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A Pacific Island paradise becomes a ballistic missile target


for North Korea as the war of words with the US escalates.


TRANSLATION: The Korean peoples Army strategic force is carefully


examining the operational plan for making and enveloping fire for the


area around Guam. The American Defence Secretary warns


Pyongyang that it is grossly outmatched in an arms race


with the US. French police shoot and arrest a man


suspected of deliberately driving a car at a group


of soldiers in Paris. A network of 17 men and a woman


in the English city of Newcastle are found guilty of grooming,


drugging and raping Once the largest restaurant chains


in the United States, Hello and welcome


to World News Today. The war of words between


the United States and North The American Secretary of Defence


has now weighed in, warning that Pyongyang is grossly


overmatched and will lose any His comments come after the North


announced that it is considering a missile strike on the US territory


of Guam, in the western Pacific. Here's our North America


correspondent, Nick Bryant. A far-off American air post


in the tropical waters of the western Pacific now finds


itself at the centre This is Guam, the site this summer


of US military exercises, American territory, that North Korea


says now could be The warning was delivered


on North Korean state TV. The chilling headline,


Guam could be targeted by its medium It came hours after President Trump


had threatened Pyongyang with some of the most incendiary rhetoric used


by an American president in decades. North Korea best not make any more


threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury


like the world has never seen. And more tough talk


on Twitter this morning. My first order was to renovate our


nuclear arms strength and it is now stronger and more powerful


than ever before. Hopefully we will never have to use


it, but they will never be a time that we are not the most powerful


nation in the world. The US Secretary of State,


Rex Tillerson, used He said the island faced no imminent


threat and Americans should The president is sending a message


to North Korea in language they will understand


because they do not understand It is over 2000 miles


away from Pyongyang, but is a strategic hub for the US


military in the Pacific. Home to 6000 troops on two military


bases with a population of 160,000. This American paradise


is being disturbed. The first thing that comes to mind


immediately first word is my family. I am not nervous, I am confident


in our military capability. With the rhetoric at such a perilous


pitch, there is a danger most sides become captive to their own tough


words, that they'd talk themselves I'm joined from Washington


by Eric Gomez. He's a policy analyst for defence


and foreign policy studies Welcome to the programme. What do


you make of, first, the kind of rhetoric being deployed by the chief


of the Pentagon? I think it's pretty standard rhetoric coming from the


Pentagon, and I think that is correct in some ways, the United


States does have an ability to limit damage from North Korea, but I think


the worry that I have and that many share is that, in North Korea right


now, you have a situation where everybody is scrambling to get their


hands on the trigger as fast as they possibly can, so the situation is


ripe for escalation, which makes Trump's statements, even if they


were not meant to be taking incredibly seriously, as very


dangerous. I suppose it's also worth considering the mindset of the North


Korean people, who are taught from birth that America is their enemy


and is waiting to invade and destroy them. In that sense, you could say


the rhetoric plays into the hands of the North Korean leadership. Yes, I


think the idea of threatening North Korea with fire and theory will


further increase the value that the North Korean leadership places on


nuclear weapons and, in terms of targeting Guam, that is an excellent


target in North Korean terms, the bombs that are based there that


could deliver nuclear weapons to North Korea. They are concerned


about there being one in particular which makes repeated flybys of the


Korean peninsula whenever there is an escalation or a missile test.


Those can't carry nuclear weapons, but the Koreans think they can. From


a Korean point of view, do you think there is a justified concern about


Guam, and perhaps also a concern about the anti-missile defence is


now situated in South Korea? Yes, I think the United States put those


defences place in order to reduce or limit the damage that a North Korean


strike could inflict. I also think that, from the US perspective, the


perverse incentive that is offered in missile defence systems is that,


if you can use them to successfully absorbed a relatively small North


Korean attack, if you try to take out North Korean military forces on


the ground before they can be launched, fewer would survive to get


to test the missile defence system, increasing the chances of the


defence system intercepting all the targets. I know you are an expert on


military strategy in this region. Do you think there is any good literary


strategy? Looked at all. At this point, the Trump in demonstration,


instead of just ratcheting up pressure, should be considering ways


to approach the North Koreans with some sort of negotiated path to


getting what the United States wants. I don't know what exactly the


United States can offer all what the starting point for such negotiations


would be, but the current problem with US spectrum -- humour strategy


if it is so focused on costs, no diplomatic language, that it is


backing North Korea into record and, the further you do that, the hope is


that they will eventually break and give in to our demands, but what is


far more likely is that they will cling even tighter to their nuclear


arsenal and be incentivised to make escalate Tory sentence -- escalating


sentence. A final thought, is there any way of getting North Korea to


the negotiating table with the precondition that they have to give


up their nuclear aspirations, perhaps with massive economic aid?


No, I don't believe they would agree to that. Nuclear weapons are the


policy. Without them, the North Koreans feared that the United


States would be able to roll over them and depose Kim Jong-un


effectively, and the US history, especially the North Koreans are


fond of citing Getafe, who did give up a nuclear weapons programme to


the United States and was then deposed with US support in 2011.


Also Saddam Hussein, who had a nuclear weapons programme, might


have had one, but was eventually destroyed and later was deposed by


the United States. So there is good reason, I don't think the North


Koreans are irrational and fulfilled I think they have a very rational


calculus between the pursuit of nuclear weapons, and I think frankly


it works. Take a look at our website for more


on this fast-developing story. We've more context and analysis


including this piece from a former senior US diplomat


on the likely next moves Police in France have shot


and wounded a man suspected of deliberately driving a car


into a group of soldiers Six soldiers were injured


in the incident in the Parisian The man was arrested


on a French motorway, 260 kilometres north


of the French capital. Paramedics swarm around


injured soldiers. Just moments after a car ploughed


into a military patrol. Six soldiers were injured,


three seriously, after the car, waiting for the men, accelerated


sharply and knocked them down. Residents looked on as the emergency


services went to work. TRANSLATION: I heard a loud noise


and I looked out my window, I saw the ambulance and the fire


engine arriving and I didn't go out. It was a truly odious attack,


said the neighbourhood mayor. To target soldiers who were here


to protect the French people. After a morning of intense


investigation, the operation This is a quiet suburb,


some distance from the bright lights This morning's attack a reminder,


if one were needed, that France TRANSLATION: It's a problem


for us French people Even foreigners do not


feel safe in France. It ended with a hail of gunfire,


the suspect's car brought The country's long struggle


with terror continues. Let's take a look at some


of the other stories It's been confirmed that FBI agents


raided the home of President Trump's former campaign manager


Paul Manafort two weeks ago, seizing It's reported that the FBI agents


were working with special counsel Robert Mueller who is


investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016


presidential election. More than 200 villagers held


by the Taliban in northern They were taken after an attack


earlier this week where as many Good news for Botswana


sprinter Isaac Makwala. On Tuesday he was withdrawn


from the World Athletic Championships here in London,


apparently because Well in the last hour he's qualified


to compete in the 200 On the previous two night of action,


he was barred from competing. So that's good news at the world


athletics championships. Seventeen men and one woman have


been convicted of sexual exploitation and drugs offences


in the northern English Most of the men were from Pakistani,


Indian or Bangladeshi backgrounds. Controversially, police paid $13


to a convicted child rapist for information that helped


to expose this network of abuse. Our correspondent Fiona Trott has


been following this case. Guilty of causing girls and women


serious harm, court as part of Operation Sanctuary,


one of the biggest sexual exploitation investigations


in the north of England. Almost 100 perpetrators have


already been convicted. One 17-year-old was raped at a party


session organised by local men. I woke up in the morning,


the wardrobe was pushed Her police interview


was played to the court. To protect her identity we have


asked actors to read what she said. He had had sex with us


while I was asleep. How did you feel when he told


you he had done that to you? It is in houses like these


where the sessions took place. Victims were given drink and drugs


and were unable to defend themselves But in 2013 two


of them came forward. One had been trafficked


from a children's home, It started a long and


complex investigation. Controversially, officers


recruited a convicted child It is not an easy decision,


it is a decision we have had What I can categorically


state sitting here today, there are dangerous men behind bars


now and vulnerable people protected that would not have been the case


had we not used that informant. What beggars belief is the decision


to cross this child protection line Most of the perpetrators


were from Pakistani, This city councillor says leaders


from all faiths should re-educate local men to stop similar


exploitation in the future. People should not be telling


the Asian community had It is like saying to the white


community we should be talking However, there is an opportunity


to talk about issues on a regular basis about the rights of women


and it is important to use religion, like Islam, to educate


some of these people. The chief executive


of Newcastle City Council says a serious case review


is being carried out but it is not the only authority


with problems of this kind. We do not believe that what we have


uncovered in Newcastle is unique. There has been evidence


of similar offending in many We believe that any area that says


it does not have a problem It has been a long and traumatic


journey for the victims, but their evidence has helped


jail the perpetrators. The rest are due to be


sentenced next month. Millions of eggs have been taken


from the shelves in Belgium. The Belgian government has accused


Dutch officials of failing to pass on information about a scare


involving eggs contaminated The Belgian agriculture minister


also told members of his country's parliament that the authorities


in the Netherlands became aware of the problem much


earlier than thought. Belgian MPs interrupted their summer


holidays today to quiz the head of the Food Standards Agency and the


agriculture and public health minister in Belgium, and the Belgian


government is fighting against this allegation that they knew for quite


some time there could be a problem with these contaminated eggs but


they failed to pass the information on to their European neighbours.


They are fighting back against that allegation by saying, hang on, we


asked the Dutch authorities for information in June and it took them


a month to provide it. I Belgian minister also suggested the Dutch


may have first become aware of a potential problem as early as last


November, much earlier than people thought. The priority is still


protecting public health. The health minister saying there is very little


risk to the public's health because you would have to consume vast


quantities of contaminated eggs to feel any ill effects. Nonetheless, a


third of Dutch poultry farms are still closed as a precaution and


last week the German government removed 3 million eggs from the


shelves. But it does seem that the real effects here will not be felt


in people's health but diplomatically and economically.


The latest on the Belgian egg scandal.


In Kenya, results in the presidential election


are still coming in - and so far indicate a steady


lead for the incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The opposition leader Raila Odinga has claimed the computer system used


But the electoral commission says the system has


NOT been compromised - and ballots will be checked be hand.


Just hours after Kenya held a peaceful voting process, the veteran


opposition leader questioned the validity of the incoming results.


Raila Odinga claimed the electoral database systems had been hacked and


the results distorted in order to keep him from winning. A senior IT


manager from the Electoral Commission was murdered a week ago.


The opposition claim his login was used to access the main database.


This attack on our democracy affecting the presidential elections


in all 47 counties. But the Electoral Commission is posted as a


result of the presidential election is a fraud. Initial results put Mr


Odinya well behind the incumbent, president Uhuru Kenyatta, who has


promised to respect the outcome. Allegations of vote fraud are not


unusual here. Kenyans continue to watch and wait, anxious to avoid a


repeat of the post-election violence of ten years ago. In isolated cases,


police fired tear gas at protesters in an opposition stronghold in the


west. Kenya's electoral authority has called for calm, adding that the


early results. The verified, and it denies claims of foul play. --


adding that the early result will still be verified. In the past half


hour, the head of Kenya's Electoral Commission appeared before reporters


to deny the voting system was compromised. I wish to take this


opportunity to confirm that our election management system is


secure. There were no external or internal errors to the system at any


point before, during and after the voting.


Anne Soy is at the national count centre there.


Tell us more about the Electoral Commission reassuring the public.


The chief executive made that statement in this hall, where the


final announcement will be made, and they said that no informal complaint


was filed, but they got the reports from the media, did their own


investigation and discovered that the system has not been compromised.


We have had international observers coming to look at what has been


going on, the validation of results. The former Secretary of State of the


United States, John Kerry, was here that we asked him about his


observations, and he said he had a lot of confidence in the system and


he has appealed to political parties to exercise patience and let the


electoral process run its course. Then you are talking about counting


the votes, there is a paper trail back to the polling stations, isn't


there? That's right. It is a hybrid system. These are new electronic


systems, which many people have put hopes on, and which the opposition


party... Once the votes are counted in polling stations, those results


are put electronically to the constituency officers and here at


the national tallying centre, and people followed these results in


real time through a portal. But there are also forms that are signed


at polling stations. The count was established and they were signed by


party agents, and those are the documents Electoral Commission is


going through to make sure that this tallies with what they were sent


through the electronic system before they can announce the result.


Now for Americans of a certain generation - simply the mention


of a Howard Johnson's brings back memories of countless meals consumed


Today just one remains and you'll have to go to Lake George


So what happened to the once booming franchise?


Our correspondent with a certain connection went to find out.


It is 1950s America, and Howard Johnson's roadside


As more Americans buy cars and take the highways,


there is a growing need to feed weary travellers.


And, by the early 1970s, Howard Johnson's becomes the largest


food chain in America, with more than 1000 restaurants.


But fast forward to 2017, and there is only one left.


Before we explore the reasons why, I should declare I have a personal


interest in the story as my name is also Howard Johnson.


Growing up in the UK, visiting Americans would laugh


This would be my first visit to a Howard Johnson's restaurant.


I had arranged a meeting with 90-year-old Carl DeSantis,


In 1953, Carl agreed a franchise deal with Howard Johnson's to build


this restaurant in the tourist area of Lake George.


It was so successful that we went from one restaurant


You could almost put one anywhere and it would go in its heyday.


And also the competition, the chains, were not there.


Cutbacks after the company went public where one


But Ben and Jerry's also muscled in on the ice cream business,


while McDonald's became king of the road.


We could have made it go, but we did not.


But, you know, that is history and nothing is forever.


How likely is it that the last Howard Johnson's will still be open


I think what will really happen is Lake George, every year,


It has gotten to be where it could be a 60-40 kind of deal.


60% maybe not, 40% maybe still having it open.


That is sad news for HoJo fans who grew up with the brand.


When I was young, there were lots of Howard Johnson's.


This is the last one standing, so we are going to try to plug it


out and give it for as long as we can.


No way! That is not true.


Are you serious? That is so cool.


The decline of a once great American hotel chain.


Now before we go, have a look at this video from off


of the water off the coast of St John's in Newfoundland.


It's fair to say it caught the three people out fishing by surprise.


We don't know if they had any luck on the fishing line but a perfect


Just time to remind you of the top stories. The US Defence Secretary


has warned that North Korea will lose any arms race it initiates,


finding himself, as they put it, grossly outmatched by the United


States. He urged them to abandon their nuclear weapons programme and


cease making threats against US territories. Thank you for being


Dry and bright weather for many but some very heavy rain


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