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Coming up on Blue Peter. Anything could happen, dom are here, live in


the studio to give you the inside story on their brand-new show. Ed


digs deep into how you can improve your drawing and cooking doesn't


get tougher than this. I go head- to-head with Aaron Craze, to


discover how to create an eco- friendly feast. How do you know


when a tomato is roasted. Barney Hi. Hello. Thanks very much. How


you doing? Welcome to Blue Peter. It is a live show. As you can see


Helen is not here, so I am save sailing this ship on my own. Not


that I mind, while she is away the boys will play. It is an extreme


show. We have extreme cooking, the extreme Dick and Dom. They are here


to talk about their new show Diddy Movies. They are getting ready,


sorry, a bit of interference there. Hello. I'm Diddy Barney. Who are


you? Diddy Baxter? I am Diddy Celt Celt. And recently I have been to


the South Pole. Really? I had to poo in a bag and wait for it to


freeze, then I put it in my pocket. You know what, smells like it is


starting to thaw out. Do you want to have a look. It is thawing out.


It smells like lemons. I have never seen our producer looking so


nervous. Dick and Dom are live in the studio. If you would like to


ask them a question, you can. In is live. This is happening right now.


We would like do you ask them any question you like.


[email protected] The crazier the better. Only e-mail if you are


watching this on Thursday. Now, we like to give you the inside story


here, and we know you love to draw. How cool would it be to draw for


the most amazing stories round the country? We found out that Ed also


happens to be a bit of a cartoonist, so we sent him to get top tips from


the expert. I love reading. And I love drawing even more. If you ask


me, some of the best books are made better by the illustrations inside


them. So I have brought a pad, a pen, and a short story I have


written to this school where I will get some tips from a top children's


illustrator. This is Corky Paul. He has been illustrating children's


books for over 30 years. In that time he has drawn everything there


is to draw, including witch, dragons and pirates. He is really


good. He is here to give the children some tips on how to draw


their characters. I have tagged along to see if I can pick up


advice. Let us see, who shall we draw a dinosaur portrait of? Come


on up Ed. Don't make my nose look too big. By exaggerating my


features, he can turn me into a comedy dinosaur. I was captain of


the cross-country team. My feet aren't that big! A bit of yellow in


there. A bit of grass. Look at that! I have just about forgiven


you for turning me into an ugly dinosaur. I think you look handsome.


I wonder if you could help me illustrate this story. It is about


a handsome and talented TV presenter. It is not based on


anyone in reality! He is training a snail. He takes him to Paris to


show him how much he believes in him. He doesn't realise snails


areadelica si in France. That is when he sprints off down the road


and he becomes the fastest snail in the world. Where do you start?


have to have your text and pictures work together. My first thing, I


would think, Ned, I have to draw a picture of Ned here. So let us see,


what will he look like. A very handsome guy. Very handsome. Let us


see now. Do I do handsome guys? Yes, I can do handsome. So there are so


many things you need to be an illustrator. What is the most


important? The most important, I think, is using your imagination, I


mean lots of people can draw, but it is being able to create your own


vision of the world. He is looking glum. He is poor. He is poor. He


keeps spending on training this snail. Exactly. He can't afford


haircuts. You work out the character. This is what I love in


illustration, when your eye is drawn to something that wasn't in


the story. You think a what is that doing there. The other character,


the snail. Harold the snail. You think about a snail. There are


snails with incredible patterns. Every time you draw a scene. Think


of how can I draw the scene in an unusual way, rather than front on.


We have a kid looking up at something. You want to have the


kid's view. Don't do the most obvious thing. I think that is good


already. I use the pen and ink, and maybe we will improve the drawing a


bit here. Some 06 the tips are suprising, he has given me loads of


ideas for my own drawings. Tink is still wet. Are you I am doing that


on purpose? When you try to make a negative into a positive, rather


than trying to hide it. You can make a big old mess and say I meant


to do that. Can't believe the speed you work out, these are great.


know, when you have a deadline to meet. I was hoping I could take


them away for inspiration. Please do. I will try and illustrate my


own story myself. Read the text and draw and try and add something to


the text. I will try and do it justice. Well done. The characters


have inspired me to finish illustrating my story. If you want


to read the final story, just head to the Blue Peter website. And that


address is: Take a look at these. You should recognise them as book


tokens, you will have been given them as part of World Book Day, if


you still have them you only have until the end of this month to get


them spent. Still to come: Dick and Dom will be here, they are taking


about their new show and they have a Blue Peter challenge to complete.


You won't want to miss it. This week is climate week which means we


are raising awareness for environmental issue, the food we


eat can sometimes be harmful for the planet. Before the food hits


the shelve, there is a process, it has been packaged and transported,


sometimes a long way, this can create gases like carbon dioxide,


which are harmful for the planet. So the question is, is it possible


to create an environment live friendly meal that is good for the


planet? Myself and Aaron Craze were set a Blue Peter challenge to find


out and it all happened in this telly. It is a culinary clash never


before seen on UK television. Blue Peter presenter and amateur cook


Barney Harwood, is going head-to- head, against Aaron Craze, host of


Junior Bake Off and a very good chef indeed. Their mission, to


create the tastiest meal they can, but using the lowest carbon. Barney


Rubble, you're in trouble. I am feeling confident. They will have


30 minutes to impress the judges. Cooking doesn't get more


environmentally-friendly than this. Before we can let the rivals into


the kitchen, they need to source the ingredients for their final


plate of food. First to take to the supermarket is Barney Harwood. He


knows exactly what is on his menu. I am going for fish, chips and


mushy peace. It has to be low in carbon. Potatoes come out of the


ground and fish comes out the sea and peas grow on pea trees! So the


most low carbon male you have heard of. These are British white


potatoes, they are good for my dish and the planet. The most carbon


efficient veg are those grown in season on home soil. They have the


least far to travel, meaning less fuel is burned. So British spuds


are a good choice Barney. But as it happens not all veg are good for


the climate. At certain times of the year some more exotic veg can't


grow in the UK. This means they have to be flown over from other


country, to get them on to the supermarket shelves while they are


stel fresh. Since fuel from planes creates carbon dioxide, it is not


good for the environment. Meanwhile opponent and top chef Aaron Craze


has decided on his menu. I am going to do a stir-fry. First I will need


chicken. I have come to this aisle where you have mini fillets and


they are perfect. I don't think it is going to travel too far. Can't


get more British than that flag. meat is carbon free but at least


Aaron has chosen chicken instead of beef or lamb. They are both higher


in carbon for a reason you might not expect. When cows and sheep


burp they give off methane which is involved in global warming. Some


say if we ate less beef and lamb there would be less damage to the


environment. So this extreme low carbon challenge isn't as


straightforward as they first thought. Barney has chosen to cook


fish and chips in the hope that local ingredients equal planet


friendly. An Aaron has gone oriental with a chicken stir-fry


since he showed British chicken has a low carbon footprint. Because I


am making my own batter, I am going to need my milk. How much carbon


can yourself you use doing that? Cows equal methane. Six large eggs,


in one piece. Beautiful. It is a small mistake for Aaron. The


British eggs haven't travelled bar but nay have minimal packaging.


Will Harwood make the same mistake with his home-made ketchup?


process of making pacts probably use more energy so that might mean


things in pacts are -- packets are less carbon efficient. Let us go


without packets. Well done Barney, they are British and low in


packaging but this isn't as easy as it might seem. It is not tomato


season, so to get in in March they have to be grown under hot lamps


and that burns energy. Supermarket shopping over, both contenders have


avoided processed foods, so there is everything still to play for,


but what has Aaron chosen for his final ingredient. I have the best


kept secret in London. Right in the middle of the city on top of an


organic supermarket. An urban roof garden. You don't get lower carbon


than this. Growing veg locally in season means you can pick them


fresh and they haven't travelled any distance at all. I have nice


kale. These are early so they are tender. So they might nice. With


With superfresh veg like that Aaron could have the edge. But wait a


minute, what is Barney up to now? am at the fish market in London.


This is the largest selection of fish you will find in the country.


All I need to do is find a nice fish I can put a batter on. So long


as you choose carefully. Fish are lower carbon since they doesn't


burp methane but some are being over harvested. There is lots of


whiting. Better still whiting can be caught close to home in the


North Sea, so top markets for another low carbon choice.


Beautiful. It S you are bang on Barney, that is lovely. I have a


big one here. You sold it so well I am going to go for the whiting.


it. I can't get it out. Oh. Oh! Thank you very much. I am sure I


have got the lowest carbon environmentally-friendly fish in


here, they are really tasty. All I have to do is cook them. I am over


the moon with this box of treasures, there is so much to play with and


it will be fantastic for my stir- fry. Barney, you a lot of work to


do mate. Still to come. It is egg whisks at dawn as the competition


hoth hots up. Who will be crowned the low carbon king of the kitchen?


Stay tuned. I know who woifpbs course because I was there, you


will are to stay tuned. Two people who are full of suprises and I am


delighted to welcome them to the studio, it is Dick and Dom. Hello.


Good to see you. Mind out dear. Mind out. How are you mate? No time


for that. Why you here? You have a new show, we normally see you as


the Diddys. You are used to seeing the Diddy Dick and Dom in a pink


cupboard. Now eventually, Diddy Dick and Dom have come out of their


cupboard and are Hollywood movie stars. Do they get the perks, in


the girl friends, the house? any of that. I have a little friend


here. We reenact many movie, we do a space film, a murder mystery film.


We do the lot. So what happens, Diddy Dick and Dom on each episode


turn up and go and watch the premier of their brand-new movie.


We can show you a great clip. Have a look. Rb your nearest emergency


exit maybe inside you. In the vent of us getting bored, sponge cakes


will descend from above. And remember, to never ever press this


Argh! Oh no. It is a disaster. Please, no more. The legends. It


looks like so much fun to film. Ted Robins is involved. He becomes our


agent. He gives us the money to fund the films. It was a good


experience, we did it a different way, we used to do it our heads


with puppet body, but this way, now what we do is have our body bus


they super impose our heads so we look huge. We had to wear hot suits.


So special effects which all movies have, and you have a great theme


tune. We do. In homage to the best BLUE PETER THEME What a lovely


reenactment it was. Those are the actual words for the theme tune.


Now of course this makes you experts at all things Diddy. It is


sometimes hard when you look at the TV or watch stars to tell how tall


they are. It is that trick of the camera we have devised a game to


see if you can tell all things Diddy from all things biggie.


love a game. In that case it is time to play Who's The Diddy? As


you can see, on the board here we have six celebrity faces, honestly.


We have Robin Williams, we have Dominic Wood, Reece Witherspoon.


David Hasselhoff, the hof. We can have Richard mechanic Court.


that really me? We have Tom Cruise, if you look behind you you will see


some bodies with heights on. We would like do you match the


celebrity face with the body. You will have 45 seconds to do it and


your time starts now: Second to last. Five foot five? You are


smaller than that. Tom Cruise. Little man. She is lovely.


think she is tall? How tall are you. I'm a big one. We have done it


before time. That is the end of the game. I was about to fill five


seconds in a professional mode. Here we have Tom Cruise who you


thought was 5'two. That should have been Reece Witherspoon. Dominic you


thought you were 5'5". I know I am. You thought Rees wither spoon was


5'7". Richard McCourt, six foot four, no, he is not. You have got


one two, three, just two right. Which isn't bad. I blame him.


the meantime let us find out who wins the eco-food challenge, myself


or the professional chef. You will be suprised. Previously in our


culinary clash these two eco- warriors prepared for their kitchen


battle. Barney has chosen to cook fish and chips with peas and kuch


up and Aaron has planned a chicken stir-fry with superfresh veg and


noodles. Now it is time for them to conjure up their eco-meals for two


of the toughest judges in town. Freya was winner of the junior bake


off but this time it is her turn to do the tasting. What I am looking


for is a clean worktop and great output. Joining her to judge will


be Mike, an expert in eco-friendly eating. He never fails to stop a


high carbon food. I will be looking for seasonal redge stable --


vegetables and not too much packaging. They will look for the


most eco-friendly meal they can make. You have 35 minutes to knock


up the meal of your choice. time starts now. I am feeling


confident. I think everyone loves fish and chips, don't they. There


is your key word. Fish, I reckon that is as low carbon as it gets ch


Mine is carbon free. A box of veg. Less talking more cooking boys!


First up for Barney is the ketchup. I am going to roast these. Aaron is


pressing on with his noodles. it a good old fold and squash it


back through the machine. Until it is like leather. They will roast


for about 20 minutes. I want it nice and thin. Here we go. Go down


one step at a time. With his ketchup under way Barney added mint


and butt tore the peas as he prepares to pulp them. Time to mush


them with my whizzy musher. Oh yeah. As ar rop preps the veg and chicken,


he seems confident of a win. Barney Rubble, you're in trouble. How do


you know when a tomato is roasted? Our chefs are making good proguess


but what do the judges think? like the idea of the stir-fry but


the fish and chips sounds good. Do you think the ingredients are eco-


friendly. I am worried about the amount of chicken Aaron has put in


and about Barney's tomatoes. Barney, you only have five minutes left.


Ass in half of ten minutes, as in three minutes more than two. You


better crack on with it. I will Tomato sauce is pretty much done.


That is it. Have I forgotten anything? Your fish Barney.


only have one minute left. What you doing to us Freya? Aaron is nearly


finished. A bit of juice going. for the fish. It looks like Barney


could be in for a battering. Fantastic. That is nearly done.


That is ready. Here we go. Fish is ready. Times up guys, stop cooking


now. Oh dear. Come on Barney! done. Beautiful. It is a good job


in isn't judged on presentation. Fish and chips! So Barney has made


a low carbon fish and chips with home-made ketchup and mushy peas


which looks suprisingly professional. Aaron has plated up a


stir-fry with noodles made from scratch. He has used the freshest


veg in town. The question is, whose dish is the best for the planet and


the taste buds. Lovely low carbon seasonal veg. Pasta is made very


nicely. That is another fine low carbon food. I think I done well,


and I am confident I am going to win. And this is a local sea fish.


According to the guy at the market. Great carbon credentials. Chips are


nice. Aren't they. I like to think I could win. I am up against a


professional chef who is better looking than a I am. Let us talk


about taste. Although Barney's fish was crumbly I loved the batter.


thought the fish was a really good low carbon choice, but I am a bit


more bothered about the tomatoes. thought Aaron's was very nice and I


loved the kick of chilli. He could have done better on the chicken.


Two great dishes but we can only pick one. Are you thinking what I'm


thinking? I think I might be. with the decision made it is time


for the judges to announce the overall winner. OK guys, we have


come to a decision. Our eco- champion is... Aaron. The judges


decided that Aaron's stir-fry was the tastiest, and in spite of the


chicken his low carbon veg and noodles made it the lowest carbon


meal. Well done mate. I won it! Yeah, I won it. I know. I know. He


is all right. Not crying or nothing. I have to say the best man won. His


food was amazing. I want to get through the e-mails, we have had


the most amount of e-mails. Eleanor says if you could have a superpower


what would it be and why? The power to double our wages. Yeah. That


would be nice. Amy say what is the the weirdest thing you've eaten.


His food. Vegetarian food. This one says who is the funniest. He is.


Ben says how you so funny. We have a good producer who tells us what


to say. Chelsea says do you still play bogies. No, we hate it.


love it. That is what I meant. you remember that restaurant we


were in. They started playing bogies while we were in a posh


restaurant. How long you known each other for? 1997. How did you start


as a presenter. I started making the tea. I started my own show.


Everybody has started straightening their hair. Dick and Dom, legends:


Let us talk about next week's show. We have a Harry Potter special. Not


only will we be on the set, we will show you round, doing the tour and


you will see the special effects and you love them, JLS will perform


on the show. If you want to ask them questions, go to the message


board and we will try our hardest to ask as many as we can, so many


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