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The Ceremony

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This programme contains scenes of repetitive flashing images.


I am a huge fan of British cinema. The excitement, the glamour. The


anticipation. It is my first time, so I am excited. It is fantastic. It


is a great night. It is a real honour to be here. It is especially


nice to come back and present after winning last year. It is a really


nice thing to do. I live in London. I was in south-west London just this


morning buying some bread. Now I have just put on a tuxedo and it is


a different world! It feels great to behind in London, and at the Baftas,


which is the pinnacle part of this awards season. I'm just turn a try


and relax and enjoy it and hopefully someone will give me a glass of


champagne so I will feel a bit more relaxed. But it is just amazing to


be here. It feels wonderful. I always get excited about this


particular street, and the Royal Opera House. It is very British. It


is wonderful to be here. It is amazing to be here at the Baftas. A


little bit cold, but really good. I was invited before but was unable to


come. To actually be here in this surreal. But who will be taking home


a love it Bafta mask? We are about to find out. It is time for the EE


British Academy Film Awards. Let the Baftas begin. Please welcome our


host for this evening, Stephen Fry. Well, good evening and welcome


to the EE British Academy Film Look at you, how shiny and lovely


you are, how gorgeous with glamour, effulgent with style


and radiant with beauty. I don't mean that -


I just want you to like me. Now, this year, the stars have


colluded and collided in such a way as to make British film's annual


outpouring of love coincide Especially fitting as love


abounds this year in film. The love


between two women, love between a young Irish girl


and an Italian American, Love between the Roman Catholic


priests and... And lawyers. in Matt Damon's case,


love between man and potato. First, let's meet some of the


superstars out here, sending out very detectable gravitational


ripples. Wow, it's almost impossible for me


to look out without meeting the gaze Right before me, I see some


of the cast of that stunning epic The Revenant - Domhnall Gleeson,


Will Poulter and Leonardo DiCaprio. I congratulate all three


of you on making it through the hostile, wet,


windy terrain, all the way up to the end of the red carpet


and into the Opera House. When my agent told me I had been


booked to do a bare scene with Leonardo DiCaprio,


I did a cartwheel. It didn't turn out quite how I had


imagined a bare scene. But I did my best to be fierce


and frightening in a very hot Of course we must talk about Star


Wars. Yes, the Force finally


woke up - the lazy tit. But what a cracking film -


notable not least for introducing us to some fabulous new British talent


in the shape of Daisy Ridley Of course, things are well underway


for the next film in the series, which I happen to know has some


very interesting casting. In fact I don't believe John's


been told about it yet, but now


is as good a time as any... The director of Bridge Of Spies is


here, Stephen Spielberg. I absolutely loved this film and its


wonderful depiction of a time when we were teetering on the brink of


nuclear war. Of course all of that is over now. Nowadays we are more


likely to sit down with our Russian friends and enjoy a nice warm cup of


polonium. The stars of the sublime


Carol are here. In this remarkable film,


Cate plays a refined upper class lady who goes in to a department


store to get a train set and ends up Of course that's unlikely to happen


today, as most people do that sort That's certainly where I've got hold


of all my shop assistants. And it's wonderful to see


Bryan Cranston here. I believe you're already planning


a modern-day sequel, once more set in a dark time


when bigotry stalks the land and progressive thought


is banned from America... And talking of America,


one of the wonderful things that great nation has given the world,


along with giant foam fingers, leaf blowers, Creationism and syrup


on bacon, It is common at basketball games


and so on. So, if you look to the screen now,


you should see a heart. But on this day of Valentine's,


which two lovebirds will it embrace? Oh, yes! Stanley Tucci and Cuba


Gooding Jnr! That is more like it! Who next?! It is Maggie Smith and


Leonardo DiCaprio! Yes! That is a marriage made in heaven if ever


there were one! Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston!


One more... Oh, it is Eddie Izzard and Rebel Wilson!


Leo tried to kiss Maggie. She soon gave him the rough edge of


Spotlight - the brilliant Mark Ruffalo.


Yes, tricky subject matter, not easy to find humour in,


Though actually, confess is probably not the most tactful word to use


I am confused - after Black Mass and now Spotlight,


Only one man here can help us - actually sound like?


Only one man here can help us - Bostonian Matt Damon! He is the star


of the fantastic science-fiction award-winning comedy The Martian!


Ultimately it's a tale of courage and intelligence in which,


by resorting to a lot of shouting and shooting, but by resorting


Sometimes in this job there are moments of real pleasure.


And being able to say four words that will cause an outburst


Dame Maggie, star of Lady In A Van, of course.


If she was any more of a national institution, she would have


The film tells the story of a woman who parked up and lived


Apparently she even went to the toilet in her van -


though I can't verify that because, as we now know, Volkswagen are well


And now for some reason, it seems appropriate to move


The star of this captivating page-turner of a film,


He was magnificent as the computing genius behind Apple,


and looking so foxy this evening, I just want to click


on him, drag him on stage and then, a short while later,


Well, that's quite enough drooling at the stars in our audience.


Now let's drool at them on screen doing what they do best as we look


She shall go to the ball. We're about to get dumped.


Starting to see pictures, aren't you?


# Though nothing, nothing will keep us


# And you, you will be queen


# Though nothing will drive them away


No, no, no, no, stay happy.


Not least the musical accompaniment from the creative powerhouse


that was the magical and deeply-missed David Bowie.


Film benefited from his unique genius as an actor, producer


The world is a far more monochrome place without his


So, we are now ready to take our first, tentative steps


towards the opening award for Outstanding British Film,


And to present it, call me a silly old yenta, but I've done a bit


of matchmaking, and brought together two huge film stars


Please welcome, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba!


I don't have my glasses. I'm so old now anyone.


I can't tell you how delighted we are to be here on such


a wonderful and important night for British cinema.


And as proud Brits, presenting this particular award means even more,


because I think it's fair to say that British film has had a very,


Let's take a look at the truly stunning nominees.


You may have known who I was, but I wasn't always me.


There was a moment when I was just Lily,


How big do you think you are going to be?


At all, because you know, my music is not on that scale


of the the music is not on that scale.


Sometimes I wish it was but I don't think I'm going to be at all famous.


Remember if people like it here, they'll come back.


So you treat every customer as if she's a new friend.


Do you try to wear panties every day?


I mean, I don't try, I just put them on.


It is like me discovering with what the smell


Like she's been standing in the corner of the room all this


I'm not going to be turned into some animal.


I'll come and visit you, though, with my partner.


When we are walking together in some park or when we are swimming


in the sea or when we are on one of our trips.


You are going to be the human component in the Turing test.


That's right, Caleb, you got it, because if that test is passed,


you are dead centre in the greatest scientific event


If you have created a conscious machine,


Thank you Bafta. First I have to thank - we have to thank Colm who


entrusted us with his novel, brought to life with Nick's masterful script


and John's impeccable direction. APPLAUSE


On behalf of the entire cast and crew, here in London, in Dublin, in


Eniscorthy, in mob treal and New York, thank you so much for


honouring our film in this way, behalf ta. -- Montreal.


One of the things this film is about is the kindness of strangers. As the


film has made its way out into the world, the warmth of the response


has been overwhelming. Whatever tiny bit of this I can play claim to, I


would like to share with Fiona Weir, who not only furnished us with a


marvellous cast, but she's got to put up with me every day, so happy


Valentine's day. Thank you so much. APPLAUSE


Now on to the award for special effects.


Please welcome Amelia clerk and Matt Smith. Good evening, marvellous to


be here, there is a reason why this award is for special visual effect.


It takes special and talented people to create something as good as these


effects. Let's lack at their work. The Bafta goes to - Star Wars: The


Force Awakens. APPLAUSE


Thank you so much Bafta. It is fantastic. We had an incredible, a


massive crew working on the movie. We are four guys, we are lucky to be


up here accepting the award. It really is an amazing experience. Of


course we have so many people to thank, Stephen? Yes. But, of course


we have to thank our director J j. JAbrhams who did an amazing job with


this movie. Incredible and our producers, Kathy Ken Dane Brian


Burke. The incredible crews, industrial, light and magic. I want


it give a shout out to Ben Morris and Mike Mulholland and those guys


in the London office. Thank you to my amazing crew, and thank you to


Kathy, Tommy and Brian and a personal thank you to JJ. And to


Amanda, my soul mate and you the Academy. And respect with all the


other nominees. Well done. Thank you, thank you very much.


Now it is time for the EE rising star award. The only award voted for


by the public. It'll be presented right now. Doing the presenting last


year's winner, who has worked with George Clooney and Judi Dench. I


would say his star has risen to perfection. Please welcome Jack


O'Connell. Thank you t gives us the chance to


celebrate performances of the past year and then so. Also special


because it is blue in colour which makes it rare. Or rarer. And so,


shall we see some of their work? Punch the sneaky brat in the face


in front of other people. I really don't think that's


the right thing to be Does this give


you pleasure? I feel so awkward and ugly


and naive and lonely. I don't want to go to


school ever again. Strange smoke that everyone


was just wild for. You don't want to be with that guy,


best sex you've ever had guy We nearly missed it


but we've got our chance. You are going to help me track


Cole's neck. There are too many things out


there out to get me, get me? Hell know, I'll go in and try


and find Ray, the Troopers will be The EE Rising Star winner is John


Boyega. Thank you so


foremost I want to thank God for this moment and a big thank you to


Bafta for this amazing opportunity and obviously to the members of


Bafta for this amazing opportunity Guys, I haven't been doing this for


a long time. It's a fluke. Guys, I haven't been doing this for


have some very, very special people in my life, who have been such a


blessing, my parents, family and friends, my agent, my manager, best


friend and brother and Femi, who has backed me since I was 16. Thank you


for everything. I'm going to share this award with all the young


dreamers who are determined, who are hard-working and who are, quite


frankly, amazing. This is also for you. Blessings to your path and God


bless, thank you. To present the award


for Supporting Actor, an award traditionally given


to a man, we have a lady She was perfect in Pitch Perfect,


she was too perfect in Pitch Perfect 2, and I have no doubt she'll be


three perfect in whatever they call She's not only a rebel by name,


she's also a Wilson by name. Soon to be seen in How To Be Single,


please welcome Rebel Wilson! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.


It is so good to be here at this really serious event. I have never


been invited to the Oscars... Because as you know, they are


racist. But the Baftas have diverse members. And that is what we all


want to see in life, isn't it? Diverse members.


One day I hope to return here to win a Bafta myself. I have already been


practising my transgender phase. And now, to the award of Best Supporting


Actor. Sorry! Idris Elba, you are making me a bit nervous. I am just


sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day. Five


really attractive men have been nominated. And I really look forward


to any congratulating the winner. Although, I am looking forward even


more to consoling the four losers. Let's take a look at these actors'


incredible work. Are you being sarcastic


with us, Mike? Lawrence, I don't know


how to be sarcastic. I mean it, move away


from him right now. Don't ever point


a weapon at me again. A pencil, piece of paper,


cigarettes, please. Mr Donovan, you have men like me


doing the same for your country. If they were caught,


I'm sure that you We have been defending ourselves


against the killings and rapings of our own people


from the PLF and now But it has awakened


a sleeping beast. It has put the weapons of this war


back in the hands of the young. They knew and they let


it happen to kids. We have to show people


that nobody can get away with this, not a priest,


a cardinal or a friggin Pope. And the Bafta goes to... Mark


Rylance for a Bridget Spies. Mark is currently performing on Broadway.


So, to accept the award, Stephen Spielberg! -- for Bridget Spies.


Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day. Mark, in the event that this


actually happened, asked me if I would stand in for him and read a


note. My sincere thanks to the British Academy for celebrating my


acting with this award. My apologies as my theatre work in New York City


means that I cannot be with you. I am particularly pleased to be


celebrated as a supporting actor as I very much enjoyed the wonderful


quality of work which supporting actors do in films these days -


especially all my Fellow nominees. Lead actors are of course unique and


gifted and often, as in the case of Tom Hanks, generous, humble and


supportive as well. I had an unfair advantage this evening working with


Tom and my dear friend Steven Spielberg who has graciously


supported me this evening, as he has done since we met. Thank you to all.


Now, I've been given the plum job of voicing the introduction


To make the presentation, a supreme comedian, actor


and writer, a genuinely unique talent - and I don't mean that


in the showbiz, non-unique way, I mean it in the "there really is no


Please go ballistic for Eddie Izzard!


Now, Animated Film is a powerful medium. But the pitch meetings can


be somewhat unusual. So, there is a pig and he plays the banjo. But the


monkeys do not want him to do that so they nail the pig to the back of


a spaceship and he is off to another galaxy. But the pig discovers that


he can control the spaceship and he plays different chords on the banjo.


It is like The Godfather meets Zulu. I love it! Here is $20 million! I


believe that is how it works! And the nominations are...


And the Bafta is awarded to... Inside Out!


Thank you Bafta. It is amazing being here. I was fully expecting to see a


charming, domesticated farm animal appearing! I am honoured to be in


this company. Our film takes place inside the mind of a in your old


girl. That was hard to figure out. Though not as not as tough as


actually being 11. For anyone out there who is struggling to figure


things out in secondary school, it is OK to feel scared or angry or


sad. But please do us a favour and express yourself. Seeing, draw,


write - the world will be a better place for it. I want to thank our


amazing team. We make a pretty good team. Everyone at Pixar and Disney


for supporting us on this weird and wonderful journey. Lastly, I want to


thank my wife Amanda, who kept the family together even as the film was


falling apart. Thank you. We now scooch along


to Supporting Actress. To present it, one of the finest


British talents of recent times, an actor who has played a man


trapped in his own body, and, if I had my way, a man trapped


in my basement. Please


welcome Eddie Redmayne. Do you think I might be


switched off because I don't I don't know the answer


to your question. I love that you don't care


how much money a person makes, you care what they make,


but what you make isn't supposed When you're a father,


that's what's supposed to be the best part of you and it's


caused me two decades of agony, Steve, that it is


for you, the worst. She's going to get


tired of you and you are going to wish


that you've never... I have never been more


awake in my life. Though why should I want to be


with you when all you do is argue It's a letter from Lincoln,


a letter from Lincoln, to him. They was penpals and this


is just one of the letters. And the Bafta goes to... Kate


Winslet for Steve Jobs. Oh, my gosh! What an incredible year


to be nominated. What an incredible year to be in this room. Thank you,


Bafta, so much for voting for me, for nominating me. It has been an


extraordinary year for women and I feel so proud to stand alongside all


four of you. Your performances are also extraordinary. I really am


quite overwhelmed, actually. I must thank Donna Langley and your team at


universal for supporting Danny Boyle and his unconventional shooting and


rehearsals structure, which was so precious to all of us. Danny Boyle,


you were amazing to work with. Thank you forecasting me when you really


did not have to. This film was so much about the words the actors were


saying. Aaron Sorkin, I don't know how you do it. You're out of your


mind! Thank you so much. Michael Fassbender, you lead us through


this. I don't know how you did it. I would watch you every day and be


completely blown away. You are an extraordinary actor. Thank you for


everything you gave to this film. Our brilliant cast. I want to just


mention if I may a woman who would prefer to remain completely


anonymous, which is the real Joanna Hoffman, who was a devoted and loyal


friend to Steve Jobs and was so wonderful in sharing her stories


with me. Dallas Smith, thank you for making sure that I have always got a


job. And my husband, you're in this room, I know you are! Hi, babe,


happy Valentine's Day! And my children, who are probably more


excited than I am! Thank you, everybody!


To present Costume Design, by design and in costume,


You'll know her from Quantum Of Solace and him from Nightcrawler.


They're perfect to present this award because they are hugely


gifted, well turned out and, crucially here, it's Olga Kurylenko


Film is all about taking someone's vision and making it come to life


The greater the vision, the greater the expertise,


dedication and creativity needed to realize it.


Which are precisely the qualities tonight's nominees


for Costume Design have in abundance.


They have not just brought someone's vision to life,


they brought it to life with startling colour,


deep brilliance and exquisite attention to detail.


And the Bafta goes to... Jenny Beavan, Massed Max. -- Mad Max.


Oh what a lovely day. I live, I die, I live again. I just have to tell


you one thing, that I think I've worked with some of the most amazing


directors in film and George, thank you so much for taking me on. The


bonnets and corsets, girl. I can't thank you enough for giving me this


chance. It's absolutely brilliant. Thank you Bafta and thank you my


team and it's great. Thank you. APPLAUSE


Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an


award ceremony dressed as a bag lady.


Our next award is for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer,


Director or Producer, given in honour of Carl Foreman.


It's just one example of how Bafta champions the next


It also develops and supports them through mentoring,


masterclasses and scholarships, ensuring they have the best chance


to succeed, regardless of who they know or where


Presenting it, two sparkling sparklers.


She is a stupendous actress who stars in A Bigger Splash


and Fifty Shades Of Grey, in honour of which tonight I'm


wearing a sort of charcoal grey nipple clamp, and he was brilliant


and very revenant - sorry, resident, resonant!


Please welcome Dakota Johnson and Will Poulter!


and will do my best to make no sense whatsoever.


I'm going to be making sense tonight, but I refuse


But I'm actually wearing Rebel Wilson's underwear. I have no idea


how it happened. All of tonight's nominees have not


only been able to break in to film, a feat in itself, but have produced


exceptional work in the process. A great achievement, but,


along with the accolades, However, such is their talent that


I am sure they will all go When scripting Ex Machina,


established novelist and screen writer Alex Garland tapped


into a topic that's always relationship between


man and machine. Producer and editor Rupert Lloyd


overcame the obstacles of shooting in a remote desert location


for debut feature film, But it was writer


and director, Naji Abu Nowar's keen interest in Bedouin law


that inspired this beautifully-shot story of one boy's treacherous


journey across the Arabian Desert. Stephen Fingleton began his film


career writing and directing short For his first feature film,


Stephen has written a dark and thrilling story


about a man whose secluded existence is shattered


when two women enter his world. With a keen interest in the lives


of ordinary people living day-to-day, director


Sean McAllister successfully delivered a tale of hope,


dreams and despair, filmed Partnered with producer


Elhum Shakerifar, whose background in documentaries helped to tell this


story which spans five years. Do you want it to be


a boy or a girl. Debbie Writer and


director, Debbie Tucker Green has theatre credits


and the Bafta-winning TV drama Second Coming, her intriguing debut


feature film is about a woman who discovers she's pregnant


but is played by doubts as to how And the Bafta is awarded to... Naji


Abu Nowar and Rupert Lloyd for Theeb.


Thank you very much. I have been working with Rupert since we were


five years old in kindergarten, so this is a long journey for us. There


are so many people we have to thank that made this possible and for us


to reach here today. From our parents, our families, our friends,


all our colleagues, all our mentors along the way. We hope we've


justified your support and injure generosity. Thank you very much to


poof at that. -- and your. We would like to thank the community behind


the film. We are here because of them. A special thanks must go to


our friend who produced and co-wrote the film.


This goes to him and the tribe. Thanks a lot.


We've come now to the moment where we remember those friends


and colleagues that the past year has taken from us.


I'm really, truly, madly, passionately, remarkably,


No more merciful beheadings and call off Christmas.


Well done, Kasper, the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life.


I'm not a scientist but I know all things begin and end in eternity.


He's got his father's intellect, his mother's


good looks and the devil's own charm.


It's hard to believe some of those faces won't be with us any more.


We mourn their loss and thank them for what they have given us.


Adapted Screenplay is our next category and to present it a hugely


respected actress, star of Olympus Has Fallen


and its sequel, the upcoming London Has Fallen -


It's a never ending argument that, in many ways, is superfluous


as they are such different mediums, such different experiences.


But there is no argument about the skill, creativity


and craft of the writers whose wonderful adaptations brought


Your products are better than you are, brother.


And knowing that - that's the difference.


You can be decent and gifted at the same time.


I don't know the word, when you go along with everything.


Amenable. Yeah, amenable.


You have no idea the kind of crap people are pulling.


Everyone is walking around like they're in a damn Enya video.


They're all getting screwed, you know.


They care about the ball game, or they care about what actress just


You don't know why you are attracted to


The only thing you really know is, you either


Bouncing off each other like pinball.


And the Bafta goes to... Adam McKay and Charles Randolph for The Big


Short! Wow! This makes me happy! Thank you


so much. Thank you, Didi, Jeremy, Brad Pitt, you are phenomenal


producers. And mostly, thank you, Adam McKay. You are a man of


bottomless creativity and fears integrity and I am just so proud to


share this with you. Also, I want to thank Paramount for taking a risk on


this movie. I want to thank my amazing editor, Hank Corwen, for


going to creative places that I have never been before. He is an amazing


guy. He already said Jeremy Kleiner. I will thank him again. Really


thoughtful, brave producer. I want to thank my beautiful wife. This


movie is not just about banking. It is about income inequality, it is


about making choices for our society which are made by all of us, not


just a select few. And we thank you all for nominating us and giving us


this award. Thank you so much, Bafta.


We now make the pre-operative transition to the Outstanding


British Contribution to Cinema award, given in honour of the great


To make the presentation, a sensational actress known


for portraying strong women - much like herself, in fact.


Indeed, if a biopic of her life were ever made, she would be


Please hoot, holler and hiccup for Cate Blanchett.


The recipient of this year's Outstanding British Contribution


to Cinema is a costume house that is as old as film itself -


older, in fact, having been established 175 years ago.


They first supplied costumes to the film industry in 1913.


Since then, they have grown and are now established as world


Their creative genius has enhanced so many films over the years,


for which they have rightly received accolade after accolade.


In fact, last year they supplied costumes to all five films nominated


On a personal note, I had the pleasure of working with them


on the film Elizabeth and, as much as I prepared and rehearsed


for the role, I wasn't truly Elizabeth until I put


on the incredible costumes they made for me.


Let's take a look at these amazing costumiers


# Baby, give me diamonds, give me gold


When Morris Angel bought a small London store in 1840,


making and selling menswear and military uniforms,


little did he know that he would very quickly progress


to providing stage actors and actresses with incredible


With the birth of film, Morris Angel Son became


Now, seven generations and 175 years later,


Angels provides thousands of bespoke outfits and extras alike.


Working with many renowned costume designers, every item is kept


and used again or turned into something new.


Throughout the years, Angels have become an integral part


of the film industry, becoming the world's


longest-established costume house and providing beautiful costumes


for some of the world's most-loved, iconic


Ladies and gentlemen, to accept the Outstanding British Contribution


to Cinema award on behalf of Angels Costumes, please


welcome their chairman, Tim Angel OBE.


Team Angels, this is for you, wherever you are!


I am incredibly thrilled to accept the Michael Balcon Award on behalf


Seven generations of Angels have worked in the costume business for


175 years, from music hall to TV, from black and Whites to colour.


Now, digital, and who knows what next?


One thing that every generation has shared,


however, is a passion for clothes and getting things right,


and that continues to this day with my children and I.


We have always tried to ensure that all the stock from the great British


costume houses of the past are safe. We are the custodians of an


incredible history and we source which ensures that all of those


incredible history and we source costumes are available for


generations to come. Angels sends costumes all over the world,


generations to come. Angels sends international business to the UK and


has launched numerous careers in costume. And it


has launched numerous careers in training young people in our


industry. We have built a training young people in our


world-class family business around a passion for the clothes,


world-class family business around a and excellence. But as


world-class family business around a recognition from Bafta is simply


wonderful. To all the many designers, supervisors, wardrobe


teams, directors designers, supervisors, wardrobe


have worked with and continue to work with Angels, please, please,


please don't stop, and also, thank you. To all the actors who spend


hours in their underwear in our fitting rooms, thank you. To my


current team and all of the talented 120 people that currently make


Angels what it is today, thank you. To my dad up there, and my wife


Eleanor out there, without you both, I and we would not be up here today.


I know I speak for everyone past and present at Angels,


as well as my children, Emma, Daniel and Jeremy,


who are the future and the next generation, when I say it's been


a huge privilege and so much fun working in such an incredible


APPLAUSE for such a wonderful


Where would we be without the next award? If it were not for Original


Screenplay, Hollywood would just be making remakes of old movies and


sequels! To present the award


for Original Screenplay, a fabulous actor who was terrific


in The Butler and superb in Selma, and who also happens to be


the son of Cuba Gooding. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.


The last time I was on this stage, young man


The last time I was on this stage, again? Oh, Cuba! Thank you. Bless


you. Here are the nominations


for Original Screenplay. Best chance is if the Supreme Court


agrees to review our case. I programmed her to be heterosexual


- just like you were programmed And to be honest, Caleb,


you're starting to annoy me now because this is your


insecurity talking. A bastard's work is never


done - huh, John Ruth? You're gonna have


to come and take... We think we have 13 priests


in Boston that fit this pattern, which would be


a very...very big story. Does that sound right to you,


er, in terms of scale? My estimate suggests 6% act out


sexually with minors. So that's how you want


to plate all that? We'll eat our dinner -


right after you eat this...! Aaaagh!


Here comes an airplane! Airplane!


We got an airplane, everybody. I have a ten-year-old daughter, so


we watched Spotlight 100 times! And the Bafta is awarded to... Tom


McCarthy and Josh Singer. Thank you very much, Bafta. I am Tom


McCarthy, the co-writer and director of Spotlight. My dear friend and


compatriot Josh Singer is at home with his pregnant wife. But I have


to pay him the utmost respect. He is just a brilliant mind and he really


drove me through this project. Josh, I share this with you. My entire


creative team and crew in Boston and Toronto, I share this most certainly


with them. And finally, real heroes, the reporters who broke this story,


and editors at the Boston Globe. And finally, the courageous survivors


who came forward to share their stories with us and with the world


and continue to do that now, to put pressure for change. A shout out to


Peter Saunders, a UK citizen and survivor and the great work he is


doing right now in this country and at the Vatican. You are an


inspiration to us all. And finally, to my wonderful Valentine Wendy


Hurrell is here tonight. I share this with you. Thank you all. It is


a tremendous privilege. Thank you, Bafta.


Now, hold on to your chapeaux, subtitles fans...


it's time for - Film Not In The English Language -


To present it, two stars of the recent Star Wars behemoth


who are set to reprise their roles in the next in the series,


One will always be remembered for an extraordinary and frankly


Please welcome into your hearts, but mainly onto this stage,


We are honoured to be here to present the award


for Film Not In The English Language.


Is that a joke because I'm Irish? I don't know, they wrote it. I don't


like making Irish jokes. I a parentally you are the only one.


Let's take a look at the five films that have been nominated.


My daughter Rossa won't believe who gave me this award. Princess Leia,


she will be very happy. I want to dedicate this to my daughters. You


are everything to me. The person who gave me those daughters, Maria, here


present. I gave me those daughters, Maria, here


course. I also love my mother. I want to thank to her and share this


with her. I want to thank and receive this award in the name of


our fantastic producers. Am I forgetting someone? A lot of people,


of course. Everyone involved. The people at Carson. Artificial Eye


of course. Everyone involved. The here in the UK. I want to share


of course. Everyone involved. The award with the actors, magnificent


cast and crew. award with the actors, magnificent


going to forget everyone. At award with the actors, magnificent


want to dedicate this award to my father, the memory


best friend, my greatest teacher. Thank you. Please, come on.


You. Thank you very much to and my granddaughter. And thank you


very much to Bafta for giving this. Thank you very much.


We now come to this year's Fellowship Award -


the highest honour that Bafta can bestow.


Receiving it, one the few actors who without the slightest hint


of hyperbole can genuinely lay claim to the title of screen legend.


Let's take a look at some of his work, spanning a truly


I don't know how much you know, so we'll start from scratch.


Don't cry, white boy. You're going to live.


Sydney potaway is -- Potier is the greatest example of what it means to


live your life with power and grace. I just love this man. How long do


you think before they pick me up? Get off my back, I'm not married to


you. What do I care. You are married to me all right. Here is the ring. I


ain't going souted on no honeymoon. He is captivating on screen. The


gravitas he has, the presence he brings to the screen, the


performances, he handles himself with elegance and dignity. You can


see this is on and off camera. All I wanted is to make a future for this


family, to stand in front of my boy, like my father was never able to do


to me and tell him he will be anybody in this world besides a


servant and a chauffeur. He came a symbol of what was possible as an


African-American in the United States. I get up when I feel like


getting up, if I don't want to work, I don't work.


Sir Sydney's importance to the industry should never be overlooked.


I know all the actors today, actors of colour, black, white, whatever,


people that are really struggling it get what they want across, we have a


voice and we have a voice because of people like Sir Sidney Poitier. What


about that speech you were going to give me this morning? Give me


another day. I'm close, I can pull that fat cat down. You are, Mr


Poitier, an unyielding xachl of how true strength of character has the


power to actually shift an industry. You ever been broke, Sir, real


broke, skint? Yes, many, many, many times? In the script, he was my


teacher and my mentor and off camera, off the set, it was the same


as well. So, Mr Poitier, I will always be indebted to you for your


lessons in grace and humanity. You know what she said - the good guys


don't hide. No more hitting. All right turn


around. Do you want to stay late tonight? Turn around. Come on, I'm


freaking. So long, suckers. I would like to say congrtlations to Sidney.


You are an inspiration to us all and a fantastic achievement that is


well-deserved. I sang it to you then, I would like to say it to you


now, all the very best, to Sir, with love. I am just so honoured to call


you a friend and I offer a deep and heart-felt congratulations on


tonight's Bafta Fellowship Award. We gave them a hell of a run for it,


didn't we? Praus




APPLAUSE Never was a Bafta Fellowship better


deserved. Such a hugely influential and gifted actor.


Unfortunately due to ill health, Sidney couldn't be here in person


So, presenting it to him and his daughter on our


It's an honour to be here with Sir Sidney Poitier and his lovely


daughter Sidney to be able to give him this incredible award. How he


impacted on me in so many difference ways, not just an African-American


or a black man, a man who transcended race, who happened to be


a person who happened to come to America, to Hollywood and who


happens to be the most incredible actor of our time. I am completely


honoured and excited to be able to give him this award, the Fellowship


Bafta. Thank you to the British Academy of


film and television arts for honouring my father with the Bafta


Fellowship. There is little that peel don't already know about his


career so I will speak to him as a mavenlt he is a scholar, a seeker, a


mentor. -- as a man. He is a humanitarian and he is a terrible


dancer. Lest you start to think he is perfect, he is not it is really


quite something to see. While he has inspired countless actors, myself


included with his talent and grace, the role that is truest to his


nature, that comes closest to defining him, is he is a dad. I'm


happy to share him. He is too good not to share. He has shown us all,


not only how to be better actors and artists, but how to be better human


beings. I am proud to present my dad, Sir Sidney Poitier, with this


year's of about at that Fellowship. Oh my goodness me. My goodness. I am


sorry I am unable to be there with you in London for this wonderful


occasion because I hold a very special place in my heart for your


great city. I've been honoured by Her Royal Highness the Queen and


have had the privilege of being recognised by Bafta for my previous


work on a few occasions. But today, my cup run et over because I am here


with my daughter and our future film-makers of the world, in


celebration of this wonderful artform, moving pictures, that has


brought me tremendous joy. To the wonderfully talented and courageous


film-makers I have worked with through the years, I thank you for


being a part of bringing me to this moment. And to my family, my life


force, I am nothing without you. And to all of you, thank you for your


warm embrace. And this extraordinary moment and memory I shall cherish,


always. We now find ourselves


in the astonishing position Forming an orderly queue just


round the corner are the awards But having wormed its way to the top


of the pile is Director, which is awarded in


honour of David Lean. And to present it, a simply


outstanding actor who shone in Spotlight, and as Ceasar


in The Hunger Games presides over a contest where the participants


kill, maim and turn in to wild He should be perfectly


at home here tonight. Very honoured to be here tonight to


present this award. As an actor, I believe


the role of the director A great director is the creative


glue that holds it all together. They inspire you, they challenge


you and in some cases scare You have no idea what it was like on


the set of Spotlight! It was like mucking out a stall at the end of


everyday! But it's all for a very good reason,


and that is to create wonderful work such as we are celebrating tonight,


from five of the best exponents Let's see what you got. You smell


that? What is that smell? Cologne? No. Opportunity. No, money.


I have a mandate to serve you. Nobody else does. Quite frankly,


everybody else has a mandate to send you to the electric chair. You don't


seem alarmed. Would it help? You cannot imagine what he is going


through at that. He is 50 million miles away from home. He thinks he


is totally alone, he thinks we gave up on him. What does that do to a


man psychologically? What the hell is he thinking right now? I'm


definitely going to die up here. If I have to listen to any more god


awful disco music! A la hand in a read to for The


Revenant. Thank you the British Academy for


this award. It is a true honour, not just being nominated, but with such


amazing directors, it is truly an honour to receive this. This award


comes with remarkable British punctuality, because I wanted to


celebrate, to share and to dedicate to my wife Maria, with whom


tomorrow, we both together we will be yes, abating our 24th anniversary


together. -- will be celebrating. So, that is what I call heroism,


endurance and survival! And talking about survivors, Leo, your work,


your talent, your commitment everyday kept this film breathing.


And all of us thank you very much for that. Without you would not be


possible. And I would not be here without the work of all the crew


around the world, people from all around that we worked together to


make this possible in very extreme circumstances. Trying to tell this


human and tender story of a father with a mixed-race son which I felt


very, very close to, in the Times that we are living. And I would like


to give thanks to all the cast, the Native American cast, all the people


in Native American lands that allow us to shoot there. And now that I am


here in the UK, I want to salute Mr Will Poulter, who is here. To Paul


Anderson, to the incredible, in comp rubble Tom Hardy, which I love. And


my Irish friend, but I cannot pronounce, it is worse than Inarritu


to pronounce - Domhnall Gleeson! Finally, all the people from New


Regency Fox. Really thank you for trusting that we could make this


together very risky project. Thank you. I am sorry if I forgot anybody.


But I love you all. Thank you very much.


So, Alejandro Inarritu thinks Domhnall Gleeson is hard to


pronounce! Presenting the award for Actress


is a prodigious talent, whose characters are known


all over the world. Such a man, such a talent,


such a hero - Sacha Baron Cohen! Good evening. The main reason I


agreed to present at this award ceremony is because Bafta has shown


none of the discrimination and prejudice which is so shamefully on


display at the Oscars. It gives me great pride that every single year,


Bafta makes sure that at least one of the nominees for Best Actress is


a dame. Dench, Smith... And the nominations


for best to... White actress go to...


What with all this to do, I think I am about to be taken short. Can I


use your lavatory? It is on the blink. I don't mind. Where is it?!


Go and get him. I can't. I need to talk to my husband. I need to hold


get him? It is real oceans, real trees, real cats. How do they


get him? It is real oceans, real fit? They just do. They


get him? It is real oceans, real in the world. Jack, come on. You're


so smart, I know that in the world. Jack, come on. You're


take it or leave it. But if you leave it, we


take it or leave it. But if you go to court, it will


take it or leave it. But if you we are not ugly people.


I have thought about you. And I like you. And I like being with you.


And... May be I feel the same way. Brie Larson! Brie Larson is


currently filming in Australia. To accept the award on her behalf, the


direct, the fabulous Lenny Abrahamson.


Yes, Brie is looking for a little bit of something nice and light to


do. Wrestling a large gorilla in Australia! But she wanted me to


thank Bafta. She is incredibly honoured by this award. She wanted


me to thank FilmFour and the producer of Room, and also Film


Canal, and also the actor who played Jack in the movie. The fact that she


is not here allows me to say things about her which she would never say


herself. She is an extraordinary person, she is warm and furiously


intelligent and I think she is one of the best actors of her


generation. The dimension is of the room we shot much of the movie in


word pretty tiny. But I think with Brie at the centre of this story,


and with all the cast and crew, we managed to make something of real


emotional scale. Thank you, Bafta. To present the award


for Leading Actor, a super talent who this time last year was picking


up the Leading Actress award for her astonishing


performance in Still Alice. Well, since then I can report


that she is still astonishing, still super-talented and still,


would you believe, Julianne Moore! I'm so happy to have


been asked to present I'm happy because some


of the greatest actors in the world have given us so many truly


exceptional lead performances over Let's take a look at some


of their extraordinary work. Hello, I am adult and trombone. If


you're going to talk about World War II as if you personally won it,


let's be clear. On a film set, shooting blanks, wearing make-up.


And if you are going to hit me, I would like to take off my glasses. I


am not afraid to die any more. Don't send him out to slap me around


in the press. Anyone but rain man. What ever you may think, I'm always


going to protect him. Come on, Steve. That is what men do.


Never spend the night. It does not matter what I wear. When I dream,


they are Lily's dreams. I am warm because I have a decaying


radioactive isotope right behind me. Right now I have got ego problems on


my hands. I have scanned every single data file on Amanda Lewis's


personal drive. This is a officially the least this go file she owns. --


disco file. And the Bafta for leading actor goes


to... Leonardo DiCaprio! Thank you Bafta. I am absolutely


humbled and I'm absolutely honoured by this award tonight. I have to


say, as an actor I have been so influenced by so many British actors


throughout the years. I remember watching Tom Courtney in skop


loneliness of the Long Distance Runner whivens 15 all wait to Gary


Oldman in State of Grace which influenced an entire generation of


actors and the late, great Peter O'Toole and everything Daniel


Day-Lewis has done. I want to thank one British actor, my partner in


this process, Mr Tom Hardy. # APPLAUSE


Tom, I want to thank you for your fierce loyalty, not only as a


collaborator but as a friend. I could not have done this journey


without you. I want to thank the entire crew, and our writer. Sean


and Duncan my make-up artist who is spent hours a day turning me into a


living zombie. The entire crew that we got to work with, all the entire


cast. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder in this entire process. Ricky, you


had the vision of this fi. Thank you so very much for pushing me every


day. I want to thank the entire team back home, all the producers at Fox


and in particular, Arnold. You stood by this film to the bitter end. I


cannot thank you enough. And of course, Alejandro G Inarritu this


would not have been possible without your commitment, your fierce


commitment to authenticity every day. Thank you for becoming a great


friend more than anything throughout this entire process. Lastly, one


person I have to thank. I would not be standing up here if it wasn't for


this person. I didn't grow up in a life of privilege. I grew up in a


rough neighbourhood in East Los Angeles. This woman drove me three


hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. It


is her birthday today. Mom, happy birthday, I love you very much.


APPLAUSE You see, cut his hair, shave him and


scrub him, he turns out rather nice, doesn't he? Congratulations.


And so we come to the final award, Best Film, and I'm somewhat


embarrassed to say that we've run out of presenters.


No worries though - during the last award,


I wandered backstage to see if anyone was hanging around,


and thankfully, curled up on the sofa in a sleeping bag,


still here from last year, I only found...


As we've seen throughout this evening, this year's filmmaking has


I'm honoured to be here to recognise and celebrate the creative talent


I'm Irish, you're German, but what makes us both American? Just one


thing... The rule book. We call it the constitution. We agree to the


rules and that's what makes us Americans. It's all that makes us


Americans. So don't tell me there's no rule book and don't nod at me


like that, you son of a bitch. No-one is paying attention because


the banks are too busy getting paid obscene fees to sell these bonds.


Wait, you are the bank, you work for the bank, I bet your margins are


fat. Let's in the talk about my margins. Being nice and fat, that's


a nice shirt. Do they make it for men?


You can come and visit me sometime. You are welcome to. Would you like


to come and visit me this Sunday? Yes. What a strange girl you are?


Why? Show meet church manipulated the


system so these guys wouldn't face charges, show me they put back in


parishes time and time again. Show it it was systemic, that it came


from the top down. Sounds like we are going after law. We are going


after the system. Wait until morning, we'll have a


day's head start and get away. No, you won't. It's afraid. You know so


far, with a they came for, the same, when they get afraid they run deep


into the woods. We have him trapped. He doesn't know it yet. How can you


be so sure? It has everything to lose.


APPLAUSE The Bafta goes to The Revenant.


OK, well, this is overwhelming. You know, so the tradition of


film-making here is amazing, my father's favourite actors were the


British actors. He was always telling me that's acting acting, not


acting, it is really acting. And, you know, tomorrow, funnily, I'm


celebrating my anniversary, I'm celebrating, too, the two years


anniversary of my father's death. I'm sure he is involved in this


award working upstairs. I promised my mum I would not be sad, I would


be celebrating his life, that life gave me 50 years of the most


beautiful man and I have to be thankful for that as I'm thankful


for this. There are so many people to give thanks that it is


overwhelming. They know that, I hope. But the one that is pop into


my mind now, is an amazing visionary and brother and incredible cinemaing


to graph. And the co--writer --


simematopgrapher. My brother, so many people to give things but I


want to shut up and please, guys, who wants to talk? A joke, a dance?


. Thank you Bafta for this incredible honour. It's a beautiful


award, too. Every day getting to be a part of the Revenant was an honour


and to be able to support one of a kind artists like this and to be


part of something that I think hopefully 20 years from now we may


all be able to look back on and be proud. Leo and Tom should be up here


accepting this award because when they were in front of the camera,


doing something brill yapted, when they weren't they were behind the


scenes helping us do a better job. Alejandro G Inarritu, nobody better,


you are amazing, your commitment and passion.


And like and happy Valentine's day, Javier Without Andres's commitment


to this movie it wouldn't have what happened. Every body at Fox and


everyone else, thank you all so much.


APPLAUSE Congratulations to all nominees and,


of course, winners. Woody Allen said - I don't want to


achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not


dying. If only that could be. Maybe it's a function of ageing. But every


time there is what is called an owe by the package, the clip showing


those in the film business who have died over the course of the year it


seems that each year death's sickle has felled a greater number than


before. Generations yet unborn will enjoy the work of those we have


lost. Film is forever. Film defies death, shakes a fist at it and with


that in mind, I'm going off now to Hayesen my own demise, by eating and


drinking like a wild raffling warthog, who knows no shame and in


table manners. I suggest that you do the same. I'll see you at the


trough. Good night from the EE Film Academy Awards. Thank you very much.


APPLAUSE. Awards presented earlier. Make-up


and hair: The Bafta is awarded to... Max Max


Max. -- Mad Max. We need to thank George Miller for


taking us on this journey. The Revenant. Unfortunately Emmanuel


couldn't be here. We will look after this and make sure he gets it. Thank


you very much. Amy. I look like a floating head.


You know. I've got no hair. Our aim and mission was to tell the truth


about her, to show the world what an amazing person she was. Original


music: I am sorry I cannot be there in


person in London, I'm conducting a concert in Dublin tonight including


the score for The Hateful Eight. All right, OK. Try and calm down.


Listen, listen. I need you to stay where you are.


Thank you, I will keep this short. So many people to thank. Cate and


Vicky for being in the film. Our amazing crew who worked for nothing.


# Edmund.


# Happy birthday little Eddie. # Happy birthday my dear son...#


A year ago we were think being how this character was going to be, you


know, how we could empathise with this character who actually eats the


people he loves. Mad Max: Fury Road. Every day, in


the cutting room an adventure. George, thank you so much.


The Revenant. You are an amazing director but you are a better and


more amazing human being. Mad Max: Fury Road.


When Charl ease Theron sits in a couple of used cars, you get to win


one of these.


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