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On today's show we're counting down to Children In Need.


X Factor Stacey Solomon is baking a difference for our appeal. I help


out at a local bake centre in Manchester. Hello, today's show is


all about Children In Need, and our Bake A Difference appeal. Over the


last few weeks we have been asking you to hold bake sales up and down


the country. Children In Need is happening November 18. If you're


watching there's still time to organise a bake sale. Drop us an e-


mail. Drop us an e-mail now we might mention you on the TV.


have been so impressed by our appeal over the weeks. Chocolate


Brownies, banana buns, gingerbread, and orange crunch biscuits.


Blueberry muffins. To name a few. We know loads of you have been busy.


We appreciate your hard work. We could only invite one group. In


they have no idea. We'll be turning our cameras as in the ones you're


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


Children In Need are funding a charity called the Butterfly Trust.


They provide Joy with a befriender and it takes her mind off her


illness. Your bake sales are funding all


kinds of projects like these helping children all over the UK


who're living with a life limiting illness.


Some illnesses don't always show on Still be painful. Arthritis is


something that usually makes us think of old people, but Molly


began feel pg stiff in her joints when she was just eight years old.


There are parts of my body that really hurt, they're my fingers, my


ankles, my toes, my wrists. Although writing and typing can be


painful, she's now able to be in touch with children with the same


condition. That's all thanks to an activity


weekend organised by the children's chronic arthritis association, a


charity funded by Children In Need. You two are good mates now aren't


you, you met through this event? Yes, we e-mail each other every


week to say how are you doing. I was going to have joint


injections, Molly had them before so she knew what it was like.


some children, their illness means having treatment in hospital to


help them get better again. Sapphire is 12 and was diagnosed


with cancer just under a year ago. She's had several courses of


chemotherapy, a treatment designed to kill cancer cells or stop them


dividing. Chemotherapy is designed to make you get better but you have


to get worse first don't you. Do You don't like getting sick and


don't feel like doing it sometimes. Eight-year-old Charlie has been


having treatment for cancer too. He was diagnosed with a large tumour.


It took nine hours to remove it. They do the chemotherapy that goes


in there, and tries to clear it all up. And if not they have to do an


operation. To make time on the ward better for children, Children In


Need are funding a charity to get creative on a ward. It gives the


children a chance to learn how to make a ring tune, or even learn how


to make a song! It's one of my most favourite things to do whether I'm


bored. If you decide to run a bake sale, the money you raise will go


towards lots of projects like these, that help children, like Luke, Joy,


Molly, Saphifre and Charlie. Hasn't he got the best smile in the world.


Never mind smiling, his boxing was better than Luke. Fastest


wheelchair in the West. We invited a group along to have a look from


the BBC - from the BBC in Salford Quays. To say thank you for a bake


sale. This is them arriving. What they don't know, we're actually


going to surprise them by inviting them on to Blue Peter live in the


show. They'll go into an office and watch Blue Peter on the screen, and


we'll spin the cameras on them?! don't know why we're doing it... It


will - it could go horribly wrong... There's plenty of time for you to


get involved and raise money for Children In Need. 18th November


that's the deadline. If you need help. Gary Lineker has shown you


how to make carrot cake, and Alesha has shown you biscuits. And Stacey


Solomon will show you how to make cup cakes. I'm Stacey Solomon and


today I'll show you how to make today I'll show you how to make


something really really easy. I'll be making cup cakes! There's so


many ways to create different styles. Today I'll show you three


different ways to decorate them using butter cream. It's so easy to


make, you just need butter, Caster sugar, two eggs, flour and milk.


All the measurements will be on the Blue Peter website. Once you have


stirred it for a couple of minutes, you should have something looking


like this. You spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases. This is my


favourite bit. Once you have filled all the cases, get an adult to help


you put it in the oven. While the cakes are in the oven it's the


perfect time to make the butter cream. All you need is icing sugar


and butter. Once you have creamed the butter, add the icing sugar bit


by bit. It will be very messy! I've decided to add colour. I'm going


for pink. You can add any colour or flavour. After 20 minutes your


cakes should look like this. Make sure you leave them time to cool.


I'll show you my three favourite decoration ideas. Get some of the


pink butter cream, put it into a piping bag, and make a lovely swirl


all around. Then, add a few spinkles, and a little Cher cherry


on top. A piece of cake. Second is one of the favourites -


get a nice lump of icing, put it on the top and smooth it around.


Doesn't have to be neat or perfect or anything. Cover the whole cake.


Here's the fun bit - whack it into sprinkles. That's my favourite one!


Lastly, find an adult helper to help you cut out a circle. Pull it


out. Fill the whole with a very generous A icing. The more the


merrier. And then cut the little piece you took out in half. And


there you have a butterfly cake. there you have a butterfly cake.


These are easy and simple to make. All the constructions are on the


Blue Peter website. Gook luck to you and hope you raise loads of


money! That's my kind of baking, when she got the bun and dunked


into the sprinkles. Whack it in the sprinkles, a technical term. I


don't like the baking, I like the decorating. I like the eating.


Loads you of have been holding bake sales. Isobel got in touch - a


Hallowe'en bake sale - six pink star muffins, and ten green mini


Muffins, and they'll like to thank their neighbours. And 11-year-old


Sophie held a back sale with Molly and Lucy near Oxford. They baked a


total of 95 cakes and biscuits, and managed to raise a total of �38.46.


The cakes were delicious. They like the eating! Six-year-old Katie held


a cake sale and raised �227. Look at that pile of cakes! Lots of


people joined in baking, and together they baked and sold 418


items. Her granddad made six loafs of bread! And Annie Jessica and


Rose had a wonderful time. They made �69 - �69. And had some left


over and gave it to the old people's home nearby. I helped some


children in Manchester. These children in Manchester are getting


ready to hold a bake sale by decorating Pudsey biscuits to sell.


I'm here to help them. They don't I'm here to help them. They don't


know that. Hello everyone. We have got all our biscuits decorated.


Let's count how many we have got. One, two, three... 25 on this table.


52. That's good! Children In Need is this Friday and it's not too


late for you to get involved. The money we raise will fund projects


that help children living with chronic or life limiting illnesses


in the UK. We have everything we want to sell but nowhere to sell


Pudsey is broken into lots of pieces. Still �1 for a box. You get


There you go. It's that easy to hold your own bake sale. If this


has inspired you, hold a sale and raise loads of money, we haven't


counted it yet. Excuse me me! I thought you were going to get into


an argument. I'm going to eat it! an argument. I'm going to eat it!


We sold every last one. All those cakes in 20 minutes. Good fun.


Loved it. Jackie Katie and Tom told us they put up loads of posters,


and they made �81. And they recommend selling chocolate


brownies. Look for your name on the bottom of the screen. Somebody who


had their sale... They raised over �100. Thank you very much. After


seeing our appeal six-year-old Benedict baked 36 fairy cakes, and


sold them and raised money. Thank you so much everyone for getting


involved. We mentioned earlier about a special group from Stafford.


They got in touch and said they would bake 52. They're sat in our


production office. You're live on Blue Peter. Thank you so much. We


were nervous about how they would react. That's what we wanted.


have been keeping a secret from you, for the past hour. You thought you


were going to get a look on the BBC, we'll invite you on to the set live


during the show. Do you want to say hello! We'll get you. Stay there.


While we do, look at what is happening on the Blue Peter website.


That's that's the place to be for games, clips and interviews, and


everything you would need. You can catch up on highlights from the


series. Discover funny facts about stars on the show. I have a teddy


bear... And if all you want is games and things to do, there's


plenty. Head over to the CBBC website and click on Blue Peter. A


welcome for Daniel, Lila, Jessica, Molly, Matthew, Scarlet Hannah


Beth... Welcome to the show! Sit on the step! You did not expect this.


You held a bake sale. What sold best? Brownies. Did you have a lot


of fun? Yeah. Are you shocked to be here. Yeah. You're shaking. You'll


be all right. We'll do the totaliser. Thank you for all you


have done. I don't think we could have asked for a better reaction.


Screaming was brilliant. Pudsey thank you very much. Make yourself


Now that's incredible. Thank you so, so, much for all your hard work. We


know you have been busy up and down the country holding sales. Did you


any idea we would get you on to the set? No! Are you glad you game in


Yeah. What do you think of the studio. Really great. Why did you


think you're coming in? To have a tour. You got a little bit more.


Thank you for your efforts. Daniel, let's talk about how much money you


raised? Do you know? You can say a lot! It was �138. That's


incredible! Dave, come on in, mate. A round of applause for Dave. Can


you tell us what you did. The kids had the idea of baking the cakes,


and one of the parents was involved in getting them doing it. You made


cakes last week and did more yesterday. They have been doing the


fundraising, and getting stuck in. Sending them after church on a


Sunday, and the congregation has been involved. Barney and I say


it's fun, fun, you have a few days left to get involved. Would you


guys recommend holding a bake sale? Yeah! Everybody who has got


involved, you have made a massive difference, �58,395 is an


incredible number. To think we only started a few weeks ago. Do you


want to sing a song before you go? No! Thank you so much. Pudsey,


remember everybody to tune into Children In Need on this Friday and


tune in tomorrow. We have a cracker. Check this out. Matt Cardle


previous winner of X Factor will be here tomorrow, talking about


himself, and what he has been up, he has a brand new single out, and


he will tell us about this year's contestants. He has met loads of


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