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This programme contains scenes of repetitive flashing images.


Welcome to the Royal Opera House for tonight's EE British Academy Film


Awards. On this Valentine's Day, Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Idris


Elba, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender and many more will be


walking this red carpet, in the hope of bagging the most coveted award in


British film. It is the Baftas 2016. Excited! It is an incredible honour.


I am very happy to be here tonight. It is fantastic to be here. It is


good to get an invite, always. Tonight, seeing as it is the Baftas,


and Valentine's, we will be posing a few romantic questions to the stars


on the red carpet. I will attempt to keep it clean. And I hope they do as


well. Although if Michael Fassbender wants to get a bit filthy, then who


might argue? Nominee for Supporting Actor, Idris Elba. A lot of love for


you this evening. It is. I love London, I love being here. It is my


first Baftas and it feels really good. You are a pretty cool and


collected character generally. Do you get excited about these things,


freaked out? A you do get excited. I get nervous like any human being


would, at it is so exciting. It is a really good feeling. I lose my cool.


It is a difficult category really good feeling. I lose my cool.


this evening, with Christian Bale and others. How do you fancy your


chances? If you were a betting man, would you put money on yourself? I'm


going to win. I will put that out there! No, all the characters in my


category are incredible. So if I win, I am very lucky.


Steve Jobs, nominated for Supporting Actress, it is the lovely Kate


Winslet. You look beautiful tonight. Thank you very much. How was it


playing that role? It was amazing and nerve-wracking. She is very much


alive and still around. I spent a lot of time with her, which was


enormously helpful. Daunting to have her there? It is daunting, yes,


laying a real person. You want to be as much like them as you can be. She


came from Poland but grew up in Armenia. She had a complicated


dialect for me to learn. But she lived in America from the age of 14.


But it was fantastic working with Michael Fassbender. How was it


bossing him around? It was really wonderful. He is such an


extraordinary actor. He was so professional everyday. He set the


bar so high for all of us. He was very much the team leader. It was


incredible and important, because we were just a small-group of actors.


So, to have that sense of together this was lovely. With it being


Valentine's Day, do you have any cinematic moment, any love story,


which you enjoy? My own one. Very nice! The only one you need! If only


you knew! Burst of excitement! Good luck tonight! She is very excited.


Now, tonight is the big one. The gowns are out, the Tuxedos are on,


and there is more hairspray than a strict tea final. But last night


they got the opportunity to let it all hang out. It was casual,


understated. The venue? My place. Welcome to my humble abode. It is


only Kensington Palace! My a list guests deserve an appropriate house


party. That is good. I will just try this one. One more. Apart from me,


the food is the most important thing. Step it up, lads! Can I see


your pouring technique, please? A Littlemore flourish on that. It is


bring your own, you know? Eddie! Hi, charming as ever. Smiling as ever!


Hello! Cuba, hello! Shall we go in?! OK, so, it did not go down quite as


I expected, but this is definitely the best ever.


I am here with Rising Star nominee Bel Powley. How are you doing? A


little cold but really excited to be here. Did you enjoy the nominees


party last night? Yes, it was real fun. I am sorry I missed your royal


wave. Would you recreate it for me late? I promise you, I will! Let's


talk about Diary Of A Teenage Girl. What an incredible role for you.


Yes, I could not be more proud of that film. Everything the director


did, I hope it lives for ever. I am really proud of it. Are you nervous


about the prospect of winning and going up on stage? Yes, if I win, I


just don't want to fall over. Because these shoes are really high.


Show us! Yes, those are challenging! But I will have my dad on my arm


holding the up. Your Valentine's Day date is your dad. Yes! He is


beaming. I told him he is not allowed to cry. He has to wait until


we are inside. Best of luck. Thank you. Matt Smith joining me now. You


are presenting tonight. I am. You nervous? I am a bit, yes. Are you


looking forward to meeting anybody tonight? Leo, I would not mind


having a beer with him. I am just going to present my award and then


go and have a glass of bubbly somewhere, and clap rebel. I would


like Lizzie to do well, I hope. Michael Fassbender as well. Just as


well you said that! Enjoy it. I am here with Michael Fassbender, who is


remarking on my coldness. You are looking very sharp tonight. Thank


you very much. Likewise. I wish I had water polo neck, which you got


quite accustomed to during the filming of Steve Jobs. Nice segue!


Yes, I did wear one. I quite liked it, actually. You see, I have never


quite mastered it. But it always makes you scratchy. Do you really


think so? I really do, both male and female. It depends on the material.


Maybe not coarse fabric, I don't know. That is good to know. You are


nominated for Best Actor tonight - how does that feel? It feels good.


Do you have a little speech written down on paper? I haven't, actually,


no. Hopefully everything is in my head if needs be. I will winning it.


With playing a character as big as Steve Jobs, someone who people feel


like they already know, was it more difficult than a fictional


character? Not really. The good thing is, there is a lot of


information for you to work off, which is always good. And then you


can discard what you feel to be not relevant. But you do feel the


pressure a little bit. Somebody who was so influential in our lives, in


the world. Best of luck, I really enjoyed the movie, and good luck


tonight. Thank you so much. Now, what better gift to receive on


Valentines alabaster voted for by you, the great British public? The


Rising Star is the only category decided this way. We have enlisted


previous winner will Poulter to guide us through this year's


nominees and tell us why it is hard not to get emotional when you hear


your name called out. Eddie Redmayne reading out my name for the awards


in 2014 was crazy. Will Poulter! Nervous and very excited. I am


famous in my family for crying watching Finding Nemo with my dad. I


am slightly embarrassed about how emotional I got, but I could not


really help it. It did not dawn on me until afterwards that Tom Hardy


had been a previous winner of the Rising Star. What were you doing


down by the creek all by yourself? I feel incredibly lucky to have worked


with Tom. He carries himself with such effortlessness that you would


think he had made 1000 films. This year's Rising Star nominees are...


Brie Larson, John Boyega, Dakota Johnson, Bel Powley and Taron


Egerton. Looking back at the nominees, I cannot think of a


category that I would want to be in, because it is very flattering being


in that, but you do not feel you have got a chance of winning! There


is such a variety of roles to choose from. My advice to the winner of


this year's Rising Star is, if you have written a speech, don't leave


it in your jacket pocket. I was the idiot who wrote a speech and left it


in his pocket. Probably don't mention Finding Nemo. That might


come across as weird. And obviously, congratulations.


I am here with Taron Egerton, Rising Star nominee. There is a lot of love


for you out of there. I know, slightly overwhelming actually, but


very lovely. Crazy. Do you enjoy it or do you feel slightly freaked out?


I think anyone would enjoy that. It freaks me out as well. A combination


of the two, I think. A nice combo for anybody! Absolutely! Do you


remember where you were when you found out that you were nominated


for the EE Rising Star Award? I do, I was in America filming. Because


that is what I do now, I go to America and I film things. What


would it mean for you to win this? Being nominated is enough of a thing


to get your head around. Literally I have not really considered winning.


I should probably think about what I would say if I did. But the other


nominees are so, so brilliant. It is just great to be in a group with


them. It has been quite phenomenal last 12 months - is there any


moments which stick out? Good moments? Well, I made a movie with


Hugh Jackman recently. I suppose we have had a really great time making


Eddie The Eagle. The first time meeting him was pretty incredible. I


am a big fan of him as a person and as an actor. You are a big fan of


Wolverine? Who is not?! Best of luck tonight. Thank you so much.


You are going to be presenting an award tonight? I am. Excited? Yes,


You are going to be presenting an and nervous. This has been pretty


spectacular, this year, for you, with The Revenant, Brooklyn and Star


Wars. Have your feet touched the ground?


It has been good. I have been back home a lot. The films have been


released but I haven't been away from home because they were already


shot, you know. Are you rooting for DiCaprio tonight? I made a film with


Leo, it would be amazing if he wins, but I also like Michael. It is an


amazing category. High highlights? ? Personal highlights? They will


remain personal. Professional? Well, with my father and brothers in


Dublin, that was the highlight for me. Enjoy your Valentine's with your


brother. Thank you very much, Domhnall, bye.


I'm here with the lovely Amelia claeshg who is he presenting an


award. Are you excited or do you get nervous? I'm excited and then I will


get up on stage and feel petrified. Have you had any standout moats in


cinema over the past 12 months? Any favourites I have seen? So many.


Everyone has done mazingly well. I like that there is a lot of ladies.


! A lot of strong ladies. Yes, yes. I'm here with Supporting Actress


nominee, Rooney Mara. How does it feel to be here at the Baftas? Very


exciting. I have never been here and I heard so much about it. I'm


excited to be here with everyone else from my film. You are no


stranger with the red carpet now. Do you enjoy this whole process? The


red carpet? No. Any tips on kind of keeping it together? Um, I don't


know. I mean you just kind of, you get through it. It is a weird, mad


process. Everyone is yelling the you. Yelling affectionately. Yes,


sometimes. Hopefully. Mostly. Happy Valentine's day. Best of luck


tonight. You look amazing. Let me ask you all a question - when


you want to look sharp from your film, where do you go? Probably


nowhere, because you are not a costume designer, but if you were


you would definitely go to Angels Costumes, the recipient of this


year's outstanding contribution to British cinema. I don't know why


they thought it was a good idea to let me loose in their Aladdin's


cave, but they did. So, apparently I'm not allowed to


bear jeans on the red carpet. So I have come here. Not against my will.


Angels, the biggest dress-up box in the world. To find be a outfit for


the Baftas. There are # million pieces. If I can't find something


here, I may as well give up. What do you think? Is it a bit Christmas.


I like something low key, understated. I think that's


underwear. That is a rail of joy.


Put that in the "maybe" pile. Who has that size waist? When it is


tied? Honestly, that's depressing. The it's memorable and you could


hide snacks in it. Usually I'm quite excited but this is not going well.


I'm thinking sold old but new, contemporary, but classic, colourful


but neutral and something that's so hot right now.


I think I could definitely store a hot water bottle up here which would


be amazing but I think I need something a little bit more low key.


Maybe a bit too low key. Well, it is definitely lady-like.


But I think it is full-on vintage. I feel commanding. But the Baftas is


like a party. I need something sparklier.


We did it. Absolutely perfect. I think perfect for the after party. I


might even get a cheeky kiss from Leo. Well done.


# They wouldn't let me leave with that


Great Gatsby gown. Which is probably as well, because


I'm freezing. I'm freezing. At least it isn't


raining, we haven't got a soggy red carpet. Best Actress, how does it


feel? It is amazing, I have to say. When we found out we had been given


so much love from Bafta, it was a real honour. I don't know, it's just


one of the award show that is I'm kind of more familiar with and I


have been here a lot over the years and it always just kind of feels


like a chance for all your mates to get together and have the craic.


Anyone in particular you are looking to have a little dance with later?


That one! My friend there. We'll have a boogie later. She is my


Valentine's. I love that. How do you manage, with all of the hype around


Brooklyn and everything, around Saoirse Ronan mania, and stay so


grounded. You are basically saying I'm the fifth Beatle, aren't you?


Essentially that's what I'm trying to say. I am not aware of that. I


work, rehearsing for a play. I'm in a different head space at the


minute. But this is a nice one. This just feels like a party, you know.


So it is nice to - it kind of feels like a break, I suppose to come here


tonight. Eileen is your Valentine's date. Is there any love story that


you particularly enjoy? In film? Well, the love story between myself


and Eileen OHiggins is a famous one. She has no idea what she is talking


B What do I love? -- talking about her right now.


Lots to love. You look beautiful:


I'm here with John Boyega, Star Wars, Rising Star nominee. How does


it feel to be here at the Baftas? Really good. I'm at home which is


fantastic. It is great to be part of this big event of celebrating artist


who is genuinely like art. It feels good. How surreal is it to walk a


carpet like this? As soon as you enter the bottom of that carpet it


is long, a lot of shouting. It is intense. There was. It is strange.


But at the same time it is something that's expected. But I'm all about


seeing the nominees and seeing who wins tonight. It feels you are ready


for this. Like you have been building towards this They had me


presenting last year. The year before that I think I was here. I


have watched this show since I was a kid. So, it's nice to really be


here. I remember when other artists won and it feels so real to be here.


Do you get nervous at the thought of making a speech? Do you have


anything tucked inside your pocket? No. Freestyle it? Yes, just


freestyle. Are you going to rap? Yes, poetry, rap, contermry dance,


you never know where it is going to go. I for one can't wait to see T I


hope you win, for that alone. Cheers have a lovely night. -- can't wait


to see it. Taking a little breather from the


red carpet, the big award up for grabs is undoubtedly that of Best


Film to. Critique it in true BBC3 style it is time to hand over, to


you guessed it, me, yet again. I'm Angela, here tronted's Best Film


contenders in 60 seconds. First, Bridge of Spies, Hollywood's Mr Nice


guy plays a nice guy trying to help a bad guy but seemingly nice guy in


the Cold War, spoiler alert, the end involves a bridge and #1350i spies.


Carol. A rather like a lesbian love affair. -- Bridge of Spies.


The Big Short, and the gorgeous orange face. Tenacious support


reporters at a Boston newspaper, uncover a scandal that hits


headlines around the globe. And The Revenant. Leo is attacked, left for


dead, eats a raw liver. Is left inside a horse. Leo gets revenge.


The end. They are tonight's five Best Film nominees. The Bafta goes


to... How are you doing this evening?


Doing good. We came over, got in late last night. Now we are excited


to be here. It is part of this. Do you get overwhelmed by this, or are


you just used to it at this stage? No, I zbroefrt weld by this. Yes, I


do. It never gets old. -- no, I do. It is something that is exciting. I


haven't been to Bafta in 23 years. 23 years? The first time I have been


nominated since Schindler's List. I'm delighted to be here. Do you


think you will bag it? I don't think so but I'm happy to be here. There


is a lot of love here for you generally, as there always s I wish


you a lot of luck. -- as there always is. I wish you a lot of luck.


I am here with double nominee, Alicia Vikander. It is a bit greedy


to go for two. I was blown away. I don't think I have my head around


the fact. Are you enjoying the attention. It feels like it is all


happening at once. Are you relishing it or slightly terrified? I think


being here tonight, the main thing is I'm very excited to go in and


meet a lot of my friends and colleagues and the last time I saw


some was two-and-a-half, three years ago. So it is nice to see them and


have a party. Your films were two entirely different roles. Was there


one you found more challenging? They are very different. That was the big


challenge with both. I hadn't done anything that was similar to both


films. They were both nerve wrecking. Do you enjoy that doing


unexpected roles one after the other? I would think that and from


most of my colleagues and actors I have met, I think that is what you


normally look for. It is Valentine's day tonight. Do you have any


romantic comedy, movies, love stories that you go to time and time


again? Well, I grew up - my favourite film when I was growing up


it is called Liddy and the Tramp. -- Lady. I do love a good pasta. Is


there anyone you would like to do the pasta with? Um, yes. Very nice.


Subtle as ever. Best of luck tonight. Thank you very much.


I'm here with nominee for leading actor in The Danish Girl, Eddie


Redmayne. How are you doing? Incredibly well. We were stuck in


traffic, so ended up having to run across Covent Garden. I'm a bit


puffed. Good shoes for running. Slippy shoes. You are aiming for two


successive wins. I doubt that will happen but it is amazing to be back.


I had such an amazing time last year. Being invited back is a


wonderful thing. Where do you keep it? In my flat in London, just


across the bridges over here. It sits... Room for another. Oh, God,


in my dreams. Has it changed your life? Does it feel like that


recognition from the British Academy has had a big impact? Do you know


what, whenever you make a film or play a character, it is not


something you think about. You try to tell stories because they are


stories that interest you. Don't get me wrong, it was the most


astonishing thing last year and I had a wonderful night. I'm certainly


not complaining. The Danish Girl, it was a big


not complaining. The Danish Girl, it complex character. Do


not complaining. The Danish Girl, it challenge, obviously you don't shy


away from that? I found when I read Lily's story, I was astounded I knew


nothing about it. For me it Lily's story, I was astounded I knew


of the great sort of love stories of the 20th century. I felt it was a


real privilege more than anything. It is always a joy to play


interesting people. And good love stories too. Happy Valentine's day.


Absolutely and this is how we are celebrating it. I know.


Best of luck. What a glittering red carpet it has


been. I have had an absolute ball. All that's left to say is to switch


over it BBC One in a mo for a Valentine's date with Mr Stephen


Fry, to find out who is going to walk home with their very own, very


gold, very heavy Bafta mask. Thank you and good night from me.


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