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Coming up on today's live Blue Peter, I take on the terrifying


heights of one of the most famous masts in European history.


Just a little bit of rope between me and the ground. Over 230,000


have you got involved, and I was at Buckingham Palace for the Royal


record attempt. The Queen is going And all the way from Barbados, hot


new band of Cover Drive are live in the studio to perform their latest


Hello! You are watching Blue Peter, we are live and interactive.


have got tons on today's show, including these guys! They are


poised to perform for us. They are going to sing their new single


later on, it is fabulous. They have come all the way from Barbados. If


you want to ask Cover Drive a If you're watching Newsround and


the AD would have seen the reopening of a national treasure.


It is one of the most famous ships in the world, and a specialist team


have been renovating it to restore it to its former glory. I thought I


would go and help out, although we didn't know what caused it to


myself in for. Tea clippers were a tighter ship which cut the name


from delivering luxury goods like tea around the world. They were the


fastest sailing ships in the sea. They could travel over 300 miles a


day at speeds of over 20 mph. The most famous of them all was the


Cutty Sark. Since the 1950s, at De Cutty Sark has been on display in


London, but five years ago, disaster struck. The 19th century


ship is on fire. The cause of the fire was inconclusive, but it meant


that the last tea clipper of its kind was almost lost for ever. But


now, the ship is rising from the ashes. Millions of pounds have been


spent restoring the ship to its former glory when it first set sail


in 1870. And I am here, just a few weeks before it reopens, to help


with some of the restoration jobs. This is Andy, he is my bus. What


would you like me to do? We have a special job for you. Down here,


nice and safe, but we thought you could help us up there. We thought


you would be the man for it. want me to go up there? Bring it


on! My job is to climb up a mast, secures some reading it, 40 metres


up in the air. The rigging it is rope that holds the ship's sales in


place, and allows the crew to move the sales to harness the power of


the wind. The Cutty Sark had 11 miles have rigging to support and


control its sales, making it one of the fastest ships in the world


before engines existed. Today all I had to do his client here and


released this rope. That sounds simple, but it feels very different


up there. So I gingerly take my first steps on the rigging. When


his boat was built they didn't have technical staff, they just climbed


it. They were either really brave, or really daft! Climbing rigging


isn't like climbing a solid ladder. Every step is wobbly and scary. Oh


my goodness. It is hard to believe if you worked on a ship like this,


climbing to the top of the mast would be part of your every day job,


often in howling storms. That is so far down! Be brave, Barney, people


are watching! I really don't want to be here right now. Oh, Mate!


you OK? Yes. Just when I think I have made it come he breaks the bad


news. Are you good for that? I have got to climb another five metres to


reach the penultimate yardarm. That is the name for the horizontal beam


that the sales hang off. You can step off on to that rope. You are


Oh, what! So there is literally just a little bit of rope between


me and the ground, a 45, 50 metres drop. That is phenomenal. I have


never hold -- held on to anything so tight in my life. Now there is


the simple matter of hoisting a line into place. I'm having a


moment. It is getting my head round the fact that I am stood on a very


small rope, dangling hundreds of metres in the air. You can see just


behind you, this wouldn't block, and the wire, all you need to do is


released this road, so we can swing it down into place at night and


safely. -- released this a rope. Start and tying the knot. And there


she goes. Wow. Does this have a function? This controls the yards


to stop them swinging around. is brilliant. We are all done.


complete. After climbing this high, all I have done is secured one line


of the huge web of rigging, but you know what, it is my rope! There is


Body, you did phenomenally well. It did look scary. -- Barney. It is so


weird, you are so high, you don't realise until you look down. I was


balancing on a tiny bit of rope. you want to see these packed be


yourself, you are in luck, they will be at the London pet show on


the 12th and 13th May. You are not at the pet show! They are having a


fight! Still to come on today's Blue Peter, we will find out how of


200,000 of your pictures were turned into a picture for the Queen.


And Cover Drive will be hit your answer your questions. It is a


friendly show! Let's talk about the Blue Peter calendar. For the past


few months we have been using different photography techniques to


create different images. Last week, we used the light painting. Let me


show you what we did. This was the result of a whole might filming


with some of our friends, that is what you can achieve using torches,


and a camera. We have seen this one sent in. As you can see, they used


a different coloured torches. That is brilliant. We are always


overwhelmed by the beach is a new centre in, this one by Scott, he


has drawn around himself. I have got cat scratches on one arm and


dog scratches on another! There this month, I thought we would try


something different, I take photos all that time, and I put this photo


-- took this Botha, it was a moment when we all had a break. Johnny


Pitts is bidding himself up. Only he could pull off those sunglasses.


We thought we would use that as this month's calendar picture. You


can go to the website and download that, printed out for yourself.


There are some things on there, Robert Petersson's birthday, if you


want to get him a cake. One date you do need be a kind that is 26th


May, that is the date that a brand new Blue Peter show starts, on CBBC.


You can come along, be part of the show, here's a taster of what is to


The Olympics are the greatest sporting event on earth, and this


summer, they are coming to the UK. Here on Blue Peter, we are going to


be be the ultimate guide to this once-in-a-lifetime a sporting


moment. We are going to be following the Olympic torch around


the country, to bring you an action-packed programme with all


you need to know about the Olympics. We will have guides to the biggest


sports, with top British Olympians. We will be reliving some of the


most amazing moments from past Olympics. Great Britain on the


line! Great Britain get the gold medal! And we are joined by four


big-name celebrities in a thrilling sporting battle for our very own


gold medal. The great news is, you can come along too. We will be


staying around all day so you can see us in person and try out all


sorts of the Olympic challengers. And if you watch next week, we will


tell you where we are going to be and how you can come along. They


have calmed down a bit now, they get excited when we mentioned him


on telly. Barney does it to sometimes. How do you turn almost a


quarter of a million pictures it into one Portrait of the Queen? I


went along to get the inside story of one of the Diamond Jubilee


portraits. She has one of the most famous


faces in the world. It has been captured in countless photographs


and painted by some of the greatest artists of our time in almost every


style you can imagine. But to celebrate the Queen's diamond


jubilee and mark the fact she is only the second British monarch


ever to rain for more than 60 years, our Queen is being given an


extraordinary portrait like she has never seen before. And the canvas


is none other than her home, Buckingham Palace! For the past


eight months, more than 200,000 children from across the UK have


sent in their self portraits for the project. These pictures have


been pulled it together into a massive montage to great an image


of the Queen's face, which will be projected onto the front of


Buckingham Palace. They decided to call in the services of Ross Ashton,


who has already projected on to Buckingham Palace for the Queen's


golden jubilee. This time it is different. Tommy about the


portraits at of come in. -- tell me about the portrait that have come


in. They have been incredibly different, photography, sculpture,


clay modelling, a montages. Some of them are fantastic. To create the


Queen's face from all these pictures, Ross has special software


that adjusts the colour of each picture, which make up individual


squares of the portrait. How will we see this on the Palace? You have


got individual frames, in the larger friends, we are showing a


sample of the 200,000 pictures. Unfortunately there isn't enough


time to show every painting, or we would have, because we would love


to. As well as taking on this project, Ross is trying to break a


record for the world's largest collaborative art work. The final


work all be shown for 24 hours on big screens around the country. You


are creating a portrait of the Queen. It involves 200,000 children


and is hopefully going to be a world record. Are you feeling the


pressure at all? You are scaring me now! There is still a week ago, and


he has plenty of work to do, but in the meantime, I'm getting involved


in my own way. This is my kit. I am no artist, but that is the point,


it is my interpretation. It is not just kids getting involved, loads


of celebrity portraits will be auctioned off to raise money for


the charity as well. There have been some mixed results. I think


Jamie Oliver might have been going from an abstract point of view.


Some celebs have revealed hidden talents. Well, I think we are done!


OK, it is not quite up to the best standards, but hopefully it will


raise a bit of money for the charity auction. A week later, the


big projection day has arrived. I have been given the massive honour


of pressing the button that starts the whole thing off. I have been


looking forward to this for ages, I am a bit worried no one will come.


The weather is really bad! It is so cold and wet but I'm genuinely


shivering, and I can't really feel my toes, but we are sticking with


it, because I think this is going to be worth it. One person with


more to worry about is a Ross, he is looking pretty nervous. This


feels a bit wrong, talking to you through bars, but that is because


you are very busy and important. What is going on? Fees of the


project is we have installed, it has taken us a week to get the


equipment set up. What happens between now and the big switch on?


I wait for the Sun to go down. you nervous? Of course, it is


Buckingham Palace. Despite the weather, the excitement is building,


especially for some of the kids who have sent their pictures in. Your


paintings are going to be up there on Buckingham Palace. That is


pretty exciting! Amazing, my drawing is going to be on a queue


mongers Palace. The Queen is going to see your art work on her house.


The light is starting to fade which means the projection should work.


The rain is easing and the crowds are gathering. It is my job to


press the button which means the projection will be switched on. I


have a lot of helpers. There will be a big countdown. Then we will


hit the button. Are you excited? Yes, I am cold, wet and feeling


like a drowned rat, but this is definitely worth it. It was even


better for the kids who got to see their pictures on the Palace. Yours


was in the middle? Yeah. One of my aims in art is the whole world to


see my art and it's just happened now. Did you think it would be that


big? No. What stko you reckon. Yeah! Look there is you. That's


OK, guys, two questions for you. Did you enjoy hopefully help break


a world record? Yes! Do you think the Queen enjoyed her present?


I bet she did. Obviously it takes a long time to


count all those pictures so we are not sure if it's a World Record but


we will keep you posted. Fingers crossed it becomes official. We are


sitting in between the pets from now on. Right our next guests are


determined to bring the sounds of Barbados to the rest of the world


and they're succeeding. The last single twilight was a success.


Rihanna is a fan. It's the fabulous Cover Drive.


Hi, guys. Nice to see you. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having


us. You already have your Blue Peter badges on. Let's start with


the intros. I am T-ray. I am Amanda. I am the Barman. Your music is


Carib-pop. It's a mixture of Caribbean music, mixed with pop


music and you combine them and it makes Feel-Good sunshine music that


make us you feel you are at a beach party. The name, there is a story


behind that. It's a cricket shot. It's our national sport. We tried


to think of a name that sounded cool and tied in with Barbados. Our


manager said Cover Drive. We strive for excellence and it sounds cool.


He is very convincing. You didn't call yourself The Wickets.


thought of that afterwards, but not for us. We like Cover Drive better.


A secret, in rehearsal we had to peel your hat off you. You said you


feel like you have lost your power. You love your hats. Actually I love


hats. They all have cool hair, so I have to wear hats. He has a


collection of fedora hats. He has every single colour you could think


of. I am exactly the same. I have to stick one on, although eufg been


wearing the same one recently. hair is a mess. It is now! We have


a game, follow us over here and we will tell you about it. Right for


this section of the show Barney has agreed to be our model. You are


going to wear the hats. I am going to tell you guys two facts about


these hats but I want to know which one is true and which is false. We


are going to start with the fedora. Now it was introduced into fashion


as a woman's hat after it was seen in a play called Fedora, is that


true? It was named after American blues singer Stewart Fedora who


never left home without one. Which is true? Judging by the trajectory


of the sun and the moon right now and this fedora, I have to say the


second is true. It was wrong! It is that it was introduced into fashion


as a woman's hat after it was seen in a play called Fedora. That's why


I am in music. Right, this is the sosombre, the far away galaxy 104


is called the galaxy because it resembles the hat's shape or it was


originally used in wars to make the soldiers appear taller. I am going


to have to try it on. Which is true? I definitely feel taller and


more powerful and I could beat all of you. I would say B, soldiers.


That's wrong! It's named after the galaxy. Come on guys. Next is the


beret. Which of these facts is true? Not sure that's how you are


meant to wear it. The originates from Bearnais in France and is


based on the shape of an open baguette or it originates from


ancient Greece where it was worn as military headgear. Isn't beret a


French word. I was thinking about that. It should urge me from France.


The bread sounds far-fetched. does,. I know you like them but


they haven't done well so far. is right. First one, A. No! From


ancient Greece. Last up. Come on! This is the cloche, the word means


shelter as the French women who wore it did manual labour outdoors


or is it the word means bell as the hat resembles a bell? We can't get


all them wrong. Trust your gut. Correct! It means bell, well done.


You know your music. Maybe not hats! You have been sending your


questions in for Cover Drive. We will be asking those after this.


The Blue Peter website is the place to be for fun games, amazing clips,


and loads of things to try at home, like photography.


Making board games, and even fashion design.


You can catch up on episodes you have missed.


And send your questions to the stars you love.


So, head over to the CBBC website and click on Blue Peter.


OK, straight to our questions. What artists most influence you? As a


collective we have to say No Doubt, the black aoeued peas and Bob marry.


-- Marley. Were you good at school? I was good at school, yes but I


always enjoyed more when I got to go in the art room and chill out.


We all did well in exams, though. School is important. Well done.


would like to know now, be honest, which of you eats the most?


varies. I probably eat the most. Come on. It's a tie. Rosy wants to


know what is life like in Barbados? Beautiful. It's like Heaven


basically. It's really laidback and very, very hot. It's just beautiful


to go on the beach and enjoy it and laugh and relax. It's not stressful.


Golden sand, 30 degrees all year. Do you have any lucky charms,


that's from Ryan? You have one. actually have a Nelson Mandela


bracelet, I never take it off. It symbolises power and I am not going


into education right now, but it means a lot to me. We want you to


go off and perform your new single. We love it. Go and get your


instruments. Let us tell you what's happening next week.


The boys from Rizzle Kicks swap tearing up the dance floor for


tearing up the roads. Can they learn to drive in one week. I get


expert football coaching advice from Harry Redknapp. You have been


singing this song all day. Please # Happy to see you setting me off


like sparks # You ignite all the colours inside


my heart # On the doorstep like we had never


been apart hope you know that I am happy to


see you #. # It's just another night


# The boys are getting higher # But baby in my head I am there


with you instead #. It's just another night


# Under the strobe lights # Can't hear what I am dancing to


# Just want to be with you. # I am ready to go


# On my mind I can't wait anymore # I am happy to see you setting me


off like sparks # You ignite all the colours inside


my heart # On the doorstep like we had never


been apart # Hope you know that I am happy to


see you # Them girls put on a show


# But they will never know # What makes you Bute Bute


beautiful # I watch them come and go


# Them boys got all the talk # But they don't know a lot


# You know my every thought # That's why I make them walk


# Chest tight, and I am ready to go # On my mind I can't wait anymore


# I am happy to see you setting me off like sparks


# You ignite all the colours inside my heart


# On the doorstep like we had never been apart


# Hope you know that I am happy to see you


# Nothing needed to say # We got nothing to prove


# The world doesn't matter # No winner with you


# We got no games to play # So we got no rules


# The world doesn't matter, you are here and I am happy to see you


# Setting me off like sparks # You ignite all the colours inside


my heart # On the doorstep like we had never


been apart # Hope you know that I am happy to


see you # Happy to see you


# Setting me off like sparks # You ignite all the colours inside


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