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Hello and welcome to Film 2014 we are live. If you would like to get


in touch the details are on the screen now. Coming up: Mark Wahlberg


and his Navy SEALs fight for their lives in Lone Survivor. This op is


compromised. We are going home. Roger that, sir. Christian Bale


battles to save his brother in Out of the Furnace. I'm Ronnie's


brother. I ain't leaving without him. Zac Efron wrestles with matters


of heart in That Awkward Moment. We are not suppose to see them more


than twice in one week. You are seeing this chick twice in one day.


We meet Ralpf Fiennes. We are joined by Dan yes and Tim Robey. Hi. Lone


Survivor the true story of how a mission to kill a Al-Qaeda terrorist


goes wrong for a unit of Navy SEALS. Red wings are go. Bad guy, senior


Taliban commander. Killed 20 Marines last week. 20. We are going in with


a four-man team. It's a lot more than 10 guys. It's an army. The


mission was to locate, identify and capture or kill a terrorist. Guys


that want to destroy America. A lot of things started going wrong.


Before the Seal cos figure a way out of it, they were in trouble. There


was a violent gunfight ensued. When it was over, one survived. It was


that story. It's feeling like a cursed op. No curses. It's just


Afghanistan. That is all. It's a kill mission. Once the mission is


compromised we have is a serious decision to make between the four of


us. This op is compromised. Radio check. Danny, is your radio working?


We have two options. One, let them go. Roll the dice. When they run


down there, we have 200 on our back. We terminate. I care about you, I


care about you, I care about you. This is not a vote. We will cut them


lose and going home. Roger that, sir. They are not superheroes. They


are not larger than life. At the end of the day, they're just, you know,


talented competent men who care about each other very much. Who are


in a horrible, horrible bind. They fight for each other. There's a


storm inside of us. A drive. You push yourself through anything


anyone can think possible. I have played soldiers in the past. This is


a different thing. SEAL guys training us were like, they made


damn sure we were going to look real. We were training with the


M4rifle mostly. Learning how to fire that, with real bullets. An intense


learning curve. By the time they came to shooting they had been


through the training campment they were like a band of brothers.


Melissa? The cool one from the Cold Play concert. She coming? She is a


bridesmaid. Is she coming? It's not a flag-waving movie. It's a bigger


thing. It's not political. It's much more personal. Who these guys are


and what real courage is. We are good, right? We're solid.


Danny. I know it sounds strange, I don't think of Lone Survivor as a


war movie. It doesn't feel like a war movie for all the hardware and


blood. It feels like a western. You have insanely out numbered cowboys


and Indians coming to get them. It feels like a slasher movie. Where


you have hapless characters lost in the woods being stalked and picked


up a by a psycho killer. By the end of the film, what it feels like to


me is a very expensive ad for the Navy SEALs. It is well made film and


well crafted and adrenaline in your veins. If you are a 16 American


kill, you will come out of the cinema and renounce your porn habit


and head to the recruitment office. I have to leave it up to people to


decide if that is a recommendation film. I'm puzzled they called it


Lone Survivor. It's a spoiler. You expect Mark Wahlberg up a mountain


on his own. That is not the film. He is up there with his buddies. It's


like Black Hawk Dawn. They are ambushed. The next hour of the film


is pretty strong. It's quite powerful. It puts you up there. You


don't want to be there. Which is sort of interesting given thatth


kind of general drift of the film seems to be pro-military. If you


think of other Hollywood wood war films being platoon. While you are


up on that mountain you don't want to be there. They call in air


support. Which is the more horrendous, jaw-dropping thing. That


part of the film works for me. Then I think it let's itself down, I


think, like, the remaining 20 minutes or so become quite, quite


cheesy and contrived. I thought really at the end, it's almost like


we are being emotionally blackmailed. We get the survivorsen


o the end credits. I found the end credits moving. That is just me.


It's interesting what you are talking about. Whether it's pro-war


or not. There is a scene where you hear the helicopter blades going


around you think of apocalypse Now. You think of it a druggie war epic.


As a kid I it bass a thought of a pro-war film. Full Met app Jacket,


you would think war epic. A director walked out of the screening saying


it was a recruitment ad. When you make the fit am exciting you make


the risk of war seeming apelling. Peter Berg has a cameo where he is


sitting there watching, he is a Navy SEAL, watching another Navy SEAL wv


ig out to music. He thinks he is one of them. I think he has got a real


knack for camaraderie for soldiers and for action scenes. Physical


action scenes, explosion, gunfights, body tumbling... It's bloody. He is


good at that stuff. To do it well you you have to have a grasp of


acrobatics and precision. He loves the kit and jargon. I think he


thinks the violence is sexy. Too entrenched in that world. He has


used Navy SEALS as consultants on all his films including Hancock. Why


would you need Navy SEALS on board. There they were. It feels he is too


in there. After the 15 slow mo scene of gun play it feels like Alan


Partridge. They are striving for realism. The more realistic the


wounds on soldier's faces and the bone sticking out of broken limb,


the more you see, the more I'm reminded these aren't Navy SEALS in


Afghanistan in 2005, it's actors in a nation mall Park in New Mexico.


Boot camp for Hollywood stars. Ben Foster I believe as a soldier. Mark


Wahlberg I want think from his performance, the madness in his


eyes. You want him to look as if he would bite someone's head off. You


get it once at the end. Not enough of it. I couldn't get over the fact,


maybe it's me. I couldn't get over the idea that Mark Wahlberg was not


doing the stuff in 2005. In the summer of 2005, his character was in


Afghanistan, Mark Wahlberg was having lunch with his agent and he


went shoe shopping. We will see how that uponed out. You were actually.


There Next. The new film The Invisible woman. We went to mean


RalphFiennes. Thank you. It was remarkable. It was? Readings double


sales. You are an admirer of my husband's work? Of course.


Constantly on show. Constantly watched. Life is nothing without


good company. You are endear as Dickens. You are


chatting, smiling, it does strike me that is an unusual thing for you to


be doing? Yes, I suppose it is. That is one of the intractions. When I


read Abbey's screenplay what came off this page is a man of great


energy, the centre of attention in the room of he wanted attention. He


loved giving attention. Gathering people around. I think that is why I


wanted to show in the early scenes of the film him in rehearsal. He is


a father figure to actors and his own family. What a beautiful theatre


you have built. I'm glad. We have tried. Welcome. You have had a good


journey. Yes, thank you. Good. You must be... We tried to recreate


after theatre performance atmosphere, dancing and singing and


a feeling he relishing being at the centre. He is is the perfect guy at


parties? Ic he loved arranging parties or games social events. It


has so much to say about fame an celebrity did that resonate with


you? The public figure that needed oughtience. In en ens' case it was


cripplely important. He needs to justify himself publicly in the


letter to the Times in the way he was going to dissolve their


marriage. In the Victorian era people didn't want scandal. When he


head towards the trauma of being in love with Nellie where did it leave


his marriage. The public sense of himself. I think it was a


catastrophe. I know what I have done. Nelly. Nelly. What is it that


we are? It's hard question to answer, what kind of director are


you? What is your style with actors compared to some of the directors


you have worked with, if you think of somebody by Mangella? I loved the


way Antony worked. I loved the way he would articulate. Often I think


you need to, I don't know... I like to communicate. I like to be direct.


I think I like to be honest. Another person I remembered in my head, it


was Steven Spielberg had an adrenaline about how you explored a


moment. I remember one occasion when he was trying to breakthrough my own


preparedness, if you like. I think film likes the surprise moment that


even the actor hasn't prepared. I think Steven was trying to get me


not to be so meticulous almost in it. Tend to sort of roughle my


feathers slightly. -- ruffle. I would like so much to reach out and


touch you in your loneliness. What would that be like, I wonder? I


mean... What would be wrong with that? Obviously it a dark character


like that. Then, to a lesser degree, the English Patient something about


those withdrawn and witheld people. Don't know from the outside you


imagine that might be quite liberating to play a part like that?


I don't know. I mean it can be liberating. You go into a tunnel


with people like that. I mean the psychology of the character in the


English Patient fantastic creation, these characters are the sort of


churning around with their inner turmoil. How can you stand there?


How can you ever smile as if your life hadn't capsized? There is a


interior clas row phobia that you feel. Sometimes it was great to have


moments of release. Experience. Six months. I was a


skillet... Experience, zero. The pleasure is mine. These are not


except the ball. Education? -- acceptable.


You have made this movie with Wes Anderson. He has a specific tone and


feel and look. Visit constricting? You know that is his style. A couple


times, you banged up against it, the control of it. I liked it. I liked


the fact he was precise. A bit of me was like that.


Have you been questioned by the authorities? I was arrested and


tortured. You know the drill. We will review the film next week.


Now, Zac Efron, playing a man with the relationship dilemma in That


Awkward Moment. Are you serious? This is a den of


testosterone. She will talk about Xbox. She better have hot friends.


Open the door. The movie is about best friends


figuring out what it means to fall in love. Figuring out how much they


rely on each other. Realising that being there for someone when they


need you most is what being a true friend is. That is a direct line


from the movie. Give me the ice cream. I need it. We are going out.


You are single. We are staying single with you. Would you like a


mint. You have four hours to drink like Keith Richards. I wanted to do


a romantic comedy from the perspective of the guy. It was


something important to me. I felt it should be on the screen. There is a


changing dynamic in the way people date. And in the roles that guys and


girls take. I am not going to do that. I will


make you wait 40 days. I was going to make you wait. I feel it is


different from other romantic comedies. You do not get the peek


behind the curtain into some of the dumb things that otherwise smart


individuals do. We had a chance to bond before


filming, taking a trip into the wilderness, into the mountains. We


chilled out in a cabin. We got to explore what the movie was about. I


have got to take a leak. This is a stupid idea.


What is to do with you and Chelsea? What are you doing here?


It does not mean what you think it means. What does our relationship


being? The most terrifying moment in


relationships is the where is this going? What are we doing? Sometimes,


you do not get exactly what you want and it makes it terrifying for


people. I love the way we fit together in bed.


Man, you are doing it. Before we begin, I will read out a


tweet. This is from somebody called David, That Awkward Moment has


pretty people playing horrible characters.


I am with them. In a week with the death and scowling going on in other


films, there is something to be said for a bit of fluff. It is like the


fluff you pick out of your belly button. Do not go there. There are


so many awkward moments and all of them feel very contrived. The


awkward moment when you sleep with Imogen Poots, wake up and come to


the conclusion she is a prostitute. The awkward moment when you find


yourself you're relating horizontally and talking to your


friends. None of the comedy comes from honest observation about


20-something dating. It is a phoney plot. It is probably more fun


working out who should go and see the movie because it is a chick


flick inside a bromance. There are jokes about shoes and spray tans. I


suppose it is for a couple on their first date, who do not have much to


talk about and they can watch it and feel belittled and insulted about it


and then go off and discuss it. It is a bit wrong. I feel bad saying


it is wrong, but it should be funnier. It feels fake.


It cannot admit what New York really is. It half admits that you need to


own a oil producing former Soviet republic to live in man --


Manhattan. Imogen Poots, she goes out and is picked up by Zac Efron,


if you go out in Manhattan, you will find these people from Wall Street,


or, gay men. The boys need to work through issues. Half of them -- half


of the movie is spent in his apartment, discussing their penis


size. They are like the sons of Patrick Bateman. One of them is


good. I like Imogen Poots, but not in this role. In the first scene she


has a dreadful monologue, explaining to somebody buying her a drink,


saying she cannot take the drink because they will end up married. It


is like being trapped in a romantic comedy hell. At the end of the film,


Zac Efron re-enacts the scene, as if it is the great highlight. He says


the words in the right order... People love Zac Efron. If we went to


the movies and you had Lone Survivor, and you have this in the


middle, sweet cute boys, running around New York, eating fruit, no?


You can see in the clip in the interview how much fun they were


having. Knowing he inspired that level of enthusiasm in them...


Christian Bale and Casey Affleck are starring in Out Of The Furnace. A


man takes the law into his own hands. It is tough. It makes me want


to jump in there with you. I need the money. Always trouble. Since he


was a little kid. There is nothing wrong with working for a living. I


gave my life for this country. What has it done for me? I will do this


one last fight and then I will be done. Showtime. They have not been


able to find your brother. It is a whole other world. It does not


include us. This guy, she holds the mountains.


-- he haunts the mountains. I am Rodney Baze's brother. I am not


leaving without him. What do you think? It is stuffed full of


excellent performances. But it is predictable. It opens with any


Jones, at a drive-in movie theatre -- Vinnie Jones. He is in a film. It


is the last time the movie surprises you. A member of Pearl Jam starts


grunting away and you find yourself in Pennsylvania, a blue-collar town.


You start to think I have seen this town before and you realise it is in


the Deer Hunter. It starts to remind you of that film up until the point


where they go deer hunting. They skim the deer and we are


intercutting with Casey Affleck with his face beaten to a pulp. It is not


very subtle. Instead of Russian roulette in the Deer Hunter, we have


bare-knuckle boxing. This is what Casey Affleck's character is drawn


into. We have Woody Harrelson, he is playing a crazed, hillbilly psycho.


If you ever thought about the kid in deliverance playing the banjo grew


up to be. I like this performance more than in American hustle, by


Christian Bale. There is some good stuff going on. It does not feel


personal. It feels like a bunch of other films. I think you are being


mean about it. I was hooked. As a portrayal of bad luck. Casey Affleck


was brilliant. I do not think we disagree about performances but the


story lost me. It is a film about the recession, you have the election


of President Obama. Teddy Kennedy filmed on TV. There is an overtone


that something bigger is being talked about. It just adds up to a


hard luck story. You want more than that. That is OK. I admired its


ambition but the theme of men in crisis, it is hammered home in a way


that is not subtle. In this scene, Woody Harrelson, shoving a Frank --


Frankfurt down a woman's throat. I wanted it to be more brave. I wished


the plot did not hinge on a mobile phone going off when the voicemails


pinned a key point in the narrative. I think Christian Bale is great. It


is a stodgy role. He brings more than decency. You have the sense he


has two thoughts in his head at once. There is a depth there, more


than what he has done in other films. The bare knuckle fight. Even


when he is breaking somebody's nose in a fight, he is fragile. Will


Defoe is fantastic. Too many actors are given scraps. Film of the week?


Insider Lewin Davies. -- Llewyn Davis. We are going to play out with


a film. It was the two us after my father left. Her hands started


shaking beyond her control. Leaving the house was difficult. I wonder if


you can give me a hand. You are bleeding. He was kind enough to


offer me a ride. We cannot help you. This needs to happen. Where do you


want to go? Your house. Police are looking for Frank Chambers, an


inmate at prison for murder. If somebody came by, we would need to


make it look like I kidnapped you. I never intentionally hurt anybody in


my life. What happened? There is more to the story then you see in


that paper. You will not be needing that any longer. That is good. We


should throw most of them away before they rot. I have another


idea. He got together with his secretary. I should go. Maybe you


should stay. They


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