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Coming up, we reveal the backstage secrets of pop he is biggest night


of the year. And with winter on its way, we see if humans can hibernate


Hello, Barney is not with us in the studio today, because he's busy


rehearsing for panto. We have a great guest coming in to fill in.


Let's find out who it is. Lucien Laviscount is best known for his


portrayal on Waterloo Road. He appeared in this year's series of


Celebrity Big Brother. Coming it up for Lucien! Lucien, a


bird tells me we didn't have to work hard to persuade you to be a


Blue Peter presenter. Can you see the smile on my face! I have the


babdge. Look at this, the turn- coat! You have to pass a challenge.


You have played a school pupil in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road


and Grange Hill. We want to know if you would be any good if you went


back to school. We have questions from the national curriculum. Are


you ready for the challenge? From year 3. How many seconds are there


in two minutes. 100, 120 or 30? What do you call an animal that


hunts and eats other animals, predator, prey or producer.


Predator. Which types of buildings, can Henry VIIIth destroy,


Monastries. From year 6, veins carry blood to the heart, away from


the heart or inside the heart. first one, to the heart!. Correct!


Straight to the top of the class. From year seven, where did hip-hop


originate? New York, New Orleans or New Jersey yoi. New York. What


describes music that mimics music on - what is on scene. - screen,


queuing, non-digetic or Mickey Mouseing. Queuing, Micky mousing.


Did you do your homework, did you watch Children In Need. Of course!


Last Friday was Children In Need. A massive �26 million raised.


massive thank you to everybody involved. What o one of the things


that happened was a huge concert that happened in Manchester. I was


lucky enough to get tickets. I was texting all night, saying do you


want to meet up, where are you? He didn't reply. I know why, he was


backstage. Children In Need rocked Manchester. The biggest names


performing on the ME M arena stage. The acts included Jessie J. Lady


Gaga. And JLS, to name just a few.


Putting on an event with acts like these doesn't happen overnight. It


takes months of planning to put together and I'm at rehearsals a


few days before the concert. I've been given amazing behind the


scenes access to find out what happens to put a concert like this


together. First up, you need an organiser, someone like take that


Gary Barlow. Do you think you call people, and they say "yes", before


you explain... When you say Children In Need, that's the point


everybody goes I'll be into that. Once you get someone like Coldplay


or Lady Gaga saying "yes", suddenly everybody else is interested.


You're performing as well. Unfortunately for you lot, I will,


I don't care what anybody says. an amazing star sort lined up, you


need to decide how it looks. That's where Gary Barlow picked up Kim


Gavin. Gary saying who he has spoken to, and we can put them into


an order. What can we look forward to with Lady Gaga's performance.


Everybody performance is very different. She has talked to our


technical team. I'm excited to see what she brings. I'll oversee it


and makes sure it comes to fruition. Every act needs to look unique. A


big part is deciding on the lighting, which is down to the


lighting director, Patrick Woodruff. The skill is to take all the songs,


and give them a different personality. I can say take all the


lights and make them blue, and back to the stage... With everything


looking good on the stage, down to geoff to make sure what you see -


what happens you see on TV. I have 17 cameras around the auditorium.


You need to know at any one time what each is doing. I do a camera


script, making sure who is singing. You need to know jury JLS inside


out. Otherwise you're on Marvin... If anything guess whose fault...


Mine. You're not shaking your head, you're looking at everything goes


on. I'm fabulous at Wimbledon! host a concert like this, you need


a huge rehearsals space, and a super talented team, and now all we


need is a host of acts and fans. It's about to happen before a live


screaming audience. I'm armed with a Blue Peter autograph book... Most


of the acts will head by the press room as they come off stage,


there's a chance I'll get many. Will you get everybody's, I'll try.


If you can read that, you're a better person than me! From Gavin


Smith! Draw a picture. Everybody book, we say when are they coming


back?! With X Factor's Kelly row land about to come off, I'm keen


for her to come off staying. And it it didn't stop there. The


autographs kept on rolling in. Last but definitely not least Jesse J.


Like that. I look pretty scary it is what it is. Big lips. There you


What an amazing gig. I have my Blue Peter autograph book full, Gary


Barlow, and Kelly, and Jesse J... Thank you to everybody who has got


involved and donated money to this amazing cause. Here is the very


autograph book. We have prized it out of Barney's hands. Jesse J has


a self-portrait. And that's Kelly Rowland, I swear there was more


lipstick than that, and Jesse complimented Barney with his hat.


Did you see that dance he did?! We'll be meeting interesting


animals with a show about pets. We'll be bringing some of the best


toys, and games and gadgets into the studio ahead of Christmas and


we will be welcoming Pixie Lott to perform her latest single.


Something tells me you'll be coming back when Pixie is in the studio.


Our next guest's job is inventing cool things. Londoner Mark


Champkins wanted a �100,000 investment for a 15% stage in


children's products. You hang the bag on the back of the chair.


must be people buying things. it looks engaging for me, for a


child. Peter Jones offered him all the money. 40%. 30% is fair. In the


end they settled on 40%, but with a 5% reduction in equity if Mark


meets his projected profits. Noise for Mark Champkins. How you're an


inventor in roipbz at the Science Museum. You create all kinds of


things. This is obviously a lunch box. Not just any lunch box. It's


designed to protect fruit from being bashed and bruised. Bananas,


always go soggy. With with this box. I've put something hard around the


banana and orange. I used tennis balls, and it has developed from.


Where did you get the ideas from. From kids, they suggest problems,


I like this, it's a water bottle and a pencil case. The idea is to


drink while working. Your brain is always in the best state. You're


doolgdzing and having a drink. want to know what this does?


looks like an old style gramophone. Before there was electroification,


they used trumpets. The idea here they used trumpets. The idea here


is to amplify sound. That's without. When you put it in here, the sound


goes up. Without... The thing I like about this, there are no wires


and batteries. I want to get a pen out and you can draw on it. It's


just plastic. We have got a little bit of a challenge for you, Lucien


passed his with flying colours. We're laying down the gauntlet for


you, we're heading into winter. Viewers will be waiting at the bus


stop. They are cold and bored. Can you create something for them. Do


you think you can come up with something. To make sure the bus


doesn't go passed... Yes I think I can. In a couple of weeks, you'll


hopefully come back with a couple hopefully come back with a couple


of great ideas. We look forward to seeing you. Time to check out


somebody else, with a problem with the winter months. Shelley our Blue


Peter tortoise went to sleep at the end of October. The family that


look after her packed her into a comfortable box and she's sleeping


at the moment in the garden shed, she has a thermometer with us, and


if the temperature goes below 4 degrees she has to go somewhere


warmer. If it stays cold, she might sleep for longer. If she sleeps for


much longer, we need to bring her in and warm her up. Tortoises need


to only sleep for four to eight weeks. Otherwise durb any longer


and they will starve. Could humans hierb - hibernate? That's that dark


time of the year. All you want to do is stay in your toasty bed.


That's what some animals do in the winter months. They stay in bed or


hibernate. If they can do it, can we? I'll find out and look at some


of the natural processes animals use to hibernate. I'll see if us


humans can escape the dreary winter mornings by hibernating. As the


days draw in, food that many of the animals need to survive don't grow.


They do into hierb nation, a deep sleep that dramatically slows down


their heart rate and bodily function. Can humans hibernate. It


happened in films. In Super Hero Captain America reawakened after


spending 60 years in a block of ice. There have been stories of humans


who survived long periods in hierb nation. In 2006, the Japanese hiker


shocked the world by surviving 24 days, following a fall. Doctors


believe he only survived because his bodily temperature plummeted


and his body organs shut down. This caused excitement among scientists


who believed proper human hibernation could happen. That


means astronauts could put in sleep for many years and travel to


planets that could take a lifetime to raze - reach. To hibernate


needed: The bodily needs to deal with the waste produced by food and


with the waste produced by food and water., metabolism the body needs


to slow down brain wave and heart functions and other functions to


conserve energy. Food and water. In order to survive the winter animals


have to stock up on food to double their body weight in size. In the


spring many animals are out of hibernation. Then in the summer


they feed on the goodies and put on a little bit of weight. Like this,


it's in the autumn they put on all the weight they need to get ready


for hibernation. And by the winter a dormouse is twice the body size.


Theoretically humans are able to eat enough to double the body size.


To hibernate is not about just stocking up on food. Bears with


hibernate for up to seven months. Throughout to this time they don't


need to go to the toilet. Whether we flush our toilets our waste ends


up in a plant like this, where it's broken down and recycled. That is


what is happening to the bear's waste. The body is acting as a


recycling plant. In a process that baffles the world's scientist, a


bear's body can breakdown the waste and reuse the waste to produce


protein. This naiblgs the bear to feed the muscle throughout the


winter. A build-up of waste for a human would damage the body. For a


human body to survive it would need help from medical assistance. This


is what happens to a patient after a bad act in a coma. With the help


of machines, I could remove my waste. When animals go into


hibertnaion they lower their heart rate. I've come to meet a


meditation expert to bring my heart rate and brain waves down. A


hibernating hedgehog slows down the heart rate from 120 beats hr minute


to 20 a minute. Dave Jones is going to monitor my heart rate to see if


I can lower it. We need to measure my heart rate. 66 beats per minute.


We're aiming to lure my heart rate to 11 and I've got to try and


reduce my brain waves until they're negligible. That will be


interesting! Dave sects censors to my head and body to measure my


brain waves and heartbeat. All I And after trying to do some serious


meditation... Dave we needed to get my heart rate down to 11. Did we


get close? Not really! We started off at 66 up there, went into


meditation, slowly dropped a wee bit, not very much to 60. What


about my brain waves, There was much the same as they were. I'm not


a hibernating animal, am I! afraid not. I didn't exactly relax


properly. Humans are able to reduce their heart rate. It's reducing the


brain waves that is much more challenging. Things might be


different in the future. Imagine what could happen if we unlock The


She might not be a hibernating animal but she's a clever lady.


It's a lot more complicated. You think hibernating they smuggle down.


We know you guys love Shelley. Erica, a full animal family in


there. You have Barney and Cookie and Socks. And Maizie has sent this


picture of Shelley. Make sure you need sending us post. Coming up


tomorrow raise aiz a special show dedicated to pets. We'll welcoming


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