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Coming up today, there's nothing more Live 'n' Deadly than a tankful


of sharks. We sent Naomi on a mission to help three of nature's


scariest predators to move house. How got a towel anywhere? And Brett


Domino will be helping you pick your favourite children's book.


Give me a B on that key beard # Plus we meet the winner of the most


sought after sat ewe at this year's mighty Brit Awards.


Hello. Welcome to Blue Peter. We've some incredible things lined up for


you today. Including this guy. at him go. It's Keelan Phillips.


Those are proper tricks everybody. Don't try this at home. Three times


flatland BMX champion. He'll show more tricks later on. This week is


half term for loads of you. No doubt you've been up to some


unusual and exciting things. We want to know what you've been doing.


Drop us an email. You might see your name on the


telly. Now, a Blue Peter exclusive. One of London's biggest aqairyupls


sees three new rest dents entering its premises. Naomi Wilkinson was


there. Sharks, deadly predators with up to 15 rows of teeth. They


can smell a single drop of blood from over a kilometre away. It is


no wonder this mighty fish has survived for over 400 million years.


What happens when a ferocious beast like this wants to move house? I've


come to London aquarium to find out. Every day, thousands of visitors


come here to watch and learn about 14 different species of shark.


There's the sand tiger, the largest at a whopping 2.6 metres long. The


zebra shark with its stripes that turn into spots as it matures


providing camouflage from predators above. And the heavily armoured bow


mouth shark nofrplly found hunting for prey on the seabed. Today,


these guys have to make room for three more tank maitsz -- tank-


mates. Say hello to the black tip reef shark. Jamie, have have you


decided to introduce black reef tip sharks into your aquarium? We've


never had black tip tip reef sharks before. What's special about them.


They have these black tips on their dorsel fins. They are fast swimmers


and excellent hunters. They are found in shallow waters. Sharks


like to stay where there's more water beneath them. These guys like


to come right into the shallows. I've seen them in the wild with


their fins out of the water. Jimmy fills me on this amazing


animal there's something I have to tell him. I have a bit of aphobey


about sharks, being this close to them. We'll make sure you're safe


and it is safe and stress-free for the animals too. Statistically,


you're seven times as likely to be killed by a falling coconut than a


shark. Right now, that's not making me feel much better. In the wild,


black reef tip sharks are found in the Indian and Pacific oceans in


the reefs. Each shark goes into a bong owe. One of these black


containsers full of artificial salt water. My goodness me, my heart is


beating fast. We pushed the bong owe up two floors. To a platform


right above the huge shark display tank. One down, two to go. We moved


the black tips quickly and carefully so they don't get too


stressed. With the second one in as well, I'm starting to get the hang


of this. I've decided to up the anti-y. This time, I'm going to


help catch the third and final shark. I love the way you've left


the biggest one for me? Grab that. One, two, three. Soaking. And again,


in we go. Pull the net out. Well, that was easy! Have you got a towel


anywhere! And off we go. All three black tips are safely in the


display but separated from the other sharks by a specially adapted


net. They tend to give off certain stress chemicals when we've moved


them. The other fish can pick up on that. It might make them nervous as


well. This gives them a opportunity to get used to the bigger


environment. Tomorrow morning, we'll release them and they'll be


able to go out and explore. night falls, it is time for the


black tips to get some much -needed rest before they meet their new


tank-mates tomorrow. Fast forward 24 hours... It's really early in


the morning. I'm back at the aquarium. It is a very big day for


our black tip sharks. It's moving in day. The big moment has arrived.


Don't see how these guys react to the other ten sharks in the tank.


Let's do it, shall we. The plan is to push the holding net down,


allowing the black tips to swim out into the tank. But it looks like


they have other ideas. They don't seem to want to go straight out.


We'll get another member of staff to help encourage them and show


them the way. With a bit of encouragement, one by one, the


three black tips swim over the threshold of their new home. Hello!


Hurray! So, moving in day has been a success. The black tip reef


sharks are getting on well with their new housemates and seem very


happy in their new home which is more to be said for me standing on


this glass floor. Honestly, sharks can play the cello. Have you never


heard them? Da-in a. We'll announce the winner of the Blue Peter book


awards. We've the top ten children's books, bestselling from


the past ten years. We'll stick them all together and give you the


power to vote for your favourite. There is plenty of time to vote. It


is a tough choice. We've enlisted the help of an internet music


sensation to help you decide. are called Brett Domino. Their


biggest fans are Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. They'll use their


musical approach to give awe low- down on the top ten so you can


choose your favourite. Blue Peter are doing this thing


where they are getting people to vote for their favourite children's


book over the last ten years. They've asked to us do a song about


it. Cool. Shall we do it now? I was thinking about making it


dramatic like the song they use on the apprentice. Yeah. You sing the


tune. Much what's your favourite children's book of the last ten


years in # Snl I've got the nomations on this piece of paper


here. # Have you read any? # # Yes, I've read them all #


# So there are ten nominations for your favourite book of the last ten


years, let's take a look. # Up' obvious once like lemony


smibg et. # The nominee is number 5 #. The #


Harry Potter # Which one will that be? Into # The order of the phoenix


is the fifth of the series. It is the one with 12 grim allowed place.


I could talk to you all die boo Harry P but I'm conscious of time


so led's speed up # Alex rider, skeleton key. Saving the world from


the brink of catastrophe. Fear or boom, the pint-sized loom. Let's


have a break, I want to hear some percussion of. # OK, let's proceed.


Next up is horrid Henry and the football fiend. You like football.


Have you read that one, Steve? horrid Henry meets the Queen. What


about James Bond where he when to Eaton? Or Walliams Mr Stink.


There's diary of a Whimpy Kid. He has to tread carefully in school.


Last up, a novel about the First World War. It's already one a Blue


Peter award. It's called Peaceful. What your favourite children's book


of the last ten years? There were the nominations. You heard them


here. Who's the winner? Which one will you choose? Cast your vote now


and find out soon # That's me favourite song I've heard


in the past five years. I love it. And it will be in your head for


days. I can't do it! You probably saw a book in there and thought it


has to win. Head to the Blue Peter website to vote. Let's see what's


still to come on today's show. Prepare to be wowed by some frafity


defying tricks. It's BMX flatland champion Keelan Phillips. We'll


speak to a cool lady, the winner of the critics choice award. With it


being half term you've probably been out and about on your bikes.


How do you go from cycling on two wheels to be being on one wheel


spinning round really fast? Wir' about to introduce to -- you to a


man who's been crowned BMX flatland champion five times. He has ten


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


signature moves. His name is Keelan Amazing! You make that look so easy


and it is not. How long have you been doing this and how did you get


into it in the first place? About 11 years now. Quite a long time.


Getting into it, I start the off as a kid missing around with friends


jumping off kerbs. From there you take it more seriously. Start to


compete. That's where I am now. it start with a BMX bike?


Presumably you can only do tricks with one of those? Probably started


off with a tricycle. When I could fit one, I was on a BMX. We used a


ramp to get some air on a BMX. You stay on flatland the majority of


the time? Yeah, it is on flat ground doing tricks on a BMX.


don't see these tricks and do them, you invent them as well. A


professor of the BMX trick? You've a brand new for us? I'm going to


try to flip the handlebars 1-and-a- CHEERING AND APPLAUSE wow! Well


done. Give it up for Keelan, everybody. My heard was in my mouth


when he did that. Keelan doesn't need to wear a helmet because he a


professional. If you're out, use your helmet. If you'd like to find


out how Helen got on in her South Pole challenge it's on Helen's Pole


ar challenge. This year, we introduced a brand new award. We


want to find the best new children's book of the last ten


years. What's your favourite children's book of the last ten...


Sorry, I can't help it. You get to select the winner. Here's a bit


more about the nominees. We know lots of you love reading.


With thousands of brilliant children's books available, we've


been wondering which is the best. We want you to decide for us. We've


pulled together the top ten bestselling children's books from


the last ten years and are giving you the chance to vote for your


favourite. Before you make up your mind, here's a little bit about all


The best thing about this book is Harry is coming ofage. He has his


first date on Valentine's Day, a lot of pressure for Harry. He has


to deal with killing off Lord Voledrmolt but have a relationship.


It is the kids killing and fighting against right against all the odds.


In Candyfloss, Floss's parents are divorced leaving her with the


decision of who a live with. Jacqueline Wilson's full of fun and


she really gets inside the head of the person in that swraigs. This is


about a real child who you feel could be you or could be a friend


of yours. I think hopefully, that helps a lot of young people going


through some really difficult times, know how to think and deal with


those vaigs situations better. next in our vote for the top ten


children's books is skaf private Peaceful. A story set in the First


World War. This is a brilliant book. It's a way of bringing history


alive. You feel that you were there. You can imagine it's not just


unknown people going to that war. It's as if you are going and being


there and what that war meant to the people who went through it and


the people at home were waiting for them. Next up is the first in the


popular series of diaries which see Greg starting middle school with


uncool best friend roly never far whined behind. My little girl Lola


is pretty much obsessed with Diary of a Wimpey Kid. Roley is my


favourite character. He's attracts troupbl. The character's show


nobody's perfect. Everybody has their worries, concerns, about


popularity and growing up. books left vying for your vote.


Skeleton Key is Alex Rider's book about a spy. One of the great


things about reading is you can be the person you'd most like to be.


think most boys and girls would want to be Alex Rider. I would want


to be him. I'm a girl but I would still want to be him. He's living a


dream. He's a teenage spy. This Theodore Boone John Grisham turns


his hand to writing a law 46 based thriller for a younger audience.


is original to have a book about a child lawyer. We've spice and


detectives but never come across a book about child lawyers. I've read


books by John Grisham, this is someone who really knows how to


write a thriller, how to write about power, powerful people, quite


often up to things that are not too good. The Us a tear Academy sees


the three orphaned children confronted with a new school and a


nightmare vice principal. I read this book without knowing anything


about it and loved it. The thing I like about Lemony Nick et is he


doesn't pull any punches. He writes about three children who lost


parents in a fire but it really draws the readers in. I love the


vice principal. He never listened. He's very irritating. You grow


anoud at hem. In this installment of the Horrid Henry collection he


tries to win football particular etsz and continues to pick on his


perfect brother. On one level, you can say Horrid Henry's revolting


but you get to love him. He's the bit of you that's horrid. Anybody


who has any form of sibling really identifies President with the


relationship between Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter. You always think


your brother or sister gets better treatment than you. You think, I


remember that, that's what I'm like. There are two beaks remaining.


Silver Fin is the story of a young James Bond back at school. It comes


with a health warning. If you have a snake phobia, be careful Reading


this book. -- reading this book. Eels and snakes feature a great


deal right from the beginning. favourite character in Silver Fin


is James Bond, of course. I also love the fact Charlie Hickson drops


all these little hints and clues into the book about what James will


become when he's the adult spy. I like seeing ought that develop.


final books follows young girl choy who -- closey who meets Mr Stink.


He's a complicate person. It is nice in funny books to have people


who are complicated. We come to care about him. There's a lovely


bit in Mr Stink where they are trying to get him to have a bath.


They think he's run away. They look out of the window and he's having a


bath in the pond. And his dog is not black but white. If you want to


vote for your favourite books, go to the Blue Peter website and click


the link. You've until 4.00pm on February 23rd to cast your vote.


All the infoe you need. Get voting. Next Tuesday sees an exciting date


and all your musical celebs will be in one place, the Brit Awards. Ed


Sheeran will be sit thring with his fingers crossed hoping to go home


with an award. One act gets to find out they've won before the ceremony.


That's the winner of the Critics Choice Award. We sent Tom Deacon to


find out more. Hymn' Tom Deacon a Radio 1 DJ so I


eat, sleep and breathe music. 250 I'm here at the E2 arenas in


Greenwich. It might seem quiet now but next Tuesday, this place will


be awash with red carpets, limousines and the biggest music


stars on the planet. They'll all be dressed up in their finest for the


biggest musical ee vented in the UK calendar, the Brits. One of the


most sought after statues is The Critics Choice Award. It is called


The Critics Choice Award because it is voted by top music experts. They


choose the up and coming artist who think think will go on to become


massive this year. This South after award is only five years old. It


looks like they are pretty good at picking the next big thing. This is


the award to take home on the night. The critics choice is the big award


from for emerging talent in Britain at the moment. Every year, the


person who wins it goes on to huge success. This year's winner came to


my atense in the middle of last year. She happens to be from the


same country as me. She has a wonderful voice. She could have


come out in the sevenities, eighties or nineties and been a


huge success. Who is this person whose life is about to change


forever? Listen, you I've come to this pop star hangout in London to


meet her. If you haven't heard of her already, you soon will. Her


name is Emily Sunday. Three years ago, Emily was studying at


university in glass go. But she was catapulted from student to Scottish


singing sensation. Emily has already collaborated with the likes


of Professor Green, Chipmunk and will support cold play on their


summer tour. Emily's real name was Adele but had to change it so


people wouldn't get confused between her and the other Adele.


Emily, fantastic to meet you. Are you well? Very well, thank you.


Congratulations. Bet you can't wait to pick up the award on Tuesday?


Yes. How excited are you? 10! Cowell said you are his favourite


songwriter at the moment. And you're the first person to ever win


the critics choice and be nominated in another category. Tell us about


your background. How did you get into music? I always loved music


from when I was really small. In school, I'd take music lessons, and


I would sing in all the concerts. I just loved it from when I was very


young. Were you ever tempted to go on a talent show like X Factor?


me, no. People did ask but the idea of singing other people's songs


didn't appeal to me. If you want to write songs, maybe a different


route is better. Where do you get your inspiration from? The first


song I had in the charts was skach dip Munch diamond rings. I was


hovering my room when the idea for the song came to me. You never know


when inspiration will hit. That kind of inspiration has taken Ellie


all the way to this Tuesday's Brits. But is she ready? Have you sorted


theout fit out, yet? Not yet. I'm really bad at being quite last


minute. Any suggestions? No, no. Definitely not. I'm sure you'll


have to find something quickly. pretty quickly. Do you know whose


table you will be be sitting on? know I'll be with my mum and dad.


What can we expect in 2012? next big thing is the album will be


released. After that, I'll do lots of shows. I'm quite excited.


the best for the Brits on Tuesday. Good luck with the album as well.


Hope to see you soon. Wow, she's one seriously cool and talented


lady. I think we'll see a lot more of her in 2012. I think she'll win


a fair few more of these in her career. Why have I got it? Nobody


claimed it. I think I'll just keep it. Its's mine now! I'm not sure


he's meant to take those. He may be taking one away but Ed Sheeran will


take foray way hopefully on Tuesday. We said earlier get in touch if


you're doing anything unusual for half term. Sian said me and my


mates went to art classes. We drew you guys. Send them to us. Chloe


and Kirsty have been to see the Muppets. Hang on a second. This is


impressive. Theo has been in touch to say he's been swimming with


sharks in Tenerife. Well done, Theo. That's it for today. But tune in


next week. Tinchy Stryder will be showing you how easy it is to


customise your trainers. You can use as many colours as you want. Up


to you. And pop sensation Cher Lloyd is back in the Blue Peter


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