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Hello. Is that you? On today's show it is round three


of CBBC Summer Sports Stars. Today we go head-to-head in a game of


zorb football. It is potentially the funniest and most painful film


of the series so far. More people ended up in A&E than should have.


We are joined by one of my favourite people in the world,


Chipmunk is here with us today. He has his brand new single Take Off.


You lot don't take off over the next few minutes! All right?


Questions From Your Head: This is where we answer the questions from


your head. This is the last time we will do this everybody. Let's get


as many in as we can. Ruby Awful Silkworm says, do goldfish sleep?


Yes. They do sleep. There are two ways you can tell. They stay very


still in their tank, or they fade, the colour fades a little while.


They are alert when they are sleeping. That is how you can tell.


Many experts have different opinions. Some think we will be


called the Windsor period. Others after the current Prime Minister,


the Cameron. Some people think neither of those are good ideas. We


may be known as the Digital Age, because technology is so important


in our lives. Azure Soft Lemur says, if you had really long hair, would


it be possible to stick it up with jam? Like punks. There is a guy


called Eric. He has 70cm hair. He was able to style that himself


using four cans of hair spray. It has been said somebody used glue to


stick their hair up. Don't try that, you will have to shave your hair


off afterwards. You can try egg whites, don't try that until your


mum's gone out.... I mean, without them knowing! Now time for....


big question. Look at that. I took too much effort opening it. Prepare


yourself. Cream Whizzing Lol want to know:


I don't know the answer. I am presume we are talking about the


average helium balloon. We will investigate for you. If you are


investigate for you. If you are watching on D BBC One now and you


think you know the answer get in touch at:


You never know, we might read it out on the show.


Questions From Your Head.... Now one of the biggest films of the


summer is about to hit the screens. We know you love Horrid Henry and


we got to hang out with the main man. I am Theo. I am 12 and have a


pretty amazing job. I'm a movie actor. This time I've got the lead


role. I'm Horrid Henry and this is what's it like being me. Horrid


Henry - he's been in books, games, on stage, on TV.


Now a live action 3D film. Henry!


Why is it always me? Henry is so recognisable.


That's why we have to make sure everything looks just right. I


spend 15 minutes in make up and I have loads of customs. Now I will


show you inside the costume department. This is my blue and


yellow stripey jumper. It is what he wears every day of his life.


That is what I wear as king. This is my combat gear for the beginning


of the movie. I've got to act like Henry too. Everyone knows he's


famous for his yo-yo skills. I've had to pratise for weeks.


As well as that, I've got all my lines to learn. "Shut up, you


worm." "You challenge me for school." As if that was not enough


work, school doesn't stop either. This is tutoring. Everyone is


getting on with the work. Although I am taking loads of time off


school, I need to keep my work up with a tutorial.


On the Blue Peter message boards you wanted to know more about what


We were similar in the first place. I suppose Henry has inspired me.


the things that Henry does on set make you laugh while filming?


Especially when Dick and Dom were around. I remember the first scene


I did with them. Nick the director made them do it a million times so


I would not laugh any more. If you were Horrid Henry for the day what


would you do to perfect Peter? would turn into a dinosaur and eat


him up. For Moody Margaret I would set up a trap of water bombs and


get her until she ran home screaming and crying.


This is one of the biggest scenes in the film.


Henry and his gang are performing at the talent contest to try and


save the school. It sure does take a really, really


long time. You can do one scene and it can take all day. Different


angles, shots, lighting. There's so much to do. They even have to have


two of me. This is Jack. Would you like to say what a body double


does? They use my hands, feet and everything. Do we look-a-like?


Henry! Henry! Henry! Here's an exclusive bit of the film,


just for Blue Peter viewers. Moody Margaret. Hey, that's not my


glue.... Henry! I play Horrid Henry and I hope you


have enjoyed finding out what it's like being me. That was Theo. This


is Chipmunk. APPLAUSE


Thank you for coming to join us in the garden. We are excited because


you are here to perform your new single Take Off. Last time you


performed it went into number one. We hope we are a good luck charm.


How confident are you about this single? I think people will like it.


When you write your own songs you put it out. I like the song. I hope


# Life in the limelight # What I meant and we ain't the


same as we used to be # My life's in the public eye #


Our audience like it. You will perform it for us later on the show.


We think of you as a music guru. You've had two top ten albums, a


string of top ten singles. You have two MOBO awards. Is it all right if


make the most of you music prowess. Which song do you think will be


this summer's anthem? Scott Mills has given us three singles. We want


to know which one will take off. Cool! The first single we have for


you is Jason Derulo with Don't Wanna Go Home.


. # We don't want to go home # We're losing control


# Turn the lights low # You were listening intently,


nodding. It sound like summer. Don't pick your favourite yet. The


next is Panic! At The Disco. Ready To Go.


# Ready to go # I'm ready to go # I might be


wrong, I sense you didn't enjoy my dancing. I was looking for everyone


else to be dancing too. What did you think? All right. The third and


final is Tinchy Stryder featuring Dappy and it is SpaceShip.


# That's clinical # I get a fiveer


# I was given # Which one do you think will take


off? I would say it's out of these two.


I would say, I would think, I would say Jason Derulo's song was very


catchy. It kind of made me bubble. I would say this was catchy, but it


had the depth of lyrics with it, so I'm going to go with this. Tinchy


Stryder featuring Dappy. That is what Chipmunk is tipping to be this


summer's album. If you disagree you can let him know because Chipmunk


will be doing a life web chat. They want to know what your favourite


Earlier on Cream Whizzing Lol wanted to know how many balloons it


would take to lift the average person? My uncle works in a balloon


factory. He with reckons 1,000. Lydia reckons 220.


If you have any suggestions send them into:


On to Summer Sports Stars 2011. Helen's team has been beaten. It


was a proper win. We clawed it back in the sea kayaking. OK, it is time


to watch the next round. Things got a little bit painful!


Sunny Brighton. Home of CBBC's Summer Sports Stars. It is here


that Team Helen and Team Barney are battling it out in summer sports.


We have gathered the best sports stars CBBC has to offer.


In my team Naomi. In my team Dominique.


From Sportsround Ore. From all over the place, Ed.


From the CBBC office it is Iain. From Roar, Jonhy.


The prestigious sports star trophy. For the losing captain, a messy


forfeit in the Deck Chair of Doom. Hello. Welcome back to CBBC Summer


Sports Stars, 2011. Today it is a sport I have chosen. I have take


thn seriously. Today I have introduced an element of fun. We


all know how to play football. I am guessing nobody has played zorb


football? It is one of the latest games to come out of zorbing. Zorbs


have been used to roll down hills and walk on water. This new version


uses zorbs to put a spin on football. It is bouncey,


unpredictable and a lot of fun. There is an element of an advantage


I landed on my head. I could cry. The doctor says I'll be fine, which


is good, but I need to rest. I don't know how my team will feel


about that. I should be OK to do another one of the sports. I'll be


back. We'll have to try extra special today. We all know I want


to win, but I also want to win fairly. Out of good sportsmanship


we will retire one player for the match.


Who will I drop? I won't decide until after I see them in training.


That is how you make an entrance Angus is an expertment he spends


time developing it and he will hopefully be able to tell us how to


score goals inside these giant bubbles. It will be an exhausting


sport. It is, it is fun but exhausting. What skills do we need


to win? The most important skill is knock people over, bash into people


and roll round. So we need practise. You ready? Yes. Cue training


montage! It smot the game of football we have to worry about,


moving round in this plastic balls takes some getting used to. To fall


you go like that and to knock people over you knock into them


like this. Over you go. Tired already! Ha is the way you want to


do it. I can't operate any of my limbs properly. I thought I was bad


at normal football! I can't feel a thing. I love it. I'm going to get


one. Everybody looks like they are having a laugh. I don't want to


drop anybody. Perfect. It hurts your knees, you have to go on your


knees to get it up. I hope Helen doesn't want me on my team! Even


though we are in training Barney encounters the might of my


strongest team-mate, or ray. -- Ore. The impact caused my head to fly


back and jar any neck. Causing an old injury to resurface,ly have to


sit this one out while it get it checked out. Gutted, disappointed


to be leaving the game. I am the team captain. I am supposed to be,


you know, there. But I won't B I'm not happy at all. This is annoying.


We both started with four flayerers Dominique retired so I said we will


retire a player. Now Barney has drop out so it is only fair if two


of us retire. Shall we let the boys play. Come on boys, we believe in


you. Don't let us down. Team Skelton. So two on two and a game


of two halves. There were no rules so dirty tackles are allowed. Let's


kick off. I have never commentated on a sport like this before. Nice


cheerleading girls. He is a tank. He has pushed him off the course.


It is Ore with the first shot. It flies past the post. Iain is on the


break. The wrong way! That is a good clearance though. Ed takes a


bash. He is like a half hatched chicken in an egg. The legs are


going so quick. The girls can't get enough. The goal is open. Shoot!


Flouncey bouncy, easy-peasy, 1-0 Team Helen. Let us have another


look. Ore using his muscle. Iain places the ball. Zorb football at


its best. I hate zorb football. Johnny is taking on Ore. It is


warming up but it is half-time. is so warm. You are stronger than


Johnny and I am stronger than Ed. We got destroyed. We are too nice.


He is hating it. I he will go down if you go near him. We have to


start doing some barges. Sir Alex Ferguson would never have seen a


half-time talk like it. Boom. Now Ed, bang. I'm never watching


Newsround again. That's trash talk. He doesn't seem to care. Another


goal! Look at this, first he puts Johnny in the back of net, then the


ball. 2-0 Team Helen! It is getting rough out there. Ed is getting


pummelled. Ore is floored. The big man is down! Get in the goal.


is fired up on that and he is on a rampage. Johnny's down. Ore scored!


Oh dear. An own goal. The goal's down, the trees are destroyed. It


is chaos. Time's running out for Team Barney, there are seconds to


go. Some zorbs are on the pitch. They think they're all rolled ore.


They are now! I feel deflated. It was Ore's fault. He is like an ox.


Did you see him barging us over. don't like this. We started so well


I am sorry. I clearly am loving this. There will be none of us left


by the end. After all that it is a well deserved win for Team Helen


who adds five points to the leader point to make it 10-5. It is all to


play for tomorrow. Who will stand up to the challenge? Will Dominique


and Barney be back? And who will face the deckchair of doom? It is


not ore yet. Make shoe you watch tomorrow to find out who lifts the


trophy. The only reason we are stood here because the director


wants to know how fast we can run down to the benchs for the next bit.


Questions from your head! Just about made it. Right then questions


from your head. The big questions today was sent in by Cream Whizzing


Lol. And the question was how many balloons would it take to lift


somebody. We are talking about the average adult and balloon. Let us


look at more suggestions. Char line says hi. I think it would take one


extra large balloon she says. large. Next. Rebecca says 1400


balloons. All right. Another one says my mum is a maths teacher and


she thinks exactly 5600. That is a good guess. Do we have the answer?


Yes brought in by some helium balloons. Cheers very much. One


litre of helium has the lifting power of one gram. An average


balloon have about 14 litres so they can lift 14 grammes. The


average man ways 79 kilograms, if we divide by 14 that equalled 5 643


balloons. Well done mummy maths teacher. Do you want to take off


Chipmunk? There is a clip of a guy who is using balloons to float. He


used 80 in total. They are bigger than the ones we are talking about.


Don't try that at home. That is almost it. Tomorrow we will be


joined by a percussion playing cyclist. He can whip a crowd into a


frenzy. Who will lift the trophy in the final round of CBBC Summer


Sports Star? It is time for Blue Peter. Transition. Let's go


# Never thought I'd see the day when you wasn't by my side


# Listen I was down for you girl put you first in my world


# I thought you was down too # You didn't want me to take off,


take off, take off # You didn't want me to take off,


take off # But now I'm leaving


# I live my life in the limelight award shows booji bars what I meant


# We ain't the same as we used to # Truthfully two years in, it is


still new to me # I wouldn't say you're comfortable


# Separating doesn't seem real # You can call this my ref flow


# This decision might determine how the game goes,


# Every time you get used to me being here


# That's my cue to go # I never thought I'd see the day


when you wasn't by my side # Listen I was down for you girl


# Put you first in my world # I thought you was down to right


# You did want me to take off, take off take off


# You didn't want me to take off, take off


# But now I'm leaving # You ask me if I'm single


# I was too scared to say I'm into # I skip the truth,. On my own


feeling like I got a point to prove, # I'm hungry but I don't want to


have my cake and eat it to # It's not I ain't feeling you


# I'm leaving us, I ain't leaving # You can call this my ref flow,


this might determine how the game go, hsh every time you get used to


me being here, that's my cue to go # I never thought I'd sigh the day


when you # Wasn't by my side


# I was down for you girl I put you first in my world


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