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On today's show: I get scared. Welcome Barney. And attempts to be


scary. Have I got what it takes to Hello. Happy Hallowe'en! Welcome to


a Blue Peter Hallowe'en Special with all things scary. I am a bit


freaked out by myself! Argh! Very funny! I'm putting that down.


not just scary things on the face, it is scary things on the body.


There is a scary challenge coming up. Stay tuned... Can we talk about


something cute? Have a look at this something cute? Have a look at this


pumpkin. Can you tell what shape it is? What does it look like? It has


a big circle in the middle. Two on either side. I know! All right,


clever clogs. Have a look at this picture. Yes, that's Mickey Mouse.


This pumpkin is a Mickey Mouse- shaped pumpkin. Genius. These are


being grown by "the Pumpkin King". David Bowman grows these in


Lincolnshire. There is no special trick to it. You take a pumpkin


that's grown in between May and July and once it is this size, it


gets stuck into this Mickey Mouse mould. As it continues to grow, it


takes on the shape of the mould and you have your Mickey Mouse-shaped


pumpkins! The possibilities are endless. You could do all sorts of


things. It is not all about pumpkins. Helen, what is your


biggest fear? Everybody knows that I hate rats. You don't like rats?


It is not that I don't like them, some people have them as pets, but


I genuinely feel sick when I see them. Then you will hate this! This


is what is known as the rat coffin! It's an ordinary coffin. One of us


will lie in it and then it will be filled with rats. I don't like that.


Snakes, spiders, I'm fine. Rats... I don't know why rats have a bad


press. Maybe this will help. Think of all the places you wouldn't want


to be. Dirty sewers, bins, rubbish dumps? This is where you will find


rats. Is this why we fear them? Or is it because they carry diseases.


Back in 1348 they spread the black death which wiped out a third of


the UK's population. Or is it because their teeth are strong


enough to eat through a human bone. Despite this, they are not all bad.


They are intelligent. They can be trained to do complex tasks. They


have an amazing sense of smell. Some people find rats cute and


lovable and keep them as pets. People keep rats as pets because


they offer more interaction than some other small animals. They are


very trainable. To get a rat to do a task or a little trick, you need


to associate that with food and you can train them very easily.


Intelligent they may be, but they still fill us with fear. With an


estimated 60 million rats in Britain, they are here to stay,


whether we like it or not. HA-HA-HA! Are you all right with


them? I don't mind. There is only one fair way to decide who gets to


go in the coffin and that is with a spooky, harrowing Hallowe'en quiz


hosted by our quizmaster, Ore! Hello, friends. Love what they have


done with my face?! This is great. Here we go. This quiz is split into


two sections - Hallowe'en Fact and Hallowe'en Fiction. Helping me keep


the scores today is someone who has been given a single day's release


from London's Dungeon. Quincy! You have something stuck in your teeth.


Whoever has the least points faces the rat coffin! CLAP OF THUNDER


Bring it on! Barney, take your position over at gravestone one. It


is time to get on with Round One - Hallowe'en Fact. I love how Helen


has picked up Barney for support. You will need it! Helen, black and


orange are associated with Hallowe'en. Black is a symbol of


darkness. What does the orange symbolise? The sun? Good go, but it


is wrong! Strength and endurance. Endurance? That's what the card


says! Barney, is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? That is easy!


it! Vegetable. It's a fruit! That was easy! We are in deadlock. Which


festival is the most profitable for shops in the UK? Valentine's Day.


Wrong answer. People in the Isle of Man celebrate Hoptunay. They carry


what hollowed vegetable? A good game. Parsnip. It's a turnip. Quick


one. Sowonphobiab is a fear of what? Pigs. No. How much this year


will people spend on Hallowe'en? �3 million or �315 million? �3 million.


�315 million! Let's hold the quiz there. What is the score? Barney


has a horrifying zero! Helen has a scary zero! Terrifying. You both


are still in with a chance of facing the rat coffin. CLAP OF


THUNDER Let's talk about something else for a second. This year we are


asking you to bake to support our appeal and lots of people have been


getting involved including the cast of Young Dracula. Have a look at


Whatever you do, don't start flapping. You can relax. I'm one of


you. Nice to see you too, dad. Vlad cannot only create some sweet


treats, he can turn himself into a bat but let's look at the sweet


What is that delicious smell? Hello, Vlad? It is very late. Young men


need their sleep. I'm making some Hallowe'en cakes for my Blue Peter


bake sale later. What are you making? Chocolate crispy spider


cakes. Spiders! Fancy giving me a hand? To be honest, baking and me,


we don't mix. Remember, last time I tried to make a cake... It was


awful. Well, this is simple. So simple a breather... Shall I show


you? Go on, then. Well, really easy. You need rice pop cereal, bar of


chocolate and bits to decorate. Well, that does sound simple.


Perhaps I could manage that. I will go and wash my hands. Right. Shall


we get started? Yes. You need to get small chunks of chocolate, put


them in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. A bain-marie?


what? A bain-marie. Wait for the chocolate to melt... I better do


that. When it is melted, we get the rice cereal and mix it with the


chocolate. There is one over there. Very clever. You can mix it with a


spoon or if you want, you can get in there with your fingers. Right-


oh! It is just chocolate and rice cereal. I know. Ooh! Lovely.


when we have got our mixture, we want to spoon some out - not too


much - and fill the base half-way. Right. Then next take some


strawberry laces and these will be the legs. We put those on like that.


Like spiders' legs. Very creative. I'm quite proud of this. Then on


top of that, you put another splodge of ricey chocolatey mix.


For the eyes, you can use sweets... We will put these on as eyes. Then


they should stick. And then use a bit of black icing to put on the


eyes. Look at that. Very smart. Would we call it simple? Yes.


does look delicious. I have to say, I'm very impressed. Thank you.


don't suppose I could pinch a little one? You can't eat one. They


are for charity. Give me 30p. 30p. There we go. Thank you. Oh...


Good? Delicious. I got a leg! Very well done, Vlad.


I second that, very well done, Vlad. If you want to see Young Dracula,


you are in luck. It is on the CBBC Channel at 5.15pm.


Hopefully, that inspired you to hold a bake sale. Head over to the


website for more details. Don't do that until after the show! CLAP OF


THUNDER It is time to carry on with your test of Hallowe'en knowledge.


What is the ghoulish scores? So far, Barney has a horrible zero! And


Helen has a terrifying zero! Very terrifying. The stakes are high.


Whoever loses will face the Ultimate Hallowe'en Horror - the


coffin of rats! CLAP OF THUNDER the rat coffin. This is the second


round. It is a round about myths and legends. It is Hallowe'en


Fiction. Helen, biting her fingers. Question one, what is the real name


of the bride in Tim Burton's film of the same name? Bridezilla?


is the answer. A big fat zero. Barney, which famous wife of King


Henry VIII is said to haunt Hever Castle in Kent? I know this. It's


Ann Boleyn. That isst right answer! -- that is the right answer! Which


moor in Cornwall is home to a mythical beast? Bodmin. That is the


right answer. Barney, what sort of animal is said to haunt the church


at the Tower of London? Which type of animal is said to haunt the


church at the Tower of London? horse? A cat. One more question for


the both of you. Which decade was the Count Dracula Society was


founded in the United States? '60s? That is the right answer.


This really is scary. Last question to you, Barney. Which Lancashire


village is said to be haunted by a group of witches? Pendle! Pendle is


the right answer! BUZZER SOUNDS Tie-breaker question. Both of you,


last year David Finkle set a new record by carving a face into a


pumpkin, but how many seconds did he do it in? Seven. No, 17. Got to


take your first answer. 231. The real answer is 20.1. Barney wins.


Your fates have been sealed. Loser! You will need that boiler suit and


the goggles. Come on, Helen. Time to face the rat coffin. See you


later. CLAP OF THUNDER Whilst Helen gets herself prepared, it is time


to find ow how scary I could be -- out how scary I could be at the


Blackpool Dungeons. Blackpool Tower is one of the UK's most impressive


landmarks. Underneath it is one of Blackpool's scariest attractions,


the Blackpool Tower Dungeon. This gruesome place is the setting for


today's challenge. I'm a little scared of the dark. This place has


got lots of dark. So we haven't started yet and I'm already


terrified. Can you hear those noises? Real dungeons were


underground prisons built in medieval castles. Boo! Welcome,


Barney. Welcome to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon. Barney, hi. I'm Brad.


Nice to meet you. Let's start at the beginning, what do you do here?


It is all actor led. We take visitors on a tour through


Blackpool's darkest history. We will train you up to be a dungeon


creature, a little bit like our black jester. The best noises are


to hear from the audience - they are a good laugh and a good scream.


Let's get started and get away from him. First, Brad insisted that I


experienced the pitch-black dungeon myself. I was going to have to take


on an acting role as a scary monk. Terrified. That will be the monk!


There's the Viking. It is so weird. Even though you know it is a show,


it doesn't take long before you do get scared. Right on cue! Farewell.


See you. Barney. You made it out. Just. Thank you very much. I think.


Now that I have seen what I have to do, it's changed my challenge a bit.


The monk has got lines, some of them are Latin and he has cue


points he has to hit. I have half an hour to get it right. I better


get started. The hologram monk talks. I'm sat still. The bigger


your gesture is, the more people you will scare. Five seconds of


quiet. Cue. I frightened myself a bit! Hundreds are dead. Thousands


are dying in Kirkham. You wicked people. The last thing we are going


to do is we are going to get you to do a Viking jump scare be imposing,


be loud and as scary as you possibly can. Let's go. What have I


let myself in for? So with my scary acting well on its way, bring on


the make-up! HA-HA-HA! It's show time. There are thousands dying in


Kirkham! You convince yourself you have forgotten the lines - I have


no idea what the third line is. Peasants... I have forgotten it!


Well, I'm on. Too late now. OK, first test, can I stay still enough


so that no-one spots me? Go right in. Get nice and close. I think I


have been spotted! Leaving the Saxons to toil on this land...


ha, there's my scream! As I look deep into your eyes, I see pain, I


see confusion, I see stupidity. And The best bit about this job is the


scare. I have to say, that is the most enjoyable thing I have done


for a while. Next one! That's the first bit done. I have got to


change into my Viking costume now and then I will scare everyone in


the hall of mirrors. I'm backstage, the public will be the other side


of them. When they come closer, I have a button which turns the


lights on and the scary Viking noise and they can see me through


the mirrors. Very cool. They are on their way. They are not looking!


Argh! Got ya! My work here is done. His characters were spot on. Some


of the jump scares he did got real good reactions. He got some great


laughs as well. Very impressed. That was my day at the Blackpool


Tower Dungeon. So I have been scared, and I have been scary. I


think I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Next time I come I will


bring someone to hide behind. I need a lie down. Having said that,


I think what Helen is about to do is ten times as scary. Into the rat


coffin you get. Why did I say seven? Why?! Now, to confirm what


is happening, Helen is getting into a coffin with a glass lid. Then we


will empty some rats into the coffin. Mark, over here, does this


every day. The rats are going in? Argh! Mark, let's talk through


these rats. These are Norway rats. Their primary weapon is their teeth.


They can chew clear through metal, wood, untreated concrete... They


can chew through metal! You are doing really well. Not much longer


to go. 12 rats in there. They are running up my leg! They are awful!


We have agreed a word if Helen wants to come out. She can say the


word and we will get her out. If she wants to bang the lid, it is OK,


you are doing fine. This is brilliant TV. LAUGHTER Let's talk


about what you can see on tomorrow's show. 30 seconds more.


Tomorrow, you can find out what you can eat by foraging through the


forest and woodlands of our lovely country.


We have got some comic book royalty in the studio. If you have ever


wanted to work for a comic book, you will be finding out tomorrow


how you can do that. Not too much longer - if you want to see the


pumpkins that David has designed, you can see them at Disneyland


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