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Hello. Hello. Today, we are hoping to prove to you that baking is


simple and easy. Baking, not eating, they're not for you.: sorry.


Children in need is around the corner, but there's still time for


you to get involved and support Children In Need by baking. Our


skills in the kitchen are kind of limited. Speak for yourself, I make


a lovely quiche. We have got an expert joining us. He was spot -


spotted by Jamie Oliver and now he's the host of Junior Bake Off.


You can catch it at 6.0 every night this week on the CBBC channel.


the very best of Britain's budding bakers are in the mix. Am I getting


on your nerves? Who will rise to the challenge? It's going to be


very tough. It's Aaron Craze. Come on in. Wouldn't it be amazing if


the badges were that size. Welcome to the show. Talk about the


contestants on your show. Not only do they have to perform in front of


the TV crew, they have judges watching their every move. They


must find it tough? Unbelievable. They're little soldiers, I must


admit. It's so difficult to bake something because it's a science,


baking. To have all those cameras and me coming over going "what are


you doing..." and that all the time must be annoying. You were singing


their praises before. Sounds like these guys are really creative?


They are. They get set challenges, they have their tasks but then they


have to be creative and they make things like, some of the stuff they


make you will be like, how do they do that with flour and eggs, do you


know what I mean? Hopefully you won't be saying that today. You


will be cooking today helping us support our appeal. What do we do?


This is a basic biscuit recipe, so we are going to put some flour in,


a bit of plain flour in there. Butter. You can chop it up, but I'm


just going to pop it in soft, unsalted butter. Don't want any


salt in it. Sugar. Caster sugar. Pop that straight in. So we've got


the sweet, creaminess going on. The egg will bind it all together. And


flavour. Vanilla. You carry on. You, you've been eating some.


haven't. Get out. Barney, Children In Need, yeah, you're not a child.


We are trying to prove to you that it's easy and you are a hindrance.


Carry on. Mix it all together or you can use a food processor. Go,


go, go, look! That was a bit hard, sorry. Ouch. B So we mix this all


together. You do that, I'll keep my hands nice and clean. OK. Because


obviously I know what you are like at rolling, the word has spread, so


we've got one ready. You can have a little roll. Not too much. That's


it. Well done. Pressure in the kitchen. What is that? The most


pathetic fishing rod I've ever seen. Get out! If you haven't got a


rolling pin indoors, hello, a tin! Or you can use a wine bottle or


something like that. Is that for a biscuit size? No, for rolling the


dough. Oh. We want to get this ready by the end of the show. Pop


them in the oven when it's nice and hot. When it comes out... Behave


yourself, please. I will. Make sure it's nice and cold on to the non-


stick baking tray. Chuck it in the oven. While you are doing that,


let's stick with the theme of food because this time of year sees lots


of changes in the woodlands and forest areas and lots of things


fall from trees, not just leaves but things that you can cut with.


Rav Wilding is on the case. When I'm off duty, there's nothing I


like more than taking a stroll with a picnic. But, what if I was to


tell you that cordial, jam, cake, jelly and biscuits can all be made


with ingredients found in the countryside. Foraging is the act of


searching for food but could also be described as making good use of


nature's la Da. This year has been one of the most successful years of


wild fruit. Eating the wrong food can be dangerous. You should only


try it under expert supervision. Meet Chris, the King of foraging.


He'll show me how to make some skreet treats using ingredients


from this woodland -- sweet treats. Can anyone do this? You have to


know what you are doing was a there are poisonous things out there, but


you can learn very, very quickly. What sort of tasty treats can be


out in the wilderness like this? autumn, this time of year, we've


got berries, nuts, roots, I've got a few things for you to get today.


How do I know which ones to get? Use your smartphone, get dandelion


roots, berries, rose hips and hawthorn. Basket and spade. Thank


you. I'll leave you do it. What am I gonna do now?! First on


my solicit a dandelion I've got to find. But to make things worse,


they've apparently got no flowers because it's autumn so I'm looking


for a green stick in a very large green field! But, my app is telling


me that the word is originally from a lion tooth because of the shape


of the leaves, so hopefully that's going to be my clue as to finding


the dandelion in this field. Close, but I don't think it's the one.


Really hard to tell without the actual flower on it because that's


the most distinctive part that I remember. I think we're in luck


here. That's one. See the leaf? It's like teeth there. I think I've


found my dandelion. Right. Let's dig this up. There it is. My first


dandelion root. I'm looking for rose hips and I remember these from


school because they make a good itching powder. These little guys


here, definitely rose hips. Hawthorns. This is definitely them.


They're a lot smaller than rose hips. They grow on a completely


different type of tree. But this is them. And this is a young plant. It


will have a great big root down the bottom and that's the bit I need to


These are wood havens which smell a bit like cloves. They have a


delicate root so I can't use the shovel because I'll probably break


it. We got it. There we go. Right, I've got all my tasty ingredients.


Now, it's off to the kitchen. First thing's first. We wash the


rose hips and hawthorns. A massive pesle and mortar. Whack 'em in


there. Pestle and mortar. What are the squashed rose hips going to


become? We'll make a pulp out of them and make a jelly. Get your


hand in there. Rose hip jelly mice - first time for everything, eh.


We've got most of that out. Put this to one side and then we've got


the hawthorns. What is this one going to be? We add a few


ingredients from the store cupboard, apples and water. We've God our


dandelion roots and birdoch roots. They are going to make a dandelion


and birdoch drink. Chris stews the other ingredients for 30 minutes.


There's the dandelion roots. The wood haven roots, the thin ones,


they have that clove flavour. All that into the pan. Pop a lid on.


We'll go over to the stove. See how the other things are doing as well.


Well, it definitely looks more like food now and smells like appetising


food now. It's starting to smell fruity now isn't it? We've got a


lovely pulp in there, everything's gone great. A lovely Pinky colour


as well. We need to get all this into there and we are going to


press it through so the pulp will come through and the little seeds


and skin and everything will stay inside. We do that with both sets


of ber ris before adding honey, lemon juice and glycerine to set


the jelly mice. The rose hips are poured into the moulds. The


hawthorns are spread thinly. We just need to sieve the dandelion


and burdenoch cordial. -- bu urdoch. These are the roots I dug up myself.


That's actually really nice. Pop it in like a chew, a piece of


liquorice or something. Should I have a mouse bottom? Yes, and I'll


have a head. Chuck it all in Yes, just like a jelly sweet. Again,


really, really nice. Don't worry, guys, we'll make sure we save some


of this and get it to you in the studio.


Cheers, Rav, he has sent some back to the studio. It's quite a strong


smell and I think it's going to be an Quy ired taste. Thank you but


I'll put that over there for now. You can have it later, Aaron. If


you decide to go foraging and get berries, get expert advice before


you eat some of them because some of them make you ill. One thing


that's undeniably delicious... These are the old biscuits. Smell


that! They do smell great. Ten more minutes, 180 and you've got some


lovely biscuits to decorate. When they come out, we'll let them cool


with the icing pens. Fantastic. Supermarket. You can get those.


Barn yirbgs you can have the first biscuit because I feel guilty for


hitting you earlier. -- Barney. You don't always get what you want.


Next year, 2012 is the year of the superhero. All your favourites will


be in the cinemas. Because of that, we have two superhero Royaltys in


the studio today. John McCrae and Mark Miller. Welcome to the show.


You are the guys that are behind the comic strips we see. John, you


are an artist who's drawn all sorts of characters like? Batman,


superwoman, Wonderwoman, Batman, the Simpsons and Scooby Doo.


write the comics? Yes, Spider-Man, Hulk and things like that. Is it


not every boy's dream? It was my dream when I was five so I can't


believe at 41 I'm get to do it, it's great. Dreams that you have


when you are little can come true. What are you doing at the moment?


Wii Spider-Man. This is the guy that draws Spider-Man in the comics


you buy which is impressive. Did you start early? I had an Avengers


comic when I was four and that was it, twoing to be a comic artist and


nothing could dissuade me. When I was 18, I realised I'd have to


submit my artwork to the companies and after four years, I got my


first job. Through learning? Did you go to college or were you good


at drawing? I was reasonable and it was just through copying. I went to


art college for two months. that was it? Yes, I dropped out.


That's all right, look at what you are doing, it's amazing. I went to


the careers officer and said I would like to write comics and she


looked at me like I was mad. Luckily technology caught up with


us. It's great. How do you work together? Does the


story come first then the pictures? I'm given the blank piece of paper


which is cool for the readers and nice for the artist to draws. Then


all the hard work is done by John. I'll write a thousand spaceships


crashing in LA and then John has to draw it. Mark's the kind of guy


that would count them to make sure you've got that many. Yes. Barney


is wearing a cape, ready for action. He's poised waiting for the whistle


in the sky and he'll save anybody from distress. This is for a reason


because you have turned myself and Barney into superhero characters.


Look at this, very excited about this. These are the comic strips


you have put us in. Talk us through the story? Blue Peter asked us to


come up with a two-page story for the readers. I mean the viewers.


This is the idea that the badges will give you super powers, the


Blue Peter badge. All the Blue Peter badge people, the badges


start going and you get powers to help people. You draw that story


and bring it to life? Yes, draw nit pencil first to iron out all the


kinks and possible mistakes then go in in ink and do the inked up


version and there it is. Amazing. You then do another version which


is the finished print, I guess? Absolutely. And don't you look


good? Thank you very much, I do, yes, you've got the muscles just


right as well. You can see this coloured in on the website. You can


finish the story. Here is the first section. That's the first story


they've done for you, then you have got another bit which is blank and


you can decide how the story finishes.


Mark, John, thank you very much for coming in. It's amazing. How cool


is this show today, superheroes and biscuits! Doesn't get any better.


The biscuits are ready, time to take them out of the oven. They're


hot. Always wear an oven glove. Decorate these ones now, they've


been chilling, haven't they? Got to cool down - very important -


otherwise they'll melt. Pick an animal. I've gone for a green


caterpillar. We've been advertising your mini bake sale. I put up this


poster over here. If you want a poster leek that, head over to the


Blue Peter website, print it, fill in the details and that'll help


make sure you get lots of punters to raise money for Children In Need.


Beautiful. Welcome to the greatest fund-


raising show on earth... Children is need is all about one thing,


raising money to help thousands of children across the UK. This year


we are asking you to raise money for children like these living with


illnesses that affect their every day lives. For some children, that


means they need to have treatment in hospital to help them get better


again and one illness that involves spending a lot of time in hospital


is cancer. Cancer can affect adults and children. There are lots of


different types, over 200 of them. They can be difficult to understand.


So here are some of the basics. human body is made up of millions


of tiny cells that help to make things like blood, muscle or bone.


Sometimes, cells start dividing in an uncontrolled way and lots of


damaged cells are produced. This is called cancer. Some cancers affect


the cells in your blood. If the cells in your blood are damaged, it


means they can't fight infections, these cancers are called leukaemias


and lymphomas. Then there are tumours when cells stick together


and form a lump somewhere in the body.


I've come to a hospital in Cambridge. This is the oncology and


haematology children's ward where children who've been diagnosed with


cancer come for their treatment. Sapphire is 12. She was dying


kneesed with cancer just under a year ago. She's had several courses


of chemotherapy, a treatment designed to kill cancer cells or


stop them dividing. Can you explain what it's like having treatment?


just makes you sick, makes you lose your hair. Chemotherapy is designed


to make you get better but you have to get worse first don't you. Is it


something you get used to? don't really like getting sick and


just... Don't feel like doing it sometimes.


Like Sapphire, eight-year-old Charlie has been having treatment


for cancer too. Nine months ago, he was diagnosed with a large tumour


and it took a nine hour operation to remove it, followed by regular


visits to hospital. What is it like being in hospital? OK because


they've got the Xbox. Can you explain the sorts of things they


have to do to make you better? do this chemotherapy that goes in


there. That tries to clear it all up and, if not, they have to do an


operation. To make time on the ward better for children like Charlie


and Sapphire, Children In Need are funding a charity called young


Young Lives who run a project called Get Creative on the Ward.


The team travelled to this ward in their van and they arrive on the


ward with a whole load of media gear. They give children the chance


to learn how to make a ring tone, shoot a fillle, edit a photo or


even record a song -- shoot a film. Charlie's been working on a song


with the team and today he wants to That's enough from me. Time to hand


There it is. Projects like this are exactly what children like Charlie


need because when they're in hospital they get to do fun things


as well. Charlie's not the only one making the most of the session.


Sapphire is planning to shoot a magic trick starring me. They


brought a laptop to the bed, I do the music. They motivated me to get


out of bed so I could do more stuff. That's really cool, isn't it?


one of my most favourite things to do when I'm bored.


If you want to raise money for projects like Get Creative on the


Ward, the good news is you can. Get out there and run sales. The money


you raise will go towards helping children like Charlie and Sapphire.


Come on, let's do it - let's Bake A Difference!


By supporting this appeal you can make a mass you have difference to


the lives of children like Charlie and Sapphire. Everything you need


to know about running a successful sale can be found online. It's time


to see how many items you have pledged to bake for this year's


appeal. So... Drum roll... Yes. The total amount of pledges


pledged by you for the Bake A Difference sale is ops ooh. 32,385,


amazing! Very, very impressive. Since the start of the show, Aaron


from Junior Bake Off has been in the kitchen for us. Let's see how


he's getting on. Come on, you can have a biccie. Yes! I've decorated


them to the best of my ability and they're on sale now. Let's see the


colour of your money. Ah. Special deal now, buy one get one free,


�1.20. There you go. We've done all of this in half an hour, haven't


we? 30 minutes. You could have one in the living room for your family


and friends. Everything you need to know about holding a sale is online


and you can find the recipe as well. Is that nice? A bit moist.


animals were hurt either in this, remember, because they're not real.


That's good to know. The dog licked that one before? That's why it


tastes like beef and biscuit. parent or grown-up can help you pay


the money in that you raise: You can send a cheque or postal order


to our address, all the details are on the website.


Eat that one instead. He's not touched that one I don't think. We


are going to need this recipe because tomorrow Barney and I will


each be holding a bake sale. I'll head to Carlisle. I'll be heading


to blal. If you want to bring us a cake, buy a cake, come and see us -


- Blackpool. It's going to be raining in Blackpool, but it's


glorious sunshine in Carlisle. are going to raise lots of money


for Children In Need. You can help me if you want, bake some cakes and


bring them along. Helen's not the most competitive one in this, is


she. Blackpool! If you want to see who is crowned Queen of the bake


sale, choose next week. I won't be crowned the Queen. He's not a girl,


is he. The X Factor girl will be swaggering for us next week and if


you want to ask her anything, you are in luck. Head over to the Blue


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