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Our top stories: Celebrations as South Africa's Jacob Zuma


Kenyans are also voting for a new president -


Counting begins after thousands of people cast their vote.


Athletes at the World Championships are struck by the norovirus -


Botswana's track star is a casualty - he's out of the four


I was ready, I was top of my game to come here. I was ready to make


everything possible. I came here for a medal.


And Hong Kong closes more beaches as a palm oil


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Well, it's closer than anyone thought, but South African president


Jacob Zuma has survived a vote of no confidence in parliament today.


Mr Zuma would have been removed as president if over two-hundred


MPs voted against him, but only


Celebrating his success, he declared his ANC will win a big


majority in the general elections in 2019.


I've just come to say thank you to all of you.


Those comrades who are in Parliament need


the support from the membership and supporters.


To demonstrate that the ANC is there, is powerful, is big.


Tellers about the reaction there. Yes, those who supported President


Jacob Zuma celebrating, as you have seen, but there are those who did


not want this vote of no-confidence to be defeated. Who are also the


ANC. They are slightly uneasy tonight because perhaps the witch


hunt begins, even though this was a secret ballot. People are beginning


to wonder who voted for who and who abstained. Remember, there were 26


votes from the ANC which supported the opposition motion, and there


were nine abstentions. So it means that about 35 people from the ANC


did not want their leader to continue as president. And


therefore, there must be questions now coming out of the ANC


headquarters. And that means there is quite a bit of time for the


opposition to press on those vulnerabilities, that division


before the next elections. That's very correct indeed. The opposition


leader has already vowed to continue the fight. They smell blood because


they've already now seen with clear-cut evidence on the ballot


vote that there are divisions in the ANC. He divisions that we have been


talking about for months now, which were largely within the ANC in its


own structures, in the villages and the townships of this country have


now reached the backbenches of Parliament. So opposition parties


are vowing to continue with the fight and this means that it's going


to be a long road for President Jacob Zuma until December, when the


ANC meets for its elective conference, when he's supposed to be


stepping down after serving two terms as party leader. Is there any


sign that he is humbled or in a mood to compromise after this eighth


no-confidence vote? Clearly, President Jacob Zuma, after


surviving this eighth no-confidence vote, is now in his ninth life.


There is no way he could be compromising now. Eagles victorious.


He never gives up. Remember, Jacob Zuma stayed in prison for ten years


with Nelson Mandela while fighting against Wightman Daugherty rule, so


he does not give up easily. Most people see this as a loss for him,


given what has happened with ANC MPs, who voted with the opposition.


But for himself, he sees this as a victory. He is buoyant and he hopes


to get to December. There are some rumours that he had offered this


morning to resign, but there is no confirmation whether that is true or


not. Thanks for bringing us right up to date there.


In Kenya, the first polling stations are declaring their vote tallies


Voting is still taking place in some other polling stations,


Throughout the day, people waited in long queues to vote.


The incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta, who's standing


again, has said he would accept the will of the people.


His main rival is his longstanding opponent, Raila Odinga.


Security has been tight, as Tomi Oladipo reports.


In the darkness before dawn, they waited.


Some voters camping overnight, hoping to be the first in


In thousands of polling stations across Kenya, they turned


Here in Nairobi, Kenyans have been queueing, braving


the cold and the rain, waiting to exercise their right to vote.


Now, once this process is done then all


eyes will be watching as the results come in.


It's the race for the presidency that's attracting the


The incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking


re-election, but hoping to replace him on his fourth attempt is Raila


Odinga, a veteran opposition candidate.


The winner would need more than half of the votes to avoid


Competition is also fierce at the lower levels of


But it will all be down to what the people decide.


We're hoping for a successful election and


I really hope that the Kenyans keep peace after the election.


No matter who wins, we will still be Kenyans.


First, I want to exercise my democratic right, and secondly I


want to vote for the right people for the next Government


and for development of our country and of course for my


children's future, yeah.


I'm somebody who has been voting from the first president of


Kenya and I think now this is the fourth president and I'm here,


whether it rains or it shines, we are very happy.


The electoral authority has been under intense


pressure to deliver a fair and transparent poll.


This country's stability hinges on the success of


this process and Kenyans hope that their trust


Our correspondent Anne Soy is at a counting station


What's next? Well, this is the main place were the final declaration


will be made. The Constitution gives the Electoral Commission seven days


within which to make the final announcement for the presidential


result, and so they say that they are not in any hurry but results are


trickling in from polling stations that have already counted their


votes. The adding up these votes happening automatically in the


electronic system and then everybody can see the results as they trickle


in across the country through the Electoral Commission's website as


well as through their local media channels that are updating people


live. So up till now, the latest update is that at least an eighth of


the votes count is already in. By morning, we might have many more and


a clear indication of how this vote will go. Do you expect security to


remain tight over the next few hours? Well, that depends on several


issues. It depends on how the losers in this election are going to react


and what they will tell their supporters because most of the


post-election violence that we have seen in the past has happened as a


result of that reaction from the election losers. The key thing about


this particular election is we have so many contestants. More than


14,000 candidates vying for just over 1800 positions. That means a


large number of them are going to lose, so how they react is going to


have an impact on the country. Just a final part. It is, of course,


Kenyan voices that matter here, but our people aware or thinking of the


eyes around the world that are upon them? Barack Obama works saying it


was such an important vote to pass peacefully. That's right. I believe


that Kenyans get the sense that this is an important election not just


for them but for the region and the international community is watching.


Indeed, the international observers were here from the Secretary of


State from the United States, John Kerry, and also former presidents


from Ghana and South Africa. Monitoring the vote. So indeed there


is a lot of attention from the international community and that is


not lost on Kenyans. Thanks very much.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Chinese state media says an earthquake has killed five people


and injured more than 60 others in the remote province of Sichuan.


Buildings in the popular Jiuzhaigou tourist resort are said


The quake measured six-point-five in magnitude.


The Australian government has announced plans for a postal vote


Opinion polls suggest a majority of support for gay


marriage in the country, but the government's pledge to hold


a national plebiscite vote lacks parliamentary support.


The voluntary, non-binding vote will begin next month.


People who've hacked into the computer systems


of the US television network, HBO, have demanded a ransom


They're threatening to release a huge trove of stolen data,


including a script and video summary of next week's instalment of


The organisers of the World Athletics Championships in London


have revealed that 30 athletes and support staff have contracted


Botswana's Isaac Makwala, who was one of the favourites


for today's 400 metres final, has been forced to withdraw


Speaking earlier today, he said it was extremely


disappointing because he was ready to compete.


UK Athletics Chief Executive Niels de Vos says measures have been taken


to stop the virus spreading further.


This is the time when the world's best athletes should be


Instead, these competitors and coaches today found themselves


at the centre of a suspected outbreak of the highly


contagious vomiting bug Norovirus at this team hotel.


Yesterday, the world's best 200 metre runner, Issac Makwala,


was forced to withdraw from the event.


The Botswanan medal prospect one of 30 athletes and support


I worked hard for this and it is sad for me because I was top


I was ready to make everything possible.


Despite saying he was fit to compete, Issac Makwala


was ruled out of the 400 metre final by the athletics governing


This usually lasts between 28 and 48 hours.


The important thing is if people have it, to stay away from other


people so they're not at risk of passing it on.


And to be very scrupulous about washing their hands


when they have been to the toilet or they have vomited.


In a statement today, the hotel said the following a joint investigation


with public health authorities it had been discovered that the


And that strict hygiene protocols have now been put in place.


World Championship organisers meanwhile said they're doing


I guess in any event when you have 20,000 people minimum that we have


accredited coming in from every corner of the world,


there is a possibility that someone might come in with a bug.


And we think that is probably what has happened here.


There has been all sorts of food poisoning and all the medical


experts, public health, safety, have said it


Some German and Canadian athletes staying at the Tower hotel are being


And with six days of competition left, organisers must now hope


Systematic use of excessive force is being used


against demonstrators in Venezuela - according to a UN team of human


rights investigators, which blames security forces


for at least 46 deaths in recent protests.


More than 120 people have died since a wave


of anti-government protests began in April.


The Venezuelan government has previously blamed


"Fraud," they chanted in Venezuela's National


Assembly, which is controlled by the opposition.


They're angered by President Maduro's


creation of a new rival constituent assembly,


and its first act of sacking the chief prosecutor.


Luisa Ortega had broken ranks with the


president to become one of his fiercest critics.


She's now been replaced by this man, a figure


likely to be more friendly to the Government.


Ms Ortega claimed she lost job to stop investigating


alleged corruption and human rights abuses.


The United States, Brazil and Colombia, among others, say her


Yet on the streets, it appears there is support


These people believe the new assembly will restore peace


Meanwhile, the United Nations says it has


investigated 124 deaths in Venezuela, including 46 which


security forces are allegedly responsible for, and 27 by


It also says more than 5,000 people have been


arbitrarily detained there since April, with more than 1,000 believed


The UN criticised what it called widespread


and systematic use of excessive force against demonstrators.


The effect is that this is leading to an


It is leading to widespread human rights


And what we are seeing is a pattern of violations that


Excessive use of force against protesters,


arbitrary detention of people who are protesting, house raids by


security officers to try to weed out the protesters.


And to try to crush any form of dissent.


What we are seeing is is going from bad to


worse, and the High Commissioner for human rights believes that the


responsibility for these violations lies at the highest levels of


Scenes like these from the weekend will be very much in the


minds of Latin American's foreign ministers as they meet in Peru to


decide what joint action they can take over Venezuela, which finds


It's been reported that UN officials have concluded that North Korea has


created a miniature warhead. If this is confirmed, it would bring the


country closer to becoming a fully fledged nuclear power. Our


correspondent is in Washington. Tell us more. Well, if confirmed, and we


had not had that confirmation yet, then yes it is a significant


development but not unexpected. I think what's concerning experts at


the moment is the speed at which they been able to develop a warhead,


a nuclear warhead, that is small enough to be able to fit into one of


these intercontinental ballistic missile is that they have


successfully tested. Now, that would mean that the US for the first time


is under direct threat from a nuclear strike by North Korea.


However, it has to be said that there are other technical issues the


North Koreans have to surmount and that is getting a nuclear warhead


that would not be destroyed on re-entry into the atmosphere, so the


threat is growing, but it's not there yet. However, this is still


very alarming news, if confirmed. President Trump we know is on a


working holiday at the moment. He hasn't ruled out military force or a


strike of some kind. He hasn't, but a lot of his advisers are saying


that there are no good military options because South Korea would be


in the direct path of retaliation. There are also American troops in


South Korea and a military option would absolutely be the last resort


and although nothing has been ruled out, the administration or at least


Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, seems to be more inclined to


verge towards talks. At least that's the suggestion, than a direct


military strike at this stage. Thanks very much.


British model Chloe Ayling who says she was lured


to Milan for a photo shoot, abducted, and subjected to physical


and psychological torment in a six day ordeal.


Today, Chloe's lawyer has been giving more details


about what happened and says she was told


by her kidnappers that she'd be sold for sex in the Middle East.


The BBC's Gavin Lee has been following the case from Milan.


This is a case that's baffling Italian


authorities, and it happened on July the 11th, almost a month ago.


It was only at the weekend details burst


into light, and it's only now we are getting more


information of a very confusing and extraordinary and


baffling kidnapped of 20-year-old Chloe Ayling from south London, who


came here to Milan for a photo shoot.


Now, her lawyer says she came here first of all.


It seemed to advertise itself as a studio.


She went inside, she was abducted by three men in


balaclavas, who injected her with ketamine.


She was bundled into a large bag, she was put in the back of a


car and driven 120 miles to the Italian Alps close to the French


Now, what's emerged today is the Italian prosecutor saying


Now, in that time there was one person in


there, a man who has been arrested, a 30-year-old


Polish national living in the West Midlands.


He's charged now with kidnap and extortion.


All sorts of details about what was going on in the


week, that she was tied to a chest of drawers,


that she was released at


some point, told if she left the house, though,


The day before she was released, she went shopping for shoes, for


groceries, and there had been some reports questioning what went on.


Now, her lawyer today saying that's simply


because she was afraid that


So there's lots of questions for the Italian


The British police are involved, Euro poll is involved, but


The Metropolitan Police has appealed for information after a jogger


appeared to push a woman into the path of a bus.


CCTV footage shows the man running on Putney Bridge


Police say quick reactions by the bus driver prevented


7.41am in the morning, a man jogging on Putney Bridge and then this.


It's the quick thinking of the bus driver that saved the woman's life.


The police believe the jogger deliberately pushed her.


When you look closely, you see him raise his hands and make contact.


The woman's head and shoulders are then on the road


15 minutes later the jogger came back across the bridge here,


running straight past the woman he'd previously knocked over.


Passers-by, as well as those who got off the bus,


The police say she was shocked and upset, but was not seriously hurt.


If it hadn't been for good reflexes on the part of the bus driver


or the level of force was such to push her even further


into the road, almost certainly this could have ended in a fatality.


The investigation is focused on finding this man.


Detectives say they have received a number of useful calls,


including other people reporting similar incidents


Those leading the investigation stress they believe this


But are struggling to understand why anyone would deliberately push


someone into the road during the morning rush-hour.


French media are reporting that President Macron is preparing to


backpedal on his proposal to create an official first Lady position for


his wife. He is expected to clarify the position of his wife in the


coming days. Hong Kong has now closed a total


of 13 beaches as congealed The oil appeared following


a collision between two ships Official cleaning teams


have been sent to clear the substance from the beaches,


but criticism of the government's It's the time of year when Hong Kong


residents normally head for the beach, but many are now off-limits


after this latest incident to build a huge amount of palm oil into the


sea. You could easily mistake these snow like balls as possible from the


ocean, but this is the Palm oil that has hardened following last week's


accident. Groups of volunteers have been arriving to help with the


clean-up. They're worried about the length of time it may take to clear.


This is the third time this beach has been cleaned and I come


back in the morning before, it's really sunny, and it looks like it


has snowed here. Every morning, it looks like it's snowed in Hong Kong,


and every afternoon it all melted back down into the sea. A number of


popular beaches have been closed. Volunteers are killing bags. It is


hard and it's disgusting. Really. These people here are all


volunteers. Where are you, Government? One of the vessels is


said to have been carrying 9000 tonnes of palm oil. The Hong Kong


Government says that just 50 of those have been cleared so far. They


say the Chinese authorities informed them of the collision two days after


it happened. This could have been prevented before it got to the


beach. The Government could have or should have had policies and


procedures in place once it hit the beach it's too late. It's turned


into a disaster. Officials say the oil is not toxic and Hamas and that


the beaches are closed as a precaution, but the spill at the


height of summer, has left a stench over the area and it could be months


or even years before the real damage is known.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


I'll be back in half an hour with Outside Source.


Jacob Zuma has narrowly won 21 votes.


some members of his own African National Congress party.


Much more online as well. Thank you for being with us.


Much more online as well. Thank you for being with us.


Good evening. There's been some dramatic weather in places during


today. We've seen some vicious downpours and thunderstorms,


courtesy of this area of low pressure. Rather than clearing away,


this is just going to keep


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