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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Matt Baker...


Alex, what could you possibly be calling in to tell us?


Well I do have some news, our beautiful healthy little baby boy


was born... APPLAUSE


Congratulations. Thank you, we are absolutely delighted, and completely


in love with him. Oh, it's the most wonderful feeling. What weight was


he when he was born? He was 7lb 11, a lovely weight. It was all very


straightforward, and it was lovely, actually. I mean Charlie was with


me, mum and dad were waiting, because we didn't know whether it


was a boy or a girl, so that was a lovely bit of news. The last four


days have been heaven, we are in the bubble, the three of us, and it is


just the best time. And where are you at with names? Or have you got


there? Well, you know me, we are a bit behind on the name thing. We


didn't know whether he would be a boy or a girl. We are delighted he


was a boy, we thought when we see him we will know what he looks like,


but it is is really really hard, so I don't know, maybe some help? OK,


you want viewers' help? I know you can rely on the viewers. I tell you,


every time we ask them they come up with the good, don't they. I thought


what better way than to ask the viewers maybe for some suggestions


at least. How about this? How about we ask the viewers who have had had


baby boys to send in a few photos with names they have chosen? Yes,


great idea. Lovely idea. Can you remember the address to send photos


to? I can. Just. The One Show... Can I say a really quick thank you to


all the viewers who sent in such lovely gifts for the baby, I mean he


has got the best collection of cardigans and blankets ever.


Everybody has been so kind. Lots of love to you, to little one and of


course to daddy Charlie as well. Congratulations. Over the Monday for


you. Keep watching for the name suggestions. I will be. OK. Thank


you everybody. Take care. One more time.


APPLAUSE So good. My cheeks hurt from


smiling. Today the Government published


the bill that will allow it to trigger Article 50,


and the formal start of Brexit. So let's get straight to one


of the big questions of the moment - what sort of trade deals will we end


up with after leaving the EU? Alex Riley went to join The One


Show's Team Brexit for their first This is our team. A range of


opinions and thoughts. This land is sinking with the amount


of people who are here. I want to see a free trade agreement with the


European Union. Immigration to me is necessary. What about the costs of


coming out of the single market? With one common goal. To ask on


behalf of all of us the questions we want answered or Brexit. Today's


topic is trade. In the EU currently that happens


freely without any restriction, as part of the single market. Last week


Theresa May announced she wanted to leave the single market and


negotiation a new free trade agreement with the EU. So what do


our team make of the news? Get going, got the SatNav on? You know


me I don't need one. I am with Nigel at his commercial vehicles company.


While we wait for Nora an John to arrive they talk trade. You haven't


got a clue... Tread frauding blows with each other. How will it help


trade coming out of this big group We are going to be a free country.


We are a free country any way. We are not John.


Our team come together and we call a truce and agree to tackle the topic


of trade. I need to know what is a free trade agreement, and with who.


Good one. What happens if we don't get a deal? We will have to stay at


home and not buy anything. Can we get a better advantage dealing with


China and America. There a lot to think about. Let us speak to an


expert. The man who thinks he has the answer


is Lord Marland. Under David Cameron a British trade envoy. What is a


trade agreement? Well a trade agreement is two countries agreeing


on the terms of engagement of how they are going to sell goods and


services to each other. Well that was easy enough. But if we


left the EU tomorrow, without a trade deal, what would happen? There


is is a World Trade Organisation, they have a benchmark of rules which


will apply and we will be able to abide by. So why is a trade deal


important? You don't need Government involvement to trade but there where


there is no trade deal there can be extra hurdles like tariffs. If we


leave the single market we become like America, Australia, New


Zealand, every other country in the world. In some cases there aren't


tariffs, in others there are, in agricultural there are tariffs


imposed. A tariff is an extra charge put on


imported products to help prevent consumers buying cheaper foreign


produced goods over those produced locally. For instance, currently if


we were to import trainers from an EU country, there would be no


tariffs because the inisle market is a free trade area. But import those


same ones the China or the US where we don't have a trade deal and there


could be a tariff of up to 16.9% of the cost slapped on top. There are


other hurdles too. Post-Brexit, exports to the EU could face delays,


from new bureaucracy, like import licenses and customs checks.


These guys will tell you, if they have to be checked at every border


it will be frustrating. So as o consumer would we end up paying more


for what we buy? The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have


said that a car in Britain could end costing ?1500 more, once we leave


the single market. If tariffs are imposed it will make European cars


more expensive. No-one is saying this is going to be easy. What about


the world outside the EU? The Government says post-Brexit, we will


have more freedom to be able to negotiate trade deals we couldn't


before. What happens if we don't get trade agreements we are hoping to


get? A I don't think that is likely. There are going to be trade deals.


New Zealand have offered, Australia have talked about it, Donald Trump's


referenced it so there are going to be trade deals. It is however not


necessary. We have never had a trade deal with the US UK, and the reason


is, because we are happy with the terms of engagement, and the trade


that we have between our two countries. So have the answers


helped our team? What do you typhoon feel you have learned? It is


fascinating listening about how it is going to work with the rest of


the world. I am clearer now I understand. I think what we have


learned is how complicated this thing is and therefore how messy it


will be if we don't play our cards carefully.


Next time, the team take on our border, and investigate what leaving


the EU will mean for immigration. And we'll be keeping our Team Brexit


busy over the coming weeks - Now from Europe to the other side


of the globe, because with us tonight is a man whose latest


documentary took him on a eye-opening trip to Australia -


it's Reggie Yates! APPLAUSE


Welcome. Have you, you watch the start of the show, you know what is


happening, the big news. Congratulations Alex, last time I


saw her she was, there was a bump and a lump. We are doing baby name


suggestions for boys. We have had over 1,000 in the first


three-and-a-half minutes so we will need a lot of time. Any thoughts


from you? Yes I think Reggie is a strong name. Jessica Ennis went for


it for her little one. Mufasa is a strong name. If you haven't held


your babe I up and sung The Lion King song I am disappointed. We have


all done it. Let us get down to business and talk about this


documentary series in Australia. We will start with, we have a bit of


footage here of Aboriginal people. They are doing what you expect to


see from traditional dancing, but it seems they were happy to show you


this, but that is kind of where it ended. Kind of. In Australia, it has


been an interesting series to make, when I came to the people, they are


very protective when it comes to letting the cameras in because they


have been misrepresented in the past, when I turned up, I was, I get


choked up talking about it. I was heartbroken, the first thing I faced


was a stereotype: They had drunk themselves into obliteration, it is


heartbreaking, so please watch it on iPlayer. So you were hoping they


would break all of those stereotypes, that you would find a


different version, than what you had previously seen represented and you


found kind of that it reinforced the stereotype? Unfortunately yes. The


great thing is you know, making factual programmes you go on a


journey, thankfully some of those were challenged and there were


really interesting characters that show me a different side. And you


ended up at a party with a family. Party is a strange way to put it. It


was a gathering of a massive family, would be the men I met had 17


children and his brother had about 18. So when hay got together, with


their kids and their friends, it was unreal, and the things you see are,


you know you see families coming together in a way any of us with


families and our loves ones but when alcohol gets in the mix and drug,


some of the symptoms of that are shocking and heartbreaking, but,


there was one woman in particular I met, a lady called Monica who was


unbelievable. Really broke down what she sees as being a Band Aid. The


symptoms of trans generational trauma, she sees them as being a


plaster to cover them. You found yours in some incredible situations,


all over the world. Once or twice. How do you find is the best way to


approach these situations so that people do actually open to you and


tell the stories that are so important. I said it before and I


will say it again. I am not a journalist, I am a guy who is


interested in people. When I find myself in situation, what we end up


is talk to people about their personal experience and through them


and who they are. You have lived in prisons and Russia. You end up


making issue-based films. At the core they are about people. That is


what makes the films unique and special. Is there any place that


you, when you left, you thought, wow, I never ever want to go back


there again. Jail. That will do it. I made a promise to myself I would


never go to prison and thankfully I have never been in trouble with the


law and hopefully I never will. There is still time! Don't worry


mum, joking. I found myself checking in, going into prison, I knew it was


going to be really really difficult, but you know, you shake a man's hand


you hook him in the eye and someone opens up to you, I thought it would


be about bravado but really it was more about the internal battle these


men have in themselves and the film ended up about the blurred line


between mentality and criminality. You can see all those documentaries


You can see all those documentaries online.


"Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia" is available on BBC


Later this year the Royal Navy's new ?3 billion super-carrier HMS


Queen Elizabeth should be ready to enter service.


She's the biggest ship we've ever had, and every detail


has to be just right, even down to the very special paint


that took some very big brains to get right.


This is the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The Royal Navy's newest and largest


aircraft carrier. This mighty lady is state-of-the-art


and will be the heart of the Royal Navy's operation for decades to


come. But early on the engineers of the Queen Elizabeth encountered a


problem that could have landed this multi-billion pound vessel in hot


water. The problem lay with the runway and the coating of protective


paint covering it. It's tough, it's durable and it gives great grip


which is perfect if you want to stop a jet plane quickly or prevent your


crew from slipping into the sea. But this surface wasn't designed with a


new generation of fighter jets in mind. It will be home to the


lightning 2. The UK's new state-of-the-art jet fighter.


Unlike normal fighters it can adjust its jet engines down wartsds,


allowing it to land vertically. This creates tremendous amount of heat on


the deck. Which is bad news for this stuff.


To show me just how much damage the heat from the engines can do, I am


meeting engineer Brian Alcock from North Shields. What we have is a


sample of the conventional paint system and then what we will do, is


simulate the jet engine landing on the deck paint. So that is a mini


jet engine. Yes, That is going to meet that. Yes it is. Can't wait,


let's do it. OK. Everybody good? Three, two, one...


The jet heats the paint up to around 600 degrees Celsius.


So, how did the conventional paint fare? Well, look at that! There's


very little of the original coating left now. It is gone here. This is


just one firing. Clearly this has to be repeated many, many times. That


is clearly not going to work. No. Brian was tasked with finding a


solution and quickly to avoid a costly delay to the ship's launch.


His clever idea was to look at the materials used to make the engines


themselves. They contain metals that can withstand the extreme heat they


produce. So, Brian set about trying to adapt this technology for his


paint. The team cleverly mixed together two metals to get the


benefits of both. On here is a coating, which is a mixture of


aluminium and titanium. Aluminium is good at spreading heat over a large


area and reducing hot spots, but it is not very strong, so it was


struggle under the weight of the jets. To get around that problem


they add titanium. Just a small apt of this metal in the mixture will


give it the strength that it needs. Three, two, one... How does this mix


of metals stand up to 600 degrees heat, generated by the jet engine?


Look at that! There's no damage at all. So it is unscathed. You can see


the differences in the coatings now and what they are capable of


withstanding. How do you coat the carrier deck with these metals?


Well, you need a special machine called an arc spray gun. It melts


the two metals together and sprays them at high temperatures on to the


deck, covering it in a thin, but sturdy layer.


This is the final coating. Even though it doesn't look like much,


thanks to Brian's technology, this is going to be here for as long as


the Queen Elizabeth sails the seas. Thank you. I love his films.. That


military theme fits nicely with another project... You are so


smooth. Special Forces -Ultimate Hell Week. I have some irons in the


fire at the moment. Hidden Australia is on BBC iPlayer now. Go and check


it out. There is a new series I am fronting Special Forces ultimate


hell. We have some of the bravest Brits you have ever seen, who think


they are incredibly tough. We challenge them every week with


different Special Forces experts from around the world. Back in the


day when we were on children's TV together, I was with the marines and


you were talking about pop music... I was thinking about this on the way


over. I have only been nominated for a Bafta once and the person that won


the children's Bafta when I was nominated is this guy over here. A


little bit of tension here! We can have a Special Forces -Ultimate Hell


Week right here! Arm wrestle! It feels like forever ago when we were


doing the children's stuff. It is funny because the things we did then


apply with what we're doing now. Some of the things we got the guys


to do on Special Forces is not dissimilar. Only it is a hell of a


lot scarier! Special Forces -Ultimate Hell Week starts on


Sunday, 9pm, BBC Two. As well as Alex's baby we have another breaking


news story to get to today. This is a story we have covered on The One


Show for some years. About the sub-postmasters who lost their


reputations, livelihood and some were sent to prison all because the


Post Office computer systems said their books did not add up. They


have spent years trying to clear their names. Nick Wallis has been


our man in court today. Nick has rushed over from the City. Good to


see you. To remind everybody what this


sub-postmasters have been accused of. It is about the horizon computer


system. It sits on the counter behind every counter window. Looks


like a till, but it does the branch accounts. At the end of every month


the sub-postmasters are meant to tot up their books. When they did not


balance some sub-postmasters said it is down to glitches in the computer


system. They say the Post Office instead of investigating the


glitches went after them for that money. Some were sacked, some were


forced to pay tens of thousands and we know people who were sent to


prison, who they claim shouldn't have been. What happened today? We


have been through a parliamentary investigation, through an


independent investigation, we've had a Panorama investigation. And The


One Show has been all over this for a long time. Still no-one has got


any further into finding out what happened. Today, at the High Court,


198 sub-postmasters asked for what they called a group litigation


order. A technical term for a class action to sue the Post Office for


money say they were owed. This will be a juicy case. It could cost the


Post Office tens of millions in damages. There'll be revelations


along the way. Today, we found out that the Post Office, who had always


said that the computer system is only accessible by the


sub-postmasters in their branches and they have said it on the record


for a number of years, the barristers said this is a mistake.


There are four ways you can get third party remoting success. This


is -- remote access. If you accuse somebody and you have not


investigated the possibility that somebody else has access to that


system, then you are opening the door to miscarriages of justice.


What did the Post Office say about this? They said they welcome the


progress made but will not otherwise comment on live litigation. The


starting gun has been fired on this class action. They are looking for


potentially more sub-postmasters to come forward and it will go through


the High Court over a period of years. This will take a long time.


So you will be back and forward then... You are looking very smart,


by the way. If you have grown-up children who are refusing to fly the


nest give them a shout and get them to watch this film for inspiration.


Mike has been watching a bird whose chicks leave quickly, even if at


first it is not like the best decision. Sometimes the interaction


between animals can be truly surprising. This clip shows a young


tawny owl appears to see off a fox, that should have left with an easy


meal. It seems the fox is too young, too


inexperienced or simply too full to take its prize. What about the owl?


Why has it left the safety of its nest before it can fly? It's


definitely a juvenile tawny owl, it is highly likely it has fallen from


its perch while carrying out this curious behaviour known as


branching. It is the literal name of the first flightless for rays that a


number of owl species made out of their nests and on to surrounding


branches. I'm driving to Cheshire, where we've


had news that in the last 48 hours two tawny chicks have left their


nest site for the very first time. Dave is a naturalist, who has turned


his garden on the river into the perfect high-tech haven for owl


watching. We have got his cameras and ours trained on an active tawny


owl nest. What brought the owls to his land? When I moved in it was a


bit overmanaged, so I let everything thrive and grow naturally. It


brought an abundance of song birds. Then you started to film the


wildlife? I did. I started off with a few cameras and ended up with 16


watching every bit that went on in that wood. Were there tawny owls


here originally? 2010, pushing some sparrowhawks out here. It gave me a


great opportunity to film the lives of the tawny owls. We find out what


he has filmed this year. This breeding season we had four chicks.


One of the chicks rushed forward to the entrance hole. Mum was outside


calling with the food and he went just too quick and fell out of the


nest and we just lost him. That left us three. One of them, got a bit


weak and sadly we lost another one. What kind of food has the parents


been bringing in? Obviously we have loads of voles and wood mice being


brought in. We have blackbirds, sparlings but the female, she will


take bigger prey like wood pigeons and magpies are even brought in. So


what about the branching? Well, this is the moment the very first time


that they left the nest. So they are at the entrance to the nest hole


there. You can see they are nervous and excited. There they go... A


half-metre jump. Wow! Look at that. Of course they are flapping like


crazy. They cannot fly. They cannot fly very good at all. Just a few


metres. That is the moment it leaves. That is it. It will be


several weeks before they can fly, so they must be nearby. We set off


to find them. Almost immediately we are in luck.


Oh, Dave! There's a big grey downy ball halfway up that tree and it's


totally stopped still. That is terrific! It's not been out of the


nest for 24 hours. That is awesome! On a nearby branch, the second


chick. We have branching tawny owls! We've


been incredibly well to catch both chickses and they have not -- chicks


and they have not moved a muscle. We will set up the hide and wait until


dusk. We have a wildlife camera man. This is a tawny owl watch out. An


hour later we spot one of the chicks, but it is obscured from


view. Then, just before we lose the light,


one of the chicks climbs into view. Flaps its wings... Teethering on the


edge of adolescence. Just address the light was going,


the young chick branched right into view. A brief glimpse of an ill lu


sieve event which happens just once in their lifetime.


More excuses to go ah now! From baby owls we go to baby Joneses. Thank


you so much for all of the baby photos you have sent in. We've had


over 2,000 that have come in to us on tonight's programme. We will


e-mail and send them all on to Alex... Just to confuse her more.


Baby names. This is little Elliot. Sent from his mum and dad. Cuteness!


All born this week. This is Sarah's twin boys. This is Henry, Alex,


Henry, what do you think of that? Or maybe Arthur? This is Lindsey's new


grandson Jackson. He's incredibly cute. Look how small he is compared


to the thumb. It is very cute. This is Pamela's little boy, gorge... Oh,


look at his -- gorge, oh, look at his smile! This is Oakly, who has


been told he looks like there is a glitch on his account. Huge


congratulations, this is David's new son, Hugo.


Ah! There we are. Listen, once again, thank you for all of your


efforts. Sorry we couldn't get to the other 1,994! Reggie Yates,


everybody. Special Forces ultimate hell night started on BBC Two on


Keeping me company tomorrow will be Michael Ball,


We know you understand the risks associated with your pregnancy.


Because I'm smaller, people think my hopes are not so great.


You know what it's like when help is needed. You just jump in.


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