The Beguiled, Cars 3, War for the Planet of the Apes The Film Review

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The Beguiled, Cars 3, War for the Planet of the Apes

Mark Kermode joins Jane Hill to talk through the week's new cinema releases, including The Beguiled, Cars 3 and War for the Planet of the Apes.

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second Test match tween England and South Africa -- we also have news.


We also have details about the British Grand Prix, but now it is


the Film Review. Hello and welcome to


The Film Review on BBC News. To take us through this week's


cinema releases is Mark Kermode. We have The Beguiled, which is Sofia


Coppola's remake of the Don Siegel film from 1971. We have Cars 3, the


animated sequel, more cars. And War For The Planet Of The Apes, the


ongoing saga continues. Sofia Coppola. Yes, the point is,


this is based on a novel by Thomas Cullinan that was filmed before by


Don Siegel in 1971, a famous adaptation. Cult movie. In the Civil


War a wounded soldier is found in the woods by a young girl from a


place for young ladies, and he is brought back, he is very badly


wounded. And his presence immediately starts to cause a


kerfuffle, not only because he is an enemy soldier, but also because he


is a man. He is a clip. -- here. You know you're not


supposed to go that far. Quick, we need to move


him to the porch. So what happens, because of what she


calls Christian charity they bring him into the house. They look after


him and he gets better and immediately he starts to get into


everyone's confidences and he is flirting and he sees what each


character wants and needs. The film appears to be one kind of film, but


who is the beguiled, that's the question. Sofia Coppola said when


she saw the original, she wanted to tell the story from the point of


view of the women's characters, and you could say the film and the novel


which have multiple narrators voices aren't necessarily just on females


-- just from the male character point of view. But this changes the


way in which the dynamic between their relationships works and is


beautifully photographed but almost like a fairy tale. It is very


serial, it is a beautiful looking film. That fairy tale quality is


partly deliberate but also what it does, this is set in the Civil War


but it might as well not become the Civil War is very distant. In the


Don Siegel version we have shots of the battlefield and flashbacks but


none of that here, it is just in the distance. In the novel and the Don


Siegel version there is a character who has been written out of this,


Sofia Coppola said because she did not want to ever lies the subject


and also because that is not what the story is about -- trivialise for


top I am fond of the Don Siegel version, it is expectation with some


very wall seems, but I like it. This version takes it in a given


direction, a very different tone. It is a valid interpretation --


different tone. Is it worth revisiting? It is worth it because


it is such a different film, and I actually prefer the Don Siegel


version but I'm happy... The two versions can coexist because they


are such different films, and personally, I grew up loving 70s


exploitation cinema and I will always have a fondness for the


original, but the performances are very good, Nicole Kidman is very


nuanced and Colin Farrell is terrific. He has the sly look in his


eye, you think he's in control but maybe he isn't. I would encourage


people to see this but also the Don Siegel version which is still a very


fine film. Your next choice could not be more


different. The problem is, it is very samey, it is Cars 3, and you


know Cars and Cars 2, there are some cars on it. I remember seeing the


first one, I remember loving the designs, I like the landscapes, but


the problem here, the narrative, we have been around this track before,


it feels very threadbare. The central character Lightning McQueen


has got to go back to school to learn about new ways of winning a


race in the process, is trainer has got to learn about being more than a


trainer. There are individual set pieces which are good and the


animation is terrific, and it comes with a short film at the beginning,


and the little short film is really sweet and smart, about bullying and


how bullying comes from being hurt yourself and it is really short and


compact and everything that is smart about that little short film is what


is wrong with Cars. Overall it feels very baggy. Is it about selling


merchandise? If we start going down that road, we can wipe out most


mainstream cinema, to be honest. It is not fair to say that about this


film, but as every mainstream franchise has got that. I wouldn't


mind that if the film felt more original, but it felt like I had


seen that before. Right now we have got War For The


Planet Of The Apes. I'm in the dark hair. -- here. The original series


of the planet of the ex was great, forget about the Tim Burton remake,


but now we have got this with performance caption -- the original


series of the Planet Of The Apes. He is a clip.


That more soldiers from the North would be joining you here.


What I like about this, the performance capture work is so


great. Andy Serkis specialises in this, he is remarkable. His


relationship with performance capture goes back to Lord of the


rings and working with Peter Jackson and King Kong and now this. What is


extraordinary, this evolution has happened in a fairly short period of


time, I remember watching the Tim Burton Planet Of The Apes and


thought they had developed a prosthetic to allow one of their


lips to move, but now they are mapped onto a performance. I think


the story is good, very dark, and there is a lot of Apocalypse now in


there, which there also was in skull Island, but I think the way of the


performance capture, you think, this is astonishing. I'm actually


watching these characters, and I'm not actually concentrating on how


well rendered they are. I think Andy Serkis's work is brilliant, and


there has been talk about whether he will get an Oscar-nominated and I


think it is long overdue. What I like about this, as someone who is a


die-hard Planet Of The Apes fan, I have always said everything I have


learned about politics I learned from Planet Of The Apes and I'm not


joking. Now I do have to watch it. This has taken the series and then


it is dramatic. The synthesis of performance and technology is really


really well captured in this film. Clever. Interesting for the what is


best out? It Comes At Night, I still think is terrific, some people think


this might be a slam bang horror movie, but it is not that, and I


asked you to go and see this, but you didn't? I have had a busy week.


You have got to go and see this, it is a creepy film, it is a really


creepy film, family holed up in this house in the woods and there is


something out there. I really like it and I think you will admire it.


I'm a bit chicken about that kind of think about I am really desperate to


see your DVD. This is a great film, The Levelling, one of the best debut


films I've seen in a long time, set in the Somerset levels after the


flood. There is a estranged father and daughter, on the farm but he


owns, that is failing, they are trying to find their relationship


again, it is a very tactile film, you can feel the earth and the


history, and all of that stuff bubbling up from the ground. I


thought it was terrific, great soundtrack, beautiful use of


incidental music. Her debut feature film? She was named as a rising star


many years ago, all these newspapers saying this, and it took a long time


to get this made, but boy was it worth it. If you can make a film


that good, take as long as you want. Excellent. Mark, as ever, thanks for


joining us. A quick reminder before we go that


you'll find more film news and reviews from across the BBC


online at kermode. And you can find all our previous


programmes on the iplayer. That is it for this week. Enjoy your


cinema going. Goodbye. Your weekend weather is coming up,


and we start with a bit of Friday, and for many of us a