07/06/2011 Blue Peter


Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins is in the garden to prove he has found the ultimate freak of nature. And which CBBC summer sports stars will triumph when they go sea kayaking?

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It's round two of CBBC's Summer Sports Stars. Team Helen and team


Barney take to the high seas in an action-packed race that will see


Elements. Will my team be able to recover


from yesterday's dodgeball defeat? And will Dominique be OK after she


gets into trouble on the sea? Hello! Hello. Are you cold? Yeah,


I'm doing a bit of yoga at the same time. Also today, we are introduced


to our final freak of nature. So far Rani has pitched the star nosed


mole. Blowfish told us about the barreleye fish. Mike Dilger


introduced the leafy sea dragon. Naomi told us all about the glass


frog. Today, Chris Collins will introduce us to our final freak of


nature, but will it knock Naomi off the top slot. You lot have been


talking on the message board. have to reveal why I'm shaking this


bag of ice. I'm going to show you how to make something very cool.


Nearly everybody likes it. It comes in loads of flavours. When I eat it,


it makes me smile. I'm talking ice- cream. Can you carry on with that?


I will do. Yesterday we were drawn by the enmagic -- enigmatic beast


that is Jack Black. We have been talking to a girl who also uses her


voice to entertain. She has her own radio show. I'm Daisy. I'm ten


years old. I have my own radio show. This is what it's like being me.


I'm the presenter of a radio show which airs every Saturday 12-1. The


show is broadcast across the Yorkshire Dales. You can listen


anywhere online. It doesn't start there.


Before I go near a microphone I have loads to do. First, I need to


pick all the songs. The show is an hour long and I'll use six or seven


tracks. I have to be ready for requests too. We're Daisy's friends


and we love listening to her radio show. We always send requests.


As well as the music, I review a TV programme. This week I'm doing Blue


Peter. Some weeks I do a book review. I have to know what I'm


talking about. But that's not all. I always tell people who's going on


around the local area and what's on TV. It's Saturday morning, show day.


I will show you round the studio. Here is the schedule. I'm up here.


Here is the studio. There's my dad. This is where we do all of our


shows. My dad does a show before me. While he's in there, I get ready


for my show. I'm ready and it's show time. On the Blue Peter


message board you wanted to know more about what it was like having


your own radio show. How did you get your own show? My dad started


doing his show first. Then I went up to the radio and met the station


manager. I got chatting to him. He asked me whether I wanted my own


show. I said yes, then I started. Do you ever get nervous before the


show and what do you do to fight the nerves? The first time I was


really nervous. I've done it lots of times now. I don't get as


nervous. Do you practice what you're going to say or do you just


say it straight away? I have a book, which I write all my articles in.


Then, I practise them before I go on. What's the funniest thing


that's happened on the radio? Saturday we couldn't do my show


because we'd be broadcasting to nobody. The transmitter is on top


of a hill and a horse had backed into it. So the radio had gone dead.


Welcome to Crazy Daisy's late Saturday with me Daisy. Time for


what's on in the area now. This week's book review... This week' TV


-- week's TV review... The show's going really well so far. I'm


really pleased. I always play requests and shout outs that come


in. We've had someone who has asked for a request, that's Alice,


Jasmine and Andrew. It's that time again, the end of the show. Thank


you for listening, Crazy Daisy signing out. I have my own radio


show. I hope you've enjoyed finding out what it's like being me.


When I set my mind to something, I finish it. How impressive is Crazy


Daisy. Kind of looks like you as a child. What do you think of crazy


daisy? I think she rocks. I think she should have a summer road show.


If she does I want to cater for it because I have the perfect food,


ice-cream. You can make it yourself. Here it is. That's what you can be


making yourself. You need these ingredients - a quarter pint of


full fat milk, yes girls it's going straight to the hips. A quarter


pint of single cream, two tablespoons of caster shuing ah,


one teaspoon of vanilla essence, ice cubes, about 400 graps of --


grams of salt, sealable sandwich bags small and big. We need to add


bags small and big. We need to add all the ingredients together. Now


we've got our caster sugar, after the milk and cream. Then the


vanilla. Just whack it all in a jug. You can customise this recipe in


any way - add chocolate, sweets, add those things on top, these


colourful balls made of sugar. That's probably the technical names.


Once you've stirred this for about three minutes, add it to one of


your small sandwich bags, a bit like this. You want to be very


careful, you don't want to spill any. If you do, you'll have less


ice-cream to enjoy. The reason the sandwich bags are sealable is


because you don't want any mixture to escape. Squeeze as much air as


you can. Seal it and then double it up, stick it inside another bag.


This is very important. You'll see why in a minute.


I guess to make Tripoli -- tripley sure, tie it up with a sandwich bag


clip. That's the mixture for our ice-cream. Now we need our freezer.


To make that, we need the big bags and you need about three jugs of


ice. Make sure they're full as well. As much ice in there as you can get.


As we're doubling things up at the moment let's dot same with the


freezer. There is a reason why you don't want these ingredients to


escape. To activate the ice, to make it even colder, we add roughly


half a pint of salt. I know you don't normally weigh salt in pints.


But if you can put it into a jug halfway, you have enough. Pour it


into the ice like that. Then we add our mixture. Of course, this is


where the sealed sandwich bag comes in. If you got salt in your ice-


cream, it couldn't be very tasty. Seal the bags up properly. Again,


tie it up with a big clip. Then give it a shake. This is the


science. Basically, water freezes at about zero degrees. When you add


salt to ice, it make it's colder. There's a chemical reaction that


takes place. It draws all the heat out of the wet mixture in the


middle making it colder and freezing it. As you know, Andy has


been shaking his bag over there. Shaking, shaking. Shake it for


about 12 minutes. My hands are freezing. Carefully, I'm very


excited. Yes, it's solid. Solid as a rock. If we open the sandwich


bags - I'm so excited! Can we try? Get in there. It really is ice-


cream. Look at that. It really is as well. It's pretty


solid. For more details go to the website. That is delicious. He's


smug in the kitchen, that's good. Let's see how good he is when it


Suby -- sunny Brighton home of CBBC's sports stars 2011. Team


Helen and team Barney are battling it out in four cool summer sports.


We've gathered the best sports stars CBBC has to offer.


In my team from Live n Deadly, Naomi. From hotel Trouble,


Dominique. From Sportsround, Ore. From all over the place, Ed. From


the CBBC office it's Ian. finally from Roar, Jonny.


For the winning team the prestigious CBBC Summer Sports


Stars trophy. And for the losing captain, a messy forfeit in the


Welcome back to Brighton. Yeah! Today is my event. We're going to


be sea kayaking. It's an adrenaline-filled way to take to


the surf and ride the waves. Today we take on the English Channel in a


timed relay race. One of the best sea dogs around is here to teach us.


He's been riding the waves for years in the most challenging


conditions going. Adam, come on in. APPLAUSE


What is going to be our biggest problem today? It's not the best


summer's day. The problem is going to be the wind, the swell and it's


going to be the waves breaking on the shore. Dominique looks


petrified. It's time to start the Twist, pull. Ian is my partner, not


entirely convinced that this is his sport. He asked me which way up to


hold the paddle because he didn't know his right from his left.


has worked out well for Helen, hasn't it, a sport she knows a lot


about. I wonder if that was tactical. Hey, that's the name of


the game. After the paddles have been mastered, there's nothing to


do but get on the water and practice stay ago float. I don't


want to be with Barney. I don't want to do it. Who can blame her.


The rough conditions are making it hard to keep control of our kayaks.


If you hit a wave right, we were flying, weren't we? The


important thing is keeping the kayak straight, so if it hits you


on the side, you will get wet. Moments later Dominique and Jonny


got in trouble. It was a rogue wave, it sent us flying. It landed on my


head. I could cry. It's like the Titanic hit me. Gosh. Before we can


carry on, Dominique gets the once over. I've had a good look, there's


no bleeding. The conditions are tough. We don't want to see another


accident out there, another bang on the head. I don't mind doing it


again because I'm in the a quitter. APPLAUSE


It's a relay race against the clock. Each team will split into pairs and


each pair will have -- paddle out to sea 30 metres around the buoy


and back. The fastest time wins. and back. The fastest time wins.


For the winners, five points on the leaderboard.


And they're off! Thanks to Ed and Barney's shoving, or are they off?


They're in trouble straight away. They're grounded. Now they really


are flying... Well... Almost. Brave Dominique's smiling. Jonny's


powering it from the back. The waves are making it heavy going.


There's a mouthful of salty water for Dominique. I don't think she


fancies this at au. What blaifery, -- fancies this at all. What


bravery, she's hanging in there. It's looking good. They've rolled


it. It's happened again. This is Dominique's fear realised all over


again. Where are they going? Jump out of


the boat. They're out of the water, they have to get back to the start.


Oh, what's he done. He needs that paddle. Stupid Jonny. Barney and Ed


jump into their kayak, whilst Dominique takes a rest after that


Dominique takes a rest after that ordeal and it was an ordeal.


wouldn't say you made it look easy... Paddling strong and hard


and ridge make. They need to pick up the pace to secure a good time.


Excellently negotiating themselves around the marker. They're looking


good. They're looking good. Oh, they're not looking good. They've


done a Dominique roll. The waves are thrashing them there. Ed and


Barney all over the place, giving it everything now. They're powering


for home. They're over the line, stop the clock.


I closed my eyes for a lot of it. That's probably why you took so


long. It's team Helen's turn. Naomi means


business here, look at that. She's looking very strong. She's


lapping up the sea water. Adding the muscle. They're quickest round


the marker so far. That's text book paddling. Oh, they've gone! They're


in the drink. It's the same wave that catches everyone out, look.


Naughty waves. Still an excellent performance there.


Helen is fired up for this one. She's like a speed boat. Let's


start Helen's engines and watch her go, go, go! Team Helen need to win


this. Five points on the leaderboard at stake now.


A lot of pride hangs in the balance for legend Helen.


That has to be the biggest wave of the competition so far.


Can they stay upright however, on the tricky home strait? Their team-


mates are guiding them home. There's no stopping them now.


They're out. They're over the line. But have they done enough? It felt


forever to get in the water. and I were slow coming back it. It


was so shallow. I think we were marginally quicker. She's amazing,


Helen Skelton when she gets going. If we get anywhere near them, I


would be very happy. Both teamles did really well. It's challenging


did really well. It's challenging out there. However, it's time for


the results. Team Barney, your team did it in 5.49. Very well done to


you guys. Team Helen, your team did it in... 4.30.


CHEERING So Helen taking a much needed five


points and after two events, it's all square on the leaderboard.


Next time on CBBC Summer Sports Stars, there's jumps, bumps and an


injury that could change everything. Who will reign supreme and who will


be one step nearer to a gunging in the deck chair of doom?


I know we don't like to gloat, but we are happy to win that round.


Victory for my team and an additional trophy that Isla brought


to the beach for us. Thank you very much. Can I keep it? I wasn't there.


You meanies, giving away my trophies. I would be the sea


kayaking. This could get messy. Let's not have a fight now boys. It


is time for this: Freaks of nature. It is time for the finale of freaks


of nature. Over the last five weeks, we have been trying to find the


freakiest creature or plant out there. We've been grading them out


of 30 and we have produced this Freaky Five leaderboard. At the


minute, Rani sits in fourth place with the star nosed mole. We gave


that 23 out of 30. In third place, is blowfish with the barreleye fish.


That got 25 out of 30. Just ahead is Mike Dilger's sea dragon with


27-and-a-half out of 30. Going to be honest a few points were awarded


for his impression of the sea dragon. It was freaky. Naomi


brought us the glass frog. We gave it a whopping 29 out of 30, because


we thought it was really, really freaky. The trouble is lots of you


disagree. Especially somebody who goes under the name I Love Andy.


Whoever this is says, "I think you were very harsh on Rani and the


blowfish. You could have given them more. I suggest 26 out of 30 for


Rani's star nosed mole. You should have given blowfish's barreleye


fish 28." Another person says "I think you gave the sea dragon way


too many points. The glass frog should be first, then the barreleye


fish." Scoobyi says the leafy sea dragon is a freak of nature,


because it looks like seaweed. Another one said "I think the glass


frog is the scariest because you can see what it ate for breakfast."


Some people agreeing, but lots disagreeing. The pressure is on.


I'm like a football referee. Once a decision is made, it's made.


quite happy with the decisions I made. I probably would swap the


star nosed mole for the barreleye fish now. I need the dollar, the


doll ah, the dollar is what I need. Don't start. That song is in my


head. Now for our final expert. Let's meet him.


Today's expert is Chris Collins. He's a man who comes face to face


with weird and wonderful British wildlife every day. He just loves


to get his hands dirty. He's Blue Peter's own gardener. We won't be


doing favours today. Who will he choose as his freak of nature? Here


he is Chris Collins everybody! APPLAUSE


OK Chris, what have you got? Being a gardener I had to pitch a plant.


This is the pitcher plant. This is a freak of nature. You get 60


seconds to pitch the pitcher plant. At the end we will mark out of ten.


Then we'll put it on the Freaky Five leaderboard. You're going to


have to be good to clinch the top spot. 60 seconds on the clock, it's


time to freak us out! This might look like an innocent plant. But


this plant is a meat eater. It makes the Venus flytrap look


friendly. If you have insects or a frog or a small mouse or rat, this


plant can eat you alive. It gives on scents like decaying flesh to


attract the creatures. They come along in a tropical climate and


they fall into a pitcher. Inside here is digestive juices. The rats


fall down inside and gradually, over a few weeks gradually be eaten


alive. These pitchers can get up to two foot tall, two foot long in the


wild. Imagine, you're a rat, you go inside, you can't climb up again,


the sides are full of mucous and gradually you're eaten of -- alive.


This has to be definitely a freak of nature.


That is grim. I have never felt sorry for rats. It's so deceiving.


It lures them in. Time to score. For me, because it does double up


as a drinks bottle, I'm giving it an eight. Not bad. I am giving you


a nine. It doesn't kill the rat straight away, it eats it slowly


over time... Nine-and-a-half. That gives you 26-and-a-half. So


we're going to put you into third place, underneath Mike Dilger's sea


dragon, above the barreleye fish. Rani goes into fifth place. There


you have it everybody. Our Freaky Five leaderboard. I think we have


proved that the world really is a wonderful, but slightly weird,


place at times. The glass frog is the freakiest freak of nature.


Daugree? Just go online and tell us That's almost it for today. Join us


next week on Blue Peter, because we will have the next instalment of


CBBC's Summer Sports Stars. I'm laughing because it was pretty


brutal Barney. You were brutal. We were playing fair. What is going on


there. I like to say competitive. More people ended up in hospital


Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins joins Helen and Barney in the garden to prove he has found the ultimate freak of nature. And which CBBC summer sports stars will triumph when they go sea kayaking?

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