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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Angela Scanlon.


Tonight we'd like to show you something that is so rare nowadays -


we had great difficulty in tracking one down.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a courgette! Very, very special at the


moment. As you may know, the UK has been hit by a courgette shortage.


Cold weather in Spain and Italy has meant they have been disappearing


from the shelves so we are in luck it is awful! My spiraliser has not


been used in weeks! How are you guys coping? I have got some in my


fridge. It is danger in Bakewell and Frank Skinner! I would not even have


recognised that as a courgette. I think it is borderline cucumber. It


is on the way to being a marrow. I like to think we all are! You can


use a marrow instead because they are plentiful. When there is a


shortage it is surprisingly what lengths people go to. If you fancy a


nibble, I will leave it there. If the courgette disappeared, I would


not mind massively. I like a courgette. We will talk about your


latest project, Portrait Artist Of The Year later. And with that in


mind, we have a very talented audience here. The idea is they will


be painting a celebrity and you have to guess who the celebrity is a bit


later on. I tell you what, it is amazing the talent. Attention to


detail, we like that. Speaking of portraits, this is the first


portrait painted of Donald Trump since he was elected. And this week


Madame Tussaud's also unveiled their first waxwork of him with a


hairstyle instructed of, wait for it, 25,000 yaik hairs. Look how long


he wears his ties. It is extraordinary. Now here are five


Brits and one car who have a special relationship with the incoming


president. I have a special car, Donald Trump's


Cadillac. It was designed by Donald Trump in 1988. This car has a drinks


cabinet. It pipes the drinks from the boot back into the car. There is


an in-built safe, a paper shredder and a mobile phone. It is an office


on wheels. Now Donald Trump is president, it does not make any


difference to me, it is still my Cadillac. My name is Michael Powell.


I am at the geographer. In 1986I photographed Donald Trump for the


Times newspaper. -- I am a photographer. People tend to look


better when you put the light on the same side as the parting of the


hair. Donald Trump has three. This is the shot I took. I'd tried to get


him smiling. He took that as a challenge and suggested I told him a


joke. Make me laugh, and I got it. It is a nice shot. You don't see


many pictures of him smiling like that.


My name is Rob Edwards. I have been following Trump for many years in


Scotland and have had a few uncomfortable encounters. He has


done lots of controversial things in Scotland. He proposed a golf course


which every environmental group opposed but then he got the go-ahead


from the Scottish Government. The few times I have interacted with him


he has been very rude. He is offensive. He believes journalists,


he believes environmentalists and he bullies residents who oppose him. I


am a resident on the estate in Aberdeenshire and by Donald Trump.


He has tried to throw us out of our homes. He has had a two line is cut,


our phone lines cut and built a fence around my house. He sent me a


bill for half the cost of the fence and is still doing everything he


possibly can to make us unwelcome on our own property. My name is Gareth.


I wrote to Donald Trump when I was 17 years of age asking him for a


job. I received a letter from the Trump Tower. They were going to keep


my raise a file. When I first started in sales, Donald Trump's


book was one of the books we all had to read. From that day I realised he


was very successful in his image and how he portrayed himself and I


wanted to replicate Donald Trump. I'm filled full of foreboding about


a Trump presidency because if you look at the way he has treated


Scotland and the way he has treated Scotland's environment, which is


basically to trash it, the risk is he will do that to the US and to the


world. I remember when Donald Reagan -- Ronald Reagan was voted in there


was probably equal concern in this country about him being in that job.


I think any world leader really has to be judged on the whole term. The


thought of this man being the president from Friday onwards is


actually quite scary. It is like a bad dream. You almost hope it will


not happen but you know it will anyway. I recently sent a card of


congratulations in his new job saying congratulations on his race


to the top. As he believes in his country, so do I.


Whatever your views, it does all start tomorrow. Tommy Sandusky is


here with the schedule. When does it all start and where can we watch it


-- Tommy Sand do. From 4pm here we can watch the coverage and then from


4:30pm there will be some music and speeches. 5pm our time is when he


takes the oath of office. That is when he will do the eyeful release


where top old the Constitution and all that. Then after that, there


will be lunch and a review of the armed services. Ben Moore speeches


and he will do the walk. He and Mike Pence the vice president will do the


walk from the Capitol building down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White


House. A big parade will follow. Then there are inaugural balls. He


says he will attend at least three of them, maybe more. But he cannot


party too hard because the next day he has an national prayer service at


the Washington National Cathedral and then he gets down to work. It


all begins the next morning. Frank is speechless! He always looks like


he is winging it. I basically disagree with what he stands for but


he is comedy gold. I will be watching tomorrow live. Keep comedy


live. Honestly, I find him endlessly hilarious. Even if he blows up the


entire planet, I think there will be lots of laughs on the way! Lets hope


that doesn't happen. There are lots of stories since the very beginning


but you have some great inauguration stories through the ages. I love and


inauguration anecdote! Which President was in possession of just


one tooth in his mouth when he was inaugurated? Jefferson? No, it was


not. It was George Washington. He kept his mouth shut! Not smiling for


that reason. He had dentures made of human teeth, animal teeth, ivory and


even lead. What kind of animal teeth are those? There was a tragic


incident off the back of the inauguration. On President was


killed by his own inauguration. William Henry Harrison delivered the


longest inauguration speech. One hour 45 minutes out in a snowstorm.


This is back in 1841. He didn't have a coat or a hat, caught pneumonia


and died a month later. He had the longest ever in operation speech and


the shortest time ever served as president. When your mother tells


you to wear a coat, where your coat! It is the perfect death for a


politician talking yourself to death! Do you think history might


repeat itself? He is very well insulated and that is why he has two


wear fake tan, he has constructed a canopy that the sun never gets to!


There was one president who was sworn in four times? Barack Obama.


The first time he was sworn in they missed the words upside for safety's


sake they did it again the next day. Then for his second term when he was


re-elected, it fell on the 20th of January, his oath of office and that


was a Sunday. So they did a small ceremony then and they really did it


for a televised ceremony on the Monday. So he got four oaths of


office for the price of two. He got a deal out of it.


Tommy, thank you. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to design


your very own village? What would it look like? Would it be like


Ambridge? It would look like Midsummer Murders. One designer has


been given the challenge and Lucy has been to inspect his plans.


30-year-old married dad of two Jamie Carter is looking to buy his first


family home. We have been renting for two years and desperate to get


on the housing ladder. And Heather cannot afford a deposit. I will be


saving for about 20 years. But could there now be a solution for


first-time buyers up and down the country? It might look like I am


standing in the middle of an empty field but this is the site of a


brand-new housing concept and on the government hopes might be the answer


to the housing shortage. The garden village. This site here in Cheshire


is just one of 14 proposed garden villages across England. So what


exactly are they? If you picture of traditional village then at first


glance you would not be far off. There is no set model. But a garden


village has to be self-contained and they must have their own essentials


like shops, transport, schools and even their own GPS macro. Sounds


great but will the reality live up to that and will it truly help


first-time buyers to get on the property ladder? We are going to


find out. The government is trying hard to attract first-time buyers.


Not only are they pumping in ?6 million, under a new scheme for


buyers aged 25 to 40 there could be a 25% discount. I am taking Heather


and Jamie to the site in Cheshire to see if they could ever be tempted


into signing up. What would it mean to you to own your own place? I


would see it as security for my future as much as anything else and


for my children. Putting money into something which is yours. When you


are renting it is effectively dead money. I'm going to meet designer


Wayne Hemingway. He has been commissioned to design the village


and has brought along some early designs. Welcome to my office! Thank


you! This is just a field. How do you design a garden village from


scratch? This should fit around 1600 homes so around 4000 people which is


a nice decent community. There will be a school, cafes and shops. There


will be a sports field and places to walk your dog. There will be access


to the station and to get your car onto the main roads. Will there be a


GP surgery? Yes. Will they be in Auckland? If there are any milkmen


around here I'm sure they will want to deliver milk. -- will they'll be


and not men? You also get to have a say in how it looks. What would you


be interested in creating here if you moved? Basically creating a safe


environment for my children to grow up in. You want to be part of the


community, not just to have a home. How do you make this village appeal


to all? You will never make everybody happy but the people we


have in front of us are the people we should be helping. That is my


aim. But not everyone is in favour of the garden village plan. Urban


designer David Rutledge is sceptical. They should not be built


in the middle of nowhere. They will not have public transport and shops.


When you do a survey you find people are positive about the idea of


garden villages but they are negative about the idea of housing


developments. It is a badge to sell things which otherwise would be


unsuitable. There is no easy solution. We have to do something


about it, we need homes. Sir how will the local council are sure that


this new development works for everybody? I put this suggestion to


councillor Jamie McRae? This is not just on housing estate, it is a


place and a community. The design code will ensure the local community


facilities are built within the garden village, such as primary


schools and a real village centre. Would a new home in a garden village


work for our prospective buyers? For the recreational facilities put in


place, I cannot see why it would not be a great place to bring my family


up. It ticks a lot of boxes, I would have involvement in the development


and it is sustainable. I would be interested. Could be years before


this site is up and running. It remains to be seen if they garden


village is just a pretty name for a housing development or the blueprint


for the perfect place to live and bring up your children.


The red ones are the villages, and the towns in blue, over 10,000


homes. You are very pro-. I am, I think it is a wonderful idea. That


they are entities in themselves, not just add-ons to sprawl. A complete


identity of their own, they will have a vigorous young architects


designing interesting homes. The architecture has to be right. It


really could be like the prize-winning hamster Garden suburb,


now a legendary achievement in the garden village movement. --


Hampstead Garden suburb. There is an old airfield being used. They are


being very strategic about the places they are choosing. If I were


a young family, I would be in there. Terrific. They will believe every


morning presumably and work somewhere else? The idea is a


community there with everything you would need. Usually everyone goes to


the nearest town or city to work. It's changing, Frank. People work


from home a lot. It will evolve as you get the professionals there,


they will want to set up work. There will be schools and offices, a


community. It is very hard to create a community, but when you do it


successfully, everyone really enjoys it. We have won tonight here, I


feel. We could talk about this for ever, but we are here to talk about


you guys and your series back again, the Portrait Artist Of The Year.


Let's take a look. Over the next eight weeks, some of


the most talented artists from Britain and Ireland are showcasing


their talents. I've been constantly painting in my head. Last night I


couldn't sleep, I was just dreaming painting. In front of the public,


they will have just four Alistair paid the portraits of some very


famous faces. -- four hours to paint the portraits. How does it feel? I


will do this a lot. Do you want to look noble, interesting, quirky? Are


you taking notes? That would be fantastic! I for 1am a big fan of


the Portrait Artist Of The Year. -- Ivor one and a big fan. Give us an


idea of how the artists progress. It began a few months back, 1500 people


sent in self portraits. We have judges who narrowed it down to 54.


They are split into heaps, they paint a celebrity each every week.


There is a winner every week. -- hits. There is a semifinal and a


final, and the winner gets a ?10,000 commission to paint Graham Norton,


and that goes into the National Gallery of Ireland. They have gone


from optimistically sending in a painting to being on the wall of the


National Gallery of Ireland, quite a prize. Amazing. They start with


self-portrait is but then they paint under quite a bit of pressure. Are


the celebrity is ever upset with the portrayal? If they are, they are


very good at disguising it. A lot of them are actors, so if they don't


like it, they give a good performance. They enjoy it, they


enter into the spirit, they would not have come otherwise. They are


very good at acting steel, behaving very well. Whereas some people,


Adrian Chiles was very jumpy, wasn't he? Very twitchy. If we may mention


him on this hallowed Soper, he was like a man in chains. -- hallowed


sofa. He said, can you walk with me, I have to get outside? It was like


taking a bear out of the circus. Others get very stiff. The actresses


stand up and stretch. I always think that is a marvellous shot, they


really stretch out like Panthers to get the shape. All the different


styles of work. The different artists can use any kind of medium


they want. Embroidery... If you people have found stuff in skips and


painted on it. Chunks of metal, old doors. Knitting. As long as it works


and makes a good portrait, you know. I guess they take you by surprise.


Do you have a favourite medium these days, are you happy to go with the


flow? He is learning. Are you learning to paint? Having done the


show, I have been doing evening classes. Watching someone close up,


standing in front of a blank canvas and in a few hours turn it into


something beautiful is pretty amazing. You have sat and had a


portrait done, Joan. We had a celebratory opening, a launch, and


as a surprise to me, I was asked to sit for a portrait painted by one of


our early winners, who is really good. Christopher. He was there and


within two hours, he painted this portrait. That was quite something.


I had the experience of sitting still for two hours. It's


exceptional in my life to have two hours, sitting still. I recommend


it. It's very therapeutic. I felt wonderful, it entered my head. A


great New year's resolution... Sitting still! I might try it right


now! Can you carry on? Portrait Artist Of The Year starts


next Tuesday at 8pm on Sky Arts. Our audience have been painting for


most of the afternoon, for about an hour, before we came on air. They


will be revealing their work and you have to guess the celebrity.


Terrific. It's a brave man who would agree to paint the portrait of


someone who has been a 19 times world boxing champion. Thankfully


our One Show artist Adbanji was up for it, and so was Chris Eubank, and


it's not very often he hits the canvas! As an artist, I love the


time it takes to paint a portrait, several hours in a sitting can


reveal a lot about someone. Sitting for me today is former boxer Chris


Eubank. He was unbeaten for ten years, 43 fights, and was a 19 time


world champion. I have been locked up in secure units, assessment


centres, foster homes. I have been beaten up. For every fight I won, I


lost four. All the mistakes made it so that when I fought Nigel Benn for


the World Championship, I did not lose to that man, because I had made


enough mistakes. I made champion of the world through force. So


basically, you almost failed your way to success? Yes, I failed my way


to success. For some, he has become synonymous not with spot but his


eccentric dress sense, flamboyant behaviour and intellectual


posturing. Do you like the limelight? No. What don't you like


about it? I love it! Absolute love. I am the best. This wasn't given to


me. But when you spend maybe 20 years being the anti-hero, for no


reason, when you have been a very gentle, caring person. Let's say I


was arrogant, am I not supposed to be? Isn't it OK to be arrogant as a


fighter? There is a swagger to it. There is, you need to project


confidence. His style divides opinion, with his outfits topping


both best and worst dressed lists. Do you know how many times I have


been out in the public domain wearing absolutely ridiculous


clothes? Many times. In order to get it perfect, I had to make mistakes.


So I have been laughed at. When you are born into the world and


unattractive man, you try to make up for it in one way or another. This


is like a child, don't look at my face, check the monocle and the


shoes and the teeth. To me, it's like a work in progress. It's


getting better and better. How do you marry this flamboyant essence of


fashion with the view of you being a boxer? It is all an act. In reality,


the boxing is real, and there is an act. I am not Telegraphing. Try


again... I walked to the corner as though I have won... Flamboyance. At


the end of the fight, in a close fight, the judges say, you know


what, he just seems to have a bit of that... You are constantly going


back and forth between reality and an act. That's what I'm seeing. Yes.


Nothing and no one is an original. So if that's true, you should steal,


plagiarise, copy, impersonate... They call me the great pretender.


And I am privileged to be called the great pretender. I embrace it,


because we are all acting. And look at what it's made me, a 19 time


world champion. Not bad for a Peckham boy. Not bad at all!


Using the time Chris has spent sitting for me, I am painting him a


portrait of the way I see him. Three weeks later, it's complete, and


Chris returns to my studio. Goodness, that is good! My goodness.


I'm so glad I came today like this. Because it really shows a contrast


between something which is really theatrical as opposed to... Like


that! Normal, yeah. It is you with a background blazed in this colourful


poetry, and you remind me of an African king. So, boom! Thank you!


And of course you know Adbanji. He was on Landscape artist of the year.


That was a brilliant portrait. It is time to see some brilliant


portraits. Our audience have been painting this afternoon. This is


lorry. Any idea who she has painted? Unavoidably, Theresa May. Well done!


I thought she was just holding up a mirror!


It's a good Theresa May. Are you a student art? I studied painting at


Camberwell. The next one. This is Caroline. The


slight giveaway is the strap over the shoulder. That's got to be Andy


Murray, hasn't it? It's worth pointing out these were


not the best ones. We tried to make it difficult by picking ones you


would not get. Well done. Any thoughts on this handsome devil?


I think this is terrific but I can't get who it is. I like it, I love the


jacket. I hope it's not me. It is! Joan and Frank, you get to pick one


each to bring home. Out of all of those? Is that Barack Obama? Yes, it


is. You have forgotten him already! Obviously I want one of me. Is there


two of me? Thank you to everyone. Thank you to Joan and Frank.


Portrait Artist Of The Year starts on Tuesday at eight o'clock on Sky


Arts. Room 101 is on at 8.30pm


tomorrow on BBC One. Fay Ripley and I will be here


tomorrow talking to Robson Greene. And there'll be music from Pete Tong


and the Heritage Orchestra. They want me to write and


produce - for a boy band. Oh. Your album's


getting five-star reviews, I mean, you must feel like


you're dreaming. Well, well.


If it isn't Baloo and Mowgli.


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