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Presented by Alex Jones and Michael Ball. On the sofa are Gregg Wallace and the MasterChef finalists, and there is a world-exclusive live performance from Harry Styles.

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Fantastic morning. I did wait ten hours to meet him five years ago.


Hello and Welcome to the One Show with Alex Jones,


And the ball I've always got my eye on...


Obviously the crowd's not ALL for me, they're


here for tonight's global exclusive performance from Mr Harry Styles!


The crowd's ready, but where's Harry?


Harry's performance isn't the only exclusive this evening,


we've got access to previously unseen footage shot behind


And there's a cherry on the top of tonight's show -


Gregg Wallace is here with the three finalists ahead of this evening's


What are you most excited about, the final or Harry Styles? The final.


Has been absolutely brilliant this year. The standard is massive.


I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for the couple in our first film.


The One Show is really putting their relationship to the test.


First we made them take on the highest climbing wall in Britain.


They are arguing their way around London in their first do-it-yourself


tour car. This is the type of tour you want to


be taking. James, explained. This is London's first self drive tour. We


have a screen with a root and as you are driving the route, you get


sightseeing commentary. You feel you are exploring and feel free. We can


get into the looks and crannies other tours can't. Let's go. Hello.


Go, Kiara. I am afraid. It is cute, isn't it. Concentrate on the


driving. This is the only American Embassy in the world the US is


leasing, rather than owning our great. Mayfair boasts the highest


concentration of 5-star hotels in London. I like it that you can be


around this part of London and not in a tour bus feeling like a common.


I am in my convertible car. Legend has it the second Duke of


Westminster was lovestruck after meeting a mad Chanel and ordered all


the lamp post on his land to be adorned with their initials next to


his own. If you believe that, you will believe anything. You are so


funny. This is a nice way to see London. Sorry about my driving. She


has been driving for 20 years. We have gone wrong, but don't worry. At


the junction, we should have gone straight ahead. Just go all around


the square and try again. If you were paying attention, I wouldn't


have gone wrong, you are the navigator. One afternoon in 1980,


two Americans came into the store. A fat so critical to the image, he


would lose his right arm to get it. They bought it for Indiana Jones. He


has really nice titbits of information you wouldn't necessarily


know. What are you doing? No you are not, John? No you are not. Tourists.


Tourists. Try and be a little bit posh, please. The sad music. Hold


back the tears and Leicester enjoy our last few moments together. That


was fun. A big thank you to John and Kiara.


They have been amazing. Do you think John would do all right in one of


those cars? Yes, I think we would probably do a restaurant tour of


London. Who be driving? I will drive. The night is a big night in


the master chef calendar. Last year we watched Jayne Devonshire take


home the crime, but who will it be this year? Welcome the master Chef


finalist, Giovanna, Saliha and Steve. This is the moment from last


night when these three found out they had won a place in the final.


You three are the final three. Well done, everybody. You are joking.


It is not surprising the emotion they feel, let alone winning, but


being in the final can change your life? It does change lives, you must


have realised that already, just going into the shop. Master chef has


spawned over 20 restaurants. Do you get discount in everyone? Loyalty


cards. You do get looked after. Never see you looking that emotional


on master chef, but you were looking quite tearful. I don't know what it


is about this year, but the talent is incredible. It is, I feel quite


starstruck and I am never like that. They have worked so hard. You are


judges and impartial, but you cannot help getting fond of people. What is


hard about making that decision about who goes. It is hard to


promote people and encourage them and watch them do really well and


then to have to dismiss them from the competition. It is really hard.


I don't know anything about cooking, but you do. But the standard seems


to be really high. Saliha, I liked your fish and chips. It was


something that you said, it is familiar, yet extraordinary, you


said. What made you want to take part in master chef, because you are


a doctor? Yes, the decision was my husband, not mine. He decided to


fill out the form for me. It is when it got to the difficult questions he


got too, and then he said this is the laptop, the last two questions,


just do them. But I had always wanted to do it. He must have had


every faith in you to do it? Yes come he did. How do you decide what


you're going to cook for last meal? You look back and what you have done


before, what worked, what did John and Greg say. They know where our


strengths alive. Do you get any steering, do they say, maybe think


about this or do you have to do it yourselves? They don't know what we


are cooking until they get there. We will get a desert from each of them


because they cook three courses in the final. I love the final, apart


from the judging when you have to say one of them is a winner. You can


get really fat on that final. You want to stick your head in the bowl


because they are great and their final three dishes are amazing. What


fascinates me, you develop and learn, but when you have two cup for


the guests who come in, who is the most scary? I suppose doing the


chef's table is daunting. All those guys at the top of their game,


judging you. It is the first time we have been in that experience. You


see the recipes for the first time. Having to get it done and feed them,


it is... You have seemed really calm. Last night you were a bit


rattled, a tiny bit. How do you control that sort of thing going


into the final? You try and focus on the task, ignore what is going on


around you. If something doesn't go right, you just have to get your


head down and battled through it. I cannot wait for the night. We are


going to rush home so quickly. Talking about beautifully prepared


dishes, Harry Styles will be singing live for us. There were other


musicians before Harry and some of them created just as much hysteria


where ever they went. In 1965, there was only one show in time. Help was


the Beagle's second feature film and a global sensation. The bizarre plot


sees the Fab four chased around the world by a religious cults, intent


on reclaiming a sacred ring. It is one of the biggest films in music


history and has been credited with inventing the pop video. But if you


thought you knew everything there is to know about this landmark of


British cinema, think again. Previously unseen footage shot


behind-the-scenes of Help was unearthed and The one Show has been


given exclusive access to this important piece of cinema history.


Abigail is the daughter of Leo, who played the Beatles arch nemesis. But


he is better known as Rumpole Of The Bailey. After my father died I had


to go through personal stuff. I came across this and it had snow scenes


are written on it, I thought it is Austria, it has got to be Help.


Austria was the setting for one of the key scenes and a chase across


the snow. And the little number you may have heard before. I remember


the day my father said he was going to do a film with the Beatles. Off


we went on an aeroplane from Heathrow. It was an extremely happy


time in my life. I don't think I have seen this since I was ten, so


that is like 50 years ago. It is like a premier like no other and the


British film Institute has agreed to host a special reunion for some of


the original cast and crew. Peter was Paul McCartney's stunt double in


the film. Dick Lester gave me the job and he said, can you wrestle


with a tiger? I said no. He said, don't worry about that, you will be


Paul McCartney's double. Eleanor played the sultry femme fatale. It


was my first film, I was anxious not to flow. Completing the reunion is


Betty, the hairstylist. George dandruff Harrison. Not spilling any


means. This will be diverse team this behind-the-scenes footage has


been shown anywhere in the world. There is the boys arriving. The


remarkable film reveals unguarded moments of the Beatles in between


takes. Playing in a brass band. And even George challenging John to a


curling match. They all have the same kind of hairstyles? George had


very Coursera, Ringo had very fine hair. He always had that white


streak. When he washed it, he immediately put it forward, he never


wanted to see it back. Look how glamorous you are. Dick had to tell


me to stop blinking. As soon as he said, action, I started blinking out


of fear. The home movie gives a red insight into how the film was made


and revealing the secret behind one of its stunts. Peter, how would they


have done that? The director would have asked, what have you had for


breakfast? After that, lots of rehearsal, like an act that would


learn the lines. The stuntman rehearses a great deal in his own


mind he does it. Clever editing does the rest. Wait for me. What has it


been like seeing the footage? It has brought back lots of memories. The


Beatles were very real and I thought it was very, very nice. I loved


seeing my dad, obviously and me looking so happy. I do remember it


as a very, very exciting time of my life. I won't ever forget it.


Those are the three films they did, but they weren't the only one pitch


to the Beatles? There was a western, guess what they were going to be.


Cowboys! Yes, they were going to be cowboys. Fresh from Liverpool, over


the pond, so they could keep their accent. The film got made, but not


with the Beatles. The three Musketeers what the next one, who do


you think would have made a good. Onion? The one with the two earliest


moustache, I should imagine. Oh, Ringo! Allegedly, that was who would


have played him. Rigid border would have starred. Richard Lester could


not get them to do it, but he made the film in 1974. Lord of the rings,


directed by Stanley Kubrick. That is brilliant! Why would they not do it?


That is why! That is exactly right. Allegedly John Wood have been


Gollum. George would have been Gandalf. I can see him as Gandalf.


He looks like a wizard. I suppose. Talking did not agree. They were not


in the Jungle book, but whenever I have seen it, they were considered


for it, the vultures... Look what is coming our way. What in


the world is that? I love that. It is not the best


Liverpudlian accent! It is not quite them. Last year, when they did the


remake, the two remaining Beatles were approached, but it happened too


late, so it did not happen. What a shame.


One Liverpool resident that didn't end up quite as popular


as The Beatles is the Metropolitan Cathedral


Scousers have had a love-hate relationship with it


But firmly fighting its corner is comedian Alexei Sayle,


who's back on his home turf to find out why the building is still


Liverpool is full of iconic structures. The life of building,


the cavern club, Anfield stadium, but to my mind, one of the finest


landmarks in this city is also one of the strangest looking. The


Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. The building has gone at many


nicknames over the years, Paddy's wigwam, the Mersey funnel, the


Pope's launch pad, my favourite is mid-20th-century civic building in


the modernist style. Believe it or not, it is quite an important


building to me. I was 15 when it was built, I spent a lot of time in


here. It was the most extraordinary, meditative space. I used to sit


there all walk around and think about the things that were bothering


me as a teenager, would I ever get a goal friend, where would my life go,


what is this thing called hummus that everybody is talking about? The


Opening Ceremony was held in 1967. I remember walking in and thinking, it


is so big. To a child, you can imagine, I was a dwarf by it. I was


on duty as a policeman, we were here for two days, not exactly to control


the crowds, because they were nice... It was quite an event for


the city. I think it is at its best when there is a service. The swell


of the sound and the enthusiasm of the people lived it up. Designed by


Frederick Hibberd, the layout flew in the face of tradition. After a


catalogue of structural flaws, the Cathedral sued him for ?1.3 million.


That was not the end of their problems. Given that it was such a


revolutionary design, ... Who has not had trouble with their builders,


but you have had trouble with your roof. ?8 million to do the repairs.


The whole building cost 2 million in 1967. For the first 25 years the


congregation had some water dropping on them, but now occasionally it


drops on the priests, around the century. It is fair enough, really.


Perhaps the most striking feature of the building is the glass lantern.


It was designed by John Piper and Patrick rent Ian 's. But letting


artists experiment in the 60s has not paid off. Today it is in a sorry


state. Architectural restorer Rob Chambers is helping to conserve this


modernist Marvel. This was highly innovative, the way the lighting was


constructive. Absolutely, we are talking about one of the first


examples of a technique which means slab of glass, it was craned into


place. It was not exactly future proofed. Italy from day one, that is


one of the key challenges. How high up is the lantern? 70 metres from


here, but to get a sense of the scale, we need to get up there and


have a look. There is no way you will catch me dangling on a string


up there, so while Rob climbs onto the roof, I will literally take a


cue and enjoy the view. It looks amazing. From the outside, it is


possible to see the true extent of the damage. The slabs of glass, you


can see how it has fractured. You get a sense of how the pieces were


created, they have been checked by hand into shape. We have the cast


edges, where we have most of the issues, where the resin is not


adhering to the glass panels. I do not envy the lads, they have their


work cut out, restoring that lot. But it will be worth it. This


building seems even more distinctive and original than it did when it was


being built. It was constructive at a time of incredible experimentation


in architecture. Now you get these buildings with names like the shard


or the walkie-talkie or the Satsuma, but in a way that is a banality


about them. This building embodies a spirit at a time of revolution, and


that is why it is loved and should be admired.


Now it's time for our world exclusive from the man whose


new album is intriguingly titled Harry Styles.


Singing Sweet Creature, please welcome Harry Styles.


# Had another talk about where it's going wrong


# Wherever I go, you will bring me home


# When I run out of road, you will bring me home


# Running through the garden, oh, where nothing bothered us


# I always think about you and how we don't speak enough


# Wherever I go, you will bring me home


# When I run out of road, you will bring me home


# Wherever I go, you will bring me home


# When I run out of road, you will bring me home.


Fabulous. That was lovely. A global first. Everybody here already knows


the words. I snuck it out. The album was released today. Looking at the


download charts, you are number one in 84 countries. Pretty amazing. I


have been very overwhelmed by the whole thing. I am very happy with


it. Michael has a question, how come you called the album Harry Styles?


My first album was called Michael Ball. I thought it would have been a


good choice. We were going to call mine Michael Ball! Why did you hit


on that? It is my first album, it was a piece of me that I do not feel


like I had shed before. You have written most of the tracks? All of


them. That is a lovely song. Before, there were four of you, now it is


more exposing, are you enjoying the attention, or do you feel like,


where are the others? It is different, but it has been really


fun, it is an exciting time for us to explore different things. One


thing we have to ask, there is an image change, where has the Hague


on? I had a trim. You had more than a trim. I did a movie last year.


Dunkirk, you have to have the army haircut. It looks great. So does


yours! Who would have thought Harry Styles and Michael Ball have become


like that! You recorded it in Jamaica, why? I wanted to be away


from getting distracted. Very chilled. It worked. It has been


fantastic to see him get a night, they are very pleased you came.


Lovely. Thank you. A huge thank you to Harry. The new album is out


today. Thank you to Gregg. The MasterChef final is straight


after us on BBC One. I'll be back on Monday


with Dreamgirls star Amber Riley, and star of the BBC's brand-new


drama Broken, Anna Friel Three reasons we love Eurovision -


the costumes. Ah, yes!


Who could forget the milkmaids? The passion.


We are unstoppable.


Presented by Alex Jones and guest presenter Michael Ball.

On the sofa are Gregg Wallace and the MasterChef finalists ahead of the big showdown. And there is a world-exclusive live performance from global music star Harry Styles.