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On today's special Blue Peter, marking 100 years of the sinking of


Titanic, we explore the biggest Titanic attraction in the world.


find out how rescues happen at sea today. And I experienced ocean-


Hello! For today's show, we've come to Northern Ireland to the brand


spanking new attraction, Titanic Belfast. You can see it behind me.


It's huge and looks like the front of a ship, which is no coincidence


because it was built to be the same height as the Titanic itself. It


must have been quite a sight. 100 years ago, the most famous ship in


history was built on this slipway. It took 3,000 workers almost three


years to finish it. But none of them could have imagined that their


creation would soon be lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


Everything about Titanic was big. It was the height of luxury and was


as long as the Empire State Building is tall. Imagine how


excited the passengers must have been as they boarded this brand new


ocean liner for its very first voyage from Southampton to New York.


But imagine the horror when, on the night of 14th April 1912, five days


into her journey, Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in just two-and-a-


half hours. Titanic was thought virtually unsinkable so there were


only lifeboats for one third of the ship's passengers. Of the 2,225


people aboard, just 713 survived. Titanic Belfast tells the story of


the ship beginning with its construction. It's incredible to


think that something the size of Titanic was built pretty much by


hand. Men risked their lives daily working in the hull under tons of


metal or high above the ground in the gantry. Many of the workers


were teenage boys working in rivet squads. Three million rivets like


this one held the ship together. It was the job of the boys to get the


rivets from the furnace to the rivet squad while they were still


hot enough to hammer in. Off you go. The heater boy would race with the


boiling hot rivet to where it was needed. Once there, he'd throw it


to the catch boy who would place the rivet in the hole ready to be


hammered. Thank you. Today, children aren't expected to build


ships, but here at Titanic Belfast, there's a ride that can give you a


sense of the conditions that the shipyard workers faced daily. The


shipyard ride lasts six minutes and carries visitors from deep within


the bowels of the half built Titanic to the day it was finally


launched. I saw how dangerous it was to be working to build the


Titanic. It was actually quite shocking. On show are


reconstructions of the furnaces, the rivet crews at work and the


giant rudder itself. It is a great job, but I wouldn't like to do what.


If somebody asked me to do what, I would say no. Plenty of children


sailed on her as passengers. Of the 112 children on board when the ship


hit the iceberg, sadly half of them died. One of the lucky survivors


was Eva Hart. This is her story, in her own words. I was with my


parents. My father was going to open a business in Winnipeg. People


were saying to me how fortunate we were to get on the Titanic. I was


excited because I was going on a wonderful big ship and I had no


fear or apprehension or anything. She was very beautiful, luxurious


beyond words. It was the first time I had been on board a ship. Captain


Smith was on deck and he was very nice. He had a beard like my own


grandfather and he admired the doll that I had. On the third night, I


was sound asleep. My mother woke me and said, I am going to dress you.


Before she could, my father came back and said, you had better put


this thick coat on. That is all he said. Standing on deck, my father


came back and said, the ship has struck an iceberg. My father had no


difficulty in putting me and my mother in the lifeboat, but he made


no attempt to get in it himself. When we were in the water, we could


hear people rushing about on Dec. That is when the panic must have


started, when they found there were no more life but slept. I was


terrified. I didn't know what to shipwreck could mean and how long


it would take, but I was too terrified to for my father. Before


she sank, she was a very beautiful ship, stationary on the ocean with


all her lights on. It was dreadfully cold, but the sea was


the, so I had seen. The stars were the brightest I had seen. I look


back and I see that ship break-in half. The front part went down and


let the stern sitting up in horrifying fashion. It was enormous


and seemed to stick up in the air for a long time until it gradually


went down, turning over. After that, there was the sound of the disaster


and that was people drowning. That is something you can never forget.


Then the dreadful silence that followed it. It seemed as if the


whole world was standing still. It was discovered my life but was


overcrowded and the officer in charge decided he would get rid of


his load by putting people in other boats. I got separated from my


mother. I didn't find her until the next day. The next morning, the


icebergs were like white sails in the distance. White yachts with the


sum on them. They were very beautiful. They were all around us.


The crew of the ship that rescued us were very kind and good to us.


We were given clothes because I had only got a blanket around me with


my night clubs. I had nightmares until I was 23. Although why would


like to say I am not frightened of the sea, I had never been in


anything that is touching the Titanic and its beauty. She was


lovely. Accidents at sea are much more survivable. We have got radar,


satellite communications and an international team saved lives


every year. I spent some time with the Navy to find out what happens


when things go wrong. A casualty is in distress. A whole team put their


lives on the line. 24 hours ago, I'd never been on a rescue mission.


Culdrose Air Station. Cornwall. The home of 771 Naval Air Squadron, one


of the top search and rescue teams in the world. The squadron has been


rescuing people around the South West coast for over 50 years. Last


year, they answered 200 emergency callouts every year. If anyone can


get you out of trouble, these guys can. Over the next two days, this


squad will be putting me through my paces to train me up for an air sea


rescue training exercise. My mission will take place on this


metal monster, the MK5 Sea King Helicopter. Seven tons of steel


topped off with an 18 metre rotor span. This beast has been laughing


in the face of the worst the weather can throw at it since 1969.


Lieutenant Commander Rob Suckling has over 15 years experience on the


Sea Kings. But as I get my first look inside, I'm baffled as to how


anyone can make head or tail of the cockpit. There are no modern


digital displays, just these analogue dials. There is no way you


can look at everything. Sitting here for real, flying, what do I


need to look at? That is the actual indicator. When it is foggy, it


tells you where it is up and what is down, and it keeps us a.


have to put a lot of fed into this equipment. You will have to train


for about to make years before you can fly. By then, it is not


intimidating. -- for about two years. With only 12 hours before my


rescue mission, learning to fly is clearly out of the question. But


there's an equally important job at the back of the helicopter. For


tomorrow's exercise, I've been given the responsibility of using


the most vital piece of equipment on board, the winch. You can't land


a helicopter on the sea, so the only way to get somebody into the


back is to winch them up. This thin piece of rope is all that there is


to lift a person to safety. This lifeline is made by twisting


hundreds of very thin pieces of steel together. For my big mission,


I'll be the winchman, so this cable will lower me from the moving


helicopter down to a boat at sea. How strong is this? It is pretty


thin. It is stressed at this �600, three people. So I will be OK?


You'll be OK. When you're dangling from the side of a seven-ton


helicopter, verbal communication is tricky so learning the correct hand


signals is vital for safety. That is lower the winch. That one is


stop the winch. And then raised the winch. If we need to call a


stretcher in, make this. To be clear and definite, lower, stop,


raised, a stretcher. Can we practise here? No, we have to go to


the air. Straight in at the deep end. Good. Why wouldn't we? So, a


few minutes later, and ten metres up in the air, I prepare for my


first ever winch. I do not think it is going to snap. Oh, my word!


That's it. Going down might look simple, but I need to keep as


straight and controlled as possible. In less than 24 hours, I'll be


doing this over a moving target on the sea. I need to stay controlled.


And land on my feet. Three Arts... Two yards... I lower myself too far


and lose balance. If I lose concentration like that on my


mission tomorrow, I could hit the boat. I don't want to become the


person who needs rescuing. I knew I was getting closer to the ground,


but I thought I do not know when I.. At least it was a soft landing.


Getting to the boat will only be the start of my mission. I'll have


to make first contact with the casualty, get a stretcher on and


off, and then get myself back up. That was a speedy take-off! Raised


the wink. Come on to the aircraft. -- raised the winch. Can I have


another go? Going down. Going down. Try as I might, I just can't seem


to master that landing. I am concentrating. I have got to be


careful. Down, down. I will stand up. I stood up! I stayed on my


feet! Tomorrow, this is... I am going to have to land on a moving


target. As we saw today, I am not that good at landing. I only nailed


at once or twice. It is going to be harder and more dangerous tomorrow.


I have to concentrate and keep my Day two of my training. Mission day.


First up is the briefing with the search and rescue team. As you can


see, it is showery. Even though this is a training mission, I can


feel the nerves building in my stomach as Rob talks me through my


part in the sea rescue. I will put you on to the boat. I will give you


some hand singles. Any questions? Than the call comes in. Hello? OK,


a wet job. OK, on board the lifeboat. A life but has picked up


a surfer in distress. He needs to gets to hospital fast. An airlift


is needed. The lifeboat is out in the bay 10 miles from the base. It


would take an hour to get there by car and boat, but the helicopter,


travelling at 129 miles an hour, it takes five minutes. We need to look


for the lifeboat. In the day, it is easy, because it is bright orange,


but imagine doing this at night. Oh, my word. Is that them? That is it.


We are going over 100 miles an hour and I have got to land on that? I


felt more confident yesterday. Now, I'm like, wow. This is it. Me and


the wink. That why is looking even thinner. My stomach is doing


Islay manage to land properly once in training and this is 10 times


worse. -- I only managed. The boat is rocking side to side. This is


absolutely nuts. And then it happens. The landing I had been


dreading. I misjudged the movement of the boat and had a really hard.


As I got to the boat, my legs were underneath the railings, and I got


confused. Eventually, I was looking at the sea. There is no time to


celebrate getting on the boat in one piece. I'm here to work. Winch


men are also trained paramedics so my first job is to assess the state


of the casualty. In this case, he is a training dummy affectionately


known as Dead Fred. There is still hope for Fred. I signal for a


stretcher. The guys from the RNLI set up a link between the


helicopter and the lifeboat to The helicopter retreats to a safe


distance while we secure the casualty in the stretcher. We are


ready for you. The casualty is ready. I guide to the helicopter


back in and we set up another guide Once the stretcher and the casualty


are back in the helicopter, all we have to do is get the rescue were


I did not expect to be upside down, hanging off the back of a boat. I


was nervous going down. It is so different, it is when the noisier.


It feels noisier, which makes it more intimidating. Yes, sea rescue


can be scary, but whatever the well there, the seeking crew will be out


there, doing what they do best, saving lives. -- whatever the


weather. You do not need us look way to


build a ship and it does not need to be quite as ambitious. But you


do not need talented Shipbuilders, which we have got from Moat Primary


School. This is amazing. How long did it take to build? Three months.


You must be pretty patient. There is a lot of detail on here. I love


that everything you have used has been recycled. Talk me through it.


That is bottle tops, and then some straws and wire. And what about


this side? Chocolate boxes. Do you get to meet the chocolate? No!


If you look at the DEC, the decking, you have got lots of matchsticks


stuck together. That must have taken ages. We used glue to stick


it down, but whenever you stick it down, the glue is on her fingers


and he lifted up. How did you make the form? -- a form. I went out to


the fields near my farm, and I got some wall from the sheep. Please


don't go pinching well from sheep. If we were building a ship, or the


people at home are building a ship, what should they do? Plenty of


matchsticks. Lots of cardboard. don't forget the chocolate. Share


the chocolate, Barney! Lots of people know the story of Titanic


from the 1997 film, which has just had a 3D makeover.


When Titanic was first released 15 years ago, it was the most


expensive movie ever made. It cost $200 million to make. Many thought


it would be a flop, but instead it will call box office records and


won 11 Oscars. Kate Winslet has a theory why. The ship was not meant


to sink. It was providing opportunity for change and new life


for so many people. It is a terrible, terrible tragedy.


writer James Cameron is so obsessed with Titanic that he has visited


the wreck 33 times. The expedition was up a heart of it. It set a


standard for accuracy, and for truth. Even the actors had to stand


up to that, and become those people. Titanic sank so deeply it was lost


for 75 years. Since the discovery of the wreckage, scientists have


explored every nook and cranny of the rusting ship under the Atlantic.


The fact that a ship seemed to be at the height of glamour and could


be so easily reduced to a wreck is one of the reasons why the story is


so gripping. This first class cabin would have cost �870. That is


�60,000 in today's money, so this really would have been the best you


could get. Fast forward 100 years, and there is new cutting-edge


trends in today's luxury boats. We Welcome to Florida, visited by over


85 million people a year. The Sunshine State is famous for its


you round rays and 800 miles of beaches as well as being the


holiday homes of Will Smith, Beyonce and Matt Damon. And for the


next few days, it will be buzzing with some of the world's biggest


and richest boating enthusiasts as they descend on the International


Boat Show at Palm Beach. That is where I am heading right


now, to find the most luxurious boat of them all. The Boat Show is


a maritime marketplace, overflowing with over �200 million worth of the


latest boats, ranging from small, speedy inflatables to fishing boats


for, right through to the luxurious yachts. Hundreds of millions of


pounds splashed out on these ultimate toys. I want to find deep


most super boat here today. This place is so big and there are so


many boats here it is hard to know where to start. I do know that I


have to look for the longest boats because they are usually the most


expensive. That's nice, but small. That one is nice and shiny. Getting


bigger, getting bigger. This is good. Hang on, what kind of boat


would fit in a tent? It turns out that this is the trait tent, where


you can buy all your report accessories. Fishing rods,


satellite navigation systems. As I have become sidetracked on my hunt


to find the biggest boat, I might as well do some souvenir shopping.


I imagine that Helen has always wanted to be the captain of the


ship and every captain needs a hat. I would like to make a hat for a


friend of mine called Helen. While Helen's hat get stitched, I get


distracted by my love of gadgets. - - gets stitched. Satellite phones,


GPS, rucksacks, but no ordinary rucksack, a solar-powered rucksack.


This thing will charge up anything you want. All you have to do is


leave it in the sun and plug it in overnight. This is my kind of store.


Here you go, there is your hat. think she will like that.


That is the shopping done. Now to continue on my quest to find the


most super yacht. Address some of these people were to go. Where are


the big boats? Over there! That way, you can't miss it. Golly gee, you


should go down this way. My market research has led me to the marina


on the edge of the show. All of the yacht apart here as they need extra


space to be displayed in all their magnificence. -- yacht's are parked


here. Magnificent. Isn't she a beauty? But facie the most


luxurious today? It is cool, but I reckon we could find one bigger.


We're getting there, but I want bigger. Wow. Now that is a super


yacht. This is the diamonds are forever. At 61 metres in length,


she is the biggest and most expensive yacht on display. In fact,


she is the biggest ever seen at this boat show. I'm going on board


to meet the man in charge. Peter. Barney, welcome on board. That you


for having me aboard. It is luxurious. I guess it is the most


expensive in the show. How much? �40 million. 40 million. OK. If I


wanted to take the boat out? �250,000 a week. �250,000 a week...


Should I have a look around first and then if I like it, I'll make a


decision? Feel free. �250,000... The diamonds are forever yacht is


named after the James Bond film of the same name as her owner is a


massive fan of the movies. What strikes you, almost immediately, or


on a yacht like this, is the size of it. Normally your house will


have two levels, downstairs and upstairs. This has set index, and


each one is as beautiful and lavish as the next. This boat has more


rooms than most houses, including six extravagant bedrooms. The best


of a lot is the master suite. This is the front of the yacht, and this


has all round windows. No matter where your, you have the best view


of where up to you wake up. Imagine waking up every morning in a


different part of the world. Here, you can. All the other bedrooms are


pretty special with plasma screens that appear from the ceiling... I


want one. As well as an en suite bathroom complete with petal filled


baths, but maybe that is just for decoration. You have a nice table


to eat ice-cream and jelly and then when you feel like it, you have


your own pool. This hi-tech room, the bridge, is where the captain


control the -- controls the movement of the boat. He also has


some serious power to play with, as I found out when I reached the


bottom deck. This is the engine room. I'm staying here. I love it.


Not only is it polished aluminium but each one of these engines uses


nearly 2000 horsepower. Combined, the engines are 30 times more


powerful than your average family car. But the engine is not just to


make the diamonds are forever move at sea but to power the leisure


facilities. It has a gym, a son a, a steam room, a beauty salon and


one of my favourite ways to relax, and electric baby grand piano. -- a


son. If all those luxuries are not


enough, head down to the garage and he will find a couple of toys. Jet-


skis, or maybe radio-controlled model boats or go scuba-diving, or


why not just go for a trip on your own private boat. It has everything.


It is safe to say that my quest is complete. I can't imagine that any


of the other yachts could stop this. Are you going to charterer it? --


could stop. No. It is not big Coming up next week, internet music


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