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Coming up on today's live Blue Peter, we give you the inside story


on chocolate eggs. Along with baby apples and Demi Lovato. Find out


how to make your very own customised Easter egg, in less than


two minutes' time. Happy Easter, everybody! They've got the ahh


factor by the bucket load. We take you to see the newest zoo babies on


the block. And Camp Rock star Demi Lovato reveals some of her


heartbreaking secrets in about 20 minutes. I gained a lot of


confidence and I'm learning how to Hello! Welcome to Blue Peter. We've


got a great show for you today, we got music, annals and we know you


love to get creative, so we got some cracking ideas. There is also


the chance to be interactive and get in touch with the show. A few


days ago, it was April Fool's Day. We might read it out later. Someone


once convinced me that a man crew press on his head. -- watercress.


We know you like to get created in the Easter holidays. You are


probably looking for something to do. We got an idea for you to get


stuck into. Do you know that in Britain we eat a staggering 80


million Easter egg each year. If you're tired of the same old brands,


you probably want to try something different. All you need is one of


Chocolate. Most of us love it. Some people are even addicted to it. At


Easter, you never need an excuse to eat it. Easter eggs are


traditionally given that this time of year to celebrate the start of


new life that springtime brings. I'd enlisted the help of a master


chocolate here to show you how you can create unique gifts for friends


and family. The egg expert in question is Paul Young. He runs a


chocolate shop and his work with one of the world's most famous


chefs, Marco Pierre White, and he's going to let you in on the sweet


secret of how to make an Easter egg with wow factor. How are you doing?


Thanks for inviting us to your kitchen, which smells incredible.


Melted chocolate, truffles, marzipan, what are we doing? It is


half an Easter egg filled with truffle eggs, marzipan eggs and


Brownies. The first thing we've got is a bowl of melted chocolate. It's


been over a pan of gently simmering water. Give us a good mix and it


should be really smooth, no lumps. You need to add more chopped up


chocolate. This gives it extra strength and better texture. All we


need to do is add a little bit of solid chocolate to the melted


chocolate and mix it up until it is melted. The more we do it, the


better it will be. Now it's time to make the egg Bowl. We dip in a


balloon. If you want a follow one, go further wrapper. If you want


half, got halfway. It goes into the chocolate. It's obvious to ask,


will it not taste like a balloon? There will be no taste whatsoever.


Scrape any extra off from the bottom and stand it on a sheet of


greaseproof paper. Bennett is into the fridge for five minutes to set.


Then it is time to move on to the custom mini eggs made of anything


you like. We got marzipan, brownies, a travel, that is just cream and


chocolate mix together. Roll them into egg shapes, or any other shape


that you like! I have made a marzipan potato! It is time to


customise the outside. Coated with any type of melted chocolate you


like. Make sure it is cool enough to touch. Get an adult to help.


Decorate them quickly, before it sets. You can stick absolutely


anything to the outside. You've already got ideas, I can see you


thinking! They have set and it is time for the really fun part. We


need a pair of scissors. It might be an idea for your mum and dad to


help. Hold the balloon... Pop the balloon. Mine is just going down!


It's a very delicate process. worry if a bit of balloon gets


stuck. Pull it out carefully. hadn't mixed it fully, this balloon


would not have released, the chocolate would have stuck to it.


Now for some finishing touches and two at the mini eggs. There you


have it, fully customise the ball Easter eggs, served in their own


chocolate bowl. Happy Easter! If he would like to do whatever you need


to do, I'll clean up. Thanks, guys. I don't know if I should be proud


or embarrassed! I didn't know that they were filming at. Whatever!


director said I had to do it. I feel bad that you were left out,


so we are going to get our aprons on and do this in the studio. You


need chocolate and balloons. The first thing that you need to do is


to melt it over a pan of hot water on the stove. Make sure you get


your parents to help or somebody that is an adult. It has already


been done, so I don't need to do that. You can use dark chocolate,


white chocolate, whatever takes your fancy. Then it is important


that you take some ordinary chocolate, chop it up and add that


to the melted chocolate. It's called tempering and it will stop


it going wobbly when it takes -- you take out of the fridge. You


need to blow your balloon up. You can use any size you like, small


large, it depends how big the one chore Cup today. -- you want your


cup to the. We want it cold enough to touch because if it is to what


it will burst the balloon. learnt that the hard way! I want


mine to be like a Bird's Nest, like this one. You can dribble it around


the side for that. This will cool in the fridge and make the shape


that you are making on the outside of the balloon. You need to put


Then you take that to the fridge. In five minutes it should set. Be


careful with the fridge door, it is massive. It really is big. Amazing.


Just leave it open. Once they have set, they should look like these.


Here are some we made earlier. This is the tricky bit. You have to pop


the balloon inside it. Very gently, just like that. Be very careful.


The quicker you are with this, there you go... At you need to get


that bit out in the middle. As easy as that. Once you have them like


this, you can start to decorate them. Last week we told you that


this was going to beyond the Blue Peter website and we invited you to


have a go. A lot of you did and you have sent us photographs of the


eggs you created. Ben and Amy, Ben has made a huge one and he has


filled it with all kinds of treats. Joseph, Sophie and Sandy made a


mini egg and filled it with flowers. Charlotte from Ramsgate got a very


creative. Is that a marzipan rabbit or a cat? If it's a rabbit, it is


my idea of heaven. Alice in end breath filled her chocolate egg


with fancy looking travels. Well done, clearly classy ladies. If you


make one of these, don't forget to send in a picture. We'll add it to


the website if we can foster of its lovely to do something on


television, then you send us pictures. It's really nice to see


getting involved. But it's not just about chocolate, it's also about


springtime and the babies that brings with it. They are really


Keats, so I went to meet some of them. I knew that was coming!


Easter, cuddly Easter bunnies and fluffy Easter chicks. But they are


not the only animals you can see. At this time of the year, lots of


cute babies are being born in zoos around the country. We thought we


would give you a run-down of the ones you can see on your day out.


As well as telling you where you can find the newest babies on the


block, we are finding out which is top of the cuteness charts. First,


we are starting in Blackpool with a western lowland gorilla. She is


capturing the hearts of visitors. This is amazing, how old is she?


She will be two this year. generally eats things like baked


potatoes, vegetables and lots of fruit. But would you believe that


one of her favourite treats his rice and Marmite? Just like any


small person in the family, as soon as somebody comes over they start


to show off. I think she might be doing that now. She definitely


shows off when we bring people down. It usually means there is food as


well. She likes to act up. Quite a good dancer, as well! With her big


brown eyes and impressive dance moves, she scores eight Skipness


racing -- a cuteness rating of four. Just around the corner are four


very clingy new arrivals. It you have seen it Madagascar, you will


recognise these. These are ringtailed lemur us. They are named


after their distinctive striped tails, which they used to help


identify themselves. They are cute when they are older, but the little


ones are a different type of cute. Look at the size of these two. How


old are they? We have four sets of twins that were born at the end of


February. We have warned that was born this morning. The babies are


tiny. They only way 70 grams. They are still clinging to their mother,


said the keepers can't tell if they are boys of girls yet. I think


these baby lemurs are adorable. Because they are still clinging to


their mother we can see too much of them, so they get a rating of three


out of five. Now we are off to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire,


where this pair of baby burrowing owls have just come along. They are


named Linford and Christie, after the Olympic gold medal-winner. They


are so tiny that during the day they have been having a rest in


teacups! They are unusual because unlike most owls they stay awake


during the day. I reckon they are really cute. I'm going to give them


full marks, five out of five. Next on our hunt for the key just animal


babies on the block, we are heading to Edinburgh zoo to see a newborn


pigmeat -- pygmy hippo. Until a few weeks ago, she was spending the day


in enclosure. But she is giving the visitors a treat by taking her


first steps outside. But she never gets too far away from mum. She


might look cute now, but when she's older she will develop big sharp


teeth, which the hippos used to protect themselves in the wild.


Although they are small, they can be very aggressive. For that reason,


I'm going to give her a cuteness rating of three. Where now heading


south, to Chester Zoo, to see if their new arrivals can equal the


baby al's rating of five out of five. First, the newborns in the


meerkat enclosure. How many babies do we have? Three. How old are


they? Just over four weeks. You are very lucky to see them today.


small are they? How much do their way? When they are tiny, about 30


grams. About the same as a packet of crisps. That in itself is cute,


isn't it? Definitely. For an animal that always seemed to be on the


lookout for stuff, they must have amazing eyesight? Really good, they


can see up to 300 metres. Let's work that out. If an Olympic-sized


swimming pool is 50 metres, that is six of them. That is a long way.


They are so cool, aren't they? The pointy nose is very sweet, and the


fact they only way the same as a packet of crisps means that I will


give them a really salted cuteness rating of three out of five. Still


at Chester Zoo, Ovett in the tapir enclosure. How old is she? About


three months old. They are related to horses and rhinos. This one


weighs 50 kilograms, which means she already weighs the same as 50


bags of sugar. There are a lot of obvious things which are different


between the baby and her mother. The stripes, can you explain why


that is? That is so they are, Slochd from predators. As they get


bigger, their habitat changes slightly the strikes begin to fade.


What about the noses? They are very special? The tapirs spend a lot of


time in rivers. They live by them in the forests. They can go


underneath and they will stick them out of the water, like a snorkel.


She's lovely. How cute is that? Do you want one? She's pretty cute,


but tapirs themselves are less cute when fully grown. I'll give her a


Scott was born last October, and as you can see, he struggled to stand


up at first. His mum was pregnant for an amazing 700 days before she


finally gave birth. I think it was worth the wait, though! Here is


something cool. Did you know that an elephant's trunk contains 100


muscles? That is very strong. Scott has got to be one of the cutes


babies I have ever seen, so he gets four out of five.


At Belfast Zoo, two baby animals have been born recently. I like the


adults, the babies have not grown horns. But they should start to


grow within a couple of months. They have certainly got the Doe Lea


I'd thing going on. I'll go to give them a cuteness rating of three.


From Scott the elephant's attempts to stay on his feet to the meerkats


weighing the same as a bag of crisps, all eight of the animals we


looked at our very cute. But there can be only one winner, and with


five out of five, it has to be the cute baby owls. Aren't they


adorable? They are just some of the cute animals in and around the


country. Maybe you can find a 2-1 If you are a fan of Demi Lovato,


you may wonder where she has been hiding. She was everywhere recently.


But she has been missing from the celebrity scene for a while.


Well, not everything's been plain sailing for Demi, so because we


find out the facts other shows can't, we sent radio 1 DJ Tom


Deacon to catch up with her at an exclusive, secret location and get


the inside story on her recent troubles.


On top of her screen success, Demi's love of writing and


performing led to her relating two albums before she was 18. Becoming


famous at a young age may seem like -- like a dream come true, but


being now on around the world brings a lot of pressure. Today I


am meeting Demi in a London hotel to ask her some questions about the


realities of being an international star. And to find out why she has


been out of the limelight. Welcome, Demi, it is a pleasure to see you.


Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here.


We are here because you have got a brand new skin -- single, caught


Skyscraper. When I wanted to come out with my


new single, I chose a song that had a lot of depth and meaning. It is


no secret that I have had a lot of troubles over the past few years.


It is basically about overcoming any obstacles or issues that are in


your life and just rising above it and standing tall. Like a


What sort of problems did you face? Well, I struggled from an eating


disorder and I also suffered from a mood disorder. Where do you think


these conditions came from? Did they come from the fact that you


were thrown into the limelight at such a young age?


I don't think that it helps that I was in the spotlight so quickly,


but it definitely was not the start of my problems. I actually was


bullied when I was 12 years old, and a lot of the things they said


were about my weight. So I was about 12 when my eating disorder


started. That was my way of dealing with the pain and suffering.


I guess a lot of teenagers of the same age are going through the same


problems, so it does not just happen to people in the limelight.


Totally. So you have to build your


confidence back up to where it was before.


Now that I am getting older and I have dealt with a lot of my issues,


I have gained confidence. I am learning how to really love myself.


But I think that anybody who has dealt with an eating disorder can


say that it never goes away. There is there a thought in your head


that wants to control you and control what you eat, and it is


hard to deal with. It is a daily struggle. But as long as you can


take it one day at a time, you are So, Demi, what advice would you


give to anybody who is a teen dealing with the issues you have


had? If you are a teen dealing with eating disorders or bullying, say


something. Don't keep it to yourself. Don't let it bottled up


inside. You need to tell somebody. It has been a tough ride for Demi,


and you guys missed her, because last weekend the message board went


into overdrive when you heard I was coming to meet her today. Here are


just some of your questions. Are you ready? Let's do it. When you


are down, how do you stay strong and smile? Sometimes I forced


myself to smile. Smiling actually has been proven to lift your mood,


which is interesting. When you are mad or something, just smile and it


makes you feel better. interesting question - what is the


best thing about being famous? think the best thing about being


famous is being able to use your voice was something greater than


just music and television. You can use it for something good, like


raising awareness of bullying and eating disorders.


Demi Lovato, it has been a pleasure chatting to you. It is lovely to


see you again. It is so good to see Demi back in


action. Here, we like to give you the low-


down on everything you are talking about. So when we heard about our


next story, we thought we needed to send somebody special... Somebody


clever, somebody that could really get to the story... It really


needed to be somebody showbiz... So This is Barney the dog, a celebrity


in his own right. From the minute he arrives at work, he is treated


like a staff. Before every show, he is groomed and pampered in his own


dressing-room. What a show-off! He likes to think he is king of the


studio. Barney's status means there are plenty of friends keen to hang


Today he is on his way to meet a very unusual type of dog. He is


pink, with black spots. And he loves rolling around in the mud.


Yet, this is no repeat, who thinks he is a dog. -- Lewis b Pick.


He eats like a dog, plays like a dog and hangs out with other dogs.


He is a real-life Babe. But why does this pot-bellied class act


like a canine? Time for Barney to find out.


Hi, I'm Barney, great to me too. Hallow there, Barney.


I hear you are keen on the canine lifestyle. How come?


When I was born I was too slow -- small to go in with the other pigs.


So my owner let me into the house. By the time I was ready to go back


to the stye, I had sampled the dog's life and I liked it.


I have heard that as well as living like a dog, you have also got some


canine tricks up your sleeve. Can you show me what you are made of?


Try and stop me! This caused what -- this course was


put together for dogs, but the peak has got it mastered. While he shows


off on the assault course, Barney interrogates his owners.


So, how did he get into doing dock assault courses? I was trying to


teach the dog to go through one of the tunnels, and he ran through the


tunnel quicker than I got the dog to do it. So how does he put his


skills to use? Does he do competitions?


He is a real star. He is part of the Cheshire Dog Display Team. He


goes around showing off how good he is on his assault course. Nobody


quite believes he can do all the things that he can do.


So, Barney, do you feel like giving it a go? This will be interesting!


She is not expecting me to jump over that, if she? Walking around


it makes more sense. What is that? If you think I'm going in there,


you are having a laugh. Hang on, it is that...? It is!


Honestly, what that dog won't do for a slice of ham. Now there's no


stopping him. Look at him go! Go on, Barney! Wow, that is tough. Keep


that up and you are going to be the leanest peak in the UK. Which could


be the best way to keep you of people's plates.


Thank you, Barney. Thank goodness that is over. Now,


where is my limousine? I'm ready for a serious nap.


I'm proud of his skills, but I can't believe he ate ham in front


of a pick. Naughty! Earlier, we asked you to send us an e-mail


about the best April fool you have ever pulled off. One boy says I put


Me and my family phoned the grandparents to say it was a sea


lion on a number which was actually for Chester Zoo.


Somebody else's it was my birthday and everybody acted like they had


forgotten. Then I went into the garden and they had given me a


party. Kate put a ticket on her dad but my


car and pretended it was a fine. Maisie has said that she gave her


brother a drink of prune juice, saying it was Coca-Cola. His


reaction was amazing! Eleanor covered her brother's cereal bowl


with clingfilm so that when he poured look on it, it went


everywhere. Becky says she told her sister


there was a spider on her head. Was a lovely sister!


I know you have done that clingfilm thing to somebody's toilet, haven't


you! That is the kind of thing you would do.


Next week we'll be revealing the secrets of the most famous ship


ever, the Titanic, on the 100th anniversary of its ill-fated maiden


voyage. I head to Florida to check out the


most jaw-dropping superboats in the world.


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