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Today is a cracker, two superstars will be getting busy baking in the


kitchen, but will they be treats life for anybody else? -- will


Hello and welcome to the show! Helena is training for a special


event, how are you enjoying a Blue Peter? Loving it, getting to know


you all better, having fun! It is going to get more exciting because


behind those doors is the most talented man in music right now,


check him out. He has had the highest selling debut single of


2011. His album went straight to number one selling over 100,000


copies. His hit one of best single of the Year at the team choice


awards. And he is here in the studio today. Please welcome edge


she Iran! -- Ed Shearan. So here you are, but to have you here. All


adult guests on the show get a special thing which I am delighted


to present to you now. Your own Blue Peter badge. Or you pleased?


sent off pictures when I was younger and never got a badge.


special moment. Six months ago, a lot of people would not have heard


your name but since June, number one single, number one album, top-


ten single, a team has gone platinum, how has it been? It has


been a bit mental recently but good fun. I have achieved a lot of


dreams I did not think I would get to do so it is good. And also,


music videos, we always think, get your face been so everybody can get


your autograph, we never see you in them, why? I want to keep it a


running trend. For the next single we have someone playing me so it is


good, it gives me an excuse not to appear in the video and have good


ideas instead of having a regular video because everybody has the


same stuff nowadays. By love this! It is my favourite tune. A lot of


questions coming in. They are asking difficult questions and


personal questions, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty and


find out who the real you his best on -- based on these questions.


Some tension music... And tension lighting. Not that tense! That is


just scary! Sorry to scare you so early! Of it you nervous? By an


excited. -- are you nervous. I am excited. What is your favourite


type of ice-cream? 1ZU each round the outside and you are left with


something in the middle -- ones which. Fruity ones with hundreds


and thousands on top. And they are called, you cannot eat them out of


the box. And rocket ships! You have three different flavours. They are


lollipops. And they are available from all good supermarkets! If you


had a superpower, what would it be? In the stability. The what would


you do? If you were invisible? Chill out for a couple of days and


just pretend people I had disappeared. You are invisible in


your videos. If you had to have a noun as a nickname, what would you


choose and why? Teddy. Because it is kind of my name and it is quite


cool. I used to be called Teddy when I was really young and went to


primary school and there was another Teddie and that ruined the


Fun! He has passed the test well, they were difficult questions. Her


are randomly generated. Bent you very much. Delight and music


handout back to normal. -- thank you very much, a light and music


can go back to normal. You will show us how you do what you do and


will perform my favourite track later. If you have been watching,


you will know we have been raising money for Children in Need by


getting everybody to hold bake sales and now the CBBC's dogs are


getting involved. We were getting a bonny involved but he cannot hold a


whisk! -- Barney. What are you doing? I'm am busy


making delicious gingerbread for the Blue Peter bake sales. Can I


have one, please, please?! A of core us, 50p each. A day do not


have -- of course you can, 50p each. I do not have money. Party pure


filth the balls of my lovely gingerbread! -- keep your filthy


hands off my lovely gingerbread. Gas mark 3, at their new need


ingredients. Get ready. First, you need to civet. Get that off your


head! You will have to wash that before we use it. We do not want


your dog fur in my cakes! Put ginger and bicarbonate of soda


together and get an adult... light your grandma! A putt the


ingredients in a pan and when they are melted, add it to the dry


ingredients and mix it which will make a dough like this. What are


you doing? What are you doing?! You are getting flees over the next! Do


people want baked goods made by a dog scratching himself? Get out of


here, you filthy animal! That is lovely. Welcome back, have


you washed your hands? I have washed my balls! That is why he is


here, the comedy keeps on rolling. -- I have washed my paws. Use a cut


it to cut out the shapes of your biscuits. I have used this shape.


Dog bones! It is not that funny! And when you have done that, get an


adult to put them into the oven for about 10 minutes until they are


lovely and golden brown. What am I supposed to do for 10 minutes? A


war should this up, it is a pigsty -- wash this up. When your biscuits


on nice and Brown, get an addled... For your grandma. Yes, to get them


out of the oven. And this is 18 -- I made earlier. A look a bit boring.


-- they look. I would not pay 50p. You decorate them with icing, but


it is all for charity. And for those people who find the idea of


making a -- of having a dog shaped biscuit horrible, a you can make


them like Pudsey instead. What are you doing? You only �15! Come here!


It is for charity! Barney is going to be levied. War do you think? --


What do you think. I do not fancy them either. The information is on


our website and we are counting on your support to raise money for


Children in Need, so get baking! Get baking and be creative with


ingredients or be creative with a pen and paper. I have a sketch pad


and crayons and pencils, I would like you to do a self portrait.


That is not a long time and I will explain why it is worth it. It is a


new project and if you ever wanted to get your face famous and are


between four and 16, this is your chance. Upload your portrait to


their website, they will get the images and make a big portrait of


the Queen's spate -- Queen's face which they will project on to


Buckingham Palace. We think it could look something like that.


That portrait is made up of all the entries so get involved and be


creative. Face Britain is animating project which has a lot of people


involved and this person has been seen by everybody all over the


world and has worked with Top Shop, she has worked with some of the top


British fashion designers and America -- and American, this is


Daisy. Welcome to the show. Let's talk about the portraits. Face


Britain gives the everybody a chance to get involved. This is


amazing. This is particularly realistic and I like the blue at


the side and the red under the eyes. It is a stereotypical portrait


close up but you can do different board -- different versions. This


is a collage, he likes football and music, what about the stripes?


like it, very nice, very call for. He is obviously happy with that


rainbow effect. These are on the website. This is an abstract


portrait, described that. Very complimentary colours and floating


in the corner, there is no right or wrong, it is not as you would


expect. You can also do photographic portrait and I have


done one, would you like to see? Steady! What do you think? What am


I saying? You have a multiple personality! I was trying to say


that I like to do a lot of different things, to use my


computer and to drink coffee and to clean my football kit, I could not


do that in one picture. And could you show us your masterpiece?


three minutes is not a long time. It is not, but what an amazing


affect! I like their hair, it looks like


you. I have a big mouth because I like to talk and a rainbow, nice


and colourful! Now ice eyelashes. love your work. But you of the


artist here today so we have set up something for you and have your


favourite way of drawing with felt tips, talk us through it. I do draw


and a plane of the face. -- I draw an outline of the face. And I will


draw the hair. A you have to do this a few times. You do not get it


right straightaway and it does not have to be perfect. Does it change


with how you feel? The yes, and I use different colours. So it could


look different if you do it next week? It could. There is no right


or wrong way, it is about being creative. If you would like to get


involved and a between four and 16, do a self portrait and uploaded to


the website and hopefully they will use that image and use it to make


the Queen's face. We hope to break a world record with this so the


more we get involved, the more chance we have. We found something


very exciting earlier, Daisy got in touch with Blue Peter when she was


younger and you would have run up of a competition? That is how you


got your Blue Peter badge, and we have a letter! This is 1985! This


is your response signed by Peter Duncan! Amazing. De you remember


that day, seeing your picture on with Peter? -- do you. Yes, and I


still have my bad! You could be watching what she is doing and


thinking, I would love to be a famous fashion designer. In 20


years, you could be on with Peter doing what she is doing. Thank you


very much for coming in, at no rush If you send something in it then


you could get as silver badge. Here is how Felicity got her badge. She


wrote to tell us about something she had done in his school and that


letter got her a Blue Peter badge. And now she has made this picture


and we think that this is worthy of a silver badge. She has no idea


that when she gets home, I will be inside her house to surprise her.


All we need to do it now is to wait. Hello, Felicity. I am not here to


teach you to play the piano! Do you recognise this? Tell us about it.


It was a drawing that I sent in. You already sent in a letter about


a competition that you one. But now that you have sent us this picture,


because it is so creative we think that it is a worthy of a silver


Blue Peter badge. How do you feel? Brilliant. Is it a shock to come


home and find me in the front room? Yes. Come to this side of the piano.


Well done. Great stuff. And here is Daisy's self portrait. Everyone is


getting creative today. Thank you for all your Postcomm up we love it.


And we have got tons of letters you have sent in. There has been e-


mails and questions about all kinds of things. People have been


wondering where the cats are. Well they live just outside of London so


it is difficult for them to come here every week. They have had a


great Somerset. Just last week they went to at Cat Show in Kent. So


they are still enjoying their lives as television personalities! We


will see them sown. Well now Ed Sheeran has got a piece of kit that


he uses in his live shows. Can you imagine being on Your Own and


sounding as if there is an entire band behind you? He is going to


show us just how he does it. Please welcome Ed Sheeran.


This is the bit I have been looking forward to. You have got a little


box called out -- called a loop station. You press record and then


you play a chord. And I also use the guitar-led to make a sound like


a drum. And then this is another note. And you layer the instruments


on top. I would love to have a go. Have a go at doing a bit of beat


boxing. That sounds pretty cool. I will double that up with my


guitar. Just say something into the microphone. # Oh-oh.


Now this gives you the opportunity to do a bit of rapping. RAPS.


That was brilliant. I think we should tell everyone what is coming


up on the show next week. Helen will be having tea with some very


fussy eating animals. One guy who is not fussy about eating anything


is Stefan Gates who were showers a very strange sight to everyday


foodstuffs. Now the moment I have been looking forward to. It is Ed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Sheeran, and with You Need Me, I HE SINGS. # Suffolk sadly seems to


sort of suffocate me. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # Does he write his own tune?


# Does he write his own verse? # Or need another wordsmith, to


make the tune sell? # Call yourself a singer-writer,


you're just bluffing. # Your name's on the credits and


you didn't write nothing. # I sing fast, I know that my


stuff's cool. # I will blast, and I didn't go to


Brit School. # I came fast with the way I act,


right? # I can't last, if I'm smoking on a


crack pipe. # I won't be a product of my genre.


# My mind will always be stronger than my songs are.


# Never believe what the fake guys feed to ya.


# Always read the stories that you hear in Wikipedia.


# And musically I'm demonstrating. # When I perform live, feels like I


am meditating. # Times at The Enterprise when some


fella filmed me. # A young singer-writer like


Gabriella Cilmi. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


you, at all. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


you. # You need me, man, I don't need


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


# You need me, man, I don't need you.


# You need me, man, I don't need you.


# You need me, man, I don't need you, at all.


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