Series 1

Series 1

Preschool animation series introducing children to principles of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths( through eight-year-old inventor Bitz and her younger brother Bob.

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Episodes List

Castle Makeover

1. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Castle Makeover

Bob wants his castle to be like Bitz's, but things don't go to plan with Bevel in charge.

Marmalade Mayhem

2. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Marmalade Mayhem

Bitz is desperate for famous chef Madame Gourmet to taste her yummy Bitz mix marmalade.

Ready, Set, Check

3. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Ready, Set, Check

Bob's go-kart becomes a no-go-kart when it starts falling apart during a race.

Desert Road Trip

4. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Desert Road Trip

A race across the desert slows to a crawl when Bitz and Purl over-engineer their vehicle.

Monster Mountain

5. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Monster Mountain

A climb up Mount Robo-Bob is interrupted by the appearance of abominable snow monsters.

X Marks the Spot

6. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, X Marks the Spot

Bitz and Bob have to rescue Purl from the clutches of Pirate Bevelbeard and his shipmates.

Princess Purl's Big Sleep

7. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Princess Purl's Big Sleep

Princess Purl is going to sleep for a gazillion years unless Bitz can wake her up.

Bob's Balloon Adventure

8. Bitz & Bob: Series 1, Bob's Balloon Adventure

Bob is stuck in a runaway hot air balloon and needs clear instructions to land it.