States.


Once they get such a capability, probably in a few years,


Here in Seoul the President's office has welcomed the UN resolution


but the response in North Korea has been expectedly belligerent.


A newspaper run by the country's ruling party said the US would be


catapulted into a sea of fire if it did not change its hostile


In Manila, the US Secretary of State commemorated those


who died in World War II, and with his meetings


there he hopes to contain the threat from North Korea.


It is making America nervous, but there seems to be


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Officials in Afghanistan say insurgent have attacked a village


in the northern province of Sar-e-Pul, killing


The office of the provincial governor says the fighters initially


attacked a local police checkpoint, before entering the village


They were mostly members of the mainly-Shia Hazara community.


The Taliban said they'd killed 28 local militia


but denied responsibility for any civilian deaths.


The Qatari news network Al Jazeera is to be barred from Israel.


Israeli communications minister, Ayoub Kara, says he'll


revoke its press credentials, close its Jerusalem bureau and stop


He's accusing Al Jazeera of supporting terrorism and inciting


A government-backed investigation in Myanmar has rejected allegations


that its military committed atrocities during a crackdown


It accused the United Nations of making exaggerated claims.


The UN had argued that violence in Rakhine State likely included


Let's take a closer look at claims and counter-claims


For more on this I spoke to Myint Swe from the BBC's Burmese Service.


He explained the findings of the government's report.


Today the government commission, which has enquired into this


problem, they just have a total refusal of what the UN


Last February, the UN said to us, they could be ethnic cleansing


and crimes against humanity, so they said there is no


evidence to support that, so they refused totally,


and most of the reports are biased and unfounded.


They said they are mostly fabricated and exaggerated.


In the face of everything the United Nations has said


and other outside groups have said, what the commission


is saying is going to lack credibility, isn't it?


In fact, they said they went to three camps of Rohingya


in Bangladesh and went to 20 villages, but there is also


the question, how independent and free the villagers can


keep their findings, because they are surrounded maybe


by some authorities, so in effect, they did go


and research the camps, but there are also questions of how


This complete refusal to accept the UN's findings,


what is it going to do for Myanmar's international reputation,


In fact, they have always said that there are three other


commissions, led by others, and we have this, Kofi Annan


is on the advisory board, and there is also the National Human


Rights Commission inside the country.


So based on their findings and conclusions, they will, sort of,


open the door for any complaints, if there is enough evidence


to charge and take action, whether that be security


So they said there's no way to give pressure from the UN or other


international organisations to send a fact-finding mission,


Now, how often do you tell your children to get


Well, officials here in Britain are saying that parents should limit


the amount of time their children spend online, comparing it


The Children's Commissioner says that the internet can be addictive,


and overuse can have a detrimental effect on children's


This seven-year-old is obsessed by his dad's phone.


On average children now spend 15 hours a week online.


Parents, says the Children's Commissioner for England,


We wouldn't let our children out in a strange city


without giving them guidance and looking after them.


And actually we shouldn't for their digital world either.


So this is about equipping children, enabling them to have the confidence


And also their confidence to say no to the constant drain and pressure


She is urging parents to follow Fiona and be proactive.


I'm always looking in, going through history, things like that.


Just to double check what they are looking at.


Because they could open something that they shouldn't be looking at.


New guidelines, published online, of course, compare junk food


The advice is simple, just as your children shouldn't eat


a cheese burger and chips every day, they shouldn't binge


The obvious antidote, keeping kids active,


but the Children's Commissioner is calling for a healthy balance.


It is a tricky balance, I think, but you do need to encourage that


they've got to get some fresh air, they've got to get some exercise.


No iPad at dinner time and no phones during times when we are sitting


together as families means we talk a lot more and I get


to know a lot more about what happens in their school.


Kids only know a world with smartphones and the internet,


Well, Sonia Livingstone is a professor of social psychology at


the London School of economics and also serves on the executive board


on the UK Council for Child Internet safety. She joins me now via webcam.


So Internet use is like junk food. Is that a good comparison? Yes and


no. I think perhaps what the children's commissioner really wants


us to think about is the balance of our children's diet, rather than to


say all Internet use is junk food, because obviously the Internet


offers lots of positives as well as some risks of problematic use. I


think it is about saying think about the mix of the activities your


children engage in rather than saying too much Internet is


automatically bad. You say overuse. I wonder if you would put a number


of hours in the day that marks over use for you? Actually, I wouldn't. I


understand parent's anxiety. The Internet is relatively new. It is


quite uncertain what is good for children or not and it Israeli hard


to make a rule to fit all children. What I would rather say is don't


look at your watch, don't check the time, look at your child. Is your


child happy or suitable? Are they learning something they are keen to


tell you about from the Internet, or are they staring and have forgotten


the outside world exists. Are they sociable and want to share the


things? Look at your child, don't look at your watch. Where does the


Internet fit within their day and within their life, because children


are so different, and what we really want, I think, is to support


children making decisions about what is beneficial for them and where


they can gain something and where it is that the Internet is distracting


them from other valuable activities, which sometimes it does for us as


well as for them. It can be hard because we are encouraged to keep on


clicking and stay online. Do you think the social media companies


should be doing more? I think you could take account of the fact that


children from young ages are using the Internet for good reasons, to


learn, engage and communicate, but if they could find ways to design


points where families might stop and think, do I want to carry on or do I


want to do something else now? Have I had enough? Am I still thinking,


feeling, excited, creative and positive or am I turning into a


zombie? Of course, they design that environment and their interest in


the short term is to keep children engaged for as long as they possibly


can. But I think in the long-term, they want children to stay there.


They don't want the parents to stay... We have to leave it there


but thank you for making good use of your Internet.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come...


A lukewarm reaction to Justin Gatlin as he receives a gold medal. We


discuss his controversial win. The crisis in Venezuela. A group of


soldiers say they have launched an uprising in the city of Valencia.


The government says it was an attack and it has been crushed by the army.


After all the headlines on the men's 100 metres,


it's now the turn of the women at the World Athletics


Elaine Thompson is hoping to restore Jamaican pride -


after Usain Bolt's third place finish -


Already settled - the men's marathon - Geoffrey Kiroo


following up his Boston marathon win to take gold in London


one minute, 22 seconds ahead of his Ethiopian rival,


Tanzania's Alphonse Simbu took the bronze.


The women's marathon has finished, too -


South Africa's Wayde van Niekirk is celebrating success in the men's


The women's heptathlon has just finished.


Earlier, Justin Gatlin received his gold medal


But Sebastian Coe, the president of the Athletics


world governing body, says he's disappointed that


The American has twice served a doping ban.


He was booed by sections of the crowd as he stood on the podium.


Gatlin pulled off a shock win to end Usain Bolt's reign in the


Jamaican's final individual race.


The Netherlands have been crowned champions of Europe


after beating Denmark 4-2 to win the Women's Euros.


The hosts found themselves behind just six minutes in


as Nadia Nadim gave Denmark a lead with a penalty.


But the Netherlands, cheered on by a full stadium


Vivianne Miedema levelled before Lieke Martens finished


from just inside the area to give the Dutch a 2-1 lead.


Before half-time, it was all square again,


Denmark fighting back through Pernille Harder.


But the Netherlands took control after the break,


Sherida Spitse's low free-kick restoring the lead.


In the final minutes, with Denmark desperate,


Miedema sealed it with her second of the game.


The Dutch ran out 4-2 winners, claiming the title for


Arsenal have English football's first silverware of the season.


The FA Cup winners beat the champions, Chelsea


to win the FA Community Shield at Wembley.


It was Chelsea who took the lead, though, Victor Moses beating


the offside trap and firing past Peter Cech.


Then Pedro was sent off for a late tackle


Arsenal immediately took advantage of the extra man,


new signing Sead Kolasinac scoring just two minutes after the red card.


Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois with Chelsea's second kick -


he fired it too high - over the bar.


Substitute Olivier Giroud scored the winner.


To cricket now, and day three of the fourth and final Test


England lead South Africa by 360 runs.


Play finished early for the day because of rain.


It took England less than one hour to bowl out the tourists for 226,


Captain Joe Root made 49 before he was bowled.


Moeen Ali resumes on 67, assuming good Monday morning


weather in Manchester, as England try to wrap


There's a full round-up in Sport Today in


America's Justin Gatlin has been crowned world 100 metres champion


He was booed by some in the crowd upon


It was slightly more subdued than when he actually won


Justin Gatlin. Usain Bolt in third. Joining me is Alan Abrahamson who


has written defending the sprinter. Do you think it was fair, the


building? Absolutely not. Thanks for having me. I think the building is


somewhere between disappointing and somewhat reprehensible. Olympic


sport is not the English Premier League. It is not the NBA or the


NFL. Olympic sport is supposed to be about three key values, friendship,


excellent and respect and that booing was not about any of those


things. Sebastien Coe, the president of the International athletics


Association federations, said beforehand the idea of Gatlin


beating Bolt made him feel queasy. Can you understand why there is


anger at this win. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion


but I think this narrative is built, it is false. This good versus evil


thing is a fixture. Justin Gatlin served two times off but he never


intended to cheat. In our world, in what you do and what I do, facts


matter. What would be helpful is if people took time to get past a cheap


and easy good versus evil narrative and paid attention to the facts.


Justin Gatlin never intended to cheat. That is a matter in the


record for the record. He is now 35 years old. He had a long period away


from competition. Just how has he managed to achieve this feat? A


remarkable time there beating Usain Bolt. What is his secret at that


age? There is no secret, it is hard work. Eight months or more of


training, six hours a day with a crew in Florida under the direction


of Dennis Mitchell. There is no secret. It is really, really hard


work and by the way, he got lane eight in that race and he was


allowed to run his own race while Christian Coleman and Usain Bolt


were kind of consumed with each other. Justin Gatlin was out there


free and easy like Wayde Van Niekerk ran in lane eight at the youth


Olympics lasted and ran a world record in the 400 metres. Sometimes


fate has its own mind. All right, thank you, we appreciate your time.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


of the team on Twitter - I'm @DuncanGolestani.


To stay with us on BBC World News. Thank you for watching.


Good evening. It has been a bit of a mixed picture in the weekend. The


area of low pressure


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