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Coming up on Today's show, we will find out which one of us will be


crowned Blue Peter Champion Baker. She is the X Factor star with a


swagger - Cher Lloyd is here Hello. Please join me in staying


happy birthday to this man. Happy birthday! I'm excited about my


flashy badge but I'm also excited about our special guest today.


Before we need to, let's take a look at her in action. Her share


Lloyd came Firth last year in X Factor and has enjoyed massive


success with her debut single, entering the charts at number one.


New single, With Ur Love, has just been released. Her new album is out


today. Its Cher Lloyd everybody! You cannot help but sing along to


that June, it is so catchy. I have at present, here is your Blue Peter


badge. Thank you so much! Huge congratulations on the album, we


have it here. I was at the club last week and every other person it


was playing your song on their phone. What is that like? It is


quite strange for me to hear people string it. You are getting


massively successful very quickly and lots of people have been


sending questions in on our message board. This is live and you can


send your questions and messages in. We will ask them at that later. Now


though, we are asking you to hold big sales for this year's appeal.


He and I decided to have one each. You have inspired us and you have


raised lots of money so we thought we would make it a challenge to see


who could raise the most amount of money for Children in Need. This


year's appeal is all about making a difference. CBBC stars have done it,


footballers have done it. But now it is time for the ultimate Bake-A-


Difference challenge. It is me begging for the people of Blackpool.


Verses me selling to the crowds of Carlisle. We are competing to sell


as many baked items as we can at our very own sale. They will take


place at the same time at our home towns almost 100 miles apart.


thought we would get �50 to start us off and the idea is to make as


much money for Children in Need. Our journey starts here at the Blue


Peter headquarters. We need to start planning because there is no


time to lose. Our sales start tomorrow at 4pm. I need cakes.


have already come up with a plan. There's one person I know who just


happens to be part of my family. It is my dad's missus, Kim. I am


hoping her contacts will secured some deals. I am thinking of we get


local schools involved and all the pupils could cook for us. Do it


yourself, lazy! I am busy for it all the local bakeries I can think


of it. Anything, cakes, biscuits, anything really. Helen it might


have some donations but I already have a school on board. Brilliant,


that is a school doing 30 cakes. None of the only one getting


schools to be for you, Barney! With just over 24 hours until our sales,


I am heading to Cumbrian schools on the way to Carlisle. I am heading


to Radio Lancashire to promote my soul. By the time I get there at


2:30pm, it is the peak for interest and people will come tomorrow and


by one of art kicks. That means I've got some advertising and some


cakes to set it up. You see? We told you this business was easy! So


were both feeling confident but I might have spoken too soon. We have


now hit traffic so if I don't get to the schools in time to collect


the cakes, I'll have nothing to sell! Empty roads, beautiful


scenery, gorgeous sunshine, it is a pleasure to drive on days like this.


I am trying to be productive while stuck in traffic. You might have


came helping you but I am enlisting the help of an expert. So no other


product? Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow. I am still stuck in


traffic 50 miles away. There's no sign of it Clearing. To make


matters worse, I have to listen to Barney on the radio. It is going to


be in the local shopping centre in Blackpool at 4pm - come and buy


some cakes, it's for an amazing cause. We're looking for people to


take the kicks. If we can sell that many, that will be great. What a


tough dilemma he is in! He has too many kicks! That was sickening,


wasn't it? As I walked out of the studio, I got a phone call from


Helen but I couldn't answer it so I know what is going to say.


didn't mention my cake sale and mention. I think things are about


to hot up. Watch her go. After four hours of traffic, we are finally on


the move and one of the schools I have lined up has agreed to wait.


Keep the faith, team, we are back in the competition! Don't get too


excited because I am already cake collecting at my grandma's house.


Thank you very much, that is lovely. I am going to slice this and sell


it. A pound each, do you think? End of day one, I've only got one cake


but there's still plenty more to come. I guess I'll see you tomorrow,


I'm really excited. This one is legendary, it will go for a fortune.


1 K? I have finally made it to the school and it looks like I will be


finishing the day with more cakes then you? Do you think we are going


to beat Barnet? That is about foul of muffins, cakes and biscuits. At


least we have achieved something today because I thought it was


going to be a total disaster. If you want to find out who makes the


most money, stick with us until the end of the show but let's go back


to her guest. Cher Lloyd, you will need this. And these as well. In


your last music video, you had a lot of the lens so we thought we


would stick with the theme. All the questions that have been sent in


the throughout the week have been put into these balloons and you


have to pop one to get the question out. Whichever one you like, go for


it. I'm going to go for the pink one. There is the question. Millie


says I Love Your Song, but how has your life changed since you became


a pop star. You're the best singer in the world! It has changed a lot,


I get to meet new people and I get to sing everywhere. So it has


changed a lot. Clearly for the better because you are smiling a


lot. I will go for the yellow one. This is from Scott he says, I love


you new song, did you have a childhood nickname? I never had one,


no. It's really annoying because I would have liked to have had won so


if you have any suggestions... next one. You really are a pop star


today! Hannah says do you prefer to record on stage or record in a


studio? On stage because you get to share it with everyone. When you


recording, you just in a room on your own. But you have been to some


exotic places to Recorder album? have been to Los Angeles. Miami and


Sweden. One more balloon. This question is from Lydia he says, who


is your biggest pop star rival and who inspires you the most? I don't


have any rivals! Who inspires you? A lot of people inspire May,


whether it be their singing by their clothes or whatever. I like


lots of people, I like Jesse J, Pixie Lott dresses, lots. We have


been inspired to hold our big sales and we will now find out who has


raised the most amount of money. Here it is. Previously: We both


started Planet Art Sales and headed for our home towns of Blackpool and


Carlisle. While Helen was stuck in traffic, I got off to a flying


start, promoting my seal on the radio. But I soon made a comeback,


finishing the day with a boot full of kicks. It is not over yet, it is


the day of the sale and we have until 4pm to sort everything out.


It is an early start for me, I am at Radio Cumbria, spreading the


word. The sale starts at 4pm so come along and hopefully there will


be lots of cakes and lots of punters and hopefully we will raise


lots of money. Meanwhile I start the day by Colin 10, my adviser in


Blackpool and it seems there is much more to planning this than I


thought. Have you got tablecloths? No, I don't have tablecloths.


you something to display the cakes on? No. Isn't it more important to


have something to sell? These smell even better than they look. My kids


don't look too bad either. We are both giving out a good stock of


items. In Blackpool I have decided to break a Victoria sponge cake. I


had to be something, I am still going to get involved myself. Let's


hope the time is taken is worth it. I had to another primary-school to


collect some more donations. Hello! These are amazing, who made his?


Back in Carlisle, I am so desperate to get going, that I have started


selling some kicks early. At a cattle auction! These cupcakes were


baked in Penrith. We will sell them as one lot. I thought we were


supposed to be selling the cakes at our stalls? It's all for a good


cause and Rules are there to be broken, right? �190 from one a tray


of cakes. The money is rolling in and the sales haven't even started.


It is now 3pm and we are now taking everything we have to the shopping


centre so we will see what happens when we get there. 4pm is fast


approaching and setting up the sale this big takes time. By a expert


cupcake entrepreneur has arrived and is making sure everything is


under control. Can I hand over the setting out at you? Sure. She has


managed to get so many kicks delivered which is amazing but she


is little disorganised and she has let us here today with everything.


In Blackpool, I arrived to set up myself. It starts in half an hour


and I haven't given up the table's ready. Barney, you are cutting it


fine. My stock is coming along nicely. All in good time, you are


not the only one with help. I have a few people helping me to get


We have ten minutes. However, we have not managed the price any


items yet. With our cakes laid out, it is time for us to open our sales.


The bake sale is open, so come and buy some kaep cakes. Let us make


money. We have an hour to make as much money as we can for Children


In Need. Everything is a pound each. You want five? Thank you very much.


We have so much done. We haven't It is a busy start for both of us


but with 20 minutes to go I am making the most of the crowds by


auctioning off a year's supply of cookies. Nin anybody willing to


give a fiver for it. My Victoria sponge has not sold. To shift my


cakes I am roaming the shopping centre in search of customers. A


pound a cake? One pound for a cake. Girl, help me out! I am doing


exactly the same. You look like a man who likes pizza. Come this way.


Head for a cook key. Thank you very much. One minute left. One minute


left! With a few seconds to go, one customer has an unexpected offer


for me. I want to give you �100 for everything that is left on that


stall. That is very oak. Thank you so much. Amazing. That is �100 for


everything we have got left. Five, four, three, two, chuck it in. Now.


Chuck it in. That's the end. OK. Well done. Take a look at the table.


It is empty. We have sold everything. We have a lot of cake


left we makes me think oh dear but our cash tin is full. We have


raised lots of money but I don't know if I have beat Helen. I have!


I don't know. I have. This chair is moving with you waggling your legs


about. We were pretending we didn't care. I know. Let us find out how


much money Barney has raised. Drum roll please. The total amount of


money you collected for Children In Need is... �559. That will do.


that is good. The total amount of money raised by Helen Skelton is...


So OK, you beat me by quite a way. Let us work out the total amount of


money that has been raised for Children In Need. � 1540.


brushed over the victory there don't worry I will mention it later.


We couldn't have done it without a lot of help from a lot of people.


Trinity school. Mrs Wilson, Anna, I had a band there from the


University of Cumbria. Katie, George, Thomas, Shelley, so many


people helped me out. Thank you so much. Thanks to her mum for putting


�800 in. All the local bakerys that helped out. Everyone that helped on


the day. There is so many to mention. Thank you, we couldn't


have done it without you. Between us we sold 1830 items so I think we


should add to the totaliser. While we have been off gal vaanting you


have been holding bake sales up and down the country. Let us have


another drum roll for the totaliser. Because we want to find out how


many items you have pledged to bake and sell all for Children In Need.


Our totaliser stands at... � 39002. Thank you so much. If you are


thinking of holding a bake sale you need to get on with it. Children In


Need is happening on Friday 18th November. So have a bake sale and


let us know how you get on. We are only moments away from Cher


performing. Before she does let us ask some of your questions. Welcome


back Cher. Loads of question in for you. Mark said where do you see


yourself in five years' time? is a good question.. He is digging


for cakes? I would like to see myself in a big arena. Wembley


Arena. Definitely. Having a couple of albums out. You are heading the


right way. It is on its way. If you had a chance to collaborate on one


of your favourite songs, what would it be? If you could invite someone


to sing with you. Someone different. I would ask someone like Dolly


Parton. A bit of country. We didn't expect that. This one says are you


planning to go on tour? I would like to go on tour. Hopefully yeah,


Manchester. Who why is your album called Sticks and Stones. At school


you have a bit of trouble with girls, arguing, stuff like that. I


used to go home to my mum and say so-and-so is picking on me. She


would say sticks and stones make break my bones. That is why I have


called it that. It is good to have that positive message with an


album? Yes, I have learned be strong, shake it off and get on


with my music. Get ready for your performance because we have seen


her rehearse. It is ewe neck, especially for us. While you do


that let us find out what is on tomorrow. Barney the dog gets a


piece of the action by meeting glamorous stars of the stage and


Neville Longbottom works his magic to make a difference for Children


In Need. If you get yourself on line I am going to be at the CBBC


message board answers your questions. We have all been waiting


for this. With a unique version of # Da, da, da,


# Da, da, da # Baby you're the best cause you


worked me out # I keep building walls up


# You tear me down # I'm fighting


# Used to think I was bullet-proof # But you got an AK and you're


blowing through, explore sieve # You don't even know hit


# I want you to know hit # All of them other boys can walk


away # They ain't even in the game


# You got this swag, you got this attitude


# Wanna hear you say my name # Cause you got me flying sh with


ur love # Shining, with ur love


# Riding, with ur love # Feel like I'm top of the world


with ur love # So sick but so what


# Feel like I'm on top of the world with your lor


# Everybody want what is I got with # Because I'm standing on top with


a killer view # Inspired


# Feeling like a million # I'm one in a million


# I'm in outer space # Like I'm Venus, you're Mars


# It's crazy what you're doing to # All of them other boys can walk


away # They ain't even in the game


# You got this swag, you got this attitude


# Wanna hear you say my name # Cause you got me flies, with ur


love, shining, with ur love # Riding with ur love


# Feel like I'm on top of the world with ur love


# One hit with ur love # Can't quit with ur love


# So sick, but so what # Feel like I'm on top of the world


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