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Coming up, she is Prince William and Harry's IT, and she is on the


show. Princess and reopens the brandy Blue Peter garden.


Rat start Tinchy Stryder shares his secret. -- rap star. Your favourite


colour, splash it all over. Find out if you buy two has been picked


for our calendar. -- your photo. And share Lloyd is back in the


studio, singing live later on. -- Hello! It is an exciting day. We


have celebrities, we have fashion, competition winners and we have got


a very special guest. Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, has agreed


to open a brand new Blue Peter garden here. A we were blown away


that somebody so important helped us Open the garden, and her name is


Princess Anne. Her Royal Highness Princess Anne is the daughter of


the Queen and Prince Philip. She has three brothers, Prince Edward,


Prince Andrew and Prince Charles, who is heir to the throne. Princess


Anne is the mother of Peter and Zara Phillips, recently married


England rugby captain Mike Tindall. She is also on tea to Prince Harry


and Prince William. -- Auntie. You can find out how everything went in


the garden scene. Now, let's talk about something exciting. I do like


a bit of experimental. And I do like food! If you watched


Incredible Edibles, it has been on every day, you know that Stefan


Gates is a legend. He likes to make memorable meals. Because the


weather has been so freezing, we wondered if he could make something


freezing and edible. He does come about with things you would


normally find in the kitchen. The weather has been freezing


recently. Just the other week it dropped to minus 18 in


Buckinghamshire. You might not like having to rub up against the cold,


but when it comes to getting creative in the kitchen, the cold


is brilliant. Before I show you might coolest kitchen creations, I


want to let you in on an amazing secret about the cold. Here we go.


Parmesan. It does not a little bit like sick. Food is made up of


molecules. And they are very interesting, because when they


warned, they zip around. But when they are cold, those molecules


slowdown, so we smelt boot lefts. A fridge is pretty good at slowing


molecules down. But there is a better way. CO2 canisters are used


for putting out fires, but can also unfreeze food. Fast. This is


freezing cold, I will smell it again. It smells pretty much of


nothing. That is because all of those of flavour volatile molecules


are not really moving any more. I promised you I would show you some


really cool of food. I will show you the coolest desert on the


planet ever. But I need to get something that is really, really


dangerous. The liquid nitrogen. - 196 degrees. It is incredibly cold,


and incredibly dangerous. Just look at what it does to Arrows. -- Annie


Rose. It has been there for a few seconds. It looks lovely, doesn't


it? That is how cold it is. But you can use this stuff for food. I am


going to make the fastest ice cream on the planet by pouring liquid


nitrogen straight into the ice cream base. Basically, cream, sugar


and a little bit of vanilla flavouring. A bit of a stir. This


is what I call cooking! There we have it. Ice-cream made in 13


I love it! And I have saved a little liquid nitrogen for the


topping. Deep frozen strawberries and raspberries. They are a bit bit


like that, though. Let's make them a bit smaller. I am nearly ready to


serve my super-cool desert. But fantastic freezing doesn't stop at


the food. There is nothing interesting about a bowl, unless


you can make one purely out of ice. If it sounds tricky, it is not.


What you need is two plastic bowls, don't use china or glass, because


they can crack. What we are going to do is put some water into the


large bowl, and then push the small ball down into it. It is a whole


lot of water we are going to freeze. You can but whatever you want into


the water, just remember to create a hollow. Freeze everything


overnight, then remove the plastic balls. There we go, won't you sick


-- beautiful bowl. Liquid nitrogen ice cream of. And then, my liquid


nitrogen popping. -- topping. A little bit of frozen Parmesan. None


of this now, but all of the taste! I am in heaven! That is the coolest


of desert on the planet. It really is cool.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes! I had fish ice-cream


won't! We will talk about that later.


Some things on the show go down in history, we are hoping to date is


one of them. We are reopening the famous Blue Peter garden. We had to


leave the studio and trouble 500 metres of that way.


Hello and welcome to the piazza in Media City in Salford, the new home


to the Blue Peter sunken garden, hiding just behind these trellises.


Not yet! It will be revealed very soon. When we decided to move our


studios to salt but can a we wanted to bring a bit of the garden with


us, because we know you like it. Kris Commons has been the gardener


for many years. It cannot have been easy. Moving a garden more than 200


miles? Up against the clock. We worked day and night, There are few


sore muscles! It is actually in the wrong place! I'm only kidding. Some


amazing work. We are now going to find that how you got it from


London to hearing Salford. The Blue Peter garden has been home


to some of the most memorable moments on the show. It has been


host to hundreds of guests over the years. From international movie


stars to this. It has been transformed into a winter


Wonderland. And even had a human cannonball fired out a bit. -- five


out of it. But after 40 years at BBC Television Centre is, it is


time to move it here, to Salford. But how do you make the garden 200


miles up 0? There is only one man for that job. Chris has been the


Blue Peter garden of for eight years, but moving this piece of


history to its new home in Salford is his biggest challenge to date.


He started eight months ago, back in 20th July 11. First on the list


is the Italian sunken garden. This is a massive jigsaw that has


already been put together. You have to remember where those pieces go.


That is the idea! This Italian sunken garden was built in 1978 by


the first Blue Peter Gardner, Percy Thrower. It took almost six months


to build. The presenters finished it off by putting their hand, beat


and paw prints in the concrete. So piece by piece, it is all coming


with us. How why are you going to know where to start? I have got to


make sure I market will. These will go in first. So one brought up.


order to move this jigsaw of the slabs can his ideas be clearly


labelled each individual piece, so that when he gets up to sort that


can they can put them back in the same order. I will slot that in and


work of that. But the biggest piece of all is the handbrake slab.


is a monster. Even that isn't a patch on the Statue of Petra, which


weighs over a ton. Petra was the first Blue Peter dog, and she has


been here since 1979. We will see you in Salford! Finally, the time


capsule. It was buried in the year 2000 so that the next generation of


viewers can see what life was like at the turn of the millennium.


will be coming out in the year 2029! You have probably spotted we


are digging it up early, but the plan is not to open it, but to bury


it, unopened, in Salford. It is hidden in a top secret location, so


we need to find it first! I have spoken to my friends in the Secret


Service, they sent us this map. That is where the green house used


to be to stop if we go three metres from that war, one metre from that,


that is where our time capsule is. -- from that wall. Let's get


digging! Keep going, but you back into it. -- put your back into it.


Keep up the good work! Cheers, thanks to the your help! Ber 24


hours later, he is still digging! Solid concrete. This makes it


pretty much impossible to dig this hole with a spade. So it is time to


bring in the big guns. I hope it is down there! In the end, it takes 72


hours, several men and the digger, but the time capsule has been found,


and can make its way up north along with everything else. Fast-forward


eight months, and with a spring on its way, it is time to put the


garden back together. The new garden is been created in the


public piazza at Media City UK, so that everyone can enjoy it. But


this is a big build, and Chris has only 11 days to complete it. The


garden has to be sunken, so the first job is to dig it out. Several


days later, Chris is ready to put in the first piece of this giant


jigsaw. I have got one flow, and that means one floor. The number


one means it is the edge of the pond, so what I am going to do is


to get all the pieces all round the edge of the pond, and the rest,


with a bit of luck, should all fall into place. But this amount of


precision takes time, and the next day, Chris and the team are still


at it, so I have come a long. You will need be used. Why not lay a


few slabs? I would love to. Just slide that in, just a slight Papac.


I will leave you to that. I am all right at jigsaws, but even those


pieces are small. We might be here while the stop and we are. One of


the final piece is to go in is the handprints of the old presenters. -


- the final pieces. And a few days later it is time for the class of


Well done! So from the latest Blue Peter dog to the very first. It is


time for Pedro to take pride of place in the new garden as our very


own garden dog. That just leaves the time capsule. It is going to be


buried here, but its location is top secret, so if you don't mind...


And while I hide that, Chris get on with putting in the finishing


touches. This really is my favourite part. It has been a long,


hard slog, probably the hardest I have ever had to build in my years.


The garden in London lasted 40 years. Let's hope this one here


lasts many more decades. And here it is in all of its glory. Blue


We have We are privileged to have a special guest to have us open it.


Pleasure. This is the easy bit. Some of you have been working quite


hard. It is a pleasure. APPLAUSE


You have got to put it somewhere in the garden. You are going to plant


the tree which is a feature or will be once you have left. There are


lots of features in the garden, the pond and the sun dial over there,


all travelled from London to here in Salford and our very own guard


dog over there, Petra. As well as being here to open the


Blue Peter Garden, Her Royal Highness is here to let us know


about an environmental project. It is to do with the Queen's Golden


Jubilee. Here is more information. Six million trees.


60 diamond woods. It is all part of the jubilee woods project, the


Woodland's Trust mission to plant six million trees. 60 diamond woods


will be planted. It is a tradition that dates back to 1937, when


hundreds of of thousands of people planted trees to mark the


coronation of King George VI. Planting trees can stop flooding


and create environments for wildlife and this year, people from


all over the country are getting involved, helping to transform our


landscape. Why do you hope that Blue Peter


viewers will get involved in the project? As I think you have


introduced the subject. There are a lot of school packs going on


through the Jubilee Trust and we are looking forward to as many


children as planting trees. It is about long-term planning. It is


something they can grow up with. I am old enough enough to have seen


trees planned as a crop grow up, be harvested and planted again, but it


is nice to be able to see the changes that happen when you plant


a tree and it marks, OK it marks a passage of time, but it reminds you


of really special things. A long-term gain and a lot of


enjoyment. Her Royal Highness is going to


plant a silver birch. And which one of you is going to


hold my handbag? This is tough soil. We always plant


to a square hole because it encourages the roots.


Chris, you might have to watch your I knew I had to take the handbag,


because if you took it, you would have gone like that, wouldn't you?


No, I would never do anything like that.


You can't do that to a princess. If you want to get involved by


planting a tree at home, the details are on the the Blue Peter


website. Rap star and style guru, Tinchy


Stryder gives you his tips on how to create a pair of trorveg


stopping -- traffic stopping trainers. Sher Lloyd is in the


studio to perform her latest single. Over the last weeks, you were into


that, weren't you? I really was. You will be into the tune when she


performs it. It is catchy. We have been asking you to send in your


animal pictures. It is part of a Blue Peter competition.


We have had January. That was the shot of the fruit beetle. For March


we asked you to send your photos. So many entries came in.


We had over 1,000 entries and you were part of the judging panel. I


know you had a difficult job because there were great pictures,


but what were you looking for? Original nationality, as your idea,


composition and technical ability. I think the winner is the winner


because it achieved all those things and it did it really well


because it it makes you feel, the winner is Eve and she is 13 and


this is the photo she took. APPLAUSE


It just makes you smile, doesn't it? It tells a story and we love it.


If you want to print off the Blue Peter calendar, go to the website.


There are important dates on the calendar.


. Now, we like to give you the inside story on everything that you


are talking about and we know that Trainers, you can run in them,


dance in them, jump in them, and the chances are you have got at


least one pair in your wardrobe. With around 100 million pairs sold


in the UK each year, they are fashionable footwear and the latest


trend is about making them your own, like this, this and even this!


Lots of the big brands now offer the chance to choose the colour,


material, and text on your threads, but since unique style doesn't come


cheap, we asked three fashionistas three ways to jazz up your pumps


without breaking the bank. Michelle is the ideal person to


give you tips. Her style is all about sticking on pics.


Think of pictures or text that you like the look of. Print your


pictures on a toner photocopier. This can be done easily at most


print stores. To stick the pictures on, you will


need a tube of image transfer cream. Simply paste the cream on top of


the picture, also just brush it on the section of the trainer where


the section of the trainer where you want to put your image.


This picture is going to go face down on the trainer.


Once you have stuck down as many images as you like, you need to let


your trainer dry overnight. Once dry, rub a damp cloth over the


images. You will start to see your images imaginically appear. Check


that out! All you need to do is repeat the


same process for the other pictures. Once yours is done, yours will


probably look like this. It is cool, isn't it? You can step your style


up a notch by adding text, pictures or beads to your laces.


No one is going to have trainers Our next up and coming designer is


a London College of Fashion graduate. Her trainer trend is


about tagging your togs, you need to start by choosing a pattern.


Draw it on to CAD and cut it out. Place your your your stencil and


using a pen, dot around it. Keep going with your shapes, until the


trainer is covered. You can sketch any shape you like.


Once you have finished, it is time to add your bling. Get a parent to


help you glue on sparkically beads. Take a few in your fingers like so


and very carefully just just drop them down on to the trainer.


Now all that's left to do is to leave your dazzling shoe to say dry.


-- shoes to dry. Hopefully, you should end up with


something like this. Your third and final fashion guru


is Tinchy Stryder. He loves trainers and he is ready to show


you how to splat your style on your sneakers.


Get a real colourful look and grab the attention of your friends. Take


out the the lace. You have got a bit of tape and seal around. You


don't want paint getting around. Once you have finished putting the


tape, it should look like this. This is where you get creative.


Tinchy's trainer art is about splatting fabric paint.


It doesn't matter what it looks like. You can't go wrong. Get your


favourite colour, splash it all over, two colours, five colours,


ten ten colours, it is up to you. I like yellow.


Once you have finished getting the colours, let the paint paint dry


for 09015 22 27 02 -- to to three hours.


There you have it, three trendy ideas for personalising your pumps.


All you need to do now is have a If you are going to have a go, the


details are on the Blue Peter details are on the Blue Peter


website. Somebody who is known for her style


and fashion, it is today's guest, it is Cher Lloyd.


I know you like trainers. Which of these would you like? These ones.


Do you ever customise things? great to be original and yes, it is


cool to get plain T-shirts and add broaches and and scarfs and stuff.


You have flat flat shoes on today. You can't go wrong with a pair of


trainers. Let's take a look at what is happening on next week's show.


On a special show to mark World Book Day, Ed finds out tips to help


you illustrate your stories. You can be really loose.


You are feeling out what it looks like, you know.


We reveal the children's book that you have chosen from the last


decade. Right, here to perform her new


single, it is Cher Lloyd with Want # Hey, boy you never had much game


# So I needed to upgrade # So I went and walked away-way-way


# Now I seen you been hanging out # With that other girl in town


# Looking like a pair of clowns, clowns, clowns


# Remember all the things that you and I did first


# And now you're doing them with # Remember all the things that you


and I did first # You got me got me like this


# And now you're taking her to every restaurant


# And everywhere we went, come on! # And now you're taking her to


every restaurant # You got me got me like this


# Boy, you can say anything you wanna


# I don't give a what, no one else can have you


# I want you back, I want you back # Want, want you, want you back


# I broke it off thinking you'd be crying


# Now I feel like what looking at you flying


# I want you back, I want you back # Want, want you, want you back


# Please, this ain't even jealousy # She ain't got a thing on me


# Trying to rock them ugly jeans- jeans-jeans


# You clearly didn't think this through


# If what I've been told is true # You'll be crawling back like boo-


hoo-hoo # Remember all the things that you


and I did first # And now you're doing them with


# Remember all the things that you and I did first


# You got me got me like this like this


# And now you're taking her to every restaurant


# And everywhere we went, come on! # And now you're taking her to


every restaurant # You got me got me like this


# Boy, you can say anything you wanna


# I don't give a what, no one else can have you


# I want you back, I want you back # Want, want you, want you back


# I broke it off thinking you'd be crying


# Now I feel like what looking at you flying


# I want you back, I want you back # Want, want you, want you back


# Oooh, oooh, I thought you'd still be mine


# Remember all the things that you and I did first


# And now you're doing them with # Remember all the things that you


and I did first # You got me got me like this


# Boy, you can say anything you wanna


# I don't give a what, no one else can have you


# I want you back, I want you back # Want, want you, want you back


# I broke it off thinking you'd be crying


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