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The speaker of the South African parliament says MPs will vote


tomorrow on a motion of no-confidence in


President Jacob Zuma, but things have gotten so bad,


A secret ballot becomes necessary where the prevailing atmosphere is


toxic fired all highly charged. America flexes its military


muscles as North Korea says there's no way it will give


up its nuclear programme. The British model allegedly


kidnapped when she turned up for a photo shoot in Italy,


has returned to the UK. And just when you thought it was


safe to go back in the water... meet the flesh eating lice plaguing


some of Australia's beaches. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Let's cross to South Africa now


where it's been announced that tomorrow's vote of no confidence


in President Jacob Zuma Mr Zuma, who's been implicated


in multiple corruption scandals, has seen off similar votes


in the past, but politicians had not It'll test the unity


within the governing African National Congress as senior


party figures have been increasingly The BBC's Nomsa Maseko


has the latest for us The move took many by surprise


and injects a new element into the proceedings in Parliament


against President Jacob Zuma where the ANC has always


enjoyed a healthy majority. This decision is therefore


in the best interest of the country. The speaker is required to guard


the procedures of this house and to ensure that the outcome


of this very important The secret ballot was seen


as the best option for members of Parliament to vote


without being intimidated. And the call for a vote


of no-confidence on President Jacob Zuma was initiated by opposition


parties the president sacked nine members of his cabinet


in a controversial Cabinet reshuffle in March which saw the country


being economic down grade. It's a choice between


whether you stand with Jacob Zuma You stand for the interests


of South Africa or you don't. So, I think, tomorrow many parties


will have communicated Some feel a very strong confidence


in saying they want to vote We are convinced that the ANC


members will do the right thing. It is now an opportunity for them


to demonstrate that they too are tired of corruption


which is happening in this country. Hundreds of people who marched


outside Parliament have I'm here in support


of my fellow countrymen And that is what we are trying to


say, it's not just about one person. We need to think


about the greater good. What you can see today


and what you are likely to see tomorrow is that people


want to change. And ideally, they won't change


through constitutional means, -- and, ideally, they want to change


through constitutional means, through the normal process of law,


not through violent response. The decision today was in line


with what the expectation I'm not surprised that she decided


in favour of secret ballots because that is democracy


at its best. But the question, though,


is will ANC MPs help President Jacob Zuma keep his job


or show him the door? Jacob Zuma has survived many votes


of no confidence, so why is this time? We have had a similar


deliberation in the highest deliberating body of the ANC. You


have never had an intraparty rebellion that you see now. So many


distinguished leaders of the ANC demand that Jacob Zuma stands down.


I don't think you have ever had the circumstances on a motion of


no-confidence. I do think that this time around, the issue is different


and that is why I'm suggesting it will go down the wire.


North Korea has condemned the latest round of UN sanctions it faces


Pyongyang said that it would not put its nuclear deterrent


on the negotiating table while it faced threats from


Speaking to reporters at a summit in Manila,


the North Korean spokesperson placed the blame for rising


TRANSLATION: Is our nuclear possession a threat to the world,


or is it just a threat to the United States?


We want to make it clear that the worsening situation


on the Korean peninsular, as well as other nuclear issues,


We affirm that we will never replace our nuclear and ballistic


missile programme on the negotiating table, and won't budge


an inch on strengthening our nuclear armaments.


Since North Korea's last missile test, the United States has been


flying spy missions over the Korean peninsula.


Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes has had rare


A relic of the Cold War, on the last Cold War frontier.


Just after dawn, I'm riding the chase car as a US


spy plane heads out on a classified mission.


The pilot will climb to 70,000 feet, and from there, peer


Our mission is to provide the capability for our


leadership to see what's going on before anybody else.


We're up there every single day to deter the North


Koreans from deciding one day they can get away with something.


From across the border tonight, fresh threats.


North Korean state TV warning the US it will pay 1000


times for its crime of imposing new economic sanctions on Pyongyang.


Meeting in Manila with China's Foreign Minister, the US Secretary


of State again called on Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table.


The best signal that North Korea could give us that they're prepared


to talk would be to stop these missile launches.


Here in South Korea at the 51st Fighter Wing, they


continue to hope for the best, whilst preparing for the worst.


Everybody we've spoken to here agrees that another conflict on


the Korean Peninsula would be an utter disaster for everybody.


That hundreds of thousands of people would die.


But they also say the best way of stopping it happening is


And that's why these guys practice and practice and


practice - so that Kim Jong-un knows that


if he tries to attack the South, there will be an overwhelming


I hope that North Korea calculates correctly and


So obviously, everyone on this side, and I believe


Should deterrents fail, though, we have to


As these 8Ns roll down the runway for another


practice flight, they are just 48 miles from the North Korean border.


The same distance as London to Brighton.


In South Korea, the enemy is never far away.


Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News, the Osan air base,


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


A team of 15 volunteer firefighters on the Italian island of Sicily have


It's alleged they claimed state payments for putting out fires


Some of them have also been charged with arson.


They, or their friends and relations, are said to have


called the emergency number to report these fires,


Germany is to start sending asylum-seekers back to Greece.


The policy was paused because of a ruling


But Germany can send people back under the European Union's Dublin


convention, which says an asylum claim should be processed


in the country where the migrant first entered the EU.


Berlin says it's asked Athens to receive nearly


Staff at Google have been caught up in a row about the company's gender


It started when a male software engineer wrote a memo saying


the lack of women in top tech jobs was due to biological differences


Many of his colleagues have been critical of the statement


Google says inclusion is very important to the company.


In Afghanistan, more than 50 civilians are reported to have been


killed by militants in the north of the country.


Officials described the attack as "brutal and inhumane" with women


The BBC's Auliya Atrafi in Kabul has more.


The battle in Seri Pul province in northern Afghanistan


According to the local governor, 52 men, women and children


They say it was a joint Taliban and Isis operation.


This is a mainly Shi'ite minority area and they are


So far, Isis has not commented and the attack by the Taliban claims


-- but the Taliban claims responsibility for only killing 28


Afghan local police, who they say were resisting them.


They deny the killing of women and children.


A 20-year-old British model, who says she was kidnapped and held


for nearly a week in Italy, has returned to the UK.


Chloe Ayling says she feared for her life.


Italian police believe the model was attacked and drugged,


before attempts were made to sell her in an online auction.


A Polish man, who lives in the UK, has been arrested.


Held captive inside this isolated Italian farmhouse.


The bizarre and elaborate kidnap allegation centres on how


20-year-old model Chloe Ayling, from south London, was duped


into leaving the UK for a photoshoot in Milan.


Once inside this fake studio, she is said to have been snatched


by three men and injected with the drug Ketamine.


Unconscious, she was bundled into this bag, placed in the boot


While Chloe Ayling was held captive in this house behind me,


the police statement says she was tied to furniture,


a chest of drawers, whilst the kidnappers tried


to sell her on the dark web, and then raise a ransom.


The hideout is surrounded by abandoned houses,


TRANSLATION: First of all I saw this English man, this English painter.


But before that, there was this Mercedes.


The Mercedes disappeared, but they kept the Volvo.


Italian authorities say Chloe Ayling was eventually released


by one of her captors, and driven to the British


Lukasz Herba, a Polish national living in the West Midlands,


has been arrested in connection with kidnap and extortion.


I've been through a terrifying experience.


I feared for my life second by second, minute


I am incredibly grateful to the Italian and UK authorities


for all they have done to secure my safe release.


Milan is a magnet for aspiring models, where the dangers


of unscrupulous agencies have long been clear.


But this rare case has shocked and baffled investigators here,


still trying to piece together exactly what happened.


Australia has many attractions - but it's also a place that's


renowned for it's deadly wildlife and insects.


Swimmers at many of the country's beaches are warned of the dangers


of sharks, stingrays, poison octopi and jellyfish.


But there may now be another predator to add to the list -


Some would say it's an Australian way of life,


but for 16-year-old Sam, his visit to Brighton Beach,


a popular swimming spot in Melbourne, didn't end well.


I walked out of the water, saw what I thought was sand


covering my ankles and lower calf, so I just shook it off quite


violently and it came off, and by the time I'd walked


across the sand about 20 metres to put my thongs on,


I looked down and noticed that I had blood all over my ankles.


The next night, Sam's father went back to the beach with a net full


of meat and captured the creatures he said were responsible.


These guys love red meat. They are devouring this. That gives an


understanding as to how small these little creatures are.


Museums Victoria has identified the tiny attackers as anthropods,


Experts say they are an important part of the ecosystem that clean up


breaking down debris, and probably started feeding


on Sam as he was standing still for some time.


And in the cold water, he didn't feel anything unusual.


Of course, in true Aussie style, the teenager's family say they'll


continue swimming at the beach, but will make sure they don't


Let's talk to Alex Harvey who manages the sea water centre in the


UK. You join us from Plymouth. I haven't heard of any of these


creatures in the UK. But what are these tiny little flesh eating


monsters? These are a species of crustacean, tiny, related to things


like crabs, shrimp and prawns. They are an incredibly diverse group.


Sometimes night -- something like 9900 species, all over the world,


everywhere you go. They are tiny, but they did an awful lot of damage


on that young swimmer. Why is that? Is a really unusual case, Neal will


leave feed on detritus like seaweed on the shore and they may scavenge


on deck finish but the go-ahead by the person is almost a freaked --


freak -- they might scavenge on dead fish but to go ahead and backed a


person is very unusual. The boy said he didn't notice the creatures


biting him, did you find that explanation credible? Possibly. He


might have had a small cut on his foot although maybe there was a


piece of dead fish and he walked into the group that was already


feeding. Explain how common they are? We are hearing about this one


incident, where else can we expect to find these things? From the


Marianas trench all the way to sea ice under the Arctic. All over the


coast of the UK. They are not only in marine environments, they are in


freshwater. They are really, really common. You probably would not have


seen them. In that case, I am struggling to know why we are


suddenly hearing about these now. It's feet are in a desperate


condition. Why are we only hearing about this now? This is probably the


first time it has ever happened. I have found no evidence that this has


ever happened anywhere else. In terms of recovery, these bites, what


can we expect and what is your to swimmers? I don't think there is


anything to fear. Go about your life as normal. It will probably never


happen again. The reason it happened again is that there is probably an


anticoagulant which makes the bleeding carry on longer than it


would. If you are worried, don't stand in the same place for long or


when neoprene socks. But nothing to worry about. He that advice from


Alex Harvey from the Marine biological Association. Thank you.


Doctors in Brazil say that a woman who walked dashed travels into a


slum area is lucky to be alive. Officials say that the family were


attacked after taking a wrong turn in their car.


They open -- gunfire opened on them because they failed to stop after


entering a drug area. There were bullets fired which could have been


fatal. But she survived. The bullet passed through the abdomen but not


hit any big blood vessels all the important organs. She was very


lucky. It all happened in a popular coastal resort. It is about 90 miles


from Rio de Janeiro. There are slums here which even local officials


admit are so dangerous that almost no one can go in.


TRANSLATION: We have a community that we cannot


enter. The public service and the press cannot enter. That is


inadmissible. We have to take urgent measures. But for Eloise Dixon and


her family, it's too late. A holiday that nearly ended in total disaster


-- disaster because they turn of the road in search of water bottles.


Around the world, caesarean section rates have increased dramatically,


something that's proven controversial as a large


amount of them aparently are not medically required.


In most OECD countries - that's mostly North America, Europe,


Japan and Australia - nearly a third of births


are delivered by C-section but in another - Turkey -


more than half of babies are born by caesarean - that's


For this mother of one, life has not always been a walk in the park.


On the 36th week of her pregnancy, her doctor said she did not have


enough amniotic fluid levels in her womb.


She was taken urgently to a Caesarean delivery.


TRANSLATION: Women who give natural birth talk about how


they embraced their babies immediately, how they bonded,


I had severe postpartum depression afterwards.


Was that why I had to have a C-section?


Here at this hospital, eight babies are born today,


Over 50% of babies are born not by natural birth,


That rate is the highest amongst OECD countries.


But why do so many expecting mothers go through these operations?


The increase in Caesarean sections is due to a range of factors,


including the rise in first births among older women and multiple


But are all of these Caesareans really medically justified?


Five years ago, Turkey adopted a law making it


the first country to punish elective Caesarean sections.


But it still has one of the highest rates of C-section among


Doctors say the reasons for that are many, but that


We don't earn more when we do C-sections as a doctor.


If the patient says, I'm really afraid of having


a vaginal or natural birth, what can I do as a doctor?


Most Turkish women these days hope to give birth naturally,


but of course, things don't always go according to plan.


Now let's turn to the world of athletics.


Well at the World Athletics Championships here in London,


the 22-year old Belgian Nafissatou Thiam beat off all-comers to win -


and added a gold to her Olympic gold in Rio last year.


She came to our studio earlier and spoke to my


Nafissatou, thank you very much for joining us.


Let's start with the medal. Sure.


If you can show that to our audience, the glistening gold.


Fantastic. You must be thrilled.


Yeah, I'm very happy. It was a very difficult weekend.


But I'm really happy I was able to manage all this and get the gold.


You finished with the 800 metres and for those


For everybody involved, but there is so much hanging on it,


We have got some pictures of near the end of the race.


How were you feeling as you were coming around


the last 100 or 200 metres, with everything still to run for?


I was really relieved when you finish with the 800,


because it was two very long days before the 800.


I think I have been for six hours waiting in the stadium


It's always a relief to give everything to the last event


You said at the start, you had a lot of pressure.


But you are Olympic champion, so presumably your expectation


Of course, I knew I was the favourite,


It was very different than in Rio last year,


So I could do my heptahlon in my corner


But this year, all eyes were waiting for me to do something great


So that was not easy to manage, because I really don't want to start


a competition stressing and thinking about you get to get


gold or everybody is going to be disappointed.


So I really had to give my best to not think about it


Your medal was presented last night and I have to ask you,


It is a talking point that everybody seems to have


How do you feel about dopers being allowed back in sport?


Yeah, I think of course we saw a lot of big reaction, a lot of booing.


Nobody likes cheating in the sport but I think it is also a bit


of respect when somebody is on the track.


If you don't like him, don't applaud, but show respect.


I think it was a hard night for everybody.


We see it, we had a lot of trouble with doping in athletics and I think


She certainly took it all in her stride! Fantastic achievement. Lots


of special coverage of the world athletics championship and tonight


four gold medals will be one. That is on our website.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


of the team on Twitter - I'm @BBCKasiaMadera


Good evening. A fine settled week of sack -- settled whether this is not.


It will be changeable and very wet in some places. Generally a




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