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I'm Jack Black. Today on Blue Peter, I'm not only going to be answering


questions from your head. I'm going to be teaching these guys some


Hello. Also today, we're launching a competition, mainly between you


and me. Isn't CBBC Summer Sports Stars 2011. It was jolly good fun.


Not one of us took it way too seriously. Now welcome back a man


who has become a legend. You will no doubt have seen over the past


few days that our Andy has been setting new world records. Let's


give him the welcome he deserves - Andy Akinwolere!


APPLAUSE Thank you very much. You know


you've done something all right when you come out of the shed with


a bit of smoke. It's all good. Let's talk about it, two world


records. Yeah, it was really G I have to say something quickly now,


because we first set out to the Maraina Trench. We didn't get to do


it because of logistic reasons. We did something just as good. We swam


over the Pilau Trench. A lovely dismount. A belly flop.


The swim was lovely. It was warm. We were blessed because the


conditions were perfect. Usually that part of the world, it's rainy,


really stormy. Perfect conditions. But undoubtedly a very intimidated


feat. You even made the news. was brilliant. I was swimming over


8,000 feet of water. Like, I had divers under me. They were filming


me to make sure there weren't any sharks. I looked down and those


guys went down 30 metres. I couldn't believe what was happening


around me. It was bizarre. I had to take a bit of time off just to


realise what was going on. It was fantastic. When you're speaking


8,000 metres above the bottom of something, I couldn't do that in a


boat. This is a strange fact. If I drowned it would have taken me


three-and-a-half hours to get to the bottom. Another world record!


Watch it, it's a Blue Peter special on June 20th. See exactly what


happened. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you for


getting me this far. Andy off the telly everybody. Two world records.


Now something else with legendary status.


Questions from your head! This is the part of the show where we


answer questions from your very strange heads. Today, we have a


Hollywood superstar helping us out. Everybody, Jack Black, is back!


# You're the best around # Nothing's going to keep you down


Welcome to the show. The applause startled her. Sit next to papa.


She's used to the showbiz lifestyle. I've been on the receiving end of


your master skills of kung fu. You have the mastery of knowledge as


well. Your first question is there. Fire away. It would be my pleasure.


BeigecookingGuava asks "What is the world's smelliest cheese?"


going with stilton or Danish blue. They are stinky. But not the


stinkiest. In 2004 scientists at Cranfield University carried out


tests with special electronic noses and concluded that the French trees


-- cheese Vieux Boulogne is the smelliest. It is like old ear wax.


It's pretty good. Master of knock, -- knowledge all from his head. Now


this one says "How many 2p coins are in circulation?" As of April


2010 there were 6,664,000,000 That's worth a total of


�133,265,000. That's a lot of 2ps. That is. Next one, Ameobi asks "--


AmethystCyclingGrape asks "Do cats have bones in their tails?" Yeah,


this is handy because I happen to be a cat expert too. Yes they do.


According to Cats Protection, a cat's tail is an extension of its


spine. It consists of between 16 to 21 small bones called vertebrae


allowing the tail to be flexible. Happy cat, when you see the tail go


vertical like this and a little question mark. The guy has


knowledge. Those pale into insignificance when it comes to the


next part of the show. Everybody, it's time for the big question.


Look at that, it gets a drum roll and everything. That question comes


from GoldBreezyPhoenix. I love these names people. What is the


longest time ever that anyone has stayed under water for? I presume


that's a holding their breath thing. I held my breath for two minutes


once. That might be the record actually. If it's a world record it


needs to be more impressive. Maybe two-and-a-half. Impossible to go


more than four minutes. Do you know the answer? Our master of kung fu


probably does. E-mail us or if you're watching on BBC One, if you


get in touch we might read it out on the show.


Because we know you like cats, I have brought back the cat. I have


brought you a present. This is your second appearance on Blue Peter,


we're going to upgrade you to a silver badge. Give the man some


applause. APPLAUSE


There you go. Silver - nice! Thank you so much. I have to ask you


about Kung Fu Panda 2. I loved the first. A master of kung fu and


badges. How on earth do you top the first one, that was great? Kung Fu


Panda 2, we had to, yeah, we had pressure because the first was so


good. What we did was put in even better kung fu moves, the artistry


is even of a higher degree and also it's funnier and finally there's an


amazing message in there. What's the message? The message is inner


peace is the key to happiness. can have a quick look. Check it out.


Yee-haw! The dragon warrior. panda? That's impossible. My fist


hungers for justice. That was my fist.


I miss today and it's in 3-D. going to test your kung fu skills


later on. We've got you a fancy jacket and everything. This time


last year we held a competition called CBBC Star Striker. It Qom


very competitive. People took it very seriously. Mark was crowned


the winner. This year, we didn't want to let you down. We have


another competition. There were two teams. It happened in Brighton and


some of us got a bit carried away. Sunny Brighton, home of CBBC's


summer sports staurz -- stars 20011. It's here that -- 2011. It's here


that the teams will battle it out in cool summer sports. We've


gathered together the best sports stars CBBC has to offer. Many my


team from live and deadly Naomi. From hotel Trouble Dominique.


Sportsround Ore. From all offer the place, Ed. From the CBBC office Ian.


And from Roar, Jonny. For the oney team the prestigious


CBBC Summer Sports Stars trophy. For the losing captain a messy


forfeit in the deck chair of doom. Welcome to the CBBC Summer Sports


Stars 2011. Come on! The first game has been picked by me, dodgeball.


I've changed it a bit, and brought you to the beach. I give you beach


dodgeball. Dodgeball is a fast paced game


which started in American schools. You throw balls at your opponent to


take them out of the game. It's an international sport. Everybody


welcome Ryan and Mike. Ryan is the captain of the England squad and


has the fastest recorded dodgeball throw at 62mph. And Mike, he takes


the game out to schools and encourages kids to get involved in


this action-packed sport. What skill doz we need? You need to be


fast, agile. Moving around a lot. You need to work as a team. No one


individual, so working well. Let's get to it.


With an hour of training before our big match, we have a lot to learn.


The game starts with a sprint to the centre to get hold of the three


balls in play. Once you've got a ball, the idea is


to throw it at your opponents. If your opponent is hit, they are


out. Try to throw at the front leg. Aim for the shins.


If your opponent catches the ball, you are out.


The aim of the game is all in the name - dodgeball. Dodge that ball!


If I lose this, I will never hear the end of it. I don't think team


Helen stands a chance. Ian is a Dark Horse. I know he come as cross


as comedy, but he's fast. Ed does a weird dance when he throws and runs.


That will put them off. Naomi is competitive. Jonny a astrong.


try to make the comedy card, but when it comes to the match they'll


concentrate. I hope they will. neek... Ah, have to get back to


that later (Dominique) Time to gather our strength for the big


match. Here it is the first event in CBBC's Summer Sports Stars. The


winner gets five points on the leaderboard. I've been given the


job of the tank at the back, to launch the missiles. I'm scared.


hand-eye coordination is famously terrible. Thfrpblgts means


everything to me. I'm quite happy. Have you to make the best of what


you've got. For all you skinny people out there Stirling is


bringing it home. Skeleton! match today will be the best of


five three-minute games. Each game is one when either team has no


five seconds. First attack, nothing, no hits. That's a poor effort


really. Naomi is breaking from the back,


he's caught up. She's out. Text book catching from Barney there.


Oh, Ore's out. The power house is out! Helen retaliates, clumsy from


Barney. He's gone. Both captains are out now. Chaos. He's out. He's


out. 1-0 team Barney. Game two, another explosive start.


Team Ellen on the -- team Helen on the back foot. All three balls


aimed at Helen, that's bullying, but excellent dodgeball. Helen, you


are out. So is Barney - both captains out


again! The balls are flying everywhere. It's like the lottery


machine out there. Seconds left. Jonny catches. Ore out! Team Barney


win again. We both threw it to him, so low, low, low. Just got to soak


up the pressure guys. Dodge it and then explode If we can get Ore out,


everyone else loses confidence. You're right. It's crunch time for


team Helen. They have to win this one.


Careful Jonny. She's a wild one. Wild or not she can't throw for


toffee. That's got to be the dodge of the


day. Ore's on fire. Dominique's out. No wonder she's facing the wrong


way, turning her back on the action and her team-mates too.


Ore the power house taking out Ed. And Ian with a final catch, that's


a much needed point for team Helen. We had four, they had two. We only


did it because it makes good telly. Good telly or not, Helen's team


back in the game. Five points on the board to the winners of this


event. The tank launches a missile. Oh, nothing. Ore has Jonny bad. He


takes it out on Naomi, right on the shins. It's Helen, nothing.


Dominique takes Helen out and Ian's gone. It's all over, amazing!


feels great to be winner at the moment. Helen will not be happy


about losing here. That victory was down to me and my distracting dance.


Weakest link right there. High five Weakest link right there. High five


for the team. Well done Barney, I'm pleased that


you won. And well done orange team even though we lost. Thanks Helen.


It's four events in total. Three more to go. You might win the next


three, you never know. It's all to play for. Yes. One more thing for


us to say, before we go, Barney army! So after a win, Barney has


five points on the leaderboard. Next time on CBBC Summer Sports


Stars with everything to play for... We need to win this one. It has


worked out quite well for Helen. The competition hots up when we


take to the high seas. Thfrpblgts will come down to who can hold


their nerve. Be positive. There's thrills, spills and an accident


that threatens to put one of our contestants out of the competition.


Who will reign supreme and who will be one step near ter a gunging in


the deck chair of doom? You lost a little game there did you?


Is this a world first, Helen Skelton lost something? I let


myself down. I let my team down. I'm not comfortable with losing.


Helen is a hero. Call her superwoman. That's lovely. Really


nice. It says, when she loses she scares the pants off me. Ore is a


big dude. He's stacked. Look, park your gloating. All right, this is


the first chapter of the competition. You have a long way to


go to get your hands on this trophy. I'm going to hand out -- hang out


with an international movie star. All right for some.


Hello Jack. Hello. Unnecessary that gloating. It was a bit. Unnecessary


boys. Right now, as we know, in movies actors have to do research


to find out about their parts, is that true of actors in animated


movies? Of course, it's true. It's true in any kind of acting. It's


important to do research. I'm glad you said that. We're about to test


your kung fu skills in this: Jack versus black belt.


Good that, isn't it? I should point out that I wore my white belt for


fashion. I have a black belt at home. This is more summery. This is


more, yeah exactly. We have recorded three kung fu experts


performing three kung fu moves. I'm going to give you the name of the


move and we'd like to see if you can perform it. I know all the


moves, no problem. The first move is the third chi sau. I remember it


is the third chi sau. I remember it like it was yesterday. It goes a


little something like this. It's called the snake meets the tiger.


Here is the snake meets the tiger! OK that was Jack's version. Let's


bad. Luca wants you to perform the wooden dummy.


Do you remember that? I'm doing it. No, no. Just kidding. The wooden


dummy is an advanced move. It goes a little bit like this. It's a high


kick with a snap snap. Oh, it's Yours had more energy. You pointed


it out, it's true, mine had more energy. The third and final move,


you can maybe redeem yourself, see if you can get close to this one.


It's from Tia. It's chain punches with pop-up kick. This is the


perfect move if you're attacked by four different asail yants. You be


one of them. There's one, there's two, three, four.


yourselves a nice little dance together. I failed the test. But I


think you'll admit my moves were entertaining. You succeeded on many


other levels. Jack, thank you very much. Thank you.




Questions from your head! What a legend. Now let's talk about the


big question from today's question from your head. This was sent in by


GoldBreezyPhoenix: What is the longest time ever that anyone has


stayed under water for? Jack reckons he can stay under for two-


and-a-half minutes Max. I don't have a clue. We have asked to you


get in touch. An e-mail here which says "I heard it was around 21


minutes". Another one here from I don't know who this is from,"


Apparently a man in Asia can deep dive and stay under water for nine


minutes." That's a massive difference between nine minutes and


21 minutes. They're just guesses. have no idea. I know we have a


master of kung fu and knowledge with us today. You're sad that you


missed that one move. I had one other move that was going to hit it.


That is brilliant. We've had 9 minutes and 21 minutes. Which is


the real one? Both are impossible. I'm going to say nine minutes.


sorry to do this to you on live TV, if you could shuffle up your bum a


little. There... That's right my magazine. How to breathe under


water magazine. The world record for someone holding their breath


under water was 220 minutes and 21 seconds a man from Brazil managed


that last year. That's incredible. It was under my bum! You can


breathe from anywhere these days. That's the answer to your question,


20 minutes and 21 seconds. Don't try that at home. If you want to


ask any questions, get in touch. Go online and while you're there,


there's a new section called "jokes for Jack". You can tell Jack a joke


and try to make him laugh. Have a go. That's all we have time for


today. I'm very sad to say goodbye to you. You're a pleasure to have


the studio. It's fun to be here. round of applause for Jack!


APPLAUSE You could teach the boys your moves.


You want to use those on the dance floor That's a bit of a river dance.


Join us next time when we see who wins the next round of CBBC summer


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