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Coming up on Blue Peter, we speak to Helen Ashes battles through the


extreme conditions of Antarctica. We revealed the Hollywood secrets


behind Steven Spielberg's new Blockbuster epic War Horse.


I would never do that! Find out how you can help Doctor


Hello! Welcome to a new Blue Peter for a brand new year. It is a new


day, a new time, and we have got a jam-packed show. You have probably


noticed that somebody is missing. That is Helen. She is undertaking


her biggest challenge yet, 11,000 miles away in the South Pole. She


will attempt to travel that distance using it Kite Cumiskey and


it's no bite. It does not look too far on here, but if I put a map of


the UK next to where she is travelling, it puts it into


perspective. She has got a massive task. We are very excited about


this, because although she is 11,000 miles away, we think we have


established a connection where we can speak to her. I am here! I can


hear you! How are you? This is amazing! It is absolutely


unbelievable. Nice come up blue-sky. Or you can see is white. It is like


being on top of this frozen ocean. It is supposed to be minus 48! Your


freezer at home is minus 18! How do you manage in that kind of


temperature? You have to keep moving and you need lots of clothes.


The more that your hands and fingers move, the better. I am


constantly moving my hands, because otherwise they go really painful,


and you run the risk of frostbite. It is dangerously cold. What about


simple things like going to the toilet? That is a nightmare. I am


wearing three pairs of trousers and a harshness. -- harmless. Sometimes,


I do not bother. But you can forget luxuries. I do not even have a


hairbrush! I do not even have a halt at brash! Y idea doing this? -


- why it or you doing this? I was challenged to see if I could get to


the South Pole. It is for Sport Relief. It is tough, but I am


determined. I have met lots of people whose lives have been


changed by Sport Relief. Your money makes a difference. What about


breaking a world record? Yes, pleaded not set out to do what, it


just happened. -- we did not set out to do it. The wind was strong,


so we covered a lot of miles. Halfway through the afternoon, they


said we could try to cover 100 kilometres and set a new world


record, and we did. It has been officially confirmed, you have


broken the world record, so congratulations. I know you are


freezing! It has been so nice to be able to see you. It has been a


pleasure. Come back in one piece. Hello to everybody, thank you for


one of the lovely messages! Keep them coming! We will see you soon.


If you want to sign up for a Sport Relief mile, go to the website. I


am them to be welcoming some special co-presenter is to keep me


company. Today, I am joined by Joanna -- Diana Vickers. She rose


to fame when she reached the semi- finals of the X Factor. Her debut


single went to number one on the UK singles chart. Last year, she broke


into the world of fashion, by launching her first clothing range.


She is back in the studio, recording new tracks, which she is


hoping to showcase on tour later this year. Jump-off your sofas, it


is Diana Vickers! Hello! Hello! Welcome! It is so good to see year.


Normally, you would get a blue Peter badge for appearing, but


because you have already got one, you will get yourself a Blue Peter


badge. It is a sticker on one! Shot put it here. Let's talk about


how well you of the wind. You have your own fashion and make-up ranges.


Yes, I have been away, writing and recording my new album, I am so


excited. Yes, my collection is doing really well. This year is


looking pretty good, I am very excited. Lots of people are excited


that you on the show. One person says, what is your favourite


animal? I really want one of those small dogs, they are really tiny,


but they do not get bigger than the size of a teacup. But I do love


Lions. Monkeys! They are fascinating to watch. That is not


the answer I was expecting! One person says, I love your songs, if


you could start in a film, what would the film be? I would have to


be a James Bond girl, that would be the ultimate. Somebody said there


would be a film about the Muppets. I would love to be in doubt! -- to


be in that! You can be an Olympic athlete at


the age of 14, in the Youth Olympic Games. Two years ago, Singapore


hosted the first Games, but tomorrow, the first Winter Youth


Olympic Games starts in Austria. The aim is to find the world's best


young winter sportsmen and women. 15 winter sports, over 1000 young


athletes, and 10 days packed full It is the first ever Winter Youth


Olympic Games, and it promises to be the ultimate competitive


training ground for the best young or winter sports men and women in


the world. Aged between 14 and 18, athletes from 70 nations have


travelled to Austria, to Innsbruck, which has twice hosted the Winter


Olympic Games. Young competitors will strive to make their mark.


Their dream, to win one or more of the 372 Olympic medals up for grabs.


The stage is set, let the games Some of these athletes have been


training for years to get here, and some of them are only found out in


the last few months they had a place. We have been following three


of the UK hopefuls, and one of there is Katie Summerhayes.


-- one of them. The Double Cork. The switch. These


are just some of the gravity- defying of moves in freestyle


skiing. With some of the core list tricks on stone, it is one of the


15 sports represented at the Winter Olympic Games. Hoping to represent


Great Britain this year, Katie Summerhayes. I love all of the


freestyle skiing, the way you can express yourself, being able to do


tricks in the air, it makes it better. I have been trying to


qualify for over a year. To be able to go to the Olympics would be


awesome. There are five different types of freestyle skiing. She is


hoping to represent a GP in the half pipe. It is a hot cylinder


shape course, did into the hill. Using speed gained on the slopes,


they perform acrobatic tricks as they leave the room of the pipe.


The aim is to perform challenging and impressive aerial tricks as


perfectly and with as much hype as possible. The challenge is being


able to keep my height consistent. If you fall, it is gone, so you


have to be consistent. Falling can happen. If you take a tumble on the


ice, it is not just your place in the competition that is at risk.


is dangerous, because we are flying through the air, that is why we are


wearing helmets, just in case. Learning such a specialist and


dangerous scale takes total passion and dedication. What motivates me


to train it is the thought of being able to say I am an Olympian. If I


did not love it, I would not put the hard work and time into it. I


do have to miss going out with my friends, but I love it, I am very


competitive. As the UK does not have much snow, she spends as much


time as she can training on skis clubs abroad. When she is at home,


the best place for her to practise is at her nearest Snow Dome. I try


to train as hard as I can, because I want to become the best athlete


that I can. I do not think anybody has understood how she has worked,


the amount of effort and training, she has put her heart into it.


have worked to make it better, I have to try my best. Her training


is only the half of it. If she is going to perform their real moves


in the half pipe at the Games, she has to perfect it them on a


trampoline. This is one of the most important parts, making sure my


vision is fine, so when we do a trick, we know where we are, so I


can land and keep up my speed. to focus on. -- focus on where you


are going to land. It is scary! It is better to land on a trampoline


than on the ice. After this hard work, she still has to go the extra


mile to try to make sure of her place. If you 1000 miles, to be


exact, to fit in as much training on the snow and she can. It would


be amazing, all of my hard work would have paid off. Will all of


her efforts be worth it when she gets back from America? She is keen


to find out whether her Olympic dream will become a reality. I have


got my letter. Open it! Many congratulations on your selection!


Fantastic! Welburn! -- well don't! We were on edge, but now I have


told all of my friends and family, they are happy for me, and I am


looking forward to getting out there to do my best.


I had the privilege of taking photos of her a few months ago, and


she stood out a mile, she was amazing. It looks fascinating.


is nice to confirm that she has made it through to the Olympics. We


will catch up with her next week. She has chosen to be the flag-


bearer at the opening ceremony tomorrow.


Still to come,... See your very own Doctor Who script come to life.


Children of Great Britain, rescue us! Find out how right here.


And, it is the film everybody is talking about, so we sent Michelle


Keegan to meet its biggest dot on the red carpet. He thinks the


microphone is fit! -- it is food! The stars keep on coming. Next


Wednesday, I am hosting a Blue Peter star-gazing special about the


Now is the time to get your questions answered. Professor Brian


Cox will be joining me on our special show, so head to the Blue


Peter message boards where you can send in questions and make sure you


watch the special next Wednesday on 18th January. Now a few months ago


you might have gone to the cinema to see spiel speels film The


Adventures of Tintin. Tomorrow, sees the release of his brand-new


blockbuster epic warhorse so we sent Michelle Keegan to its red


carpet launch. His, you may know me as Tina on coreration street. Today


I am here in London's Leicester square, at the premier of Steven


Spielberg's latest film warhorse to meet its four legged star, Joey.


Adapted from a novel, the film follows a story of Joey, a young


horse taken from his loving owner Albert, to help British soldiers


fight in the First World War. on Joey. I know you have it. Come


on boy. Come on. Eight different horses were used to play the adult


joyy as each horse had been taught different tricks. Such as


responding to Albert's call. Bucking on cue. And even running


through explosions. In spite of all the sparkle on set and here at the


premier tonight, the story of a real life warhorse is far from


glamorous. Six million horses were sent into bat at the outbreak of


World War I in 1914. Many that were injured were treated by the blue


cross hospitals, that had been set up on the front line. Sadly, horse


casualties in France alone added up to 50,000. Thankfully British


horses are no longer needed for battle, but nearly 100 years on the


blue cross help recovery of injured, abused and homeless animals and


today I am here in Oxfordshire to meet a special horse called Paris.


Paris is just one of the 6,500 animals rescued by the blue cross


every year. She was found abandoned and very ill. Suffering from


several diseases including pneumonia. Gemma you work at the


blue cross what is Paris's story? Paris was found at the side of the


road. It is a mystery what happened to her. She was taken in I be the


RSPC na. A poorly state. She was dangerously ill and close to death.


She got treated with numerous antibiotics to make Herbert.


what does the rehabilitation process involve? She was very


nervous when she arrived. She didn't trust humans at all, which


you can't blame her. We have spent a lot of time building her


confidence, getting her used to people again. So once Paris is back


to full health, the blue cross can start training her up to become a


riding pony. One of the training techniques they use is called


lunging. It is a technique where Emily stands in the middle. She is


teaching her to move forward off commands, and slow up from commands


as well. So what does the future hold for her? It is really good


news. We have had somebody call the centre and is interesting to see


her, so hopefully she will be going to a new home soon. Looks like


Paris will get the happy ending she deserves. Whether Joey the warhorse


has a happy ending. Well, you will have to watch the film to find out.


Tonight, at least one of the film's Joeys is looking pleased because he


has arrived on the red carpet at the London premier and the crowd


can't get enough of him. His Joey. Are you enjoying the premier today?


He thinks mimic row phone is food! While he mingles with his adoring


fans I find out what the rest of cast think of him. When you work


with animals it is going to be tricky. They will want to fart in


the middle of your close up, or stamp on your foot when you are


trying do an emotional scene. They are all great. They are the most


amazing animals in the world. seem to be able to respond


emotionally, to what is happening in a scene. They understand how you


are feeling. If you are nervous, they feel nervous for you, if you


are excited they get excited. eight horses playing Joey it took a


Hollywood superdirector to pull it off. How did you get all the horses


looking like Joey, the exact same? Some of it was done with really


good make up. We use it on actors and on the horses. Are they all


real horses. 98% of the movie is all with real horses. Only three


shots that are not real horses because it would have been too


dangerous to use the horses. One of those shots jumping over the tanks


Falling into the trench. I would never do that to a real horse.


just spoke to Steven Spielberg! This is the best day ever! And just


when I think my day can't get better, the Duke and Dutchest --


Duchess of Cambridge arrive. I have seen William and Kate and


interviewed Steven Spielberg, but the highlight is seeing a horse


walk down the red carpet. Brilliant! I wonder if it gets to


watch the film? Yes, he must do. They will sit him in the royal


horse box. That is terrible. Lame joke. Let us talk about something


exciting. We are massive fans of Doctor Who on the show. Last year,


they launched an in-- incredible competition that gave you the


chance to write a script for the Time Lord itself. Thousand s of you


got involved and the winners got see their script made into an


actual Doctor Who special episode. That is amazing. Take a look.


What happened? Long story. Nice hair. You should keep it. It is


more sciencey. I don't feel so good. Will you drop me off at home.


was great. The good news is the doctor thinks you are so talented


he will run the same competition again this year. This is the chance


for you to write a script for a one off Doctor Who special. In fact


hang on a second. Can you hear the TARDIS? I am getting a transmission


here. Ahoy there. Blue Peter. Amy. Rory, we will be all right. I have


got us on Blue Peter. They are great at making things, which is


handy because we are trapped in the land of fiction, nasty place and


utterly empty. Look. The only way to escape from here is if someone


thinks of an adventure, think. Go on. Primary school-children of


Great Britain. Rescue Amy and me, and Rory, from the land of fiction


by thinking of an adventure of Olympic proportions. I am sending


you more information now. Hurley, you only have until the 16th March


to rescue us, you are our only hope. I could try asking Tracy Beaker!


be honest if the TARDIS lands in the dumping ground there would be


some adventure. Maybe you have your own idea. If you want to get


involved, there is a few things you need to know. You need to be aged


between nine and 11. You need to have three mates and write your


script as a team. Speak to your teachers so they can enter your


school. You have until 16th March. Before you start writing make sure


you check out the full details and go to the Blue Peter website and


click on the link. We were talking about a young lady called Katie


Summerhayes who is an incredible skier. We can go live to Innsbruck,


we have another bit of technology, Sonali is out there with Katie,


Sonali, how is it going? Hello there Barney. Yes, I am with Katie.


She is here with me now. First congratulations for making it out


here to the Winter Youth Olympic Games. How excited are you. I am so


excited. Represented Team GB is a dream come true. You have only just


found out you are flag bearer, how honoured are you? They voted for me


and I haven't known them for 24 hours so I am excited. Good luke


with the competition and for the opening ceremony. I am loving the


technology, that is happening live by the way. Because it's a New Year,


there are loads of cool new shows starting and one is a brand-new


comedy called the 4.00 Club. It is about two brothers. One is a


naughty schoolboy and the other is his teacher. You don't wave at me,


or look at me. Are you solid on that. Chill your beans. No calling


me bruv. People can't know we are brothers. I promise not to


embarrass you more than two or three times a day. All right. All


right. I'll stay out the Josh zone. Make sure you do because I know


where mum keep yours baby photos. You don't want those getting in the


wrong hands. And we have one of the stars here today. Everyone, as he


makes his smokey entrance it is Doc Brown. Hello. Welcome to the show.


Good to see you. Welcome. How are you? Fine, thank you. So your


character is a teacher but he also has another talent. Yes, he fancies


himself as a bit of a rapper. As does his little brother, which adds


to a lot of the comedy, and the drama of the show. But your not


necessarily acting because you have real life experience of teaching


kids how to rap. I taught some of the kids in the show how to do the


basic,, and I have rapped since I was a youngster. So you would be


the perfect person to give tips. Where would you tell someone to


start? I would say the very first thing is to feel like you have


something important to say, you know, that is the starting point.


Something personal that means something to you. That is a very


good tip. So, well, as he is such a rap master we couldn't resist


asking him to create an exclusive rap about 2012. Are you ready to


rap. Always. Please take your position in the Blue Peter


performance yae, so a few things remember. It is something that has


to be important do you and you need to have a bit of rithle. I am not


the expert, Doc Brown is. Here he is with his amazing rap. This is


Doc Brown, live and direct from the Blue Peter studio, for 2012. Check


this out. They told me that any New Year's resolution dream, was mad,


to be the only rap we are a Blue Peter badge. I relish the challenge.


This is the task I got. Seeing as the year 2012 is only beginning, I


can rap about what we hope to see in it. First of all the four clock


club it has a guy who is funny, good looking and is smarter than


your father. Cooler than Helen Skelton's toes in Antarctica. If


that is not enough you got board, this year One Direction are on tour.


I might get lucky this time, they might travel in one direction and


stay there. The JLS tour is one to watch, did you know it stands for


just love sucks. Justin Bieber is 18. We celebrate Charles Dickens at


200. Do you buy for a guy who's 200. The CBC channel turns ten. I


remember when it was born whereinically and blue and we


washed it in a sink. Here is another celebration, you will see


the keen's o Queen's anniversary, is Diamond Jubilee, it is cool and


important, you get a couple of extra days off school. Football,


European Championship, I wonder how bad England will lose. Stay cool


for the Olympics, if moaning is a sport we can win this. Autumn comes


round, hooray we are going back to school. There is fun stuff like


Hallowe'en. You might see films you haven't seen, like Frankenweenie,


The Hobbit or Madagascar 3. Before you know it it will start to get


dark early. Then the clocks go back and winter has begun, I guess the


time moves fast when you're having fun. It's 2012 I say enjoy it. If


this doesn't earn a Blue Peter badge I'll be disappointed. You


can't be disappointed. There is your badge. Let us take a look at


what is happening on next week's show. We are excited to have the


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