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Coming up on today's live Blue Peter:


With the Euro 2012 football tournament about to kick off, we


sample the sights, sounds and interesting flavours of one of its


host countries, Poland. Chew it! With the countdown to the Olympics


under way, Helen and I take on four famous faces in a series of


sporting challenges. That so great goal!


And they've played for Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi, but now they're


going to be performing for YOU. Football freestylers Billy & Jeremy


will be showing off their super Hello! Welcome to Blue Peter. We're


live, interactive and giving you the inside story on everything you


need to know! We've got some amazing stuff on today's show,


They are so impressive. They have a routine especially for you later


and they will talk us through a couple of moves. If you have a


football in the House, grab it and save it for later. I'm doing this


already! This summer is massive. We have got the Olympics and the


European championships, but which is better? We headed to a school in


Manchester to find out. I think Euro 2012 is the best. I think the


Olympics is better. I think the Olympics is better. You get


football plus many more sports. Football is more fun to watch, but


the Olympics have more variety. love power at the end they are


trying to shout louder! That is what they think, but we want to


know what you think. E-mail us. Now, tomorrow is the start of the


football European Championships, also known as Euro 2012. The Euros


happen every four years and feature the best international football


teams in Europe competing to see who will be crowned champions.


what's the essential info you need to make you a tournament expert?


Over the next four weeks, we've got our own pundits to tell us


everything we need to know. From Sadie J, playing the characters


Jake and Danny, are Bobby and Afternoon, sports fans, I'm Will


Nye. And I'm Bobby Fuller, and for the last two months, ever since the


final team qualified for the group stages, Will and I have been


studying the form guides and tactics of the teams that are


competing at Euro 2012. And we've compiled our definitive list of the


teams we tip to finish top of their Tough group. Out of the four teams,


the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Russia, you have to go for the


home team, Poland. Their secret weapon is their coach, Snooder, who


could be the key to their success. I agree. And they have loads of


players whose names I can't pronounce. I really like their kit.


Anyway, on to Group B. I'm calling this group the Group of Death.


Anyone could win and I think it is the hardest group in the tournament.


But if I have to choose one team, it has to be Germany. They got to


the semis in the last World Cup so that experience will be good for


them. I agree. They've all got really angry sounding names, like


Schweinsteiger and Neuer. Let's see if Group C sound friendlier. Either


one for me. Spain all the way. They won the World Cup two years ago and


I think they will storm the group. My tip is to watch out for Fernando


Llorente, the big striker. This could be the tournament where


everybody sits up and take notice of him. I agree. But if you're


going to support the underdog, I have to go with Italy. I'll be


supporting them because I love pizza. Anyway. On to Group D. Sorry,


England fans, but I'm going to go with France as group winners.


what? France look too strong with players like Nasri, Ben Arfa and


Benzema. They look like potential tournament winners. I see what


you're saying. This is the teams who we think are going to top their


Group A, the home team, Poland. Definitely. Group B, it is going to


definitely be the Germans. Group C, World Cup winners two years ago,


Spain. And for Group D, sorry England fans, but France. That's it


from us. We will see you next week with more broking -- breaking news


from urate 2012. -- Euro 2012. I think England will go through. We


have got more from their next week and over the next few weeks. Euro


2012 is being held in Poland and Ukraine, but there's more to these


countries than just football. Helen and myself went on a special trip.


We will tell you what it is that makes these countries so great and


we start in poem of's capital, Warsaw. -- Poland's capital. Poland


and Ukraine are playing host to Helen and me. We will be travelling


west to east, from Walsall to Kiev and over the next four weeks, we


will show you the best sites, experiences and tastes. These


countries have so much to offer. Warsaw is a lively place and


towering at 231 metres above the traffic is the rather scary looking


Palace of Culture and Science. It is the tallest building in the


country and was made with an estimated 40 million bricks. Look


at this! On our trip, we will have no idea where we are staying each


night until the last minute. genuinely don't have any clue where


we are staying tonight. Tonight you are staying in one of Eastern


Europe's most glamourous hotels. The Bristol Hotel. I feel


suspicious, let's find it. How you doing? Of this is one of the most


famous hotels in the hall of Poland. It looks amazing. I told you it


would be bosh. Her the best room is the Presidential suite and costs


�1,400 for one night. Welcome. Enjoy your stay. For the last


decade, it has been the hotel of choice of world famous models, pop


stars, Presidents and Royals. floor. Even the lift is glamourous!


I wasn't expecting luxury on the Strip. Let's make the most of it. -


Hang on, we haven't come all the way to Poland to be pampered. Time


to explore the real city. In May look old, but a lot of Poland's


capital city is actually quite new. Even in the oldest part of town,


the buildings that should be many hundreds of years old were any


built 60 years ago. During the Second World War, Hitler ordered


that Warsaw be completely destroyed. It was almost entirely flattened.


To rebuild it, they used the work of an Italian artist as a guide.


You can see glass cubes of Canaletto's paintings all round the


old town. These act as a reminder of how accurately Walsall was


rebuilt. It is incredible. One of the newest structures to be seen is


the national stadium, playing host this year to Euro 2012. It is here


where the summer festival of football will kick off with Poland


taking on Greece in the opening game. That really hurt! After


taking in all those sites, we are boast starting to get hungry and


what better way to sample the best of Polish cuisine than have it made


for us by a celebrity chef. Meet Joseph, Poland's equivalent of


Jamie Oliver. He presents a cooking Show on daytime TV and has even


served food to the Polish Prime Minister. I can't wait to find out


where it -- why we are here. Welcome. What do you have in store


for us? Some fresh food to taste. Joseph has kind are prepared the


selection of traditional Polish dishes for us to try. First up, a


salty soup containing soured milk, eggs and sausages. Do you like


that? It tastes delicious. And a stew of fermented goal and meat,


considered Poland's national dish. But from Polish dishes are a little


scarier, like this one. Cooked with vegetables, pork Trotters. Pigs


feet? CU! -- C O O! And what? By it is eaten during the summer. It is a


cold pigs foot jelly. Dive in! It is not for me. I'm sorry, Poland,


but that was horrific. We need something refreshing to get rid of


the taste. Wow! That is sour. It is vinegar. Some sort of vinegar?


not. It is the water from... course it is! Gherkin Jews. We have


braved Polish food, but now Joseph has a challenge. -- gherkin its


juice. A list of products you need to buy it from the markets. It is


in Polish. You like. Thank you! I think. It is knee against Barney in


a mystery cooking challenge. Joseph has given us identical lists of


ingredients that we have to find and buy a Warsaw's largest market


place. The only problem is the list is entirely in Polish. This could


be interesting. I have got my Dictionary so I am confident.


have got my gadget with me and it has the Translation app. You and


your gadgets and your apps! While Barney has gone for the modern


superstore, I'm hitting the old fashion market in search of the


OK. We are on a roll. Come on! That is in the back. By now need


150 grams... 150 grams of by the rise -- roast beef or pork. Or both.


Yes! I've worked out it is immense and I have found the butcher. I


wonder how Barney is doing? Up I have no idea where the meat is.


have got the mince! I would like to buy that, please. I am catching you


up, Helen. What's next? That is an onion. Let's get a big one.


call that big? Checkout this bad- Mother of pearl! Your gadget has


let you down, has it? What his mother of pearl? Once we've managed


to translate more items, we discover we also need eggs, pepper,


flour and tomato puree. I wonder what we will be cooking? You will


be cooking something for me. We are going head to head to make a very


traditional Polish dish. Meat wrapped in a leaf and afterwards


Joseph will choose which one is the best Polish chef. You're going to


start by frying the onion. You need to fry it until it is Gordon Brown.


-- golden-brown. Once we have fried the onions, we let them cool.


put the onions in the meat. Next we add pearl barley, breadcrumbs and


one egg and then the fun part, You mix everything. Yes. It is very


important, seasoning ingredients. How much salt? I will be judging to


see if you have got good seasoning. You grab a handful of meat and you


roll them into balls. These are rucked up with people or cabbage


leaf. It looks like a caterpillar! Beautiful. Now, it is our turn to


create the cabbage meat parcels. Helen has got a flair for meet the


rolling, but me, not so much. going with putting my own flavour


Ornette! Joseph has told us to make four roles each, which we then


place into a baking dish. Now, for the sauce. Two tablespoons of


tomato puree, two cups of chicken stock and a couple of bay leaves.


We pour the mixture into here. cover it? Yes. All that is left is


to cook them in the oven for 90 minutes. Let's say what you have


got here. It looks good! It does look good. It smells good. Now,


Bonnie. Excellent. Now, for the taste test. Whose version will


Joseph Pitt as the best? Mine is tasted first. And now, Bonnie's. A


lot of cabbage. Joseph, the suspense is killing us! Which did


it? This is very tasteful, definitely the winner. Really?!


Might extra salty dish did it for me! He is so excited! It is all


about the seasoning. It is nice meeting you. Goodbye. I am stuffed.


I cannot believe you ate the pigs trotter. It was gross! Where I'll


be going next? Krakow, the second city. How are we getting there?


your legs! Just because you did a marathon in Namibia!


If somebody offers you pigs feet, saying no. It is gross. It is like


when a dog throws up and it eats it. Let's go back to Warsaw, because we


can talk to Jake Humphrey. He is therefore the UWE robes, -- he is


there for the European Championship. You are in the city hosting the


opening ceremony, what is it like? It is very exciting, even more


exciting now that I know I am going to try to find Barney's fruit! --


food! It is a taste sensation! Will be an exciting evening, because


this is where they will host the opening game and opening ceremony.


They now have improved on at Wimbledon, and they are doing the


same thing here -- they now have the roof on at Wimbledon. You can


see Greece training. A lot of people are talking about England


not being fancied to do well, the same was the case for Greece in


2004. They won the tournament. are getting a steak preview of them


training, but when you are working to, do you get to see much


football? I am always busy working, of course, but all I will get to


see a lot of football! It is really exciting to be close to the players.


Normally, you sit in a studio, but I am going to be alongside Alan


Shearer, a man who has scored many goals over the years, and for the


first couple of matches, we will be standing here, pitch-side, ahead of


the Games, so when England are training, I will be a few feet away


from Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. It will be exciting, and I


cannot wait. There is not an overwhelming sense of excitement


yet here, but it is starting to build, and as of tomorrow, it will


go wild. You are living the dream, enjoy yourself. It is a good day


for Blue Peter! Still to come,...


We go in search of an ultimate athlete, we have got the highlights


from our Olympic challenger. And, it is football freestyle like


you have never seen it before. An exclusive performance, you are


going to love it. If you have been watching the Big


Olympic Tour, it is on Saturday mornings at 9 am, we have taken on


our very own Olympic challenge. We got together four friends, and we


went in search of our autumn at athlete. This is a catch up.


Welcome to the big Olympic challenge, this is where Helen,


Barney and four friends will be competing in ninth Olympic sports.


I think Romeo is hiding his eyes. We have two races, a men's race and


a women's race. All that separates them from glory, 60 metres and five


hurdles. Lawro wins by a mile. -- Laura. Brendan will take this


comfortably, Romeo in second. Bonney did not get started. We have


come to the City of Manchester Stadium, the turf of a Premier


League football ground. You are going to be taking penalties in


this goal. They have five each. That is a great goal! What a


celebration! Stepaside, Wayne He is pointing to the left-hand


side, but he has gone to the bottom right.


Neither of us have won an event yet, but that could change this weekend


with the triple jump. We will be live in Dumbarton. If you have got


a couple of hours free, you can come down to the park. You can come


and say hello. From the kind of skill that I have


been displaying too real skill, they are incredible, football


freestyle. Take on known as F2. -- they are known. If there is a


football around, you want to play with it. I cannot leave a football


alone. This is being entertaining with football, but this is


different. It is about ball control, technique, co-ordination, balance,


and as a double-act, we have more strings to our bow, we can


incorporate dance and some call choreography. It is trickier,


because if you are on your own, you can do what you like. You have hit


the nail on the head. Everything is 10 times more difficult. But we put


the time and, we have polished our routine, and we have the best


performance in the world. You have done some amazing adverts. Who have


you worked with? The whole Manchester United team, Lionel


Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham. We had the Manchester


United team in the first-class carriage of an aeroplane. We were


telling people like Wayne Rooney of what to do. It was strange, telling


him what to do. What can you teach me? We will teach you a sequence of


power retained. -- hour routine. You place the ball on your neck.


Then, you place your arms out, keeping your head up. Slowly, go


down on to one knee. Take your time, nice and slow, there is no rush.


You are doing really well. You are not helping! To a couple of press-


ups, perfect. Unbelievable! High- five! That was fantastic. They were


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 130 seconds


my skills, but you have more. Over It is easy! That is never going to


happen! We will work on it! That was brilliant. The dog was could!


Earlier, we asked you which is better, the European Championships


or the Olympics. Loads of you have been in touch. I have got e-mails


from the fans of the European Championships. I have got the ones


of the fans of the Olympics. One person says, there are lots of


sports, and it is in the UK. person says, I love football.


person says, girls can compete. It brings the world together.


person says, football is great, and I hope the pundits are wrong.


can give you the statistics, nine out of 10 prefer the Olympics.


is almost it, but there is just time to telly what is happening


next Thursday. They are back in the studio, giving us the ins and outs


on and off the pitch, --. And, we head for a taste of life


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