16/02/2014 The British Academy Film Awards


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flashing images. The red carpet is where it all starts. . The BAFTAs is


one of the red carpets on the planets, it is very exciting.


Let's just celebrate. There's a very warm reception here.


It is like the running of the bulls! We're lucky. We're really lucky,


actually. The film industry's biggest names


are braving the cold to look the very best for such a glamorous


occasion. It took me about three or four hours to get ready. Con


Controversial going for the black suit. It is not just about glitz and


glamour. There's one extraordinary reason why they are all here


tonight. Damn it - so many good movies. Philomena was great, 12


Years A Slave. 12 Years - that's what I am betting on. That's my my


money is and I don't like to lose money. The wait is almost over. You


can sense the anticipation. I cannot wait to see what's in store for


tonight! We'll see. You never know what will happen. The stars are here


and the stars are set for a night of drama, celebration and plenty of


surprises. It is time for the British a British Academy Film


Awards, 2014. Please welcome our host for this


evening, Stephen Fry. APPLAUSE


Good evening, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the EE


BAFTA, or British Academy Film Awards. They say what comes around


goes around. Whoever this day may or may not be, here we are, I find


myself humbled, honoured n and in the best sense of the word, paid to


be here. This is the greatest night of the British film calendar, if


there is such a thing. If there is, I am putting myself up to be a nude


Mr August for 2015! Let me cleanse your mind of that horrible image


now. Destiny has dealt us a royal flush, because we also find


ourselves within the plush womb of the resplendent Royal Opera House.


We have faces sofa mill yar that you want to lick -- so Familiar that you


want to lick them. Many have been inspired by what some like to call


"Real life." That weird, fantastical land outside Hollywood, which


unfortunately we have to visit from time to time. Which has provided us


with tales of defiance, greed, passion and exploding microwave


ovens. Also this year, we have been blessed with a small glut of films


about individual struggles against insurmountable odds like Chiwetel


Ejiofor whose portrayal portrayal in 12 Years A Slave was so engrossing,


I wished that it was called 24 Years a Slave. I mean that in the best


possible way, if there is a good way for me to say that! Beaming in row


J, seat nine, is the star of the utterly compelling Blue Jasmine,


Cate Blanchett. APPLAUSE


She plays a woman who finds herself penniless and on the verge of a


breakdown after being betrayed by a ruthless man. It is based on matters


unravelling in the French presidency. Your muted laugh tells


me you don't give a flying hoot about French politics. That was a


brilliant reference. Look, Leo the Lion, who has...


APPLAUSE He turned ferociously lupin in the


blistering wolf of Wall Street. Mr DiCaprio we have a custom of asking


one of those assembled if they would not mind blowing a kiss down the


camera. Would you believe it, we drew lots until your name came out!


What are the odds of that? If you would be a real darling and oblige.


I shall never wash my eyes again. The star of the simply wonderful


American Hustle, Christian Bale, is with us.


APPLAUSE Still in character I see - although


he has chosen a different 70s wig and he has lost his pot belly! How


do you do that? I've spent years... Well, I suppose I why I am this side


of the stage and you that. Self-control! The man with brighter


flares than Christian, Tom Hanks is here.


APPLAUSE I don't know how the passing cargo


ship missed his flares! Hello, sailor. I am feeling a little


love-sick at the thought of you being here, but Rita knows she's


save. Also a little seasick, to be honest. Of course bringing the over


70s to our screen, we have Emma Thompson... No - not a year... Not a


year over... Well, actually she's younger than me. We hoped to have


here Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli. They couldn't make it. They are not


fooling anyone. Her eyes are brown and she would never wear a dress


like that. We are in the company of Dame Helen Mirren, who this year has


brought her grandson along. Welcome the Duke Duke of Cambridge.


APPLAUSE So, let an absolute belter of a year


in film be relived in the sounds of a belter of a live performance.


Ladies and gentlemen, let your jaws plummet as we revel in an astounding


12 months in the company of an award-winning rapper, it is Tinie


Tempah and Laura Mvula. # We have learnt to fly away.


# No tear tears when the sun goes # He'll never die


# Here, everyone's a hero # We all have a second chance


# And have a place piano # Because here I've learnt to dance


Trying to get him # Dancing the devil


# With my two left feet # Dancing the revels on New Year's


Eve # A blue dress


# She says to my mother # Hello to everybody's favourite MC


# Somebody's mother, getting too friendly


# Why the hell am I sitting next to an MP


# Because they ain't in the scholarship


# # Here, everyone's a hero


# Yeah # We all learn to fly away


# Fly # No tears when the sun goes


# Laura Mvula, everyone! No way! # Here everyone's a hero


# We've all got a second chance # Amen


# And play piano # Because here I dance again


# I'll be going # A sensor


# I go deep, I'm Tinie Tempah # No race, religion or gender


# # Give me top marks


# Will take the Tube # Send a car


# Count your stars # Trying to learn guitar


# Together we stand # Together we fall apart


# Here, everyone's a hero # We all got a second chance


# Amen # And heaven plays piano


# Demonstration # And heaven plays piano


# Here I learnt to dance, to Tinie Tempah and Laura Mvula. That


takes me back to my days as an early rapper, two-step my stro. We receive


some dear, dear friends, without whom we would be out of business - I


am talking about the great British public. They and the naked British


public are almost all welcome, apart from you - you know who you are!


Before we tuck in, an advisory note, usually if you are given something,


say a cup of tea, for example, it is customary to say "Thank you." You


don't go on and thank the kettle and the cup and the milk! The cow! And


the tea-picker! Award winner, I trust I make myself very clear - the


briefer you are, the more we will love reverence and adore you. I must


go speedily to the first award for Outstanding British Film. Presented


in honour of Alexander Corder. We are privileged to offer you a star


of unrif valued stature. Her performance in The Butler was so


moving I almost gave mine the afternoon off!


They even named this very building after her! Please welcome the royal


Oprah Winfrey. Hi. Well thank you so much - it is a


great pleasure for me to be at the Oprah House. Sounds nothing like my


mine. It is wonderful being here, both as a nominee and as a guest


presenter. Let's take a look for the nominations for Outstanding British


Film. Let's see where we are!


Let's see where we are... What you doing sat here? Go out and


make some money. Go on! Got that bridle too tight on that


horse! I'll come out and sort it out for


you. She's one in 100,000. What do you


people - so that's just maths. You people - so that's just maths. You


should be nice to the people on the way up because you might meet them


again on the way down. You, of all people, should understand that!


APPLAUSE And the BAFTA goes to Gravity.


Thank you. Excuse me, I've got a bit of a cold, but this sure as hell is


going to make it better. First, thank you BAFTA. This is beyond


belief. And best of all, it recognises everybody who was


involved with the film. We have had the most incredible crew on this


film. Unbelievable. Also, Framestore and the team who created the visual


effects. Incomparable. APPLAUSE


Of course, the film would be absolutely nothing without our cast,


George Clooney and of course, as I said, the heart of the film, San bra




-- Sandra Bullock. Thanks to Warner Brothers. Thank you, Sue, amazing.


Of course, as my fellow producer, he probably wouldn't say it himself,


but we wouldn't be here without our wonderful direct director, Mr


Alfonso. Thank you very much. And thank you. Whoops, thank you Rose!


APPLAUSE Now to the award for Animated Film.


The Last King of Scotland and Cock Bull story are some of the films of


this gifted actress who speaks fluent American. An actor of sheer


unadulterated talent. Please welcome Gillian Anderson and David Oyelowo.


Hello, everyone. So much work goes into making an animated film that


just a few seconds on screen involves hours and hours of


painstaking work for an awful lot of people. Yes, honey. Let's take a


look at the nominations. Frozen. We are trying to bring back


summer. I don't know why, but I've always loved the idea of summer and


sun and all things hot. Really? I'm guessing you don't have much


experience with heat. Monsters University. Do you pledge your souls


to them? Do you pledge to keep a secret of all that you learn? No


matter how horrifying. Will you take the sacred oath. Turn the lights on


while you are down here. Despicable Me 2. Kevin, urgh... He's not Kevin


any more. He's an indestructible mindless killing machine.


And the BAFTA is awarded to Frozen. Wow. This is amazing. We would love


to thank BAFTA and also our cast and crew. It took about 600 people that


were on this one, so, I'd like to thank them for all the drawings they


had to draw and redraw. They made mountains of ice and snow for us and


also there were hundreds of hours of voice recording and computer rigging


to create our characters and bring them to life. And we'll never forget


Bobby and Christian Lopez on the penal no-ry day and John lasstering


strutting down the hall flipping his hair round singing "let it go" and


also to Ed Cattermole who slammed his hand down on the table one day


and screamed "we've got ourselves a musical" so to them we want to say


thank you and this is for them. Thank you.


Now we have many traditions here at BAFTA alongside the one where I get


a bit tipsy at the after party in an attempt to French kiss every


winner's trophy. There is also the tradition of taking a closer look at


the five nominees for best film, four of which are based on real


life, amazingly. What's more, there's also resemblance between all


of the films and events in my life uncanny doesn't come close to how


uncanny it is. So, let us start with an in-depth examination of the first


of tonight's nominees, David Russell's exceptional American


Hustle, this quite extraordinary achievement takes us back to the


'70s and a couple of confidence tricksters with doubtful hair who


get caught up with the police, the mob and a local politician,


something that recently happened to me just the other week in the


company of the Mayor with even more doubtful hair than is in the film.


Hard to believe but true. I shall never accept another breakfast


invitation from Boris Johnson. This is American Hustle.


I knew your choices were bad. Behind survival is a story that never ends.


Ride the storm. Where it takes you is so varied with the characters.


Horribly flawed, yet you love them. Let's go. They are trying to


accomplish their own happy ending. It's about the way that we try to


survive. You are going to have to decide for yourself. I just laid


everything on the table. I've always said that you were very, very hard


to motivate. In search of this is bigger truth that he's after. He's


willing to tell us no lies. I'm in, I'm out. One, two, three, go. Nobody


directs like David. He's very good about creating characters. David


cares about the real emotional life that everybody's breathing. You just


don't know what the heck will happen from day to day. This is under the


umbrella of the '70s, with the music, hair styles and clothes.


These dresses are beautiful. Unprintable. Funny. I have nothing


but respect for you -- unpredictable. Magic.


APPLAUSE American Hustle who stars Christian


Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper are here tonight, along with


director David O Russell Ly rhyming mode now with American


Hustle. Looking forward to American bustle, tussle and especially


American muscle, yes, I just love seafood.


Well, we have now wound up with the award for Outstanding Debut by a


British writer, director or producer given the honour of it. This


person's list of talents is endless. The only thing he hasn't got on his


CV is film awards show host. God, what have I done, no, no, he'd never


lower himself. Please welcome the utterly adorable and awe-inspiring


Steve Coogan. APPLAUSE


By the way, Steven, in your hands, hosting an awards show is never a


dissent. Frankly, I think you elevate it to an art form.


APPLAUSE I've always thought of you as an


elevator! Now on to Outstanding Debut. All of us at one time or


another had to make our debut. Mine was about 25 years ago, Stephen's


was a little longer. Of course, in those day days we were fledgling


young Turks, men about town with a pager on our belt and the world at


our feet and a voiceover to go to. Crazy days! Oh, you continue go


back! Let's take a look at the nominations.


Keiran Evans. Kelly Victor. Keiran Evans hones his craft directing


music videos in documentaries before turning his hand to features where


his strong sense of place and sensitive handling of complex


characters comes to the fore. Seeing her again? Definitely. Paul Wright,


Polly Stokes, for these in peril. Background in theatre brought a


sense of narrative to the film written and directed by one of the


country's new directors, Paul Wright. Paul took his inspiration


from his upbringing in a Scottish fishing village. She's the only one


who'll believe me. Kelly Marcel, Saving Mr Banks. Once


an actress in stage musicals and TV, Kelly Marcel quit acting to become a


writer and executive producer. Would Saving Mr Banks, Kelly created a


script Lauded by fellow writers and film makers alike. Look at you! I


could just eat you up. That wouldn't be appropriate.


Scott Graham, Shell. Scott mad three short films before this one and


spent a total of 15 days on set with his debut feature, Scott directed a


complex, moving and mature piece of film making which stands as


testament to his talent and skill. Colin Carberry, Glenn Patterson,


Good Vibrations. The debut, Colin and Glenn bring wit, energy and


thought to the real life story of punk rock hero Terry who ran the


label during the troubles in Belfast.


APPLAUSE And the BAFTA goes to Keiran Evans




Thank you very much. Wow. I was definitely not expecting this.


There's so many people to thank so better get on with it. To start


with, I've got to thank my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful


producer Janine who's stayed with me for eight years to make this happen.


I wouldn't be here without her. Robin, Theo who believed in me at


the start and took this project forward. To the wonderful cast and


crew who I wouldn't be here without and to the wonderful Julia Morris


and finally to Niall Griffiths who wrote the book and allowed me to


adapt the film and make it what it is. Thank you so much. Finally, one


more thing, sorry, I've got to remember this one, family and


friends in Dublin and Wales and to my two beautiful sons Dylan and


Jacob who made it happen and to my mum who sat me in front of Hitchcock


films when I was a kid and to my dad who drove with me on a coach for 50


miles to an art college. Those moments are the reasons why I'm here


now. Thank you so much. To present the award is greededly


brilliant, BAFTA actor, who starred in and written more great films than


I care or will mention. In film a goddess, in truth, you would be sick


if I told you how much I love her. Spank your palms together,


repeatedly for the great Emma Thompson.


APPLAUSE Is it me, or is it being British -


what is it that makes being referred to as sicking awful makes me feel so


much better about myself! I am tempted to ask if there's a


doctor in the house! I'm so thrilled to be here, to announce the nominees


for Best Supporting Actor and they are:


You can't say that Why not. It is a Ferrari.


The weight distribution is a disaster. It is amazing, all these


facilities and you make a piece of crap like this!


You don't play the game! The ship's broken. Nobody gets hit!


Hey! Look at me. Sure.


Matt Damon for Behind The Candelabra.


Lee doesn't have a dim approximate in his chin. I know -- a dimple in


his chin. I know - it's my face. Just a little one!


OK. If anybody contradicts you.


If you lived the them in New England, but you don't!


Most surely do not. And the BAFTA is awarded to Barkhad


Abdi for Captain Phillips. Thank you! Thank you!


I want to thank first of all BAFTA for this honour.


I want to thank Paul Greengrass for believing in me before I believed in


myself and putting me into this project. I want to thank Tom Hanks.


I see you! I want to thank Sony Pictures.


I want to thank my producers - Dana, Michael and I want to thank my


family and my friends. I love you. Last, but not least, I want to thank


my other pirates in the film - my friends and the people that came


from nothing and we got this. Thank you!


APPLAUSE Congratulations. We know hold our


magnifying grass over the second best nominees. Captain Phillips,


always known as Saving Mr Hanks. BAFTA... I cannot be the first


person to have thought of that! BAFTA sent me a preview copy of


Captain Phillips, which annoyingly started with a plot spoiler - a


piracy warning! I found myself astonished between


the resemblance between the film and real life. I was trapped in a


lifeboat capsule with Tom Hanks. Not so much a capsule than a lift, an


elevator, which got stuck. After we were rescued Mr Hanks was asked how


he was by the nurse and he just broke down and wept, as he does in


the film. Spooky! The utterly thrilling Captain


Phillips. I'll call you from there. What


really happening is really fascinating. It is a crime story


that tells you something about the great forces driving us.


Listen up! We have been boarded by armed pirates. The captain of a


large container ship is attacked by four young men from the absolute


other end of the world. Once the guys climb up on board the ship, all


the rules are off. Nun will get hurt if you -- no-one will get hurt if


you don't play no game. The relationship between a captain from


our world and a captain from theirs is what drives the film. That


becomes more intense. It is an odd burden that is shared between the


rich and it is not a pleasant one - it is life and death. There has to


be something other than kidnapping people! It is a part of the world


that has a story to tell and its people have a story to tell. The


actors have done a fantastic job of showing the criminality and the


recklessness and the violence of those men, but also the desperation


and the humanity. It's over. I I can't give up! Paul has a way of


working in which the action goes on and he captures it on three


different cameras from different perspectives. That is not how a lot


of films are made. He was capturing behaviour. That is the environmental


atmosphere that he created. It was worth its weight in gold. Look at


me! I'm the captain now! APPLAUSE


Captain Phillips, ladies and gentlemen. Don't do what David O


Russell has done and do all your next films with riming with your


surname - that would be bad! As it would be if you did Tom, come


to think of it! We have the stars with us - Tom


Hanks and his brilliant costar who is being interviewed by the press at


the moment. They all deserve our grateful applause. It is a


magnificent movie. APPLAUSE


Servicing now cinematography and presenting a pair acting gems one


called Helen who has appeared in Harry Potter and one called Ray, who


is about to be seen in the epic Noah, inspired by this year's


British weather! Please yodel and squeak for the terrifying


terrifyingly talent talented ed... Thank you.


We are delighted to be here this evening to present the award for


cinematography. It never seizes to amaze me what these people create.


I was thinking about it the other day. The great ones could make me


and your old man look good. Unbelievable! Let's have a look at


the nominations. Stick together and we'll be all


right! Keep it. You hadn't thought about


it! And the award goes to... . Gravity.


APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid


Emmanuel cannot be here tonight so the director will come up and


collect the award. Emmanuel Lubezki, we know him - he


cannot be here, he's shoot shooting, believe it or not, I think it is a


four-and-a-half weeks shoot with a crew of 20 people in the desert. So


he's asked me to read this message. Thanks for the British academy for


this award. I would like to share it with the cast and crew of Gravity,


especially with my friend and teacher. You have to understand it


is an ironic way of talking. So Alfonso thank you for allowing me to


destroy your dreams to r the last 20 years. It has been incredible.


Thank you for coming one this story. Sandy for giving this film a face.


And the wizard of effects and the frame store nurds for making this


adventure possible. And for shooting a big part of this


movie. David Heyman. Warner Brothers for making this movie and my family,


my friends and the audience - thank you.


APPLAUSE And now we move on to Supporting


Actress. To present it a Titanic star to be seen in the ride that is


The Wolf Of Wall Street, where there is excessive drugs and I will simply


say, please, howl, howl and howl again for Leonardo DiCaprio.


When I saw the five actresses nominated I was completely blown


away. The talent is enormous. Separating this emis an enormous


task. I am pleased I was not one who had to do it. It is my pleasure to


announce the winner tonight. Let's take a look at the nominees.


All the nutrition out of our food is empty - just like your deals! Empty!


Empty. I read it in an article. Look! Print


something into this house that will take the nutrition out of our food


and then light our house on fire. Thank God for me!


What am I going to do without you! I don't!


Stop it. Stop it! Please! Would you like to sit in my office. Look,


who's this guy, Al? What does he do? I know what he doesn't do - he


doesn't make scenes where I work in public!


I take so much... 400,000 cotton - day in, day out. And for that...


I don't care what else you do, where you go, screw up your life, just...


Survive. Please. Oprah Winfrey, the Butler.


Get out. Please, please. I can't take this no more. We ain't seen


this boy for seven years. Sorry, Mr Butler, I didn't mean to make fun of


your hero. Everything you are and everything you have is because of


that Butler. And the BAFTA goes to Jennifer


Lawrence Lawrence. Jennifer is unable to be here tonight as she's


filming, but to collect the award is the brilliant David Russell.


Jennifer asked me to read something that said she'd like to thank


everybody here at BAFTA, it's an honour for me, she wants to thank


Sony, Megan, the producers and her costars, the actors who created this


magnificent world with her, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley


Cooper, Robert Dee know row, all the cast and producers -- de Niro, Eric


Singh and me and David O Russell, me, and it's a great honour. Here is


to telling stories of culture, heartbreak, romance and rebirth and


music and life. Thank you very much. This is for Jennifer.


APPLAUSE The third of the best film nominees


waiting to be forensically examined by us is the heart wrenching


exquisite phenomena which is Philomena and it's phenomenal. I


struggle to find anything in my life that might mirror events in this


genius work. My mother has spent many, many years wondering what on


earth has happened to her son! And I have been enchanted and overwhelmed


by Philomena. Hello. You must be Philomena. The


idea originated with Steve Coogan. He read an article about Martin


Sixsmith's book, about a little old Irish lady searching for her long


lost son. What really grabbed my attention was in the article in The


Guardian, there was a picture of Martin with Philomena. The image


struck me because they seemed like very, very different people. Do you


want a tune? If I hum it would you play it? It's the most extraordinary


true story, finding he was pregnant, her family sent her to the school


for Nuns to have the baby and he was taken from her. One, tworks three,


action... It's an astonishing story. But it's


not a miserable film, it's a very cheerful film because the two of


them are such extraordinary characters. Your wife tells me you


think you're mildly depressed. Well I got the sack, I'm unemployed. It


wasn't your fault. Well, that's why I'm depressed. Steve made me laugh


every single day of the shoot. The film is laced with humour which


makes it easy to watch. It's a remarkable journey that she and


Martin Sixsmith made. To only way you can get through things some


times is to laugh or joke. You have to pay for everything on Ryanair...


APPLAUSE Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan are


here tonight. In preparing to play the role of a journalist, such was


Steve's desire to know the effect that they have on people, he event


went so far as to have his own phone hacked. That's commitment!


The next presentation is for outstanding contribution to British


cinema, give none honour of the Great British producer Michael


Balkan to. Make the presentation, the lead of the British acting


establishment who's shone brightly for many years, in 1999 she received


a CBE in the Queen's birthday honours list and last year receive


add bottle of Prosecco. Go madly ballistic for Juliet Stevenson.


Good evening, everybody, I am very, very happy to be here and very


honoured to be presenting this award. You could say that the work


of Pete Peter Greenaway is characterised by challenge to his


audiences, to existing cinematic forms, to his designers and to his


actors. I can speak to the last of those. Working with him in 1987 on


his film Drowning By Numbers, I found myself stretched to my limits


in many interesting ways. Having to push a large naked woman


in a wheel barrow up a slippery wet slope in five inch heels, finding


myself dropped into a turbulent North Sea in November half a mile


out from shore in order to drown my his who let it slip fairly quickly


that he couldn't actually swim but hadn't mentioned that at the time


because he wanted the part and Thursdayly doing some surprising and


inventive things with an ice lolly, a raspberry Mivvi as I recall. I


loved every minute of the challenges. Pets Peter Greenaway was


always receptive, collaborative and demanding in all the right ways,


visionary and inspirational and I was very proud to be a part of that


very beautiful film. He does seem to relish going to the edges, observing


and recording the furthest extremes of human appetites, the cutting edge


of what is sin matically possible and the boundaries where cinema and


painting meet. He understands that going to the edges, you often find


the centre. He has no time for convention or Orthodoxy, while


lovingly paying tribute to the artists who've inspired him and


their influence is always present in the exquisite compositions of his


frames, beauty and invention in every shot.


Peter once told me that if he could have been a Painter, he would have


been. But for him, cinema was a second choice. Let's look at some of


his incredible creative output. Films to satisfy their sexual


fantasies. Who does that? I would imagine most. Privateer Greenaway


has explored eroticism in a raw, surreal and darkly cometic way.


Don't be stupid. He's a distinctive, iconic film maker who continues to


shock and inspire in equal measure. Having trained as a Painter, this


background in visual arts transfers into the screen with extraordinary


stage designs, elaborate costumes and an appreciation of art. Your


face is very red. No redder than your backside. The 1982 film


established him as an innovative and established British film maker. I'll


kill and eat him. He went on to make the Cook, the Thief, his wife and


Her lover, starring Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon. Try a little harder,


please. Refounded for his exploration of the cinematic medium,


the imaginative director continues to push in new and exciting ways the


boundaries of cinema. Having waited so many years to honour this


visionary architect whom I have so passionately admired, for me, this


moment is very sweet indeed. Ladies and gentlemen, the BAFTA for


outstanding contribution to British cinema goes to Peter Greenaway.


Well, I certainly thank BAFTA for this award. I have to say, I'm very,


very surprised to receive it. But I'd like to imagine it was an


acknowledgement indeed of contemporary changing cinema which


we all know is not the same cinema as our fathers and forefathers, so


as an encouragement not only to me but ath but to all those people who


believe that cinema continually has to be reinvented. I have a huge


number of people the thank. I've been making films now for 30 years


and I suppose there's nearly 80 films on the record and all those


people I've worked with continually on both sides of the camera have


always been extremely loyal and are very happy to that travel -- to


travel with me. I have to thank all those people in. The last ten years,


probably in the last 20, my Dutch film produce, case Cassander who's


always found the money and the circumstances for us to continue. I


thank BAFTA for this reward and regard it as an encouragement for,


let me repeat, the continual reinvention of cinema. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Come along, it's time for the


original screen play and, to do the presenting, we have a man with


lovely bones who does devilish in Prada and who will add his


considerable talents to the Hunger Games, mocking J part one. It's an


actor who simply does not know how to give a bad performance. The


wonderful Stanley T Tubb tchi. Thank you very much. There is


nothing quite as terrifying as being faced with a blank page and having


to write something original. You trust me, I know. It took me hours


to write this. Let's take a look at the nominations


for original screen play. Nebraska. Bob Nelson.


Have you ever seen the steel machinery before? I never know what


you boys are up to. Why didn't you say it was yours? I thought you


wanted it? What for? That's what I couldn't figure out. Blue Jasmine.


Woody Allen. Business lunch. Did you take her hand? Are you nuts? Do you


think if I was having an affair I would be crazy enough to have it in


public in the Four Seasons? It's obvious she has a crush on you. You


are building a case. If you were having an affair, I would be upset.


Don't get your temper up, I don't like that side of you. Gravity,


Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron. American Hustle. Eric Warren Singer


and David O Russell. Pf You gisted my girl. That's what


vision is. I gave you a compliment. Inside Llewyn Davis. Joel Coen and


Ethan Coen. It's not a big re-education for the public. Mel?


Snell! How you doing, kid? And the BAFTA goes to Eric Warren


Singer and David for American Hustle.


I was breast fed from a very young age on British cinema. It is a huge


part of my life. Thank you BAFTA, thank you to my wonderful cast and


to my studio, to my wife and wonderful children.


APPLAUSE I thank you, Eric, for bringing this


wonderful story. I thank you, David! I thank you so much.


No, I think without Eric or Charles I wouldn't have been here, they


brought me this story - characters which came to amazing life I was


just extraordinary. Most of all, I just have to thank the actors who it


has been my privilege to work with. Thank you, guys.


It means the world to me. Thank you! APPLAUSE


I think it was not who it was a great privilege of the work with,


but with whom it was a great privilege to work. Never mind! So,


we now embark on a thorough look at the uncompromising uncompromisingly


12 Years A Slave. I too was duped by a couple of gentlemen and found


myself in the deep south in intolerable conditions. Have you


ever done a book-signing in Bournemouth? As Lord Byron once


wrote, sometimes we may laugh so we may not weep. This is a serious film


about a serious subject. Prepare to be blown away by 12 Years A Slave.


APPLAUSE It's an astonishing story of one man


who holds on to his faith. Holds on to his humanity through the worst


kind of experience one can think of and I thought the world should know


about. Days ago I was with my family and my home. Now you tell me All Is


Lost. It feels like fate conspires against this man and puts him in


this compromised position. There are ways he is a contemporary hero, I


think. I will not fall into despair. I will keep my heart until freedom


is offered to me. I am pleased on the page we didn't pull any punches


and I know Steve and the actors haven't as well. I said, come here!


Stephen is very good with human beings and understands human


behaviour and has a curiousty in it and approaches it in a


non-judgmental way. Help you, steers you if you need it. I like that


about him. I had the book in my hand. I opened


the first page of the book and I couldn't put it down. It is a gift


from the middle of the 19th century right into the present day. It is a


story that speak speaks - there are on-going debates. What it means,


what human dignity and respect really mean.


There is no justice in slavery. If justice had been done I would never


have been here. APPLAUSE


12 years a slave, whose stars have done us the privilege being here


tonight. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender


and Steve McQueen. It fills me with anxious and horror that I have not


experienced since seeing myself naked in sher Sherlock Holmes, Games


of Shadows. Now to Adapted Screenplay. A top-notch actor in


whose glittering career, to quote one of our contenders for Best Film


- some of this actually happened. She stars in American Hustle and in


Her and once ingested an entire antelope whole. I will let you work


which which ones are true. Please welcome Amy Adams.


Taking a story which has been told and adapting it for the screen is an


uneve viable task. When it is done well, like really, really well, as


with tonight's nominees, the end result is remarkable. Let's take a


look at them. And then precisely seven-and-a-half


minutes after that, you'll bring us two more and two more after that.


Every five minutes until one of us passes out. Excellent strategy, Sir.


I'm good with water for now, Sir. It's his first day on Wall Street,


give him time! They will not let you win. They


can't let you win. They would rather sink this boat than let you get me


back to Somalia - it is over! I come too far. I can't pick you up.


You have learnt how to read A word here or there. Don't trouble


yourself. Same as the rest, the master brought you here to work.


That's all. Any more will learn you 100 lashes.


I have a California weight. Guaranteed 15 lbs in four weeks.


I have always loved that name, Nancy. I have a niece called Nancy.


Maybe they think it is her. What about Ann? We'll have to use your


real name, Philomena. That is how these things work.


APPLAUSE And the BAFTA is awarding to Steve


Coogan and Jeff Pope for Philomena. APPLAUSE


Gosh! This story started four years ago with a newspaper article I read


and I pursued it because I hooked one this guy, Jeff Pope and we


managed to bring this story to life. We couldn't have done that without


obviously a whole host of people. First of all, we have to thank, of


course, Martin Sixsmith for his book that we adapted. Philomena Lee, who


is here tonight. The real Philomena. APPLAUSE


Her story has been told and her story finished in the Vatican. She


has been heard. There are 60,000 other women who are yet to trace


their children and their story is not yet over. Briefly though, I


would like to thank the dream team that we managed to assemble. Most


notably Stephen for his fantastic director. The person who brought


Philomena's story to life and gave flesh and blood to her on screen, my


dream cast choice and someone whovy fallen in love with, Dame Judi




Thanks to Christine, who brought Steve and I together. I am so


pleased to be able to make up for an appalling scarf that I was wearing


earlier. I am thinking, right now, of my father, who I lost in November


and my lovely wife, Tina. Thank you. Who brought Stephen Steve and me


together. If it is a writing award, you might be able to speak popperly.


My tiny production company we are working with Jeff Pope and we know


will not be able to afford him. The esmt The EE Rising Star Award is on


us now, to present it, two actors who are previous nominees of this


very award - she is the Scandinavian star - a woman so Swedish, she comes


flat-packed. And he was great in Les Misarable.


So, all the nominees in this category are equally brilliant and


deserving of this award. Yes, they are indeed. They are a staggering


group of actors. I am thrilled that we don't have to make the choice -


the public have to make the choice. Let's take a look at them in action.


I'm returning from dinner. I live here and you - what are you doing


here? All these rules. I think you've got


to obey them. What are you talking about? All that noise inside your


head. I've no comfort in this life.


You can't buy mercy. Are you a writer? No. I'm not.


You're not anything. Oh, my God!


You know me now? We're not interested in what you


think. You are nothing to us. Get what you need and go.


It bit me. Where. Trust me, Kenny is fine.


So the public has voted and the winner is... Will Poulter.


APPLAUSE Start with a cliche - this is a


surprise. Thank you so much. I almost cried watching other people


go up and get their awards. I am famous in my family for crying and


watching Finding Nemo with my dad. It is about a dad who couldn't find


his dad, so I shouldn't have watched it with my dad. Jenny and Lee, this


is such a huge honour. I am grateful to BAFTA and EE. Especially an


honour given it is voted in part by the public, to everybody who voted,


I am so grateful. What makes it so truly special and I know it is said


a lot and this category and being considered among you - I forget your


name. Dane, who I love... Sorry, I am very nervous, Dane. I am genuine


fans of all your work. You are amazing. Some personal thanks to the


most overqualified team in the world, Christian, Alexander and all


the girls at Premier. My family and the best friends ever. Thank you


very much. A sober moment now. Just as life


itself as influenced your works this year, so it's inevitable dark twin


death is responsible for taking from us some of our dearest friends and


colleagues. As the author, Montgomerie said however, nothing's


really lost to us so long as we remember it.


# On the good ship, lollipop # It's a sweet trip


# To a candy shop Rebecca's won. No, no, no matter


what happens, she hasn't won. Promise me you'll come back for me.


I promise I'll come back for you. Twhast you share with someone else


when you are uncool. My advice to you, I know you think these guys are


your friends. If you want to be a true friend to them be, honest. --


if you want be a true friend to them, be honest and merciful.


You know what I'm doing, placing my thoughts elsewhere. Why is that


guilty smile on your face... Took care of it. You took care of me


too. I'll call you, baby. I have 100-strong orchestra. It's


not as good as mine, is it? E-I personally think it's better.


He's plastered. If I were truly plastered, could I do this? !


So our fifth outstanding work Gravity is a breathtaking


bombardment of the senses that left me and everyone else that's seen it


reeling. Again, eerily close to the experience I had only the other


night which began embarrassingly when I invited Sandra Bullock to my


house for what she thought was dinner when I just wanted her to fix


my satellite dish. She didn't budge though, bless her. Made in Britain


for the entertainment of the universe, ladies and gentlemen,


Gravidad! Explorer, this is Houston. Mission


abort. Repeat. Go, go, go. We wanted to do a film about adversity. It's a


story about what makes us try when there's nothing left to try for. The


journey she goes on, she ultimately makes the decision to choose life.


When you are writing, you are not thinking how you are going to make


it happen. I have to say, I thought it would be much simpler. It wasn't


until late on, we realised what we were creating. It was designed


around the extremely long shots. The camera is always moving. There's no


right or left. It took a while to work tout best technique to do it.


Whatever reading system they had, these were all new creations,


brilliant people who had to think of something that didn't exist to make


a movie. Alfonso was told it couldn't be done. It was literally


like, your life in their hands. Something could crash into my


fashion. Nothing you could do, just say goodbye. Just lay yourself in


the hands of the smartest guys in the room. No, no, no. Nudge. No, no,


no. The complexity challenged everybody, but it was great.


APPLAUSE The marvellous Gravity starring the


out of this world Sandra Bullock. Sandra is soon to be seen in three


more films inspired by Isaac Newton, the first being Calculous and also


the Apple Fell on my Head. Many delights have we tasted but those


that lie in wait are the most succulent fruits of them all, being


the fellowship, best film, leading actress, director and the current


object of our attention which, has there is no award for mis-Leading


Actor, is for Leading Actor. To present it, a woman with exceptional


movie star talents and looks and exceptional movie star starriness.


In short, she's without exception, exceptional. Throw off the shackles


of conformity and unrestrain your restraints as you welcome the one


and only, Uma Thurman. In this incredible year for film,


the following gentlemen gave brave, passionate, inspirational and


utterly sincere performances, so let's take a look at them.


Cassanderian Bale. American Hustle. You got too much attitude to be


small and sleek. You have to be a conman, right, I'm in, I'm out, I


was there all the time, you don't know it, all right. That's somebody


who people can pin their beliefs on. Are we going to Lincoln today? Bruce


Dern, Nebraska. A little bit. A lot. All right. So I drink a lot. God


damn it. So what, you do what you wanna do, so do I. You'd drink too


if you were married to your mother. Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 year s Years A


Slave. That's the only way to survive. I


don't wanna survive. I wanna live. Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips. Keep


them away from the important things like the generator and engine


controls. Stick together and we'll be all right. Good luck. Leonardo


DiCaprio, The Wolf Of Wall Street. You listen to me and you listen


well. Pick up the phone and start dialling. Is your landlord ready to


fix you? Good, pick up the phone and start dialling because your


girlfriend thinks you are a worthless loser. Pick up the phone


and start dialling. I want you to deal with your problems by becoming


rich! And the BAFTA goes to Chiwetel


Ejiofor, for 12 Years A Slave. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh. Thank you, thank you so much.


Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you to BAFTA for this extraordinary,


this incredible award, I'm so deeply honoured, privileged to receive it.


I have so many people to thank for this. I want to start with Steve


McQueen. Thank you. Thank you, Sir. Thank you for your work, for your


artistry, for your passion in this project, you really just brought us


all through it and had the real vision to tell this kind of


remarkable story to introduce me to Solomon which I thank you for, the


extraordinary life that he had and to tell this story in a way to make


it of such value, of such worth to all of us who were there, all of us


who worked with you, thank you for this, this is yours, by the way. I


know that, you know that, it's yours, I'm going to keep it, but


it's yours. I want to thank an incredible cast of actors that I had


this remarkable opportunity to go on this journey with. Slightly unfair


to pick out people, there are so many, but I would be remiss if I did


not thank you, Michael Fassbender, for your extraordinary work. You are


a marvel, as is Lupito N'Yongo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Giamati,


an extraordinary group, really, Michael Kay Williams, the list was


endless with everybody bringing extraordinary passion to this


project. I want to thank my family, my mother who is here, I love you,


my late father who is not here, I love you too, my brothers, sisters,


my niece and nephew who with brand-new actually, Hero and River,


we'll endeavour to make a world that you are proud of. I want to thank


Bob and Suzie Wallensthin, Laura Simons and Emma Scott, Michael


Cooper and John Burnham. Thank you all so much for this. Thank you.


CHEERING AND Congratulations to Chiwetel Ejiofor.


In honour of the legendary David Lean, we advance to the award of


Director. The super talent whose father, mother and brother are


respectively a director, screenwriter and actor, hardly


surprising she's followed in the tradition though she will perhaps


one day achieve her dream of breaking away and pursuing her real


ambition of becoming a quantity surveyor. With her, a brilliant


character actress, Dara frost-Nixon and the Queen whose career is


reaching such heights, he'll soon have to play it himself. Please


welcome Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Sheen.


Great directors are visionaries, dreamers with a goal to create a


masterpiece. To be fair, so are the not so great


ones. The difference is the great ones have the ability to follow


through on those dreams and visions and turn them into astounding works.


The five directors nominated tonight definitely fit into that category.


Let's look at their remarkable achievements.


You should alert your crew. Get your fire hoses ready and follow


lock-down procedures. Is that it? So, you settle into your role then!


My back is thick with scars! For protesting our freedom. Do not...


Five, four, three, two, one... Can me and the man talk about business


here? Expensive champagne. We had to buy


champagne. Tell them about the sides. $26,000 worth... Do they cure


cancer? And the BAFTA goes to... Alfonso




Thank you, BAFTA. After seven years of criticising


Russell's English, I don't know if I can open my mouth! But, yeah, I


mean, you cannot tell from my accent but I consider myself a part of the


British film industry. I live in London the last 13 years. I have


done almost half of my films in the UK.


I guess that I make a very good case for curbing immigration!




Well, this means a lot to me because this community who is giving this


award - I want to share this and thank my teacher in film and master


in life. Sandra Bullock, who is Gravity. You know, without her


performance everything would have been nonsense. And in this


distinction, this poor understanding of cinema that creates distinctions,


upstairs and downstairs distinctions, in which some


categories are artistic and others are the fineness and technical. I


want to share this award with all the artists that live downstairs,


that make these films possible and a couple of guys that is Ian and Alex


because I cannot order breakfast without asking their advice and, as


always, thank you so much. Well, it is now time for leading


actress. To do the presenting a wonderful actor, you would have of


sal vated over in Bronson and who it has been said, good gracious. He is


man so handsome, we are relieved he's not followed in the current


trend and turned up with a bag on his head. Please welcome Tom Hardy.


APPLAUSE Thank you, it is a tremendous night


to be here to of present the award to Best Leading Actress. Hard work,


profound talent are what these five fantastic actresses have. Let's take


a look. Probably did suspect. Not that


everything was 100% above above. Christ, you would have to be an


idiot not to think his phenomenal success was true. A cheat is a


cheat! Do those children make letters for


you? Do they write letters? Do they make drawings? Would you tear up


those gifts in front of them? It is a dreadful thing to do! I don't


understand why must father tear up the advertisement his children have


made and throw it in the fire place? Why won't he mend their kite?


To get us out of this - not just me, but us. I'm going to get really


close with Ritchie, the cop in case we need to use him, if we need


another move. We don't need another move. We need four busts and we're


done. We'll need another move - trust me!


I'm going to die today... Funny that, you know, to know, but the


thing is I'm still scared. I'm really scared.


A terrible sin and had to be punished. What made it so much worse


was that I enjoyed it. What? The sex.


It was wonderful, Martin. I thought I was floating on air. He was so


handsome - the way he held me in his arms. The thing is, I didn't even


know I had a clit rus, Martin. And the BAFTA goes to Cate


Blanchett. Thank you BAFTA. I was sitting in


row G. I thought that was a sign I wouldn't be getting up here tonight.


Blue Jasmine was the most extraordinary opportunity for an


actress, this actress. God, I'm unfit!


So, to everyone who made that, not only possible, but so memorable and


such a game-changer for me, I thank you. I would like to dedicate this


to an actor who has been continual, profound touch-stone for me - a


monumental presence, who is so sadly in absence. The late great Phillip


Hoffman. And Phil, your monumental talent. Your generosity and your


unflinching quest for truth, both in art and in life will be missed by


not only me, but by so many people, not only in this room and the


industry, but the audiences who loved you so dearly. You raised the


bar continually, so very, very high, and I guess all we can do in your


absence is to try and raise it continually through our work. So


Phil, buddy, this is for you, you bustard, I hope you're proud.


Congratulations and fully endorsed. Before I disrobe and plunge into my


bath of ass's milk there are two more awards we have to give out. The


first of which is for best fill. To present it -- Best film. To present


it, an actor showered with air wards in recent years, they have rained


down on him, so much so he's had to build a new awards annex to his


house. Please welcome (speaks . Thank you, Stephen for that


introduction. It sounded good - whatever it meant!


And the award for best film recognises not least the huge effort


by everyone involved in putting on a production. Only when all those


elements, those many pieces come together and work in harmony is the


end result as astonishing as those films nominated this evening.


Let's take a look at them. You have no choice. You work for me.


You keep changing the rules and not only are you getting a little


power-drunk... . The BAFTA is awarded to 12 Years A


Slave. Anthony Katagas, Brad Pitt, Jeremy


Kleiner, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Steve McQueen.


Wow! OK! What is that song? What is that song


we sang at the end of the movie? Help me, people. Roll, Jordan, roll.


Thank you BAFTA so much for this award. I would like to thank my wife


for giving us this award. I would like to thank Sean Bobbitt. I love


you Sean. I would love to fact the actors - a star is born.


Michael Fassbender - genius and Chiwetel Ejiofor for uniting this


film. I would like to thank Bradd. I thank Jeremy Kleiner. Arnold, Bradd


Weston. Channel 4, Tessa Ross - the genius. Patrick and of course the


one and only Paula wap Woods and my one and only mother - thank you for


having the faith. Never give up, mummy. Thank you. Finally, right


now, there are 21 million people in slavery as we sit here. 21 million


people. I just hope that 150 years from now,


our ambivalence will not allow another film-maker to make this


film. Thank you so much for this trophy. Thank you.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


What an extraordinary evening. The final cherry is coming to this


year's fellowship. To present it, a unique combination of acting Royalty


and actual Royalty in the majestic form of Jeremy Irons and His Royal


Highness, the Duke of Cambridge. For one of them, this is the nearest


he's ever been to appearing in the King and I. For the other, this is


the nearest he's ever been to an iron! Please welcome, Jeremy Irons


and His Royal Highness, prince Will I am!


APPLAUSE Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.


As President of BAFTA, it gives me great pleasure to present the


Fellowship. It's the highest honour the academy can bestow and is


presented to an individual who's made an outstanding exceptional


contribution to film. The recipient of this year's Fellowship is an


extremely talented British actress whom I should probably call granny.


To tell you more about her remarkable career, Jeremy Irons.


Helen Mirren has always been an actress impossible to ignore. Early


in my career, I, like the rest of my 'res, was always aware of the


theatre work she engaged in -- my peers. It was always worthwhile,


serious and, because of her, it was always intrinsically sexy.


As she worked, more and more in film, it was her role as Jane


Tennison in Prime Suspect that captured the audiences here and in


America. She was at the peak of her powers here, middle aged and tough,


without having lost any of her immense sex appeal. She played your


grandmother then, Sir. Not juries, Stephen!


And there was no going back. She won the hearts of an international


audience -- not yours, Stephen. When I worked with her on Elizabeth I.


What a dream come true that was for me. I still found her to be


grounded, powerful and a superb leader to those around her. I think


it's as much that groundedness as her great talent that draws us


towards her. She has to her name 11 BAFTA nominations and she's won


four. She is won hell of a Dame. Of course, she should be a BAFTA


Fellow. Anything Emms would be an oversight. -- anything else. Let's


remind ourselves of some of her work.


Celebrate you, I cry for you, I hoped your fantasy remanslaughters


with leading ladies... How do you know it looked like that? Can anyone


see my nipples? Three sheets to the wind, pimpy brown. Nowadays people


want glamour and tears, the grand performance. I'm not very good at


that. I never have been. What are you doing? No, get me


Cecil. I'm the Queen of England. You've got him. Now you use him. Mr


Wiseman's an American, they do things differently there. Now, good


servant, I'm the good, I'm the best, I'm the perfect servant. So this


must be a fun job. Yes, it has its moments. Vouch, that really hurt.


Told me you behave like a pig. Well, piggish. I have a little snout, huh.


What's your game, you monster. I should hope you're all properly


inspired. That's that. Short and very sweet.


Fascinating stuff. Let's have it again.


Please welcome to the stage, Dame Helen Mirren.


Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you.


I just want to just quickly blow a kiss to my his who can't be here


tonight and he's such a great supporter. Taylor. Got it? Good.


Now, my journey to this place, right here, right now, began with a great


teacher. Alice Welding, who died just two weeks ago at the age of


102. She revealed to me the power of literature and she recognised my


need to live in that world of imagination, that world of poetry.


She alone was the person who encouraged me to become an actor.


So, I'm standing up here thanking Mrs Welding and all the great


teachers who've inspired the many creative people sitting here in this


beautiful room. In fact, how many of you remember a great teach teacher


who inspired you and opened the gate to the path that led you here? I


want you all to put your hands up. That's a lot of teachers. So let's


right now thank those teachers, all of us together.


APPLAUSE So, my teachers in film have of


course included directors, several of whom are here today, producers,


ADs, costume people, make-up artists, caterers, grips, cinemaing


to radio federals, Clapper loaders, writers, drivers, drivers especially


of that Honey wagon without whom we'd all be squatting in the bushes,


in fact I did that quite often! All those incredible carnival of


characters who make up the brilliant and the astoundingly hard working


army that march into battle on any film. I thank you all, all of you in


my past. It's been an amazing journey up to now. I'm going to


finish with the words of a great write writer. I think the words are


kind of in a way apt. So, as I foretold you, our revels now are


ended and these are actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and


are melted into air, into thin air, and like the baseless fabric of this


vision, the cloud Towers, the gorgeous passes, the solemn temples,


the great globe itself yay all of which it inherits shall dissolve and


like this insubstantial pageant faded leave not a rack behind. We


are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is round it with


a sleep. My little life is rounded with this honour. Thank you very


much indeed. These cards are going to earn me a


lot on eBay! Well, that's all from the EE British academy film awards


2014. Thank you your Royal highness and everybody who's contributed and


congratulations to all those who're nominated or involved in any of the


films that have here been recognised. After nine outings of


hosting this event I can only speak truthfully and think this year's


presented the greatest variety of captivating compelling, but always


utterly watchable and engrossing stories. There are new stories being


enacted in the world every day and there are stories that always need


telling in new ways. There are stories being born in the minds of


imaginative writers the world over and maybe there's a story that you


have fermenting in your mind. Everyone in the film world starts


out somewhere and contrary to what you mange, it's not a closed world.


Everyone is welcome. So to the established masters of the form,


good luck with your next story and to anyone out there who knows they


can tell a story in film too, go for it. I mean it. Thank you so very


much and good night. Awards presented earlier. British


short film. The BAFTA is awarded to James W Griffith and Sophie Banner,


Room 8. Thank you very much. Not in a


million years did we ever imagine when making this we'd be nominated


for a BAFTA. British Short Animation. The BAFTA is awarded to


Sleeping with the Fishes, James Walker, Sarah woolner and co.


Thank you to our friends and family most importantly. Thank you.


Production Design. The Great Gatsby. Catherine Martin and Beverley Dunn.


Film is a profoundly collaborative art form and obvious obviously we


stand on the shoulders of an extraordinary team. Sound. Gravity.


Glenn Freemantle. Skip Livesey. There's no sound in space. There you


go, we 're all right. Editing. The BAFTA is awarded to Dan Hanley and


Mike Hill. I think they should thank the hell


out of me, I really do. Who knows how emotional it would be. They


should be glad they weren't here. Documentary. The BAFTA goes to


Joshua Oppenheimer. Thank you. Thank you so very much.


Make-up Hair. American Hustle. Katherine Gordon, Lori McRoy-Bell.


We really thank you for spending so much time in our trailer. Three


hours of rollers and comovers. Costume Design. The Great Gatsby.


-- come-overs. Original music. Gravity. Steven Price.


Thank you my mum and dad for having such a great record collection when


I was a kid and starting this whole thing off!


Gravity. Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, David


Shirk. Massive thanks to all of the crew


for their incredible talent and incredible dedication. And Film not


in the English Language. The Great Beauty.


I would love to dedicate this award to a great Italian director and his


name was (inaudible). Thank you very much.


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