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It is the final vent of CBBC Summer Sports Star. With everything still


to play for we take to the water for a wake boarding showdown.


finish on a high. Who will stand up to the challenge? You can do it.


Come on mate. Who will face a Hello. Today we conclude Summer


Sports Star. At the minute, my team is in the lead having won two


events, the scores stand at 10-5. Why are you looking at me like that


I've never seen you so happy. Let's not get carried away. Anything can


happen and stay tuned to find out who lifts the trophy. I cannot wait.


They were so cocky when they won the first one. I serves you right.


If you were watching last week you will know our very own Andy became


a bit of a legend. He swam across the Palau Trench, he did it as part


of the BBC Big Splash initiative, and in doing that, he earned


himself two new world records. Thank you. Don't guys! I still


can't believe we have achieved what we have. You can watch the Blue


Peter special on 20th June, next week Monday. I did this with the


big splash to get more people swimming. I'm proof you can go from


being a rubbish swimmer to swimming in a short space of time. I met a


group of kids from Coventry. They weren't so confident. Here is what


happened. The reason I never really learned to swim was as a family we


never went swimming with and send secondly, as a child I was so


scared of that water, and never really gave it a go. But, actually,


my story isn't that unique. In the UK, there are more non-swimmers


than you might think. The figure is about 12 million, and it is thought


round two million are children. Interestingly, children in the UK


from non-white backgrounds like myself are twice as likely to be


non-swimmers, for every ten white children one is a non-swimmer. But


for every ten non-white children, two are non-swimmers. It is figures


like these that have inspired me to get involved in the big splash. It


is an initiative by the BBC to get more people in the UK swimming. The


good news is, there is plenty being done to make a difference. Pools


for schools is an organisation working with the big splash, to


bring temporary pools to schools in the English regions. That is right.


They build them and heat them in just five days, so that they are


ready to splash about in. I have come to one at a school in Coventry,


to take three lucky students for a swimming lesson. Good morning. You


all right? I'm here to take three people from this class. Rachel.


Lewis and AXA. Grab your stuff we are going swimming. These three


have had a few swimming lesson but like me they struggled with being


confident in the water. When I get tired I feel like hopeless. I think


I am going to drown because my head dips under water. It is not for me.


I don't like water. I only like drinking it! I would like to be


able to swim with my face in the water, like my sister does. I want


to help build their confidence as I am hoping our lesson will encourage


them to keep it up. What is it you would like to be able to achieve?


would like to be able to swim under the water. What about you? I would


like to be able to like a strong swimmer and go fast without getting


really exhausted. What about you? To be confident and able to put my


face in the water, and swim. I like this. I think these are achievable.


Shall we go and get in the pool? Come on then. Our swimming lesson


will be led by a swimming Olympic medallist, Steve parry. He reckons


with the right training just about anyone can learn to enjoy being in


the water. For me swimming is about confidence so we will do fun games


in the water, get them focused on technique and I reck cob by the end


they will be better swimmers. has a different way for us to kick-


start the lesson. Before you jump in I want you to shout out your


favourite fruit and jump in and make the biggest splash. Feet first


because we are being safe. Oranges! Bananas! Pineapple! I want to check


out the swiming. Swim the full length and I want to see how good


you are at swimming, OK? That is a funny looking freestyle. All right.


Let us have a round of applause. Let's go. For AXA the idea of


putting his face in water is a scary one. Good job. Good effort.


OK Rachel. Oh nice. Rachel is happy with her face in the water but


wants to improve or her technique. Lewis prefers his head above the


surface as he feels safer there than underwater. He is trying not


to get his hair wet! The next task is to dive down and swim through a


hoop on the way to the end of the pool. It is all about improving our


underwater swimming. OK Rachel. Let's go. Can she get through?


Rachel finds diving through the hoop quite easy and swimming under


water is helping build her confidence. That's amazing. Come on


Lewis. Lewis find it hard to get go of his nose he is scared about


holding his breath under water. You can do it. Straight in. Let's go.


And AXA can hold his breath under water but he doesn't like diving


too deep. Hoop diving has helped to build their confidence but now it


is time to see who has got the speed. We have the world


championship sausage kicking race for 12 metres. Who is going to win?


Take your marks, ready. Go. Go on AXA. Go on mate. Giving it some.


Lieuies is bowling. What we doing Andy? He is going to beat you.


might not like going under water but Lewis is speedy. Our sausage


racing skills hit the mark but there is still work to do. Getting


faces in the water is Steve's top priority and it is the main thing


they need to improve on. If we can get a still head position in the


water, as we scoop up the ice-cream. Let's try it. Go, go, go. In is the


Reece test. Swimming and having to put their heads in the water.


done. Well done Lewis. Well done AXA. These guys can swim, they just


need to improve their technique and stop being scared of the water but


they are doing really well. The final length is a chance to give


their underwater breathing their best shot. Even if it is a bit


scary. So I want to see nice and slow, with that head in the water.


Go on. Wow! That's it. Up she breathes. Breathe. Breathe! Well


done Rachel. Go on Lewis. Go on Lewis. Head down. That's it. Well


done Lewis. Yes. Go on AXA. Go on AXA. One more. Good job. Lewis,


some of the stuff you did was fantastic. You conquered the fear


of your head in the water. Rachel you have to work on the technique


but you were brilliant on in the water. AXA you got over a lot of


fears. It is a really good job. Just keep swimming, because you can


get there and you know you have inspired me so well done. Only one


thing left to do. What's that? Splash Andy. I feel happier with my


head under the water. It didn't seem that bad. I wasn't getting as


tired. I wasn't getting exhausted. Now I have the courage and


confidence to put my head in the water without fear. Swimming isn't


just important for saving lives, it can be quite fun. We are hoping my


story will inspire you guys at home to just give it a go, so whoever


you are, take the plunge. Can we have a round of applause for those


three children. We did what we did in just over an hour, it goes to


show what the mind believes the body achieves. Well done to the


guys in Coventry. There is a Helen slogan if I have heard one. You can


see Andy completing his own challenge on 20th June. Look at him


go. You wouldn't have thought that was a studio! You don't want to


miss it. We know you like swimming, we know that lots of you like


riding your bike, including Owen in Cambridge who has just learned to


ride his bike without stabilisers. So well done Owen. Next week is


Bike Week. It goes us thinking, what cool stuff can you do with


your bike. In my free time I was searching the internet. Take a look


at this. This one is a trolley. Makes shopping convenient. Next one,


this one is a snow plough. A lot of pedal-power on that one and the


finale... We like this one. This one has a caravan attached. There


are loads of way to customise your bike and our next guest has the


taken it to the next level. Have a You can see it is not just a bike.


DRUM SOLO Puncture kit Dave everything. Welcome to the show. So


you have a drum kit and you have toured with this all over the world


in schools and festivals. It is also a bike, can you explain why?


arrived from Australia and I wanted to continue drumming here, so I had


my bike, I was in park one day and I had it turned upside down, and I


thought, that could be a drum kit, so I got out my sketch book and did


a few sketches and it became a drum kit. How did you go from design in


a sketch book to putting the actual thing together? What did you do


next? Visited some charity shops. I found these bowls, to me they


sounded like bike bells. A little plastic block and cow bells, and


also some second-hand drums I found and put them all together. There


you have it, a drum kit. But it is also a bike. You can ride it away


can't you. Exactly. I carry it round in a backpack and a couple of


bags that hang off the back. And he will do some classs for you on line.


If you want to do samba drumming and dance drumming, and hip-hop


beats, go on line and he will do somehow to videos. If you have


customised your bike let us know. Now, give it up for Puncture Kit


DRUM SOLO. APPLAUSE Brilliant. I want one. Well done Dave. That is


one cool guy. Like your work Dave. We need to move on because it is


time to conclude. CBBC Summer Sports Star. Barney is not looking


happy. The first round Barney's team won beach dodgeball with five


points. Hell en's team won sea kayaking, then something major


happened. The athlete that is Barney got beaten up by the rhino,


the beast that is Ore, which meant Helen's team won. We did not win


because he got injured. We won fair and square. Something would think


you are competitive or something. It is now time for the final of


CBBC Summer Sports Star. I need to calm down. Sun wri Brighton. Home


of CBBC Summer Sports Star 2011. It is here that Team Helen and team


Barney are battling it out in four cool summer sports. We have


gathered the best sports stars CBBC has to offer. For the winning team


the CBBC Summer Sports Star trophy. And for the losing captain a messy


forfeit in the deckchair of doom! Welcome back to Brighton for the


conclusion of CBBC Summer Sports Star. Welcome back Dominique.


all right. She is going to battle on. Good job because Barney is not


here. I took a Badenoch as I have jarred my neck. I'm not happy at


all. One of you has to step up to be the captain, who will it be?


on then. Come on down. Johnny. losing team's captain has to go in


That is correct! And you are going to lose! Would be you win or lose


depends on the final of spent. We will beat the wake boarding. It


emerged in the 1980s windsurfers were towed behind boat. Nowadays


commit you do not need a boat and can be pulled by a cable on a lake.


As it stands, it is two advance to one, but it could change, because


weight boarding has a different scoring system. We need an export -


- expert. We are using a cable today and Lewis will teachers the


basics. He is a top board master and jumped Brighton Pier on a kite


board! Lewis, what skills were we need to master this? A key pure


head up at all times to keep you out of the water. -- Keep your head


up. Keep the party into your Hick to keep you sideways. Keep your


back foot bent and your front foot straight back to keep the board out


of the water and you will have no problem. Were there was making it


sound so easy, what could go wrong? -- with Lewis making it sound.


I am quite pleased about that, I have done surfing and snowboarding


and I think it paid off! I love that! I need to live up to that


reputation or I will feel like an idiot. You are a fast learner! But


Ian is the funniest. He was laughing at me. He has not stood up


once yet! I really wanted to do it and thought I would be quite good,


but I just was not! Were in you bend your arms or did your heels, I


do Odd Down -- when you bend. read about our work team because


Dominique -- I am worried about our team because Dominique has spent


most her time on her face. You had a go which was incredibly brave, if


but after what happened with the kayaking and she knocked her head,


she is not comfortable doing that. I am relieved I do not have to do


that again, it was horrible! are we finished on a high? Come on!


-- shall we finished on a high. Back was great fun, all we need to


get down to business because we need to finish this competition.


You have all done brilliantly, some better than others. Dominique, you


will not be out in the water so you two get two tries. The first boy to


make it that far will make one point, and if you make it to the


end, you get three points. I could not have said it better myself. So


this is the final event in Summer Sports Stars. T Barney trailing.


And it was team Helen who took five points from the kayaking and the


Football. She and Barney have to throw everything at this, there


really is nothing to lose now up. This one is for you, Barney! Strong


words from the new team captain and Johnny is leading from the front.


He is looking steady! He is past the second. He is going to make it!


3 points straightaway, and that is how to do it! Helen is next, she


said she would be queen of the water. A wobbly start, we were not


expecting that! She is hanging on and his pass the first. She is


down! She could not handle the pressure of being favourite and she


scores just the one point. And it is ahead, he was delighted with his


training -- it is adequate. Watch and learn! But he is splashing out!


Just getting one point, he will be disappointed with that. Naomi is


next. The people think I will be good because I like surfing, but


that does not mean I am good at it! Streak away, excuses, it not the


right attitude for this competition -- straightaway. That is a


reasonable start and she is looking steady. Can she hold on? She has


done! Maximum! It is all-square now. Four points each team. Second run


now. Barney's team need to make up ground. He is losing it big style!


He has gone! But he did bravely hold on for two points, so well


done! He was a laughing stock in training come up was he rubbish? We


will find out. He cruises past. He is looking good! Can he make it? He


has done! What a turnaround! When it really mattered. Johnny is up


again. He has to get three points all this event is over. Only one


point! But surely the face plant of the day! Nothing to play for, it is


all over. No pressure, he is just enjoying the ride. After a good


battle, it is going to be victory for Team Helen in the way boarding.


-- or wait. So the scores are... Barney's team have seven, but


Helen's team had 10 out of 12. So after four events, this is the


leader board. Team of Barney with a highly respectable 12, and the


winners with 20, it is team Helen! So with Team Helen getting the


trophy, there is only one thing left before this competition is


over. Johnny, it is time for the We need to settle the scores, at 24


Helen and 12 for Barney. It is a very special 12! And well done!


do not mean that! And not so much! Stock bickering! Keep his to


competitive. Be it is about the taking part and not just about


winning. You always say that! one would think you are


competitive! One of you get to walk away with a different kind of award


now. It is Summer Sports Stars alternative a ward. This goes to


the most over competitive competitor I have ever seen, look


at this! Well done Barney, I am really pleased you won and well


done, Orange team, I am proud that she lost. You have to get to the


ball! This is annoying. I am sorry... I am really loving this!


Was it is wrong? You need to calm down! Helen walks away with the


award! And Ansari. Do not worry, I had it really nice time. You and


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