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Coming up on today's Blue Peter, we have Avengers Assemble in the


cinema. We uncover the real powers on planet Earth. Rizzle Kicks swap


the stage for a steering wheel, in a bid to pass their driving test in


just one week. Very steady. Oh, no!


Plus, Premier League star Gareth Bale and Harry Redknapp reveal the


secrets of footballing success. have to be ready. Well played! Well


Thanks very much Blue Peter crew. Lovely - good to see you. This Blue


Peter is interactive, you can e- mail us, send us a message and we


could read it out at the end of the show. Avengers Assemble is number


one at the box office. We want to know from you, if you could have


any superpower, what would it be? All we want to know is if you could


have any superpower, what would it be? I would be invisible. I would


like to be like Spiderman. Shoot things up the wall. Avengers


Assemble is about superheroes who use their superpowers to save the


world. Superpowers don't just exist in fiction. If you look hard enough,


you will see they are all around us. Famous author Douglas Adams once


What he meant to say, is why do humans want to believe in mythical


creatures when real life superpowers exist around us every


day? Nature. Our planet is a truly enchanting place, with extreme


landscapes, alien-like plants and tens of thousands of species of


remarkable animals. The owl, whose head and neck can


rotate up to 270 degrees. The bat, who can find his way in the dark


through sound, not sight. And the gecko, whose sticky feet allow it


to walk up walls. But there are some animals on our


planet who possess their own superpowers. Here is a list of the


most jaw of dropping five. First up, at number five, the weird, but


wonderful sea cucumber. This ocean- dwelling creature has an


unbelievable defence system. It can flex muscles to force a torpedo out


of its body parts. It shoots them out of its body. These body parts


are quickly regrown. Amazing! At number four, it is the humble


cockroach. This six-legged ce hur has been


around as -- creature has been around as long as the dinosaur.


They can remain active for one month without food. Can go without


air for 45 minutes and can survive under water for half an hour.


They also have a much higher resistance to radiation than humans.


Some people believe that one day they may inherit the Earth. Scary!


In at number three, in our countdown of the top five animal


superpowers, it's the octopus. This eight-legged beast has several


remarkable defence signals. They can throw away an arm to get rid of


predators. They can take on the appearance of a rock or lump of


seaweed, giving them the ultimate disguise. Wow! Awesome!


At number two, it is the colourful kammeellion. This -- cameleon. It


can change colour depending on its mood or disappear. It does not stop


there. Its eyes, which operate independently, can rotate to give a


360 degrees of vision, meaning he can look behind him and in front of


him at the same time. Put this together with its super


sticky long tongue and you have a powerful reptile. Finally, in poll


position, the animal with the best superpower of all Earthly creatures


is... The immortal jellyfish. This see-through specimen will only


grow up to four-and-a-half millimetres in size but has between


80-90 tentals. The incredible thing is it is the only recorded creature


can revert back to an infant and start the game of life over and


over again as many times as it likes.


Wow, that is impressive. So, there you go. Five creatures roaming our


planet right now that could be out of a fantasy novel. Sometimes real


life is stranger than fiction. can prove - you want to see my


brother! I love the octopus. think cockroaches get a really hard


press. They are incredible. On to another pair of incredible


characters, they are Rizzle Kicks. They have invited us along on a


personal journey and they are getting behind the steering wheel.


# Yes # Rizzle Kicks


They are the UK's hottest new music duo. They are swapping tearing up


the dance floor for tearing up the UK roads.


Jordan and Harley are learning to drive.


Rather than taking on months of lessons, they have got just one


week to master staying in control of their cars. Mirrors and clutch


and positions and... They are not parallel to these in front. It


makes life so difficult. At the end, they will need to prove they have


the skills behind the wheel, as they take on the challenge of a


mock driving test. Oh, no! It's day one of the driving mission.


Their first stop is a fun fair and a date with the dodgems. As for as


driving goes, this is as good as they get. I have never had lessons


before. To pass in one week... It depends how intensive the course is.


I have never driven anything more than 10 miles per hour before.


There is a chance I could be quite a dangerous driver. This DC has


failed his driving test twice, but he is eager to pass in two weeks'


time. Rizzle Kicks can get on with most things, they can sing and rap.


I think they should add driving to that as well. Intense driving, we


can learn to drive together. I am pretty excited. We have quite


a short time to learn. Ultimately I want to get from A to B and drive


away and chill out without having to get a cab or Tube.


Dodgems are fun, but it is time for the boys to get some real wheels.


This is a custom-designed driving school and where their instructions


will put them through intensive training. The boys will have to be


focused on what they are doing. We need total concentration from them.


They have not had a lot of experience before. I expect them to


listen to us carefully, understand what we are trying to teach them.


We will see how they get on. Lesson one, driving basics.


Driving a car is complicated because you have to learn how to do


lots of things at the same time. You have to control the speed,


using the accelerator and brake pedals. Control the car's movements


with the steering wheel and keep an eye out for other vehicles by using


your mirrors and looking around you - that's called "observation."


Observation is all the way around, just before you drive off.


mirror checking, that is where everyone slips up. From this side,


Jordan. All the mirrors. Last check over your shoulder. Harley is


trying to master the hardest part of driving - changing gear. If you


have a bike you will know that changing gears is as easy as


flicking a switch. In a car you have to push a pedal, called the


clutch, while you change gear. If you take your foot off at the wrong


time the engine will stop. This is called "stalling." Remember, what


will you do with the clutch? Let it go slowly. Very steady. Oh, no!


That is why you have to let go slowly. I stalled in the last


minute. Are the instructors pleased with the first attempt? A couple of


hiccups. Everybody does. Jordan did well, considering the amount of


time he spent in the car, he picked it up very, very quickly.


After the stress of their first real driving lesson, the boys


decide to unwind with a friendly go-karting race. Hugh has invited


some Radio One mates to join the fun.


With no gears or mirrors to worry about, the boys are in their


element. Champion I got third place, at


least! They are smiling now. Their mock


driving test is only days away. They still have got a lot to learn.


Lesson two Oman know vers. For their final -- Oman know vers.


Reversing around a corner and the most difficult of all, the parallel


park. Three out of the top ten reasons


for failing a driving test are a lack of observation and accuracy


during these moves, so the Rizzle Kicks better pay attention. Take it


slowly. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Back towards me then. That's it. That's nice. There are a lot of


things to think about when you are doing the movements. Is that


reverse? No. How you steer and looking back.


Stop about now. That, mate, is bang on. Yeah!


love it. Not bad for a first attempt. The big question is, can


they repeat the success on test day? I don't think I will do very


well. I am quietly confident. I need to make sure I don't get ahead


of myself and I go through the motions slowly and safely. They


have had just two days to learn everything they need to know for


their test. Will it be enough to pass?


Stay tuned to find out how the boys get on later on. If you are a


football fan, it is at this point of the season that things start to


hot up. So many questions - who will win the title, will it be City


or United? Who will win at the FA Cup? Who will win the FA Cup -


Liverpool or Chelsea? Who will win the Champions League? Players play


their part in the team success. Footballers, a modern dead rock


stars of sport. They excite millions all around the world. --


modern day. Behind that is the person who orchestrates from the


sidelines. I am talking about the boss - but football manager. Sir


Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in Britain with


Manchester United. He can still deliver the hairdryer treatment.


Arsene Wenger is there master tactician at Arsenal off. He is one


of the shrewdest buyers and sellers in a game. Jose-Maria neo- has a


won it all in four Gytha -- different countries. There is more


to it than liking football. You have to understand the tactics and


the mind games. I went to Tottenham Hotspur. This is the Spurs youth


academy where players as young as seven come to train and tried to


become Premier League superstars. John McDermott oversees the


youngsters and he has challenged me to pick a manager team against one


of his. I would never criticise them if they try something that


breaks down. If they are not courageous or lazy, I am bad cop.


You really need to know your players in order to now have to


manage them. That is your job. going to watch the Spurs her --


first team train. They are under the watchful eye of Harry Redknapp.


Gareth Bale has some top tips for me. What makes a good manager?


Authority is one of the biggest things. Our manager shows himself


as the boss and everyone respects him. If you tell players


information that makes sense, it makes their competence go up.


do managers get the best out of you? I enjoy running down the line


and crossing the ball. When a manager let the play might own game,


I really enjoy it. What about the skills? Someone who can score a


goal. If I really want to win the Challenge, I need to pick the


brains of the gaffer - Harry Redknapp. One of the Premier League


top managers and, until recently, at the front runner for the England


national job. I need a crash course on have to be a good manager. What


will I need to know? I don't know. You need to be enthusiastic.


Fantastic! Well played, well done. You go for good cop more than bad


cop? Sometimes you have to have a go if they're not doing well. You


need enthusiasm. You need a goalscorer. I would have a couple


of defenders, a midfield player and someone up front. We have loads of


viewers who are good footballers who may not be premier football has,


could they be Premier League managers? They could. Start with


your badges and work your way up. There is hope for me yet. My test


is this afternoon. I am looking forward to see how you do. I have


my tips and now I have come to the kit -- the kit room to run through


tactics. They have said I need pacy players and the attacking strike


his because, apparently, my opposition like to play defensively.


-- strikers. That is half the job. Now I need to pick the right


players to make the strategy work. I need tall players. To want to be


in my team? Yes sir. Do you want to be in mind? I need nifty dynamos.


- in mind. Do we have a winning score art? John really knows his


stuff. We have a master plan. -- a winning squad. I am nervous. I want


to win. My team take an early lead will stop well done, Team! It is


end to end staff. Blink and you miss eight goal. My combination of


height and pace seems to be working well. I am feeling confident. I say,


the losers have to clean the winners boots. It is a deal will


stump let's finish this in double figures. -- it is a deal. It is a


frantic start to the second half. She has the goalkeeper and the


biggest players but we have the style. They are playing better this


second half. I do not want to lose this game. I need a tactical


substitution. My subs turn and to be a masterstroke as the silk a


whopping 6-3 win. -- we seal. game! Well played. I think you have


learned a lot of dead but you're team were fantastic. They played


really well. So did yours. That meant it is time for John's team to


start scrubbing. Good game! Good game! I think you would make a


great manager. I got told off for questioning the referee. That is


not very sporting. I look forward to seeing you in the Premier League


board Championship, Division One, forever you are. Now, 2012 is an


exciting year for many reasons - not least because the Olympics are


coming to town. And starting later this month, we've got a very


special Saturday morning edition of Blue Peter called Blue Peter's Big


The Olympics are the greatest sporting event on earth. This


summer they are coming to the UK. Here on Blue Peter we will give the


ultimate guide to this once analysed time sporting moment. For


the nine Saturday's leading up to the Olympics we will be following


the Olympic torch around the country, bringing you an action-


packed programme of information you need to know. We will give you a


guide to the Sports would top the Olympians. We will be reliving some


of the most amazing moments from past Olympics. Great Britain on the


line! Just! Great Britain gets the gold medal. We are joined by four


pig named celebrities in a thrilling sporting battle for our


very own gold medal. You can be part of it. We will be hosting an


event so you, your friends and family can have a go at all sorts


of activities. You do not want to miss it. What you did not see was


me doing an Arab Spring into a back flip but that comes later. There'll


be Olympic sports to try out. A chance to be a sports commentator.


Crafts, experiments you can do on your body, even a Horrible


Histories area. So, let's tell you a bit more about where we're going


to be, and when. The Olympic Torch arrives here in the UK on 18th May


at Lands End. It travels around the South West of England for a week,


before arriving here in South Wales on Saturday 26th May. That's where


we'll be having our first show, in Caerphilly. We'll be on air at 9am


on CBBC. And then, after the TV show's finished, that's when our


free all-day event kicks off. Then we will be travelling to Belfast. A


week later we will be in Dumbarton. On 16th June we will be in


Sunderland, 23rd June in Burnley. 30th June it will be Wolverhampton


and on 7th July we will be in Saffron Walden. On 14th July, we


will be in the Isle of Wight. We end up on 20 such -- 22nd July


where some big event is happening. By that point there were only be a


week to go. You know the details. That is a rubbish photo! I think we


look lovely. Now it is time to find out how the Rizzle Kicks got on


with their driving challenge. Did they pass or fail? Rizzle Kicks


have swapped the stage for the steering wheel. The mirror checking,


that is where everyone split -- slips up. They have gone from


driving Norris's -- novices to learning as much as they can about


a car. Will it pass or fail their mock driving tests? You can


turninto excitement. I am most worried about checking, like my


mirrors all the time. I have the good chance but we will have to


wait and see a. The mock test will take place under real exam


conditions with the instructors as their examiners. It is like a test


scenario. They will be under pressure. I mark hard. I want my


pupils to show a good degree of skill when it comes to driving.


the driving test there are two categories of mistakes - the major


or minor. You can pass it up to 15 minor mistakes but make one major


mistake and it is an instant fail. Ali is first up. When you are ready,


start us up? -- Harley. It is instantly all over. Harley was


worried about looking in his mirror but he actually forgot to look over


his shoulder for other vehicles - a major driving error. Next up,


Jordan. Will he remember the over the shoulder observation? You may


start your test. Oh, no! Jordan has made exactly the same mistake and


he still has to carry on till the end of the test with no clue he has


failed. Everything on the sheet I know I can do. The only time I


slipped up were a little mistake. I do not think I did anything major.


Hardly saw the writing on the wall. I forgot to do my five point check.


Time for the results. Good driving in general but, unfortunately, you


have failed. Harvey you did fell on moving off safely. Jordan, just


observations. We've failed. It is a positive fail. I am pleased that is


the only thing I got commented on. Their instructors think they could


be great drivers. To get around the course with no instruction at all


is fantastic. They should be proud of themselves. They have learned


the basics to be safe drivers and they have the foundations they need


The boys did so well, I am sure they will be fine. Now for your e-


mails. Loads of you have been in touch telling us what superpower


you would like to have. Anna wishes she could turn anything she touches


into chocolate. Another says he wishes he had the ultimate bladder


said he did not have to go to the toilet during Blue Peter. End says


she would click her fingers and her bedroom would be magically tidy. I


would want to make dreams come true, says Holly. Another would like to


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