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# Living for each other was why we were living


# When we were lovers, when we were lovers


# Giving it all was everything we were giving


# Living for each other was why we were living


# When we were lovers, when we were lovers


# It felt like love # APPLAUSE


Hello and welcome to The One Show with Matt Baker.


That was the incredible Jack Savoretti and he'll be


Very good guitar playing with cold fingers. Real skills!


And over the next hour, we've plenty more to brighten this


cold January evening - just look at the explosion of colour


Isn't it just beautiful. This lot have been touring the country.


Festival kicks off here in London - ahead of the Chinese New Year -


and we're delighted to have some of their beautiful lanterns


My favourite is the giant baby. Couldn't agree more.


And lighting up the inside of our studio is an all-female


line-up of guests - three stars who've never met before


but who all shine bright in their respective fields.


From the world of drama, comedy and reality TV


APPLAUSE Welcome. Welcome. Shut the door, it


is freezing, keep warm. Una and Katherine, it's


lovely to have you back on the show, but Scarlett -


this is your first time. We think we've included


an item for all of you. There is something for everyone.


Fingers crossed. We know you are a fan of the Carry On films, which is


your favourite? Carry On Screaming. I love your approach, as soon as you


walked in and you said, he is a lot smaller than I expected. It's weird,


I always watched it and thought that he was huge. As far as the content


of the night's show is concerned, embroidery has been a big thing in


your life. You have written four books on it!


LAUGHTER A long time ago. Tonight we have a


tailor swapping tips with a surgeon especially for you. No! And


Katherine, we have pig vaccinations or special snooker trick shots, what


takes your fancy? I'm famously pro-vaccination but antique pig so I


will go for the snooker. Good, we have a brilliant snooker trick shot


setup here in The One Show offices. It took hours to set this up. This


was upstairs on the seventh floor. The question is, will it work, will


the ball get all the way down here? All will be revealed later. It is


tense. Nobody likes spending


more than they have to - especially on everyday essentials


like energy - but according to the latest figures,


almost half of us have Experts say we should switch once


a year to get the biggest savings. But cheap tariffs don't guarantee


decent customer service, It's that time of year again when we


raise the temperature and watch our energy bills shoot up. But with a


choice of more than 40 energy suppliers on the market, could it be


time to ditch the big six and go for one of the smaller companies


instead? One of the newest companies on the market is this one, Extra


Energy, lodged in early 2014, they have already broken some records,


just not once you'd be proud of. Richard from Bristol decided to


switch from one of the big six to Extra Energy when he spotted a much


cheaper deal on a comparison website. So far so good. Now all


I've got to do is find a new supply and let them know you want a change


and it will all be done for you, no problem, hunky-dory, great, smooth,


works like clockwork. Except, no, it doesn't. Extra Energy didn't switch


his account properly done correctly, leaving Richard paying his former


supplier for his electricity and his new supply Extra Energy for his gas.


It was about six, seven, even eight months of a total shambles. There


was obviously a problem which they just wouldn't admit to and simply


could not sort out. Also the length of time you had to spend on the


phone. On one occasion it was about 10:05pm for 10:10pm, sitting on the


phone waiting listening for to music. Extra Energy has since


resolved Richard's complaint and given ?30 as a goodwill gesture but


Richard's case is far from being a one-off.


It may be less than three years old but already the company is top of


the leaderboard when it comes to complaints.


According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, Extra Energy was the worst


energy supplier for handling customer complaints last year. Their


figures show for every 100,000 customers there were more than 1500


complaints. The CAV's director of energy, Victoria McGregor, says the


company needs to sharpen up its act. -- CAV. We are worried about Extra


Energy's performance, they have been at the bottom of the league table


for three quarters in a row which is unprecedented. In terms of examples,


what is wrong with the billing? It is late bills or inaccurate bills.


One lady came to us who had diligently provided meter readings


online but haven't received a built in over a year and then received a


bill that was ?2000 which she just couldn't afford to pay in one go.


Citizens Advice says it is continuing to see complaints about


Extra Energy on a regular basis. I've come to Extra Energy's


headquarters in Birmingham to get some answers.


Ben Jones is Extra Energy's managing Director of Operations and he's


agreed to give me an interview. According to the Citizens Advice


Bureau, you are the most complained about energy supplier of the year.


Why are things so that? Firstly I would like to offer a


sincere and unreserved apology to any customer that has faced any


issues. And to be frank, we vastly underestimated the popularity of our


cheaper tariffs, and as a result grew very quickly. When the Citizens


Advice Bureau say to me they are still receiving lots of complaints


today, yesterday, this current quarter, coming through about you,


how can people trust you have turned a corner and that you are putting


things right? Admittedly, we have less and customers down. You are not


fixing it quickly at all. Historically we have not been but we


are now and that's the important point to note. The data I've seen


does not seem to reflect that. It still has you at the wrong end of


things. The data that you seek reflects a point in time that


happened three, six, nine months ago. This is about investing in the


future and fixing what is in front of us now and focusing on the


future. We feel we can look forward now rather than backwards. More


suppliers on the market like Extra Energy should mean more competition


and lower bills. But as we have seen it's not always


as simple as that and the reality of your tariff going down could be that


your temperature starts rising. STUDIO: Ben Jones, we saw in the


film, he fessed up to it and took responsibility for the problems at


Extra Energy, didn't he? But is it going to be an easy problem to fix?


Clearly it can't be that easy because they have been struggling


this for a while. Every three months the Citizens Advice Bureau bring out


their league table ranking energy supplies in terms of how well they


deal with really tricky customer complaints and by tricky I mean the


complaints that have to go to a third-party Web people seek help


from the Citizens Advice Bureau, say. -- where people. For a year


Extra Energy have been rooted to the bottom of the table. Yes, he was


honest and seemed to fessed up as you say, and he showed me around the


offices, lots of people dealing with complaints there now but what will


tell is if they are in the bottom of the league table next time it is


published. Extra Energy said they were not expecting the kind of


influx of customers that have got. How are other smaller companies


covering as far as the league table is concerned? I was looking for that


and it is a mixed bag. I don't think this is an excuse either way because


at the top of the leaderboard doing really well as a small company, and


at the bottom is Extra Energy. You think what about the big six? The


established provides should deal with complaints really well and


again it is mixed. SSE, PDF and British Gas are in the top five


doing well but at the same time ScottishPower unfortunately are in


the bottom five -- EDF. My advice is if you are thinking about switching


keep an eye on the league table. It's not all about price, it's about


how well it will turn out and whether you are letting yourself in


for a headache. Is is quite interesting for you because you've


just moved house and moved to London, are you good at the


practical details? I'm going to be really honest,


whoever the provider is I just leave it because you end up being on the


phone for ages and it's just really confusing. I almost feel as if I'm


not adult enough to make those decisions.


LAUGHTER I sort of just ring my mum come or


go, it's that provider, I will stick with that. If you change you will


save money on these days there are so many comparison sites online, if


you put in who your current provider is and if you of your details will


come up with the offers. I'm sure you would save ?200 for ?300 because


that's what people say normally if they haven't changed for a while.


That is why this studio is so small, Scarlett, it is so cheap to heat. We


have a very good provider with all of these lights, I will tell you. If


you have any consumer issues at home that you think The One Show should


investigate, please do let us know, Joe is happy to help. Yes!


Gyles Brandreth seems to have more energy than any supplier -


Over the last few months, we've seen him recreate all sorts


of iconic film stunts from James Bond to the Italian Job.


That is not him, by the way! Look at him go!


To be honest, we've pushed him so hard,


I wasn't sure he'd be able to carry on.


For almost 60 years British audiences have been entertained by a


Goliath of innuendo and double entendre in the Carry On series.


Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me. With 30 titles to its


name the brand's irreverent and bawdy humour centre of everything


from the NHS to the British monarchy, with plenty of source and


slapstick. Hi. What a lovely looking pair. Took the words right out of my




In Carry On don't lose your head French Aristocats feared for their


lives as Madame guillotine steadily reduces their numbers.


Short back and sides, not too much off the top.


LAUGHTER Entered lewd, crude and downright


rude upper-class saviour in the shape of the inevitable Sid James.


You who! It's me. After him! In the finale stunt double standing


in for Charles Autry uses wires and some sped up film magic to seemingly


swing from a chandelier and crashed through a window. 50 years on, The


One Show is attempting to recreate this swashbuckling finale with


stuntman Gordon Alexander and stunt coordinator Jamie.


But what is it about that... What? Don't be ridiculous, I've only


had the one. What is it about the Carry On series that so hooked the


nation? Robert Ross is the official Carry On


historian. Robert, why were the Carry Ons so


popular? The musicals were closing down and the comedies took over and


the Carry Ons played to packed houses. What is the place of


slapstick and stunts? He was very clever, he get other people, like


Peter Diamond, who did the Star Wars films and they would be paid more


money almost than the actors because they were technically brilliant. He


could replace an actor, he could not replace a stuntman. He would want


them to look as good as possible for the cheapest amount. Preparations


underway as our stunt team sets up for the big leap for sup safety wise


they were using bed mattresses because they never had crash mats.


They most probably were using boxes from a very early age. Boxes are


very beautiful on, that's one thing that has never changed and never


will. How was it? Soft? The evolution of distant business in the


early days, there were a lot of doormen looking after the stars and


everybody knew everyone, so the moment they needed somebody to fall


through a glass window will be in a punch-up, it fell back on these


security guards who were, like, we can do that. The stunt business now


is structured where it wasn't in those days.


Which is just as well because The One Show stuntman Gordon Alexander


will be smashing his way through an eight foot 4' window. Get it wrong


and it will be a right pain in the glass.


To be continued. We do need a resolution for the story and Gyles


Brandreth has promised one later in the show. Easy! Easy! Moving on.


Did the Carry On films make it as far as Canada Katherine?


No! I love Gyles Brandreth, so if he's selling the something, whether


it be energy for this falling around, I love it. I don't like to


see people fall over. It looks to have a real British five and a nice


flavour, I could get into Carry On films. You are a massive fan of the


Carry On films, what is it you love about them so much? Me and my nanny,


it was our favourite thing to do and we would watch Carry On movie after


Carry On movie and it's just really funny and slapstick. It is only as I


told that I understood some of the innuendo. I've watched them since I


was about five and obviously some of it went over my head but it is just


pure Britishness, it's amazing. I love carry on screening and Carry On


Camping. Carry on Camping, that seems. It's amazing, isn't it. There


is a connection between Sherlock and Carry On because Benedict's mum


wander was in several Carry On films and you were friends. And I worked


with her in several films. B films. She was so glamorous and still is


very glamorous and when they needed somebody glamorous in a film they


always got wander we have a picture of the Perov you. Do you remember


that photo? -- the pair of you. Are you on the far left? The far right.


You look lovely. Obviously we have got to talk to you about Sherlock


which has just finished, and your lovely portrayal of Mrs Hudson. What


an action hero she turned out to be. Who knew she had such a gritty past?


I think it was gradually creeping in. They let the audience know that


my husband was pretty rocky and Benedict had got rid of him, or


Sherlock had got rid of him. I had no idea the script was coming. A lot


of the crew had read it and said, wait until you see your episode.


That usually means you are going to fall down an elevator shaft. It must


have been really fun to do because you got totally stuck in. I know!


And I loved it. When they handed you the keys of the Aston Martin. You


went for it! Let's have a look at how tough you got.


Where is Mrs Hudson. He will have be up in a moment. Would you like a cup


of tea. Thank you. The kettle's over there.


# Bad to the bone. On you go. Examine him. I am the widow of a


drug dealer, to the last time I am not your housekeeper.


He has no idea what an idiot you are.


APPLAUSE That car chase was trending. It got


everybody talking, but when your grandchildren for example are


watching you on the telly, what do they think, they must think you are


Super Gran? They are quite young, some of them, and some of them are


grown up. I have a granddaughter in Madrid, and she texted me, she was


really thrilled and one of my trending. It got everybody talking,


but when your grandchildren for example are watching you on the


telly, what do they think, they must think you are Super Gran? They are


quite young, some of them, and some of them are grown up. I have a


granddaughter in Madrid, and she texted me, she was really thrilled


and one of my little ones said to me "Are you on television granny? "


That is all they know. Of course, will you be honest with us here,


when you get the scripts, from a viewer's perspective it can be


complicated to follow. When they give you the scripts and you read


through them to you think what is happening? Well, it is, the script


reading is nervewracking so you are concentrating on doing as good a


read as you can do, but I think with Sherlock, yes, it is quite


complicated in a way, but that is quite good, to work it out. I have


got it and all that sort of thing goes on. So yes is the answer to the


question. Yes. LAUGHTER


It was a bit long and boring. It's a chat show, that is what we are here


to do. What everyone will want to know, including myself, do you think


there is going to be a fifth series? We don't know. That is truly, we


really don't know. And sometimes you say, I wonder if we do any more and


Sue, our producer goes, we don't know. You never know. You are trying


to read the signs and facial expressions. We really don't know. I


would say... As far as preparation was concerned for this series, huge


ebbing presentation tasting and what have you as opposed to the early


series r I guess your preparation must have changed slightly. Because


you must have been getting worked up at what you would have to produce


for the fans. I am not on twitter. I have never been on twitter. I had no


idea there was quite a fuss made about that episode. Oh yes. . I had


no idea. Then Sue rang me and said they have gone bananas. So


thrilling, actually. Your fans really want a spin off series, they


would like to see you in your own special show.


APPLAUSE . Thank you. The people we have got


in here tonight. We have got a Sherlock and Dr Watson with a baby,


it is not a real baby. I have met them before. Have you? It is


surprising where the superfans get to? Series four, is out on DVD on


Monday, so we look forward to that, it is available as a digital


download on BBC store, so no excuse not to watch it.


Now, Una here's a film we think you'll enjoy -


This is master tailor Patrick Grant looking for inspiration


If this was a Sherlock episode it would be called


I am fashion designer and sewing is what my world is all about it is the


same for Roger here but he is a surgeon. Today we will see what we


can learn from each other in a special One Show job swap.


Roger is a Professor of surgical education at Imperial College


London. He is interested in parallels between surgery and


craftsmanship. He learns from professionals who work and


communicate under pressure, like Formula One teams, and even bomb


disposal experts. I have been looking at how you approach


something that is very high stakes for the people involved, because if


it goes wrong they get blown up, and there are interesting parallels


there, with surgery, where there are high stakes of a different kind, by


finding out what experts outside medicine do with their worlds, we


can improve what we do in ours, we can teach people to do what they


need to do but better. Roger thinks the best way to learn


from other experts is to get hands on, and first up it is my turn. I am


going to try surgical stitching. So Roger, what are we looking at


here? We are looking at a simulation of a surgical operation, which we


have designed for teaching medical student, we are looking at the


insides of somebody's stomach. This is not a real body? The idea is you


have different organ, they feel different. If you feel that and you


imagine what it would be like to sew it, and you feel the liver, or the


spleen, you imagine what it would be like to sew that. Roger demonstrates


the stitch to close the stomach. They use different materials for


joining different parts. Nylon for the skin, silk in the brain, and


steel for the ribs are. He holds the needle with instruments


and it is curved. We want to go in and then out again, if we used a


straight needle it would be going straight down. Into the important


bits. Yes. There we are. Now it is my go. In there. That is


right. Make sure that you don't put it through anything underneath. That


is it. Release it. I mean just managing the needle holders, is


extraordinarily difficult. You feel strangely disconnected from the


needle by the simple mechanics of this holder. It seems normal to me


because this is the only sewing I have ever done. It is tricky, but I


can see the instruments would give me extra precision once I had


mastered them. So how did I do? That is very good actually. Well done.


Thank you Roger. That was certainly a new experience


for me. Now it is final for Roger to be the student at our workshop on


Savile Row. Rachel Smith worked as a tailor for ten year, she


demonstrates a cross stitch joining a lapel to a collar.


You make it look very simple. I strongly suspect it isn't nearly as


simple as it looks. Stronger has a try under my supervision. The same


way you are putting the right amount of tension on your stitch, to get


the two edges of the skin edge to edge, we are doing the same thing.


Not too tight. Exactly. I don't know what I have done there. There. I


think am going from bad to worse, this is taking me back to an


uncomfortable position of being a complete novice. In the end, he


doesn't do a bad job. Pretty impressed. He is inspired by


our robust yet flexible collar stitch. The fact you have a


particular cross stitch for a particular purpose would be value


for surges to know about. We learn to do stitching from o surgeons and


there are other people who do stitching, there is this whole area


of expertise in joining and using threads and needles that I am


unaware of as ex pers in one field, we need to know what experts in


other fields do. I really admire Roger for stepping


outside his familiar environment and being open to learning from all


sorts of other professions. Out of interest if you were


stitching up a stomach what stitch would you go for? Overstitch. Every


time. There are good tips in here, are you still into sewing? No it


takes me half an hour to thread a needle. It was a lovely thing to do.


Catherine we know you are handy with a sewing machine. Yes. These are


your Prom photos. I made that dress. It is more like an expensive leather


that skin! I wanted the front of it to look like a butterfly, like stuck


on. I mean tell that to my headmaster, because I was just a


baby. I am amazed you could show it. We didn't have eye pads or things or


other Android type tablet it is a are available. My daughter got a


sewing machine for Christmas. Good man, there you go. Is she using it.


Are you helping her? I have a nice glasses case. Fun. We are almost


half way through the programme. Well we're almost at


the halfway point in the show, so it's only right that -


in true Gogglebox style - we find out how things are going


from a viewer's point of view. Betty, Mark, Ava - what do


you think of the show so far? Hiya. Enjoying it? Yes, it is going


well, going well. Enjoying it. Good so far. They are hard to please.


Scarlett you had no idea this was going to happen? I have got really


red. It is my own family, I don't know. How do you think your daughter


is doing on The One Show? Can I say when I won the Jungle I said to my


dad I said how did he I do? He went yeah, all right. This isn't


surprising. Don't expect anything... We will go back for more analysis of


the show later on. Nice to see you. Back with you shortly.


There is a delay, County Durham must be 3,000 miles away.


These are self made millionaires so that was with inspiring because when


I found out I was going to do the show and it is introspective


journalism, documentary, but funny, I thought these people, they have


just inherited all their Monday, no, they came from nothing, all of them


and they made millions. What kind of jaw-dropping situations did you find


yourself in? I was in Monaco on yacht, private plane, which I didn't


love. I feel like the bigger the plane the safer you are. It can get


too bumpy. But they have champagne for that. I like that bit I was in


palace, genuine mansions that people own and operate and learning about


their story. I think Channel 4 does a good job, when I watch Gogglebox


and Secret Life, The Updatables they are good at showing the character


and developing the story. I am curious, I ask all the questions


that maybe are a bit goesh, I had to accost people on the street. Is that


doorsteping people? That is it. I was worried I would be thrown out if


I got too cheeky but I am apparently very charming. Were people open to


talk about their wealth? You sort of travelled round quite a bit for


this, did you find that different countries were more open and


unenthusiastic to talk? I hate to make generalisation but British


people get it under hair hat. They were more humble and less inclined


to say how much things cost, but they were sweet. I got it out of


them in the end. Let us have a look at you exploring Monaco with an


A-list party planner. Super fun. Much wealth will be on the yacht


tonight with Mac between 30 and 50 billion. That's 35-50,000,000,000.


You've got to understand is the kind of wealth that would make the Queen


looked like she is on a budget. This represents maybe 4 billion euros.


This represents your guest list. I guess the all-important question is,


would you say money can't buy you happiness? Yes.


LAUGHTER Certainly not. I think money can buy


you freedom in the world that we live in and you can like that or


not, but it is the case. I think freedom is the key to happiness. You


don't need that much money. I certainly don't need that much money


but I do value freedom, therefore I would never marry a millionaire.


Shell's mother said to her marry a rich man and she said to her, I am a


rich man. -- Cher'. You didn't come away from it thinking you wanted all


of those claims and yachts. You can deny climate change if you want but


I wouldn't have if private jet. I just want freedom, and I'm happy the


British public come to see me onto land they have made it possible as


an immigrant, a single mum, to have a lot of freedom with my daughter in


the UK. We have takeaway once in awhile. That's all I ever wanted.


And I have a Netflix special coming out on debris 14, which is super


exciting, and that's because of you. It's one of the only British


worldwide stand-up specials they have and it's because people come to


see me on to and watch things on this and the culture of live comedy


here, so I am super blessed. Talking about comedy, one of your comedy


heroes is Joan Rivers, isn't she? I love any powerful woman who broke


down barriers when they existed. There are still barriers for us to


break down today but if we look at how far we have come, I'm sure even


in your lifetime, not that long ago women couldn't have a mortgage or a


bank account, in our parents' lifetime, but I'm fortunate to live


in the year in the country I do. That's an interesting point from


your perspective, knowing the movie stars that you do and the life you


have had, what is your perspective on wealth now? I feel very much the


same as you do. I just think it could bring happiness, but on the


whole it could bring unhappiness. And I think there is a lot of


unhappiness about at the moment, I really do. One of the biggest


problems facing the world today which money cannot sort out is the


rise of antibiotic resistant infections.


And while the over-prescription of drugs is a big factor -


Andy's been to meet a farmer at the forefront


Grange Lodge farm, North Yorkshire. Home to 1000 sows and multitudinous


offspring and for today, meet too. I think they have this consumption and


edibility business the wrong way around. I'm not just here to indulge


my on-off relationship with farm animals, because these little swine


are a bit different from your average pig. You might not think so,


especially when they are trying to eat my wellies but these little


critters are at the forefront of veterinary science and what happens


to them may also keep us a little bit safer too. Now then, come on to


your uncle Andy. It's all to do with antibiotics. When we have an


infection, taking them has become second nature, but the Government


and senior medics say we have been overprescribing them for years. So


much so that some forms of the drug have now become ineffective because


diseases mutate to resist the antibiotic. Please can I have half a


dozen of the traditional pork. Of course you can. Farmers have also


been giving their animals way to many antibiotics and that's left


many experts worried that antibiotic resistant bacteria might be creeping


into our food chain. When antibiotics no longer work against


infections, we're all in trouble. GPs have already been cutting how


much they give out. Now, farmers are having to follow their lead with the


Government demanding they cut their use by 20% by next year. The


question for farmers is how? Well, pig farmer Richard Lister may have


just found the solution. Richard's pigs produce up to 600 piglets a


week. The problem was, many were falling sick. The particular problem


on the farm was a bacterial infection that tends to give a


respiratory problem so what we look to do is try and identify that


strain. There is lots of different strains of this and we developed a


vaccine that was bespoke to this farm. So, vaccines instead of


antibiotics. It is what that Duncan Barkes is busy giving out to


Richard's pigs today. But how does it work and is it any better? What


is the problem of treating livestock with antibiotics? If you use


antibiotics in any animal it disrupts the normal friendly gut


bacteria as well as the ones that we want. Useful bacteria? We have just


as many useful bacteria, in fact a lot more in the gut, which help us


with their digestion and be healthy. Antibiotics attack all of those.


Like carpet bombing? Yes, exactly, whereas if we have one that is


bespoke and particular to one infectious agent, it will leave the


useful bacteria alone. But there is a twist in the tail. So far they are


on their third vaccine to deal with different strains. Each can take 18


months to develop in the lab and cost up to ?35,000 to deliver as a


treatment. Richard says that is, for his farm, about the same of Dominic


as regularly using antibiotics. So, is it a viable solution for farmers


nationwide? Alun Davies, advises farmers on disease control.


What do you think of the bespoke targeting vaccine idea as an


alternative to giving animals antibiotics? It is not a silver


bullet. The best thing to do is to identify where the bacteria that


causes an infection comes from in the first place. So rather than test


an animal to find the bacteria to develop a vaccine to treat all the


animals with, what we should do is test the animals' environment, deal


with the source as a means of prevention instead of treating. Back


on the farm and a few more of Richard's pigs are going under the


needle. To these girls you are literally a pain in the neck,


Duncan. Many people have said that before. And for Richard he's working


economically and in terms of the health of his heard and seen a 30%


drop in their mortality rates. It's been very successful, overall the


pigs are far healthier, less treatment, and it has been a win-win


all around. At the moment we seem to be saving money. You'll be passing


on the low costs to the consumer. We are always passing them on!


CHUCKLES From vaccinated pigs to fluffy dogs


and very cuddly penguins. I'd be happy to do the show in all of these


all of the time, it's very comfortable. The best job ever


chilling in your slippers and talking. My dad doesn't take off his


shoes, he wears a shirt and tries as to watch TV. Whereas my mum is


wearing a onesie chilling out. Smart attire? Yes, I don't know what's


going on. What are you guys' TV routines? As soon as I get in the


door, nightshirt. Love it. That's me as well, indoor clothes. One man


enjoyed that a lot. I can't do a onesie, it's too hot, and what if


you need to go to the loo. The loop situation is tricky, you've got to


think about these situations, you are right. But it is cute and the


slipper situation. Mac -- slippers are cute. You are going to be part


of the presenting team at the National Television Awards. How cool


is that? It is unbelievable because I've never been to an awards


ceremony. What are you expecting? I don't really know because I've never


been to one and when I was asked to do it I was so overwhelmed and I was


like this is amazing and I love watching the NTA is and I get to go


backstage and find out the gossip. I am taking over the Twitter. Everyone


else is experiencing the red carpet with me as well. It's my first time


and hopefully by encouraging people to tweet we will be asked loads of


fun questions. Twitter have kindly given us one of those emoticons, so


if you hashtag NTA the little symbol comes up. I get to award the first


NTA with Dermot. This is amazing. Are you taking anyone with you to


enjoy the experience? My whole family are going. But I asked my dad


to be my date on the red carpet. So I'm really excited about that. So,


it's Wednesday at 7:30pm. It's very soon, isn't it! ? The strange thing


for you is obviously you've been talking about these people on


television for a long time and now you are going to be chatting to


them. I am a bit nervous because I've done Gogglebox for two and a


half years and I can't remember what I've said about everyone. That's


interesting! It is and we have some quotes about things you have said


about people. Don't judge me, I was a lot younger and I started


Gogglebox. Could you read that out, and Katherine? We will go with this


first and the idea is you've got to guess who you were talking about.


People with glasses tend to be rubbish dancers.


Just physics. The law of physics.


That was, I'm so sorry, it's not the law of physics, that was somebody on


strict Li, was it Greg? Yes, it was. It was Gregg Wallace -- strictly. If


you see any other girls on the red carpet with their dads, it's


probably not their dad. LAUGHTER


Don't make any assumptions. OK, next one. At university we used to drink


our own wee all the time. It's nothing! I feel I have to explain


that a little bit because it makes me sound bad. That is about Bear


Grylls because on one of them to survive they had to do drink you're


-- wee and I got a tip-off that we would have to drink our own wee so I


drank a lot of water so to be fair mine was like warm water. I'm really


sorry! All we needed was a name! Bear Grylls, Bear Grylls it was




And finally. He's my twin, everyone


says I look like him. It's me. Alan Carr!




Very good, it was Alan Carr. We could swap heads. Are you going to


do a TV show with him? Yes, we are just trying to develop ideas of what


we are going to do which is exciting, I love Alan so much, I'm


so excited. Shall we check in with your dad and have a word with your


date for the NTAs. We were just talking earlier on about the fact


Scarlett has moved away from home, so it must be a very different place


around there without her. Are you missing her? We always miss her but


we've upgraded and got a new model now taking her place. That's a


better model, to be fair. It's a lot cleaner as well! Have you taken over


my bedroom yet? She has, yes. I think that's a no. Have I turned


that Southern that they can't understand what I'm saying? What


will you miss the most, Scarlett? You've moved down to London as you


said before, and you are obviously close to your family which is lovely


to see. What will you miss most? I am missing watching the TV with


them. Like, honestly, some of my best memories in life, I don't know


if this means I'm a bit deprived, I just sat watching TV, even watching


The One Show. I just miss that. I love watching TV with my boyfriend,


Luke. Sorry! But I do miss watching television with them. One of my best


memories in life is watching you watch telly!


LAUGHTER Let's have a word because you will


not be doing Gogglebox anymore without Scarlett as a family. Are


you going to miss it as a family doing it and what has the whole


experience been like for you all? Well, we always felt like we were


just sofa fillers because she couldn't talk to herself on


Gogglebox. No! And I was chief tea maker! My dad was in charge of the


tea when watching Gogglebox. Come on, dad, it is your time to shine,


put the kettle on. You hear people saying, I'm moving on and will try


other things but this is where you made it big on Gogglebox. Is it hard


to leave it behind? I still love Gogglebox. I'm not even saying


never. I would honestly still do Gogglebox. I think I just love


family shows. Because I'm all about family, I just love what Gogglebox


represents. I think it's nice that we get different regional accidents


on the TV and it's not the typical people that you would see on TV. I


would just sing Gogglebox's praises. Do you watch the other families on


Gogglebox and comment on them? I fast forward myself. Do you? Have


you ever heard yourself back? It sounds awful. Do I really looked


like that? Do I sound like that? But I do love Gogglebox and watching it.


I just laugh at it all day long. Thank you everyone.


APPLAUSE Now, any snooker fans out


there will know that the Masters are underway here in London, but -


as thrilling as the matches are - they don't come close to this


trick shot that's been It's the brain child of Bristol bar


manager Shane O'Hara - who spent 11 hours and 100 test runs


perfecting the 500ft putt. Well, Shane's with us


tonight and we asked him Everyone from The One Show has gone


home. I have the entire night to work out a trick shot. Starting on


the seventh floor and ending on the ground floor. Fingers crossed I can


pull it off. It is all about materials, the more you have to work


with the better. Requires patience, really open mind.


A hell of a lot of coffee. Fingers crossed.


APPLAUSE It's here. In the studio. He's the


man! Well done. It happens. So, come on then, the whole night you were in


the office, what was the trickiest bit and why? Well I couldn't get


into the studio without Dave. Dave is very handy. He deserves a share


of the credit. I can hear the calls from Vegas. There was one sticking


point, we have got a clip here, this is Martin our studio manager's desk.


This was the tricky part. I just wouldn't happen. I would love to


blame everybody else. That is all on me, it is just a big domino, if it


doesn't work, can't blame anybody. If it was working up all night. My


energy started waning. One more time.


APPLAUSE You are training in ballroom


dancing, I don't know if I am allowed to say. It isn't Dr Dancing


Dermot is doing. It is singing. Maybe I will get in trouble for


that. He is singing. I have heard, maybe.


As far as your ballroom, Strictly, surely? I feel like, though, maybe


because I have already danced before, maybe... Doesn't matter. Do


you not think so? People would be like it's not fair because she has


danced. They get good dancers. We have some dancing of you, with Cliff


Richard. Back in the day. Shaking your tush. That is wonderful. Is


this the dance troupe Cool For Exacts What is that?! I don't think


it is. -- apparently it is, we are hearing it is definitely you. Any


way. Maybe not. Whoever you are... LAUGHTER


It is very good. It is very good. Congratulations to everyone doing


that. Catherine, you are into dancing? Yes, some of the best


dancers in the world. Let's dance for Comic Relief. Let's move on. Let


us see if the stunt team have managed to recreate one of the Carry


On famous slapstick scenes. Here we go.


In 1966 Carry On released one of their best-loved titles. Can I cut


in? The revolutionary French farce Carry On Don't Lose Your Head. Will


the stunt team manage to recreate its finale, 50 years on? Or will


they fall flat on their Khyber Pass? In the original stunt wires were


worn to make it look as if the Duke swings from a chandelier and crashes


out of the window. But for us, we are going commando, we will be


wearing nothing. We are at the headquarters of the


theatre school in Bristol, because we will be using their trapeze ring,


the stunt will be pieced together from three separate manoeuvre, stunt


co-ordinator Jamie has planned for Gordon to dive from a balcony and


drop on to box below. Next Gordon will jump from the platform, holding


on a specially made chandelier rigged to thing Your position if you


go through the glass, you would go through knees. Main concern is to


make sure I fly straight and let go at the right moment, because when


this is at height, if I let go early I am going to go potentially


underneath the pane of glass or I could go over the top. We only have


one pane so we have to get it right. After practising the swing, with


team are confident they have the correct position for the frame.


Which is just as well, as it would be a very unpleasant collision, into


a steel frame the Gordon misjudges the jump. And here is where things


get French fancy! Ooh! For a window this size, only real glass will do.


It is toughened so it will shatter into small pieces but it is still


too dangerous for the stuntman to break it on impact. In the film


industry, there is a way to do this. Use explosives.


So we have put two nail breakers at the bottom of glass, we will fire a


charge that will fire the nail into the glass, breaking it, just before


he goes through. Then he will come off to this area here, where our


paramedic will be, and he will quickly give him the once over.


Rehearsal time is over. The rig is up, and the pressure is truly on as


we can only get it up once. You know, I don't think these people


could do justice to the proud tradition of Carry On. It is time


for me Giles to enter the boudoir of chance. Manufacture


Liberty, equality, fromais frais. J' arrive.


Voila. As the Duke always says, non! What a carry on! That is almost it.


A big thank you to our guests. And thanks too to the Magic Lantern


Festival for brightening up the place. Sherlock is out on DVD on


Monday, you can see Catherine harassing the rich and famous and


the NTAs are next Wednesday night. Tomorrow we will be joined by Dame


Joan bake wall and Frank Skinner. Now it is Jack Savoretti.


# Travelled far to get ourselves here


# And you learned to say what's on your mind


# And now we build our love and memories, living heart to heart


# Glowing like an open fire, we came out from the dark


# Only you know where to go to get to me


# And stop me living behind the lines enemies


# We travelled rough to get ourselves here


# Now laughter dries the tears we cry


# I placed the love you gave me closer to my heart,


# You took the songs I sang to you alone in the dark


# Only you know where to go to get to me


# And stop me living behind the lines enemies


# When I'm with you baby it's a beautiful life,


# Together this world feels like home


# Walk me beside now until the end of time,


# Only you know where to go to get to me


# And stop me living, and stop me living,


# And stop me living behind the lines of enemies #


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Boris Johnson has warned EU leaders not to give the UK "punishment


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