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Four Seasons legend Frankie Valli joins Matt Baker and Alex Jones. Plus, the British soldiers who defected to the Nazis, and the ten million pound treasure discovered in a field.

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the Channel Islands. Please welcome the original Jersey boy, Frankie




Why is that song still so popular today? Who really knows why a song


stays popular or does become popular. If there was anybody that


really knew that, they would be able to... Keep going. Create a


record company that had nothing but hits. That's true. True. Of course,


today is the fourth of July, American Independence Day.


MUSIC: American National Anthem. It's very obviously excitement


there. It is amazing. You have Jersey here and Uncle Sam at the


same time. We look after our guests. What would you be doing if you were


at home. Some of the best stateside snaps later on. Now one book has


recently become the fastest selling paper back of all time. But have


you read it? You have admitted to reading a few chapters. I have.


sister said she's read it, but don't tell anyone. I won't mention


it. It turns out at breakfast that even my brother in law has read it,


hey! Here's Anita Rani on the book that's made the nation blush. Don't


worry parents, we've given this film a U certificate, suitable for


all. Fifty Shades Of Grey is a


phenomenon in the book world. It's got over a million British women


feverishly turning its pages. Do you know each other? No. No. You've


come for which book? Fifty Shades Of Grey. Nearly everybody in my


work is reading it. The cabin crew read it a lot. I thought I'd come


and get it. You're a stewardess? Yes. People are reading it on


flights as well? My boyfriend's mum has bought it as well. She told me.


I was flicking through to have a look. She said, no, I have to wait.


I have tried everywhere to get it. I thought I'm going to get it and


going to buy all three. She's converted me. Now it's back, I'm


buying. It Your mum's reading it, your daughter's friends, now you.


My step mum has been saying about it. My sister has read it.


Though, right, yes! That is my book! The bulk is the first


instalment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between


Guinness and literature student and Its agor EL James, mother of two


from west London describes her books as romantic fantasy stories,


which offer women a holiday from their husbands. What's the


controversial book that's on millions of women's bedside tables?


That's a no. I don't know that. Next. I'll ask Michelle when I get


home. Some of the only men getting a look


in, are these busy printers. Have you read it? No. Do you know


anything about it? Have you flicked through? Yes. I have. What do you


think? I can see how the contents are interesting. Very addictive.


I've nearly finished the second one now. I will read the third to see


what happens. How many are you produegs a day? Several hundred


thousand. About 20,000 books an hour. It's not just the printed


copy flying off the shelves. It seemed just as many people are


downloading it too. How much of a phenomenon has it become? It became


a phenomenon of the genre it's in. No-one can see what you're reading


if you're in public. This will be a great summer, as they're saying in


the book trade. All other publishers are piling in, putting


similar type book was similar packaging and releasing nem July.


And so, for the blissfully uninitiated here is Fifty Shades Of


Enjoying that Matt? Enough now. Hang on. You can have it back after


the show. Thanks. Frankie, you've been in the UK touring, last show


tomorrow in Epsom, it's gone incredibly well though, with the


Four Seasons. It's not the original Four Seasons, is it? How many


seasons have there been all together? There have been many


seasons. Every time you turn around there's a new season. You've heard


that saying before - seasons come and seasons go. There have been


many seasons. The original guys all decided that they just didn't want


to travel any more. You'd wonder though. The hits kept coming and


coming. Surely you'd think that everybody would want to stay


together. I wish I knew how that happened. I would recreate the same


thing for someone else if I knew exactly how to do that. Ever since


we knew you were coming on, we've had the CDs, playing them endlessly.


Every track that comes up, you know it. Goodness me, did you have that


one or that one. We've had a lot of hits. You guys here have been


terrific with supporting the records that we've put out over the


years. You're probably our number one fans. Really? I'm serious.


Let's remind ourselves of some of # Walk like a man #


# Greece is the word, # It's the word that you heard


# It's got groove, it's got meaning # Big girls don't cry


# They don't cry # Big girls, don't cry


# It's just an alibi # APPLAUSE


Oh, yes! Who was that guy with the moustache? You haven't changed a


bit. Looked like Groucho Marx. voice is so distinctive. In your


70s is it hard to hit the high notes and bring that sound you're


so well known for? Or do you find it no problem? It was fun doing in


the beginning, but that's why I chose to go after a solo career


also. I've enjoyed every hit that we've ever had and enjoyed every


song that was written specifically for the group. There's a little bit


more to a singer than just singing in one range all the time. Back in


the time, in the early 60s, your falsetto was very much for backing


singers. Specially during the early 60s when we started to have hits,


establishing a sound was very important. In the back of my mind,


I always wanted to have a solo career also, something where I


didn't sing falsetto. The good news is you're back in the UK. So it's


the last one tomorrow, but then you're back next year. And it's


been great, it really has been great. We've had a terrific time


and some of the new people that are with me are really having a lot of


fun. I am looking forward to coming back again next year. All the


people obviously that you've met throughout your career and Frank


Sinatra as well was a life-long friend. How due meet him? --


you meet him? I met with Frank Sinatra for the very first time in


a saloon in New York City, that he used to hang out at. Didn't he help


you when you had some voice trouble, though? Actually, I had a polyp on


one of my vocal chords. He sent me to a doctor that was a specialist


and taken care of people who had throat problems. He cured me. Frank


Sinatra, when I got better, he gave me a singing lesson, which was


really nice. How was that. Really, how long did it last, that lesson?


He told me not to drink or smoke or do substances and all he did was


drink and smoke! LAUGHTER


I tell you what, it kind of worked for you, the hits just kept coming


and coming. Working My Way Back To You is out now, all of those greats


songs are on there. From New Jersey to Old Jersey and as we've all read


recently, it's not unusual for people to want to hide their money


away on the Channel Islands. it's been going on a lot longer


than you might think, as Matt Allwright found out.


Jersey, a tranquil holiday island where the pace of life has always


been gentle. Until now. Richard and Reg have, after 30 years, laid


their hands on a haul of Celtic coins so significant, its location


is being kept under wraps. Describe to me the moment when you knew you


had something extraordinary on your hands. We arrived on site on the


day. We hadn't been there more than about 20 minutes, when Reg called


to me that he'd found, we had a large signal, and felt it needed


further investigation. As we dug down, about three foot down, when


we heard that clink of metal, spade against metal, we realised we'd


found something special and out at the end of that spade were four


Iron Ageed coins stuck to it. Richard shouted out "Oh!" In fact


three quarters of a ton of Celtic treasure was pulled from the ground


and Neil has the job of taking it apart. That is incredible. It's so


exciting, because you're seeing it for the first time since someone


buried it there, "right third tree from the left.". We thought it was


a football-sized mass. But we started to dig it out and it went


wider and wider. We couldn't believe it. Nothing like this has


been found before. You say it's just coins, but I'm seeing here


there's a little bit of like a ring, some silver jewellery. This is


really exciting. Within the first hour, we saw this first piece of


silver jewellery here. We thought that's great. Suddenly we know we


have a mixed horde. It really is treasure, whatever they had that


was worth something was thrown in. Coming down further, we found this


gold object, which we hadn't expected at all. With knowing that


we we had those two pieces six inches apart, we have no idea what


else is in there now. It literally is as they fell into a hole 2,050


years ago. It's just preserved. Ahead lie years of work, removing


each coin, bathing them in diluted acid, before a final scale and


polish. At the end of the process, this is what they should look like,


this is the first batch. Look at that! Celtic change. There is a


whole lot more of that to come. or 60,000, perhaps. Who would


choose to hide their money on Jersey? These coins belonged to a


try but which were based around Saint Malo. It -- it takes to the


year 50 BC. Julius Caesar's army was advancing through France and


drive in the tribal communities to the coast. This tribe decided to


make their way to jersey as a safe refuge and bring their wealth with


them. When Sue found the biggest Celtic Ward, what do you do, just


retire? The search goes on, there is always something else to find,


to study. There is financial reward attached to it, but at the moment,


it is so far away, we are just enjoying this amazing, once in a


lifetime find. I am sure they are. They will even


more shortly. I think I recognised a few of those coins! It is all


happening now! Put a claim on it! The Jersey Boys is still successful


on stage around the world. There are rumours there will be a film,


is there any truth? It is not a room there, there will be a film.


Who will play you? They are just starting to cast, I have no idea.


Are you involved? On a different level. I am not actually picking


anybody. We will act as consultants. We will co-produce in the


background. Really in the background! All the best with it.


The common view of World War II is that the whole nation, without


question, came together to fight the Nazis. But some British


families have discovered their relatives actually switched sides.


On VE Day, crowds flocked onto the streets of Britain to celebrate


victory in a life-or-death struggle against Adolf Hitler and his armies.


Today, we give thanks to God, for the Great deliverance. But not


everybody was rejoicing. A few dozen service they changed sides


and became members of the British Free Corps, part of the SS. They


now feared they would be revealed as traitors. The original idea for


the unit was devised by John Amery, a fascist sympathiser and son of a


Cabinet minister. His idea to recruit a unit of men willing to


betray their country was put to Hitler in a memo sent via the


German foreign ministry. Hitler approve the plans, it could be a


great propaganda coup. A substantial number of British


traitors could suggest Europe was united in his fight against


communism and might help undermine the morale of the Allies. The


Germans had captured thousands of British soldiers, and the job of


tent indented Richard Reid was passed to the SS. Within each


German peer did you camp, there was the security and intelligence


branch, staffed by German two spoke good English, who mingled with the


prisoners and sounded them out. It was true that that they were able


to identify a small Bickley us of sympathisers. Once they had


identified them, how did they proceed? One strand of the process


was the creation of holiday camps for prisoners of war. For the men


selected, this was a break from the rigours of four. They could take a


few weeks, get better food, not have to work, they had a football


pitch, a canteen, which had beer, they used that as a cover to


concentrate the nucleus of sympathisers, just to the south of


Berlin. Having been softened up, they were tempted into treachery


and asked to join what was called the British Free Corps. It was made


clear just two the enemy was. of the pledges, they would never


have to fight against Britain or the Western allies, they were just


for use against communism. One man who went there and signed was a


captured sailor called Alfred mentioned. His granddaughter has


researched his story. They were promised to be treated better, be


fed better, entertainment, more freedom. What state was he in?


health was not good. That influence that. After joining, they went to


train. His own postal account reveals the astonishing life he led,


compared to the hardships he left behind in the prisoner of war camps.


He says, I used to go out to cafes, restaurants and cinemas in Berlin,


and I had Entertainment paid for by the Germans. It is amazing. The men


paraded around in their uniforms, Standard RSS issue, but with a


couple of differences. There were echoes of that world British


Standard on the lapel and a Union Jack on the arm. This is him in


uniform? How do you feel, seeing that? Strange, seemed an English


person in that type of uniform. It is not right. The Germans


recruitment drive had little effect. At its peak, the unit had just 27


members. This tiny unit was of little or no military use at all. A


few men did serve on the eastern front alongside the Germans, but


many saw no service. Some estate, some served in work gangs, some


were returned to the camps. British intelligence had infiltrated and


they knew exactly who they were. When the war finished, some, like


Alfred, served prison sentences, but others were let off with a


warning. They were weak men who were led astray and who have


regretted it later. A lot of criminals regret crimes after they


have been committed. The men and their families have to live with


the shame of their treachery. Your grandmother reacted strongly.


she divorced him. She told my father that he had died during the


war, rather than telling the truth, she was so ashamed. My father


thought that he had died. Did you see him as a traitor? That is what


he did, technically, but I do not like to judge him, because I have


never experienced anything near to what he and many others when three.


I am not in a place to judge. You said in the film that John


Amery came up with the idea, he was quite a character? He seems normal,


he came from an established British family, his father was Secretary of


State, but he is awed, peculiar, eccentric, he is in trouble from a


younger age, his teachers regard him as abnormal, he runs away, and


he leads a wildlife. Funded by dodgy dealings, fraud, begging


money from his father, he even claimed to have tuberculosis. He is


extremely eccentric, he carries around a teddy bear, he uses it to


reserve seats at restaurants and theatres, he has severed before


driving offences against his name, -- 70 for driving offences against


his name, peculiar guy. What happened? It did not we workout. At


the end of the war, he is in northern Italy, he is captured by


the Communists, and they hand him over to captain Alan Whicker! He is


relieved at this point, he thinks, thank goodness. He gets taken back


to Britain. He is put on trial for treason. His family tried to argue


he was mentally ill, but ultimately, on the first day of the trial, he


pleads guilty, the trial lasts eight minutes, and he is hanged by


the neck. 1945, aged just 33. everything you said, he was


troubled. With all of the things that went on in his life before any


of this. He may have needed help, somebody could have come along and


help him. It is very easy to look at the circumstances that somebody


else is going through and make a judgment on something even though


the figure about. That is true. is really important, does it mean,


for every sin that we commit, that is the end? One-man who served his


country for a fully and went on to make us laugh for decades


afterwards, Eric Sykes, who died today. In 20th October 10, his


daughter made a film for us about growing up with him as her father -


- in October 2010. The 80s again as a tribute to a British comedy


legend. -- here it is again. I have a family. I have always kept


them in the background for tax reasons! Some of my fondest


childhood memories are with my father, Eric Sykes, playing golf. I


have padded with him since the age of 10, and even now, we still play


a few holes. As children, we joked we were Gulf war orphans, because


both mother and father played golf. But I have taken it up. I am


enjoying it, but I am no good. My most precious moment of him, like


always have called hands, and whenever I came in from playing


outside, he cut his hands around my little hands, and I still remember


that. It is a fond memory. But family was important for him. There


is one film, he has had an idea that he wants to do a film


introducing his children. This is me in a Tutu. With an attractive


best! With a wave of my wand, I introduced David, Kathy, and Susan.


The way my father did that is clever, I watched him, he got the


film and put it through two spores, and the bits he did not want, he


would cut, and if he was proud of it, we put it on the big projector


and put it against the ball and We are all on the way to his office,


I am excited, because I have not been there for a long time.


Sometimes, we come to London with mother, and we drive to the office,


this wonderful place, and as a child, it was exciting, because it


was his world, we were never part It has been ages since I have been


here. All of these photographs, I forgot about these. Sean Connery,


Spike Milligan. We listened to stories about these people. This


photograph, people always think it is his grandparents, but it is a


photograph he found in a junk-shop. He loved it so much, he puts it


here, and everybody says, a nice photograph of your grandparents!


This is a picture I would like to show you. This is the story of my


life. We did not have a lawn, but we had a carpet! He met Hattie


Jacques when he wrote educating Archie. He loved her from the


moment they met. As a child, I would see him on TV more than in


real life. I thought she was his sister! She was such a wonderful


person. Thank goodness they met. is playing golf with a hard-boiled


egg! His aftershave came from Italy originally. His bathroom is covered


with bottles this big, right down to the miniatures. This is where I


lived, this is our brilliant house. Another film, we arrived at the


front of this house in cars, he was in his Bentley with May, and my


mother was in her car but Susan and Cathy, and David had his own little


car, which he pedalled like mad. That was his pride and joy. I do


not know who shop this, because he is in it. He instigated it and


organised it and directed it. The What of love to Julie and the rest


of the family. -- lots of love. Earlier, in honour of American


independent state... We ask for your photos of you in the States,


standing next to something typically American. You have not


disappointed, even though we are on BBC Two! This is in America, but it


is very Welsh, Tom Jones in Vegas. This is Justin and Hayley watching


The original Jersey Boy, Four Seasons legend Frankie Valli joins Matt Baker and Alex Jones in the studio. Plus the British soldiers who defected to the Nazis, and the ten million pound treasure hoard discovered in a Jersey field.

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