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Hello and welcome to the British Academy Film Awards red carpet show.


I am Edith Bowman outside the world-famous London Royal Opera


House in Covent Garden. In just a few minutes, some of the world's


biggest, most talented, most celebrated film stars will be


walking this gorgeous red carpet. I am talking Leonardo DiCaprio. I am


talking Christian Bale, Angelina Jolie, even Oprah Winfrey. What am I


trying to say? It is time for the BAFTAs.


Welcome to the BAFTAs. I am going to be talking to as many of those


famous faces as is physically possible. We will also be looking at


a wardship etiquette with some famous friends. It has been another


exceptional year for brilliant films and extraordinary performances.


Leonardo DiCaprio turned into The Wolf Of Wall Street and Cate


Blanchett got sad in Blue Jasmine. We have also seen the effects of


Gravity. But what has been the best moment in film over the last 12


months? Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. Matthew


McConaughey. Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips right at the end with the


nurse. Just the most phenomenal performance. The end of Despicable


Me when the minions started singing. 12 Years A Slave from five


minutes into the end. The Wolf Of Wall Street when he tries to get


into the car. Leonardo DiCaprio has this terrifying episode. That guy


was just crying with laughter. It is that classic moment when the brain


is switched on but your motor skills let you down spectacularly. 12 Years


A Slave. They are about to hang him on the tree and someone comes and


stops the guy is going to do it. They left him there. They held on


that shop for a very long time. Very poignant for me. When did he die?


The wife shows her vagina to the gravestone. See what you could have


had if you did not talk about wheat all the time. Ridiculous! My


favourite moment was... Socially acceptable insanity. When he opens


up the condom wrapper. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. It


is just the names of the condom is that I find funny. Who would have


guessed? Ridiculous. Pacific Rim! I just love seeing him get punched in


the face by a robot. I like that a lot. I like that a


lot. And also I liked 12 Years A Slave. We have to say


congratulations first of all. The nominations, the performance, the


film. It is one of the film moments of the year. You must be very proud.


Absolutely. I am very proud of the film. Steve McQueen has created


something very special. I am really proud to have been part of it. Have


you got a favourite film moment of the year as a film fan? Another


performance of film that had stayed with you? There are so many. So many


extraordinary moments. In all of the films there are things you take away


from them. They work so beautifully. Tom Hanks in the last seen in


Captain Phillips, that was really something completely remarkable. Do


you ever get used to the red carpet madness? I think if you ever got


used to it you would be in an asylum. It is great. A real festival


atmosphere. I think it is just a real celebration. What a year.


Really good. Great to chat to you and I wish you all the best. How are


you? Good. What does David O Russell do to pull out outstanding


performances from his family, as he refers to them? Who works from an


internal place. It is very internal to him. He demands a lot. He trusts


his actors and gives them the freedom to go for it. He is a


special guy, a magical person and one of the best film-makers out


there. You know when you are going to work for him that you really want


to give it your all. Great to chat to you. Have you thought about your


acceptance speech? No! I am happy to be here. Thank you so much. When I


do talk to Leonardo DiCaprio later on, I intend to pluck a hair from


his head, the idea being that I can replicate him in years to come. Just


think about it. Leonardo Park. Thousands of him running free. But


is pulling clumps of hair out of your favourite movie star really


acceptable behaviour? What is the correct etiquette on one's red


carpet? What would I do if I arrived on the


red carpet and there was another actress wearing the same frock? I


would try and spent most of the evening standing next to them.


Especially if they were more famous than me. That would be good. If they


see someone wearing the same outfit, don't panic. Throw eggs at


them. Engage with them, have a little joke, just complimented them.


It is a nightmare. Inevitably it will be all over the press about who


wore it best and if you are not taller and slimmer, you are screwed.


You make a quick decision whether to pull rank and tell them you are more


famous and they should go home, through your people, or you just go


home. I think it is perfectly reasonable to take the selfie. Tom


Cruise always allowed the public to get involved with that. Of course


the selfie is appropriate on the red carpet. David Cameron and Barack


Obama took one at Nelson Mandela's funeral. I think they are now


appropriate because he took that picture at his funeral. Seize the


moment. If I see Oprah Winfrey on the red carpet, I don't know how


much security she had got, I will fight them. I need to get that


selfie. Is my hero is my mum and she is not really aren't any red carpet.


What do you do if you forget someone's name on the red carpet?


Darling! How are you! Amy Adams, a pleasure to have you here.


Congratulations. Thank you. I am personally chuffed because my name


is Edith, like your character. Lady Edith. At least I made her a lady


when I lied about it. Somebody needs to give me that lady. You always


seem so poised and confident on the red carpet. Is that... And act! Is


it terrifying? Very terrifying. I focus on the positive and being


grateful and all that good stuff. It is very fun, too. These girls are


saying, Leo, marry me. And it is recognition for you in terms of


these amazing films. Back again with Mr Russell, who pulls out great


performances. He gives you a chance to go somewhere. He really does. He


is amazing. He creates these characters that are so different for


each actor that gets to play them, something different. We get to


explore something. I am so grateful to him for that. What is it like


working with Christian for a second time? I love it. I would work with


him every time. He brings something different to every character though


it does not feel like you are working with him again. An


outstanding performance. Thank you for talking to us. Thank you. Steve


Coogan, how are you? Do you like red carpets? Not in my living room. I


like walking along them at the premiere. Is there an etiquette,


things you should and should not do? Wipe your feet before you walk


on it. You don't want to mess it up for the list is behind me. -- A


listers. Congratulations. You have captured people's hearts. Thank you.


I made it before the Alan Partridge film and I worked very hard. There


was a lot of fuss about the Alan Partridge film but we had high hopes


for Philomena. Internationally it has exploded and it is doing great


at the box office and in America and in the rest of the world. It has


gone beyond whatever we hoped it would do. Does it feel different for


you being nominated in a writing capacity rather than acting? Yes, it


is nice. It is the first time I have tried writing a drama so it is very


unusual. It is great. It feels like vindication. It is not something I


was expecting. It is great and I will do more writing of people offer


me BAFTAs. Good luck tonight. I really hope to see you up there.


Have you thought about a speech? Things to say? No. It will come


naturally and I will see what happens. They put learning something


because you might lose. What is the point of learning a speech? Speech


etiquette right there. Be spontaneous. We wish you all the


best. Thank you. It is not just about chatting to


famous people. It is also about looking at famous people from a


distance and seeing what shiny, pretty clothing they are wearing.


Yes, it is time to take a look at what everybody has been wearing this


evening. I am a little bit nervous about this


one. It is Oprah Winfrey and David. How are you? Really good. You look


fab. Stella McCartney came to seem yesterday for the first fitting


because I just arrived. Stella McCartney! Then they wanted me to


change something, the sleeves. Her guys just sent it to me ten minutes


before I got in the car. Stitching the thing. I was like, OK, I have to


go. If it is not stitched now, I have to go. I am stitched in. The


red carpet is tricky. You look great but it is much easier for guys.


Much. As I walked out, the guy said to me, good luck. Oh, yeah, it is an


award! BAFTAs! You spend so much time worrying about shoes. I have


never been stitched into anything in my life. Tonight could be your lucky


night! What does it mean to you to be recognised by BAFTA for this


role? It is extraordinary. As you know, this is the first time in, I


don't know, 15 years... I do know, 15 years. 15 years since I picked up


the acting instrument. To be recognised by anybody is a good


thing because I was trying not to embarrass myself. And then I heard


it was BAFTA. The British Academy Film Awards. I was like... It is


deep. You make it so hard for everybody else. She has done three


movies. Three! BAFTA nominated for the other one. I mean, really! Are


you saying she is showing off? Shias is an overachiever. -- she is an


overachiever. It is my first time. I had not worked in 15 years so nobody


could invite me because I had not done anything. What do you think of


the BAFTA ceremony? Extraordinary. The screaming and stuff, I thought


you were much more reserved than this. I am surprised. That is


because she hangs with me. That is the reserved thing. You guys have


let me down. It is great to have you here. Good luck and enjoy. I am just


going to have fun. This is just fun. I came here to have a good time. I


hope you do. I will. I already am. Thank you. It's just Brad Pitt and


Angelina Jolie. Acceptance speeches can be remembered for a very, very


long time. Not always for the right reasons. I'm naming no names. Here


are some famous faces to give us the dos and doents of acceptance awards'


speeches. Stand up straight and don't fall over. With an audience,


it is like an assault course. You find it difficult to maintain the


poise and posture. Ideally don't fall over on the way up and down. As


someone with a prosthetic leg, I think about that more than most.


That couldn't be worse. I want to be taken to heaven and hell and back to


heaven in an acceptance speech. Guy rile.


-- guy rile. -- Gabrielle. I like an emotional


one. I don't understand a complete breakdown. I always like England. I


can get very drunk and be very repressed. I think you have to


swear. He gave me a second chance after I (BEEP) my career for 15


years. Swearing is never really appropriate. What words? (BEEP). A


lot of Americans love thanking God. That doesn't really wash in England.


Thank God instantly. Insult the people you beat. Tell them why you


should have beat them. Don't do graciousness. Children, if you are


watching, it is not about the winning. Also reciting a sheet list.


It is very tempting. I think it is probably not going to go over that


well. I want to thank a couple of enemies that make this victory


better. Make sure you thank everybody. Once you get home, if you


haven't thanked someone in particular, they will let you know


about it. I thank my mum. Did I think Peter Rice? I don't want to


forget anybody. My memory is not that great. I can understand why


people are shocked and you don't think you are going to win. But if


you are one of four people, it is possible. Maybe have a little bit of


a plan. I can't wait it hear what I've got to say. Welcome to BAFTA,


Sir. Thank you very much. I'm wondering whether there might be a


little bit of folded up paper somewhere in those pockets with a


few names. No paper. All in here? I never expect to win anything but, to


be honest, just to have this film be recognised the way it has been, a


film that was really hard to get off the ground, a film that I don't


think is traditionally made by studios, it is an honour in its own


right. And to be here with, you know, with the rest of the people


involved in making the movie, it is a big deal. You were involved in the


film right from the off. This was something you wanted to be made for


a long time. Why was this story so important for you to tell? Well in a


non-die dabbing particular way, I think it explores, although as


ridiculous as it may seem on screen, it explores the corruption of wealth


and power in our very culture. And after 2008, this was a movie that I


was sort of dying to put up on screen. I wanted this part of our


society to be exposed in a lot of ways. So, I mean, this movie was


very meaningful for me. I knew that Martin Scorsese was really the only


director that could Paul it off in the right way. As actors, you want


things to challenge you and push you in places that you have never been


before. Is this what this offered you? And that's traditionally been


why I have tried to - not create my own material but develop my own


material. A lot of this stuff I have gotten offered through the years has


been more traditional, so to speak. So I have tried to find films that


have taken some sort of risk. There has only been two movies that I have


pushed so hard for. One was the Aviator, and the second was this.


I'm doing whatever I can to promote the hell out of it. I want to make


more. This feels like you are going to be going behind the camera. Is


that where this is heading? Well, what I have learned by working with


Mr Scorsese, could fill a library. I'm there to do my job and focus on


my craft. Until I find something like I feel like I could be the only


film-making for, I won't step behind the camera. I know there's so much


involved with being a director. You really are responsible for


everything. Well, don't change what you do yet. We love watching you.


Congratulations on this film. Thank you.


This year, a lot of films have been made about real people. Nelson


Mandela la. Fill meania. Walt Disney. Of course, Alan Partridge.


Who would play you in a film of your life? I'm thinking Scarlet Johan is


en. Is in. Cameron Diaz. Anyway, here is some people with an idea of


who would play them in a film of their life. Some deluded. Someone


really fit Well obviously, Jennifer Lawrence would be amazing. Angelina


Jolie. Good old Ange. Maybe Jared Letto. Eminem. A young Sean Penn. It


would need to be someone who looks like me, George Clooney, Brad Pitt.


Perhaps Jonnie Depp. He is maybe a bit small but could do it.


Luke Tredaway. I would have McAuley Kaulkin. Weirder and uglier as I get


older. So does he? ? I love her and John Goodman. Either or. Probably


end up being a very tall man. I need to pick someone with big ears.


Martin Cloones would be ideal. Playing me would be incredibly


exciting. In a one hour 30 minutes movie of just sitting on your Xbox.


I would pick Matt Damon I will take Jennifer Aniston. You have to have


someone o to make the Mickey out of themselves a bit.


I don't know any actors' names. I have to go to someone else for


casting. Samuel L Jackson. Donald Trump I think would have


quite a good likeness. Tom and Rita Hanks, how are you? Very W thank


you. You look all nice and reddy-cheeked. You have a little


bluster. The Scot in me. That's good. Congratulations on the


recognition this year, for two films that are represented here. Thank


you. They were both extraordinary experiences. Wonderful working with


Emma and playing the nature of the great Walt Disney. Boy, I would


never cast myself as Walt Disney. And to work with Paul Greengrass and


everybody on the great adventure, Captain Phillips. What was it about


Captain Phillips that you wanted to be involved? There is a lot to play,


the human nature, but that it was as recent as it was, I mean it happened


in 2008. We were as authentic to the actual feelings and events as we


were. When you can do that and have it not be - not have editorial


combat, you are just dealing with the human reactions, to everybody


involved in the story, both sides of the opportunity coin, you are


treading some - it is pretty bold territory to aim for but with Mr


Greengrass we were in good hands. I imagine you wanted to stay as far


away from water after, that as well? I don't mind water. I want it stay


away from big, steel-hulled vessels. Hard on the knees. The water is not


so bad. It is the steel. All those hard stairs to go up and down. My


knees and hips needed a bit of a vacation. Rinchts ta. I have


question for you. Tom played two real-life characters in Walt Disney


and Captain Phillips. Someone has to start making a story of this man's


incredible life. Who do you reckon to play TomIng hattings really --


Tom Hanks really well. One of our children. Each child could play him


at a different point. I thought you were going to ask something


different, about his facial hair. He has had a lot. Are you a fan or not?


I plead the fifth. A sad state of affairs, my facial hair. Sad, sad. I


like theed why of the family playing you at different parts of yourself.


They would never be able to take it seriously. They would play me like


an idiot, a clueless jerk, which is how they view me but that's only


fair. We love you and are happy you are here. Congratulations. Thank


you. Thank you. Five excellent films have been


nominated in the Best film category at tonight's British Academy Film


Awards. Let's familiarise ourselves with those, so we know who to cheer


for later on Man down, man down. You fit the description given. Why


didn't you answer when someone called. My name is not Platt... My


name is... Your name is Platt. You are going to do this because you


have no choice, you work for me. You keep changing the rules. You are


getting a little power drunk. We have to get him off the ship. Not


like this. You can't do this. God damn it.


Mike and Pete were... It's all right mayory. I know Anthony was a gay


homosexual. We met Marcia, who I believe was his beard, is that


right? Yes, that's about right. You may have heard a few people talking


about this man's exceptional film, twelve twelve twelve. Good luck


tonight. You must be -- 12 Years A Slave. You must be feeling


incredibly proud but excited about the reception and number nations? It


is great to be home and to have this response to the film. It has been a


phenomenon, it is one of the things you dream about. It has been an


exceptional year, in terms of the films nominated. It is striking. It


is one of the moments in fi. Last time I can think of one of those


years was 1999 when there was a string of films. Every time you went


to the movies you are coming out - oh my goodness. It is great to be


included in that group. How do you go about getting this in incredible


cast together. Is it a no-brainer because your films are exceptional


and high will have-regarded, when you ask someone to take on a role,


it is a yes straight away. It has to be organic. It is not a question of


picking film from photographs. And who they are. And we auditioned 1


thousand girls for a role. : The similar thing with Michael


Fassbender with Hunger. And when Benedict auditioned, I didn't know


Sherlock, I had never seen it. Through his audition he shined. It


has to happen organically he for me, otherwise you are picking people


from a page. When you see to see and get to know the person, you know how


well they can do. Sayeria, famous alongside Michael Fassbender --


Sarah. She was a find, a genius. As film fans, has there been a


performance that has stood out of you this year? I can at thatting


yourself from being in the industry, as film fans, whether it is a


performance or a film, what has stood out? So many. I would say my


film, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Leonardo Dicaprio. You know, Cate Blanchett.


And Blue Jasmine, the Woody Allen movie. Bradley Cooper. So many.


Listen, I can't wish you more luck tonight. I really think it is going


to be another Steve McQueen night tonight. Fingers crossed. I hope so.


Lots of luck. Good luck. Goodbye. What a fantastic night. So many


utterly charming and chatty stars here on the red carpet. As I speak,


they are walking up this red carpet, out of our BBC3 show and into the


main show on BBC One for the etch E British Academy Film Awards. -- the


EE British Academy Filmp Awards. Thank you for watching. I've been


Eid it Bowman. -- Edith Bowman.


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