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Hello and welcome to the One Show with Angela Scanlon.


On our sofa tonight, two stars who share a passion for music,


and in our warped imagination, this is how we think


Summer Loving had me at last. Summer Loving happened so fast. I met a


girl, crazy Flamini. I met a boy, tutors


They also share no fewer than six names.


Wait for it - Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John!


CHEERING That was amazing! You have to do it


now. That wasn't actually real, if you couldn't work it out!


Is there anyone you would love to duet with?


This one! That would be amazing. And it would be fun, my kids listen to


Frozen all the time, so Idina Menzel would be good, and also Elton John.


I would love to sing with Rod Stewart. That could work! Raspy,


gorgeous voice. I'm ready! Neil, you are a little bit jealous of a role


that Olivia got to play, specifically the dancing? Yes, Gene


Kelly is amazing. What was that like? It was amazing, he was so


sweet. And he was older when you were doing this? Yes, he was


fantastic, he wanted us to do it in one take, and I had never tap danced


before, so I did three months rehearsal of basic tap, then we had


to learn the whole thing, because he directed that segment and they did


it in one sweeping move. There is something great about a guy that can


dance like that and make it look so effortless. Tap Israeli technical.


You did quite a lot of dancing yourself? I never took a dance


lesson in my life. You just freestyle? I just stand in the front


and get really talented dancers behind me that do incredible dancing


while I stand there and do the hands. Jazz hands get you through!


Sell it with conviction. Eyes and teeth!


Let's meet some more people we'll be spending a bit of time


Four people plucked from the ranks of One Show viewers who are going


to be getting to grips with the biggest issue of our times.


Meet Team Brexit, four One Show viewers who will be answering the


questions that you want answered. Nora from Bolton has already made a


few films for us in the past. This country of ours is called Great


Britain, and it has become great because we have accepted


multicultural people coming over who have integrated. Although fun Nora,


that is not quite the end of the matter. We should have control over


how many people do come into the land. We are sinking. This land is


sinking with the amount of people who are here. So how does she feel


about Theresa May 's speech last Monday? We are leaving the European


Union, but we are not leaving Europe. We will pursue a bold and


ambitious free-trade agreement. What I am proposing cannot mean


membership of the single market. This is a lady who came new into the


job. She had to scrape up an absolute mess that was plopped on


the floor. She has gathered it altogether, and now she has laid out


a plan that is easy for everybody to follow. Next up, Manchester cabbie


John. He used to live in France, and now back in the UK, gives guided


tours of Manchester foreign visitors. As a Mancunian, I am well


used to meeting people from all over the world. What concerns me is I


rely mainly on tourism for my business, and Wilfried of travel


still be the same post Brexit? What's more, he thinks Britain is a


better place to live because of immigration. I like to live in a


multicultural society. We should be grateful that people want to come to


our country because it is so good. Our last two members may also be


familiar. Brothers Nigel and Ian gave their two opposing views on the


One Show before the referendum. They followed their dad into the freight


industry, and set up firms half a mile from each other in Nottingham.


Older brother Nigel is now managing director of a truck sales and repair


firm. I want to see a free-trade agreement with the European Union,


and some control of our borders and immigration, but also the Prime


Minister really cracking on to take us out of the European Union,


trigger Article 50 and get it moving. And Nigel is confident about


the future. We will lead the way with the future with free trade. But


brother Ian doesn't agree. He runs a separate freight company that


manages the movement of goods across Europe. What about all the costs of


coming out of the single market? What about the effect on jobs and on


people's income? At the moment, Ian's company enjoys free trade in


Europe with no tariffs, and he is worried that him it is about to get


a whole more complicated. There will be some cost is barriers, a risk


that lorries will be queueing at the Channel Tunnel, that is bad for my


business and bad for my customers. He also wants to know how long it is


going to take to get a deal. My biggest worry is that there won't be


an agreement within two years. We need that agreement. It is vital for


us, but it is not so important for the European Union to get that


agreement. So, that is Team Brexit, and here is their first mission.


Your first challenge is a big one. There is lots of talk about the


single market and trade deals, but what is it all mean? Will we notice


the difference, and if we do, what difference would it make? It is a


big topic, so are you up for it? Let's go!


Thank you to Alex and Team Brexit, they will be back tomorrow to


cross-examine a former trade envoy. Good luck to all! Someone I would


not like to cross-examine any time is Count Olaf, which is the


character you play in Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate


Events. Yes, Netflix made this series, and I asked me to play him


with all the prosthetics and looking nothing like myself, it is nice


because since it is really to anyone, but for the eyes of ten or


12-year-olds, I get to be unabashedly awful with no remorse or


empathy, and it is rare that you get paid to be able to do that! We have


a handy little scale of evil here, and we thought that perhaps you


might like to place him on it. Cruella de Vil, Ursula Darth Vader.


Who is the Richard Rotter? That is the child catcher from Chitty Chitty


Bang Bang. Well, you can't go pure evil, you can't even really go Star


Wars evil, because they possess actual powers, they could choke


people out. Count Olaf thinks he is much more successful than he


actually is. I would put him that way. He doesn't catch the child.


Right there. Here? There he is, there! Leicester travel look at a


little bit of proof, -- let's have a little look at your character. I am


Count Olaf, your new guardian. You're welcome. Thank you. You're


welcome. Please come in and mind you wipe your feet on the mat. And don't


forget your enormous fortune. APPLAUSE


Talking about seeing this through the eyes of children, but that


baby... It talks about the Baudelaire children, and the


youngest one is just supposed to have teeth that she chews through


things and speak in words you can't understand, and then the older


siblings do know what she means, but that is a hard thing to do with a


little actor baby, because there is no actor baby school. We had this


unbelievable girl named Presley who is super-talented. It was fun. She


doesn't chew through the keys? She doesn't. We had prosthetic teeth.


The wonderful thing is, you are playing a character that is playing


characters, as well. We have some great pictures of all the different


roles. Each book in the series, Count Olaf comes back in disguise as


someone else to try and get the children's fortune, and the kids can


see right through him, as I'm sure you can, but the adults can't,


because again, from the point of view of kids, adults are too mired


in their own obligated lives to be to take things seriously. So I play


a guy who was bald and talks like this, and then an old pirate man,


like a sort of drunk horny Sean Connery. They are magical


characters! And Shirley, the secretary for an optometrist, so


idea to Bette Davis with that. The show is on Netflix, which is nice


because it is streaming so you can download the ball and see them all


without commercials. We got it. Olivia, are there any characters


from your childhood that stick out that you remember? Not


necessarily... Not scary once. I used to read the Terrible Twin


books, I think that is what they were called. We didn't have TV until


later, so I used to go upstairs, books were my thing when I was a


young girl. Absolutely wonderful. And for you as well, those


characters? I read a lot of Roald Dahl, so I very much knew of Willy


Wonka, this crazy magical man who was great and dealt with candy but


also had a dark side, and you knew that if you crossed him you would be


flushed down the toilet! There is a little bit of humour. Not many


redeeming characters stick to Count Olaf. I think a dark sense of humour


is great the kids. So often I find with our own kids, who are six, with


duplicate them, talk down to them and talking baby speak, they zone


out, and when things get to be a little acerbic and ironic, and they


start to figure out what irony means, they are engaged. Lemony


Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events is an Netflix now.


This Friday, the world will mark Holocaust Memorial Day


and there will be a range of commemoration events


herself the challenge of honouring her grandmother and -


amazingly - restoring the family fortunes.


When I was a little girl, my grandmother would regale me with


stories of her wonderful life in prewar Berlin. In the 1920s, she


lived a life of luxury. She would say to me, when the ball Berlin Wall


comes down, we will be rich. Some of her family dismissed her stories


about an elegant old building and a life of luxury in Berlin as a fairy


tale, but her granddaughter never forgot. She was determined to find


out more about her grandmother's life and her own heritage. Nelly at


Herbert ran a successful company in the heart of Berlin, but when the


Nazis came to power in the 1930s, they were among tens of thousands of


JUDY MURRAY: Has people forced to flee for their


lives. Ten years later, Gina began her search. I managed to get hold of


a 1920s business directory, and in there, there was an advert. That was


the name of my grandfather. And I thought, that looks like it. Gina


believed this might be the location of the business. But the building


was in East Berlin, and she couldn't visit until the Berlin Wall came


down in 1989. We passed checkpoint Charlie, and two blocks later, we


stopped outside a huge building. It was bitterly cold, I was wearing my


red duffle coat. I marched in through the doors and a gentleman


came down and said, what do you want? I said I have come to claim my


family's building, and he laughed at me. And I pulled out of my pocket


the 1920s German business directory, and he said, oh, I think you had


better come in. The man had recognised Gina's grandfather's


surname. The building was still known locally as the Wolff building,


and authorities had been waiting to save anybody would claim it. The man


said, I have spoken to head office, and you are right. They told me they


had been waiting for this to happen, but they didn't know if anybody had


survived the war. Tell me your story. The Wolffs fled Germany in


1933. Only one family member, Gina's uncle, stayed on to protect the


family business. He said, I am German, I am staying. So what


happened? The increasingly anti-Semitic laws meant that Jewish


companies could not trade properly. In 1937, he was forced to sell it.


Fritz, the last remaining member of the Wolff family was now alone in


Berlin. He was eventually arrested and sent to Auschwitz. The legacy of


what happened to the dues during the Second World War is all around us in


Berlin. Her great uncle Fritz was killed at Auschwitz. Although she


had tracked down the building, she now had an even bigger task ahead of


her. I had to get land registry documents to prove we had actually


owned the building. And not just leased it. I was fortunate enough. I


did manage to get hold of land Registry documents to prove case.


Dean managed to prove historical ownership of the building and the


German government awarded her family ?8 million in compensation. Nellie


would have said, do not forget the Holocaust was a genocide. We did not


suffer as much as other families. I did not forget and did what I could


to put things right. Bolivia, your mother's parents were


in a similar position. Did they share any of those experiences with


you? It was not talked about. My grandfather was a famous scientist


in Germany. He left Germany quite early and took the family to


Scotland initially. He helped to smuggle a lot of Jewish people out


of Germany. He is a wonderful humanitarian. I am proud to be his


granddaughter. I did not meet him. As a teenager I was too busy. He was


an amazing human being. You were born over here, won't you? You were


born in Cambridge when off over to Australia. An incredible music


career. 50 years. This year and you have teamed up for a personal and


special album. There is one common thing that has brought you together.


It was inspired by the loss of my sister three years ago to cancer.


She had a brain tumour. I have always found music to be healing. I


asked Amy if she would help me to finish the song we started talking


about the fact there was no music for people going through grief and


loss. We asked Beth Nelson Chapman to join us. She wrote a song to


explain the loss of her husband. We we recorded some of our songs we


were known for. It is really an album of moving forward with hope


and compassion. We have just done a couple of concerts, one in Dublin


and one in Glasgow. It was incredible, the feeling from the


audience. People all have those emotions. It is quite open, isn't


it? You're in the early days of the tour. You are welcoming discussion.


We thought we would try at the first show to ask the audience if they


wanted to share any of their experiences. Hands went up all over


the audience and it was incredible. That must be quite difficult as a


performer to go through that. This is brand-new. It is the first time


we have performed together. It is an acoustic show. Best plays guitar.


Amy plays piano. It is just us and the music. It's incredibly


emotional, incredibly inspiring and moving. Yes, people have been


sharing their experiences, which is very healthy. Talking about grief.


People repress it. If it was such a new thing for you, how did it come


about? Did it take you a while to fall into the right format or did it


all just happen? It felt like a gift that came to us. One of the first


mornings we were sitting together in a kitchen and Amy received a text


from someone, the kind of text you do not want to get that a friend of


hers had lost their child. She was saying, what do we say? I do not


know what to safest B went to the piano and wrote the song in about


five minutes. That is really how it was. It was an amazing experience.


It has helped to heal us. I find myself getting really emotional when


I sing them. That is part of it. It does not go away. There is a really


positive message coming out of that. Has always been your mindset to find


something really positive in a situation? We make our choices with


our minds. We can choose to be this or that. I had breast cancer in


1992. Was I going to be positive about it and get through it? I am


very grateful that I did. Many people have been positive and not


been as lucky as I am. Being grateful for every day and living


long. That is what we have called the album. -- living on. There will


be tracks on there that will mean a lock to you. Though I not many


families who have not been affected in some way by cancer. I now


understand why you have us both on foot I just talked about the awful


things and canned Olav as a terrible person and this is like a ying and


yang situation. In a kind of world we are living in today it is nice to


have positive things which move us forward and get as thinking back to


a direction of good. As humans, we all share these emotions and


feelings. We all lose people at some time. It is really important to


share and talk to someone about it because it gets you out of your


pain. If our you hope people will get from this? I think just to show


we have been through this and we are still here. People were crying but


felt really good afterwards. It is a way of releasing it. A good cry is


very cathartic. Are you going to take this as far as you can around


the world? We have just started. We are doing a short tour in California


in Washington State in February and we will see how it goes. It has been


very well received. I have lost one sister and gained two. They are


wonderfully talented people and beautiful singers. It has been a


great experience. It is wonderful that all three of you will be


performing for us live. Berry excited about that. Have your kids


being to London with you? A couple of months ago we were on our way to


France. We stopped over so the jet lag could recover. We were on a


double-decker tour. I love it here. The people are nice and the food is


great. The pound- dollar rate is good.


Before Olivia sings for us with Amy and Beth here's an update on a story


Yes, it's either going to be a victory for common-sense


or a reason to throw something at your TV.


Last October, I met a man whose story touched a lot of heart. Philip


had been keeping geese on this plot of land in Ilkley in West Yorkshire


for 79 years. Who is this? Then it looked like red tape would bring


this lifelong passion to an end for the one person complained. No one


knew who it was but it resulted in the council issuing fillip with a


noise abatement order. They went to court to fight it. Lose and the


geese would have to go. He is frightened of losing his pets. If


you did not have that he would not have the excuse to do the daily


exercise. That would be really detrimental to his health. Three


months on and the court has made up its mind. I have come back to meet


Philip to find out what the verdict was. Hi, Philip. What was the


outcome? It was very good. The abatement has been dropped. I am


very pleased with the result. That is brilliant news. You happy? The


geese have been here for so long, nearly 80 years. They did not


believe the noise had increased significantly over this period of


time. What has that like for you? I am glad it is over. Neighbours


rallied round Philip at the time was that she is also happy. Absolutely


delighted. We all are. A lovely perk. Made me feel very happy about


it. Isn't it nice having nice neighbours? Yes, it is fantastic. In


a way, it has brought us all closer together. Common sense prevails.


Thank goodness. Thanks to Neil and


Olivia for joining us. Lemony Snicket's A Series


of Unfortunate Events And Olivia's album


Liv On is out now. But we leave you now


with Olivia Newton-John, Beth Neilson Chapman and Amy Sky,


singing Stone in My Pocket. # There's a stone in my pocket


that bears your name # There are tears that will not


stop once they start # In the stone


in the pocket of my heart # In a world here


without you every day # I'm telling everybody that


I'm OK # With the weight


of an anchor in the dark # Like


a stone in the pocket of my heart # Looks like this


pain is here to stay # I can't lose it,


I didn't choose it # Well meaning people


they try to help me # There's a stone in my pocket


that bears your name # There are tears that will not


stop once they start # In the stone


in the pocket of my heart # There's a tear in my


jacket, a nail in my shoe # Got a hole in my soul


you could drive a truck through # It's a new kind of normal


in an old shade of blue # I'm a mess but I guess


it's the best I can do # With a stone in my pocket


that bears your name # I walk around dragging


this ball and chain # There are tears that will not


stop once they start # In the stone in


the pocket of my heart # There's a stone in my pocket


that bears your name # I walk around dragging


this ball and chain # There are tears that will not


stop once they start # In the stone in


the pocket of my heart # Baby, like it or not,


gotta roll with the rock # It's a stone in the


pocket of my heart.#


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