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Guess what, Blue Peter viewers? I'm back. So don't change the channel.


If you do, you will make me mad. You don't want to make me mad. Keep


watching CBBC because I'm on Hello! Hello. We know that loads of


you have been tuned into the various talent shows on TV at the


minute. More than 12 million of you watched last Sunday's eviction show


on the X Factor. We thought with the X Factor final being around the


corner, we'd get one guest in who knows all about the pressures of


being in the final. He won it last year. Here he is in action. Matt


Cardle's dream of becoming a successful musician became a


reality when he shot to fame on last year's X Factor. Over 19


million viewers watched him being crowned as the 2010 winner. Since


then, he's been writing and recording his debut album, had over


one million single sales and worked with some of the best names in the


business like Gary Barlow. His new single Starlight is released in


December and he's planning his first headline UK tour early next


year. Let's go crazy for Matt Cardle!


Come on in, Matt. Are you well, babe? Yes, very good. How you doing,


mate? As this is your first time on Blue Peter, we'd like to give you a


Blue Peter badge. Yay. Pop that on now. Left for the boys, right for


the girls. It's almost a year since you won The X Factor. How different


is your life? Well, I've got a Blue Peter badge for a start. Pretty


damn different. Amazing, great to be taken seriously vocally and


writing-wise, you know. Can you explain what you have been doing


because obviously you are on our screens all the time but you have


the backstage bit as well where you are in the studio writing and


producing and that kind of stuff? Yes, I've been doing it since I was


in my early teens so that's not very alien to me, but the whole TV


side of it and everything else is a bit freaky at times. How cool is it


to record a video for your latest video Starlight? Brilliant fun.


APPLAUSE It's a classic, isn't it, the smoke,


the camera that pans away, all pretty magical. The rock star


moment. You must have had fun doing that? Wicked fun. It rolled on to


the early hours, we were surrounded by models making me look bad, but


it was good. Do you get a copy of that? I don't have one, I have to


ask for one. I'd want one and watch it all the time. You are an X


Factor pro. We wanted to make the most of your knowledge. Please


follow me. Do you watch The X Factor? Of course I do. It must be


weird once you are in it, I bet you would be thinking, I wouldn't have


done it like that? No, I have to watch it. These are the remaining


acts. You can give them a thumbs up, thumbs down or undecided OK.


sideways thumb. Tulisa's remaining act, the band Little Mix. Thumbs up.


They're really, really sweet girls, all of them, met them a couple of


times. They do well every week. went back a couple of weeks ago.


Was it weird? Like going back to school after you've done your GCSEs.


What about her? A couple of thumbs up, please, I've had my money on


her for a long time. We do like her. She's a sweetheart. Mica B?


going to be nice to everyone obviously. She smashes it every


week. You are among friends, you don't have to be nice to all of


them, be honest. OK. Janet? She's great but I'll go a jaunty ALL:


Boo... Not that keen. Great but not your favourite. Marcus? Wicked.


Look at him. So Smiley. Yay. What about Craig? I have to do one, I'm


not 100% on Craig. Not because he's a guy or anything. Undecided?


can't all be thumbs up. Stkpwh your favourite is Amelia? Yes. You think


she's going to do it? I hope that she will. I had my money on her


from the start. You heard it straight from the horse's mouth.


Matt Cardle, they were your X Factor stats. Thank you very much.


Thank you! Stick around because we are going to make the most of your


creative talents, you are going to be making a Christmas card with


Barney. Amazing. First, at school, you read a book, but they don't


always stay as books, sometimes they're films or musicals, like the


Wizard of Oz or the Lion King. Matilda is a magical story and I


went to meet the guy behind it and set him a little BP challenge.


The story of Matilda, the girl that can move things with her mind, is


one of Roald Dahl's best-loved books. It was made into a film and


has been turned into a brand-new musical that's now on in the West


End. When the Royal Shakespeare Company needed somebody to write


the lyrics and the music, they needed a composer. They needed a


song writer. And they need add comedian. Only one man for that job.


Tim Minchin. # When I grow up, # When I grow up... # He's been


writing songs since his teens. I'm a massive fan. Today, we are going


to join forces to write a song together. But before that, up to


know just how you turn a story into a musical. Well, the first thing


was that someone had to take the book and turn it into a script. I


didn't have that responsibility, but the script had, you know,


dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, she says this, he says that, song


question mark, then dialogue dialogue, question mark, song. You


try and find a line that becomes the root of the song. Sometimes


when you hear a phrase, it comes into your head, if not with the


finished tune, you get a rhythm or a pitch and it sits there and sits


there, then you build outwards from We wondered if you might be able to


help us write a song for CBBC? hard can that be?! Tim is famous


for ber postmorteming barefoot on stage, so we slip our shoes and


socks off and head to the piano -- for performing without shows and


socks on. I gave him the CBBC story. It's a one-stop entertainment place,


you can get loads of different types of shows, presented by


different characters. That's Helen. That's me. Dick and Dom,


they'reical cool characters. If it was Dick and Dom, I'd just go like


this, because they're obviously idiots. This is Hacker, a TV legend.


Sam and Mark. TV pop stars. They were, yes. Tracy Beaker. Hotel


Trubble. Steve Backshall. He was bitten by a Cayman. Too much stuff.


We can write a song about the programmes on CBBC and just list


them, but we need to find an idea and I think these hounds are pretty


funny. We can talk about the other people bitterly. There's comedy in


that. So go away cameras, we can't work under this pressure. We have


got the idea for the lyrics and bitter Hack -- a bit of Hacker who


wants to take over CBBC. We'll have a verse and a chorus, a second


verse and a chorus, a middle eight, you have that in pop and jazz songs


where you establish the idea of the song and then it goes somewhere


else for a while and then the best thing about that in pop music is


when it comes back and you go, yeah, We could take turns on the two


lines... OK. Guess what is going to happen between the second last and


last chorus. There's going to be... A key change. If we were westlife,


we'd stand up on the stools. We can to the cabaret lounge. Tim's


written the song, I put a word in. You did a lot. It was a genuine


collaboration. I came up with the title. It was good working with you.


The title is, it's hard to be Hacker. It's show time. # I love


being top dog on CBBC # Now there are really super things


about being me # It's great being a celebrity


canine # But the trouble is, my choices


ain't mine # # I know to you I shine like a


star # Cameras follow me wherever I are


You are?! # But inside I feel I'm serving a


sentence # I'm in the slammer


# I have no independence, yeah, yeah


# It's hard being Hacker. # Just once I wanna be the one to


take the lead # But the only shot I got


# Was a flea shot in the butt # A little self-control is all I


need # I swear I could do better pranks


than Barney # I didn't write that!


# And fight bigger snakes than Steve and the army


# Tracy Beaker is a brat but I would be bratter


# The real star is Hacker # What's the matter with you


idiots? # Yeah, it's hard being Hacker


# I wanna write the scripts and call the shots


# But the only shot I got # Was a flea shot in the butt


# A little self-control is all I need


# But I was just a puppy # I thought when I was older


# I'd shed my baby fur and I'd shed this horrid collar


# But every time I tried to have my day I'd have a dollar


# I'd have 27 dollars and 5p # It really isn't easy being me


# It's so hard, hard, hard, hard, being Hacker


# The only shot I got was a flea shot in the butt


# Don't even talk to me about ratings


# It's hard being Hacker # I just need a break and baby I


will shine # Shine, shine


# Just one dog gone day of freedom would be fine


# One day of I'll make this channel mine


APPLAUSE What a legend Tim is, I love that


man! That was brilliant. Good fun. You


can see that on the website if you want to watch it again, I certainly


will be. Watch this space, the new Blue Peter Christmas single. How


many days until Christmas? 41. need to know how to make your own


cards in a very clever feature we've called...


Matt Cardle's Christmas Cardle. touch of genius that, don't you


think, Christmas Card-le. Take a look at these designs, here. The


back-to-front Blue Peter Christmas cards. You can make them yourself


with things lying around the house and also in good craft shops near


you. A piece of A4 card, very you. A piece of A4 card, very


simple, just like that. Fold it in half, horizontally so it's this way


up. There are some marks on there already. These have been put on


here by our top team who've worked out the optimum dottage for the


perfect triangle for a Christmas tree. The measurements are as


follows, from the top to this bit here is 4 centimetres and you go


from the bottom up. Seven centimetres. Then you find the six


on the ruler. Find a straight line and go from 0-12, six centimetres


either side. Join the dot to the line from top to the side and what


you are doing here is making a bigotry angle and this is the


Christmas tree. How you getting on? -- by triangle. You have done this


for years? I started yesterday! This is an important part of the


card-making process because this folds later. You can use the blunt


end of a paperclip, scissors or a craft knife, but it's safer with


this. Score it down the line from the top of the point to the bottom


of the point like that. Matt, you have got a good scoring action


there? Not sure if I'm doing it hard enough. Stkpwh quite hard so


we can fold it later, we don't want the card to rip. Fold the card in


half again so you can still see half the triangle on the outside


like that. Now we need to make the branches using a roll of tape.


Quite a few rolls actually, a small one to start off with, draw round


like that and do the same again. Once you get further down, take a


big Errol of tape or a mug or saucer, anything that's got that


round bottom. Just like that. How are you getting


on? Done it. There we go. So you were recording an album, now you


are making in Blue Peter, things don't get much better. Now cut your


branches. Cut two separate lines then pull out the bit you have cut


so it leaves a gap. That is us culting out our branches. All the


way down the tree and you will end up - here is one someone else made


earlier - you will end up with that. You have got the pot at the bottom,


the star at the top. Then you put your fingers underneath and push


the Christmas tree through like that. So that when you open your


card,, and you've folded it over, there you go, a back-to-front


Christmas 3D kartd. Just design and decorate now. -- card. Any ideas?


Some stars. You don't have to draw, you can put stickers on, or you can


draw presents at the bottom. I ripped my bow off on that within.


That's the pony and that's my games console. You can use a green felt


pen as well because trees are green. It depends who you are sending it


to. You can personalise it and put some baking on there like my


grandma does, or to your brother, a big pile of something that smells.


All the details are on the website. Find out everything you noo Ed to


know there to design your own card -- everything you need to know. Did


you send a card to Simon Cowell? Not yet. He'll love it. Send that.


From creative chaps to an entirely different breed of men. When the


WWE men came to Manchester, I went the see our wrestling superstar.


the see our wrestling superstar. He's awesome, he's the Miz. This is


the definition of an electric atmosphere. It's intense. This's a


12,000 strong crowd here want to see the sporting entertainment


phenomenon which is on tour here in the UK. It's WWE and it's watched


in over 145 countries. Incredibly in over half a billion homes too.


To keep that many people watching, it has to be fast, fun and furious.


I'm here at the Manchester MEN Arena to support one superstar in


The Miz is no stranger to Blue Peter. He's been on to Trash talk.


The reason people are watching Blue Peter right now... He's helped me


with a make. Get on with it... Don't you boss me around, I'm a WWE


superstar, I boss people around. Here, missy. He's boasted about his


badge on international TV. I got a Blue Peter badge, that's like


having a key to the city. And he's told us how awesome he is. Awesome!


Three hours before the show, I go backstage to find out what the Miz


does to prepare for his performance in front of thousands. Well, look


who it is. You missed me that much, did you? My Assistant didn't make


us today. I need someone to fill in. I have a contract and it says I get


certain things before a show. on, so like a pop star, like your


Lady Gaga and reHannah, you have a list of things that you insist


being at the venue? Yes and if it's not there, I won't do it. If my


Assistant isn't there, I haven't got one, you are the next best


thing. What do I need to provide? First thing's first. I need my


action figure of myself. I want to picture of myself too. I need a


mirror. To check myself out. You look this good, you want to see it


every day. I want my fan mail and yes, I have a lot of it. One more


thing, I'm missing something, right, here. I've given you a badge before.


What happened to the one last time? It's in America. Aisle go get the


stuff. You have got 15 minutes, tick tock, Helen, 15 minutes!


turned me into his personal Assistant already.


I'm here. You just made it, it's 1.59. Let's see what you got I got


the mirror. This is the biggest one. No blue or black?! Let's put that


up right there. There's your badge? Nour got going to put it on for me.


One viewer says I think you are awesome I know, that's why I say it


every day. How does it feel to go out and entertain millions? There


is no feeling like it. Before I go out, I am a nervous wreck, I am


shaking, I'm talking to myself, I've no idea what to do, but once I


enter the arena and hear the crowd either boo or cheer me, there's no


sensation like it and all the nerves go. The Miz's body has to


look impressive on stage so a pre- performance Miz workout is


essential. Can I see what you do in a session? I think I'm going to


live to regret this. You will. works out anywhere he can on tour,


often backstage. We are out there to get big, to get huge, to


entertain the fans. Go down slow and then up again. OK. We'll do


some hinder squats. Go down, go up. Go down, go up. I can imagine my


mum doing that as part of her workout. Your mom could do this,


you couldn't do 100 of those. Sounds like a challenge, I'll show


him. I'll give you 104. You are so good. I don't know why I said 104.


I don't know why four more means better. It's the secret for


increasing strength and improving balance.


I'm on 65. My legs are starting to hurt but I will keep going. 108,


109, 110. Good job. This gets me into the mode of what am I going to


do in my match, how do I want to present it, how do I want to be,


you know. What are you thinking about? The


audience, your opponent or yourself? Say for instance if the


crowd is absolutely just silent when I walk out, that's the biggest


fear for a WWE superstar. If they are silent, I have to figure out a


way to get them into my match because I want them to come to see


me and nobody else. OK, it's only an hour until show


time and I know you need to get in the zone, I respect that. Thank you


very much. You are going to have an amazing time and I want you to have


an amazing time in the front row with one of these. Yes! I'm awesome


now too. Exactly. You can be as awesome as The Miz. He's getting


into his skimpy pants, I have my T- shirt, my baern. I want to see


who's supporting the Miz as he takes on his opponent. -- my banner.


Why are you not supporting the Miz? He's rubbish. What is good about


the opponent? He never gives up. The Miz is all right? Yeah.


supporting the Miz, is that all right? Boo. With that kind of


support, he cannot fail. Awesome! It's show time! Love him


or hate him, the Miz's job is to entertain and he certainly does


In the past, I've always written off the Miz and thought he was a


bit giddy and daft but today I've learned he's an athlete, a


performer, and do you know, I think I do love the Miz.


Come on, boys, this is the chance to prove you are men, not boys. How


many? Four. Three. 109. Yes, right, whatever. You keep working. Matt


thank you for coming in and making a card with us. That's it for us


today. Join us next week. We are having a pet-tastic animal show.


know you have missed them, but don't worry because Socks and cook


yi are back next week. Make surer here to say hello to them.


goodbye to you for a while, he's heading off to dust off his tights


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