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Now earlier this year we are got a letter from Issy who is a massive


Harry Potter fan. She suggested that we visit the studios where the


films were made. They are being turned into a massive new tourist


attraction. Here we are north of London at the Leavesden Studios for


a special show to discover the secrets behind the making of Harry


Potter. This is Diagon Alley, the actual set that was used in the


movie. You can buy everything here, you can can can can can buy wands,


spell books, here is one she bought earlier and we have everything you


will want to see as the biggest Harry Potter fans. We have a lot to


fit so let's get going. Blue Petris commensus. Stand by to be amazed by


the story of the world's favourite wizard. We take you backstage on


the set of Harry Potter. Gastronaut Stefan Gates reveals how to conjure


up an enchanted feast. We spend the night in a haunted house where


things go bump in the night. JLS are here live to perform their


latest song for Sport Relief and they will answer some of your


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Welcome to the Great Hall of Hogwarts. This is


just one of the set, on the brand- new studio tour, the making of


Harry Potter. It is such a magical show. We will take you behind the


scenes and show you the secrets that went into making them cool


movies. Which is good because we have the biggest fans ever.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And I think we have also got JLS fans with us,


have we? That is a good job because the boys will be perform their


latest single later on in the show. If you are watching on Thursday and


you want to ask them a question, e- mail us now. For now, let us take a


moment, sit back and remind ourselves how this magic began.


First game the book, seven instalment of Harry Potter


adventures selling 450 million copies worldwide. Making them the


best selling book series in history. Welcome to Hogwarts. Then came the


eight movies costing nearly �1 billion to make but taking more


than �4 billion in ticket sales alone. Making it far and away the


most successful film series ever. Wicked. But with no more Harry


Potter adventures to film, Warner broes had a tough decision to make.


What do do with the sets and props at Leavesden Studios in north


London where the movies were made. For years fans have been desperate


to get in and see them and it seemed a shame to get rid of them.


The answer is the brand-new Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We


have an exclusive backstage pass for your today. So, here we are in


the Great Hall. The first set to be built and the only set to star in


all of the movies. If I take a seat here, that is glorious, feel the


power of dumble doer. I love this room. -- Dumbledore. This is based


on the throne in Westminster Abbey where Kate and Wills got married


last year. This is made to look at realistic as possible. The tables


and chairs were sprayed with fake dust. They were hit with chains and


axes to look authentic and the children were encouraged to calf


their initials into the woodwork to leave their mark. This H wasn't


done by me, but I wonder who it could have been by? This is the


place where all the big feasts happened, so to find out what goes


into a magical feast we enlisted the help of Stefan Gates. How do


you make food that conjures up this kind of reaction? Awesome. My mouth


is watering. The secret? A magical themed feast, for you to serve up


to your friends and family, that will blow their minds. On my


magical menu today, the main course, sparkling sausage, purple mash with


egg suprise washed down with chameleon juice and glowing jelly


for dessert. I am starting with a purple mar. Use these pot toe, they


rabbit darker than your average potato, they are grown in Scotland


and they are called purple Majesty. Put them in water and pop them on


to boil for 15 minutes. Normally to make mash you would add milk and


butter but I am squeezing them through this ricer. Now for the


sausages, they don't look pretty so I need to transform them using


something special. This is the most expensive ingredient on earth. Pure


gold leaf. Wrap the sausage in the gold leaf. You can buy this from


art shops and it costs about 70 pence a leaf. Place the sausage


carefully in the mash. It is very flimsy so paste the ends down with


a brush. Next up, our egg suprise. Two egg, any normal eggs and cover


them in vinegar. This is science, not magic. The acid dissolves the


shell, after three days you can bounce it. It is a raw egg where no


shell. But the fact it bounces isn't the suprise, you will see


that later. Now it is time to make a magical drink, this is called


chameleon juice. It changes colour. Take one chopped red cabbage, add


water and give it a whizz. It will taste nicer than it looks. So now


we have a bowl of lovely stinky cabbage water. Squeeze out the


liquid and use freshwater to top up the glass, now add a touch of


sugary water, to make it taste extra special. There is the


chameleon juice, doesn't look that wild yet. The magic happens when


you add lemon juice, to see that you will have to wait. Time for a


magical dessert. Glowing jelly. Begin with some leaf gelatine. It


is unusual but you can buy it at most supermarkets. Add the magic


ingredient. Tonic water. Enough so it covers the gelatine. Leave it to


soak and warm ut through in a microwave then add the rest of the


tonic water. Now, I am going to fill the glass. Then you need to


put them in the fridge for two hours to set before serving.


Doesn't look very exciting yet. That is because the magic happens


when it gets dark. I have my magical feast laid out. Now all I


need are taste testers. You will do. Now are you feeling adventurous?


Yes. OK. These are 24 carat gold sausages. Can anyone taste gold in


there? No. A little bit. Now egg suprise, they don't look that


impressed until I shed some light on them. Just to prove do you this


is a real egg... These are just for fun, if you haven't cooked them,


don't eat them. Guys, are you thistty? Time for my chameleon


juice. What colour is it? Blue. Drop your lemon juice in what


colour is it now? Pink. The colour in the cabbage acts as a PH


indicator which means the lemon makes it more acidic. Verdict?


have never tasted anything like it. Is that good or bad? Now for the


finale, magic jelly. That is sick. The bitter quinine absorbs the


light and radiates it as a different wave length causing the


jelly to appear luminous. They fizzle as well and you can taste


the fizz and see the bubbles. like grapefruit. It has that


flavour doesn't it. What do you think of magical food? Awesome.


best is magical washing up. Watch this. One, two, three... Shall we


go and do the washing up. Yeah. We have now come to Dumbledore's


office, the reason we are looking sheepish is because we shouldn't be


up here b but today we have been given behind the scenes exclusive


access so we can show you the secrets. Let us look round. The


office wasn't in the first film, it was built for the chamber of


secrets and it has been in every film since. This is where Harry


learned to defend himself and if you look up here, we have the


famous sorting hat. Not only does the hat talk, which is brilliant,


it also chooses the house of every Hogwarts pupil. While we are


talking about famous things let us head down here to the pensieve.


This is an enchanted basin. You can see your memories in it. Not just


your, other peoples. You can sedumle dor and Harry using it here.


They looked into the memories of a particular person. Do you remember


It was Tom Riddle. By looking into his memories they found out he


became Voldemort. As well as plenty of magic, there are a few creepy


characters haunting the corridors of Hogwarts. I am talking about


Nearly Headless Nick and Moaning Myrtle, but do guests exist? We


spent a night in a creepy castle investigating. This is Muncaster


castle. By day it is beautiful. But when night falls, things get a


whole lot scarier. If you believe in ghosts, this is the place for


you, because apparently, it is said to be the Most Haunted place in


Britain. So of course we are going to spend the night here. Many


visitors have reported strange feelings, odd noises, and even


ghost sightings. In fact, there have been so many events here that


research has been carried out op the castle to find out whether


there is a scientific explanation for all the strange goings on.


have come to spend the night to see if it is as haunted as some


believe.. Come on There is a scary guy looking at it. That is Peter,


he is going to show us round. know! Hi, welcome to my family home.


Before Peter takes us round the castle, we put on heart monitors.


normal heart rate is round 60 -- 60-90 beats a minute. When you are


scared your heart rate rises so they will give an accurate reading


as to how speaked -- spooked we are. Here we are. This is the medieval


Great Hall. As you can see the ancestors are watching us as we


walk through the room. This is the darkest staircase I have ever


walked up. Going up to great- grandfather here. This is a spooky


corridor, because figures have been seen here. Just make sure there is


no-one behind that. That is a wall, that is good. It It is full of


portraits and scientists believe this is what gives the visitor the


feeling they are being watched. Argh. Good evening. Seriously dude!


It is only a mannequin triggered by movement. My monitor is going like


the clappers right now. Come along here and meet Tom. This is Tom Fool.


He certainly haunts the castle. So he is one you have to watch out for.


Tom Fool lived in the kas in the 16th century. Over dinner Peter


explains Tom's gruesome history. was the jester, he was meant to


entertain people, if he didn't like you you were in serious trouble. He


murdered a carpenter in the castle. His surname is skeleton and this


being Cumbria, you know, there is a chance that I am related. Your


great, great, great grandad is a murderer and haunts this place.


There is a chance. I am going to take pictures while you two stay


here. We can catch up on family history. I am not going to take


photographs. Earlier on Peter showed me a couple of places where


I could lay pranks to scare Helen. Trick one is in the bedroom where


we will be sleeping. There is a trap door operated by a switch.


Inside I am going to put a big melon or fruit so when I press the


button it drops out and scares hell eleven. Aren't I a good friend?


Trick two will happen at the end of this scary corridor, you see that


door that is open. You notice it has glass panels which means you


can see through it. There this is where we go to the oldest scary


movie trick from the week. I give you one head and a bit of string.


We are going to shine a light on the this which will reflect on the


a glass panel that is set behind this door, so to anyone looking


down the corridor and through the door, all they will see is a scary


With Helen none the wiser I rejoin just in time for bed. Nice bed.


This is the haunted, or allegedly haunted, tapestry room. Why is it


allegedly haunted? What has been seen in here? The most common story


in here is of a crying child. We used to use this room for our


friends to stay in and we had to stop, because they complained of


hearing a child crying. If the noise of a child wakes me up while


I'm sleeping, I'm out of here. are pretty brave. I've lived here a


long time and I've never been brave enough to sleep in the radio. You


are brave enough. If you need anything, give me a shout from afar.


Goodnight Peter. I will feel a whole lot better when I've got my


pyjamas on. I will read you a bed sometime story. Over 30% of people


who stay in the room report strange appearances, like the bedroom door


opening and closing of its own accord. Scientific researchers put


this down to a draft from the fire phrase. But first a scary story to


get her heart rate pumping. She gave a little laugh and looked away,


as if she were aware to that to a stranger... If someone is playing a


joke, stop it. What are you talking about? Whatever is blowing air on


me is what I'm talking about. are you getting air from? Here.


That's a chimney there, is bound to be a draft, you daft banana. Did


you know about that! Did you know about that? Yes, I pressed the


button. Anyway, back to the story. I cannot believe Barney tricked me.


I will never live this down. I dare you to go down the stairs to the


Great Hall, go back to where we had dinner, and go and get something


off the table. To the dining room to get something off the table?


I may sound like I'm being brave but this is a very dark castle. I'm


not entirely sure where the dining room is. I think it is this way.


I'm in here on my own. I did not think this dare through.


See how dark it is. Really dark. DOOR CREEKS


No way! Man! Did you see that that door


started to shut on its own. Fork, knife, what else can I get? What is


that? A little flower. Girls like flowers don't they. You've got


something. What have you got? knife, a fork and a flower. Those


are in you want to eat soon during the night. I passed my dare


successfully. I think the time has come to get Helen down that spooky


hallway where my second prank waits. You know the hallway, your


challenge is to get the man's hat and bring it back. Bear in mind


that's the darkest corridor in the castle no. Lights, push black.


It's really dark. Why is it so dark? Where has the


man gone. The man's gone. OK, that's really freaky. I'm done. The


man's gone! The man's gone! He's gone! Barney, the dummy's gone.


What do you mean it's gone? dummy's gone! It looks like I'm


going to have to lead her to the floating head myself.


What's that? There is something at the end. What is it? There is


something flickering at the end. With all our focus on the floating


head, I had forgot than the mannequin makes a noise when you


get near it. That's the first time that Barney has screamed. OK! In


the end I was scared by my own prafpblgt after coming clean about


-- prank. After coming clean about my trickery we settled down for the


night. That night Muncaster's ghosts left us alone. I was so


tired out by Barney's pranks I could probably have slept through


anything. A tiny bit of me feels mean that I


slept in a bed while you slept on the floor. However, you were a bit


mean last night. You little joker. That was so funny, that melon in


the fire place did make you jump. screamed blue burieder. I am


disappointed that I didn't see a real ghost. It doesn't mean they


weren't there. They could have been watching us. The scary thing is


over. Barney pretended he wasn't scared but his heart rate was


through the roof. Right, JLS are with us!


CHEERING We've got... We need to get stuck into the questions,


because you've guys have been sending if questions. What is the


weersd thing you've ever eaten? weirdest thing is probably cow's


foot. Where? At somebody's barbecue. Oh, my word. I hope you didn't go


to their house again. Stick to a burger. JB, who is your biggest


role model? My biggest musical role model is probably Michael Jackson.


Good events. Marvin, Ryan it wouldn't know where and when did


you start singing? First place I sung was at my little brother's


christening when I was seven. the rest, as they say, is history.


This one is from for Aston. What are you scared of? Dogs. We knew


that. Sorry to out you here. The last time he came in here he was


scared of Barney the dog. Yes. is to all of you. Who is if mum of


the group? Marvin. Mum? You look a bit like a mum. You do. They mean


it in a nice way. You worry to much. Watch out Orly put a spell on you.


You are going to be running the Sport Relief Mile, so good luck


with that. If you want all the gossip, tune into BBC at 5 past 3.


Before you sing, give them a cheer...


CHEERING $$TRANSMIT. They are sing their Sport Relief single... But


where is Barney? This may be a quieter part of the tour but this


is the creature work shop. I would like to introduce you to Nick


Dudman, the effects designer on Harry Potter. Hi Barney.? These are


your babies. Let's talk about the mandrakes. We use artwork to start


the idea and then it is sculpted with plst sin and we mould that and


produce soft versions in rubber or silicone and put motors inside to


make them move. If you have seen the movies you will know this, but


normally there's a glass screen. They have taken it away today.


Thank you. When you press a button, even though it is not real, it is


terrifying. Dobby is everyone's favourite. We go to a lot of


trouble to make everything as life like as possible, so every detail


is as anatomically correct as we can make it. The skeleton inside


works like a human's skeleton. He has wrists, and his fingers move.


The whole idea is we put as much realism in as we can, so the


surface is as accurate as kit be. And the hair? One hair at a time


with a needle. The detail doesn't just apply to the smaller models.


We have the big guys, like the Hungarian Horntail. We got to build


a dragon, stick a fire in him. this one? He was operated by


pumping water through air rounds. He had toe climb out of a hole and


deliver dialogue on set. What about the pet- like griffin? We flew him


to Scotland and dropped him by helicopter into a said. She a


machine. Thank you so much for your insight.


It is almost time for us to wave our hands in the air to JLS.


They'll be singing prout in a second.


-- Proud in a second. We'll be dipping chocolate and showing you


how to make a home-made Easter egg. Barney will be back-stage on the


set of a brand-new film from the makers of Shaun the Sheep and


Wallace and Gromit. You loved it didn't you? I did. I liked it when


they were all cheering, but it was nothing to do with me. If you want


to see more from Sport Relief tune in tomorrow at 5 past 3. Now it's


# When my strength was gone, and I just gave up on life.


# In my darkest place you were my guide.


# And you told me that I should live my life to the limit.


# When you fall down get back up and fight.


# Well, the shape of my heart don't lie.


# I'm determined when you trust in # It's all I need.


# Now I'm hoping. # if you hear this.


# You believe that all that I do is to make you proud.


# Make me stronger. # So I rise up.


# Made my mind up. # So that all that I do is to make


you proud. # Proud, proud, make you proud,


proud. # Proud, proud, make you proud,


proud. # All that I do is to make you


proud. # I never gave up then cos you said


keep hope alive. # And the champion gives one last


try, yeah. # Said I deserve the best in life.


# I should be winning. # Gotta spread your wings and


prepare to fly. # Well, the shape of my heart don't


lie. # I'm determined with your faith in


# To make you see. # Now I'm hoping.


# If you hear this. # You believe that all that I do is


to make you proud. # Make me stronger.


# So I rise up. # Made my mind up.


# All that I do is to make you proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


# All that I do is to make you proud.


# Nobody can tell me they were there for me.


# Before you came around. # There was pain in every heartbeat.


# But eventually you built my reserve to be strong.


# Now I'm hoping, if you hear this. # You believe that all that I do is


to make you proud. # Now I'm hoping, if you hear this.


# You believe that all that I do is to make you proud.


# Make me stronger, so I rise up. # Made my mind up.


# All that I do is to make you proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


# All that I do is to make you proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud, proud.


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