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On today's sure why head to Liverpool FC where Andy Carroll and


another player have a bake-off. Who Hello unwelcome to the show. It is


good to see it. -- and welcome to the show. The boys are here to help


us with our bake-off by creating some really cool cakes, considering


they have never done it before. While we are talking about sports


personalities, weep -- can we say commiserations to the Wales team?


They got so close in the World Cup but did not make it. Unlucky, boys.


This is a sad-looking dog and that is because Helen is not here. She


is training for a very special project. We can talk to her. Hello.


I am supposed to be training in Iceland but we have fallen out with


the weather and we have been forced to come off the glacier. Will we


will attempt to go back on and Camp tonight. We will keep our fingers


crossed. To be honest, it is just as cold in Manchester! I do not


doubt that. I feel like I am a bit more exotic. That is probably the


wrong word, given that I have three layers of thermals on. You cannot


reveal what you are doing but it is a special project, isn't it? I am


learning some new skills, definitely jumping in at the depend.


The weather is getting in our way saw, at the minutes, I am learning


some Icelandic. Thank you for speaking to us.


after my dog! Someone needs to look after me as


well, actually. Look at this. As the presenter of Roar, she gets


right in the face of some weird and wonderful animals, sticks are met


out for giraffes and socialises with snails. -- sticks her neck out.


Brought in just to keep me out of trouble, everybody please welcome


Rani! He has come to greet me. How lovely! Have you ever met anyone as


scary as Barney before? Obviously, he got a bit scared off and ran


away from me. I do love pets and I am always surrounded by animals. We


went to see Bibi and Dixi. They live on a zoo. A law, I am Bibi.


And I am Dixi. -- hello, I am Bibi. At Our Zoo we have 18 different


types of animals. We have lemurs, wallabies, meerkats, Gibbons, a


camel and lots more. Basically, the whole house is made out of wood.


This is my room. My favourite thing about this room is my Chinese dolls.


They are my favourite things. This is my mum's puppet that we are


making. That's it. We get up early in the morning to help the keepers


with the animals. While all the children are eating their breakfast,


we are feeding the animals their breakfast. Each group of animals


can take at least half an hour to feed. We just fed the gold sand, as


you can see, they got really excited when they got their food.


There are six different keepers to look after the animals all year


round. They make sure the animals are well looked after. The most fun


task of the morning is exercising the pigs. They need exercise to


keep them healthy. One of our favourite animals is the meerkat.


We find them funny and acute. -- and cute. The park opens every day


at 10am. That means we have to go home. I have some questions from


Blue Peter. First, what is it like having lots of people walking


around your home every day? Well, when it is quite busy, we just get


used to it. But when it is quite small, we just have her usual day,


really. The next one is which is your favourite animal in his do? I


love them all equally. I cannot pick out a favourite. I have got a


few. It would probably be the Gibbons. The last one is how long


does it take to clean out one enclosure? It's it depends how big


it is. You have to pick up the Pru, which is quite a gross job. -- the


poo. A little one, I would say, takes about ten minutes. A big one


takes 15 or 20 minutes. When is to close his this is when we get to


help out with the final jobs of the day. We help the keeper's put all


the animals to bed. -- the keepers. We never get bored, there is always


something fun to do. Now all the animals are tucked up in bed it


means that we have to go back to the house and get back to all the


boring things, like our homework. We hope you have enjoyed seeing


what it is like to be me. And me! If I lived in as you I would love


with the monkeys. Not with the pigs? How dare you?! You will have


recently seen a bake-off between four CBBC legends. Ed and Naomi


made some that will suit cake -- made tomato soup cake. We want to


let everyone know that they get involved -- they can get involved.


We set a challenge to two guys who are far more at home on the pitch


than in the kitchen. 18 league titles, five European Cups and


seven FA Cups. It is the most successful British football team of


all time. Liverpool Football Club, which is the flip -- the location


for our next Blue Peter bake-off. Here at the training ground, two


top footballers have decided to help us with our Bake a Difference


appeal for Children in Need. You might think that they face a rough


time on the pitch, but nor, it is today in the kitchen that they face


their toughest challenge. Andy Carroll is the most expensive


British footballer Trevor. In the away kitchenette is Charlie Adams.


He is a midfielder for Liverpool and Scotland. He was nominated for


players' player of the year in 2011. The prizes this - the Blue Peter


bake-off Golden Globes. Who will make their way to victory? We have


got Andy Carroll and Charlie Adams. It is very simple. You are going to


be making an afternoon tea classic - a Victoria sponge. You are then


going to decorate it in some kind of football theme. It has to be


impressive, original and has to have an element of Children in Need.


The winner will be going away with the gold and oven gloves. Your time


starts now. -- the Golden oven I have not decided what colour I am


going to make it yet. I will stick it in the 10, put it in the oven


and see what happens. Charlie is showing a real flair for it. Andy


is using a different approach - just chucking everything in a ball


and holding it turns out as a cake. -- a bowl. That is 15 minutes and


it is time to get your kicks in the oven. Are you ready? -- your cakes.


Don't forget that Victoria sponge has icing and jam in it. That is


what you are making next. I have come to have a look at the cakes.


This one at the top is looking burnt. They are burning. It is hot


in here. You have definitely done this before, Charlie. Honestly, I


have never. You have the same amount of time left to get them


decorated, get the icing on it. don't think his looks as good as


mine. It is what it tastes like that counts. You will get a round


of applause if this goes without a hitch. 1, 2, 3. Come on, Charlie,


concentrate! I think we have to have an action replay of that one!


Yes, that is how you make a cake. A bit of an issue over here. I am not


happy with this. You may have it a little too much icing in it. It can


still be saved. I think there is too much jam. You had things to


decorate with so you may be able to decorate it and cover it. Not bad


Come on! Look at that for precision. Now that they both have sponges, it


is time to talk about decoration. Charlie decided to make a football


pitch, together with its very own Andy Carroll. We have it flattened


out and rolled out. One question - has it stuck to the chopping board?


I do not think so. That is where Pudsey's going to sit, I think.


What is this? I think it is a seat for Pudsey to sit on. I am happy


with that. There you go - Pudsey Bear. This is supposed to be used


in small doses. Andy Carroll has gone in and taking a big wedge of


Despite a few setbacks, Andy's orange Pudsey is taking shape.


Charlie is adding to his football pitch. How is it compared to when


you started? I think I was a bit nervous at the beginning and did


not know what I was doing. Now I have got into wit. I think I am


little Andy Carroll to go on top of his football pitch. You have four


minutes. He is using little tiny looking at Charlie's. It is all


about taste at the end. I think mine will taste better than


Charlie's. It would mean a lot to win the Golden gloves. When I go


home I will need to start cooking. Shehzad Tanweer cakes here. --


There are two cakes here. Andy and Charlie's cakes are in


safe hands for being judged. It is the moment you have both been


waiting for still -- waiting for. You'd do not know who has baked


which cake. How did it taste? was all right. Not overly keen on


Charlie's cake. That tastes better. That wings in presentation, that


wins for at the taste. We now need to pick one winner.


That one. Anything you would like to say to Charlie? I have got the


gloves to prove it! The butter icing fell out. I will be back!


am over the moon. The presentation it is not the best but it is all


about the taste. Pepe Reina definitely said that it tasted


unbelievable. It is not every day that you see Professional


Footballers' baking cakes but they are showing you how easy it is to


get involved with the appeal this year. Everything you need to know


he's on our website. Take a look at our information on how to run at


bake sale. Our business guru shows you how to run a successful bake


sale. And then for inspiration and why not turn to the recipe of Gary


Lineker? And then of course you need to sell it so how are you


going to market your bake sale? We can help with that. There is a


poster that you can download for the location and the date. So get


started. You have to decide what you're going to bake. It could be


anything you like. Then e-mail us and let us know how many you plan


to bake and we will put that on to the have Totaliser. You have


already been e-mailing in. One pair sold over 100 biscuits and cakes.


Sally and Emma raised �58 with a bake sale outside their house.


and these girls raised a lot of money selling flapjacks. Keep those


coming in and we will add them to the Totaliser add the end of the


show. Next, we all love a good book and probably many of us have read a


Jaqueline Wilson story or seen in an adaptation of one of her books


on the television. So when we were invited to a sneak preview of an


exhibition, we could not resist. And to a better to show us around a


than the lady herself? I am Jacqueline Wilson. We're here at a


special exhibition. It is all about me. Luckily for us, Jacqueline has


agreed to give us an exclusive look. Gold badge to win their Jaqueline


Wilson is a multi- award-winning author. She is loved by millions of


fans all around the world. She is so popular that in the UK at


Jacqueline Wilson book is sold every 30 seconds. But her love for


writing began at a young age. This is an exact replica of my


childhood bedroom. It is strange to be here. These are my favourite


books. I just had one shelf of books but I read them again and


again. These are some of the childhood stories that I wrote.


This I called and novel, but it is only 20 pages long. It is called,


meet the maggots. When I was 17 I got the chance to work on an new


teenage magazine which eventually was called Jackie and they said


that it was called it after me. It was ages before I started to be


successful. I wonder if you can guess which book actually made my


name? I saw some photographs in my local newspaper about children in a


home desperate to be fostered and I thought it would make a good idea


for as story. I do not want any of Europe stinking deep! And he is not


my dad. I always remember this silly way that I got the name


Tracey. I was thinking about it one morning and knew that I wanted to


call my girl Tracey, but what kind of surname would she have? I looked


around my bathroom, should I call her Tracey to have brushed? The


ideas got more and more easily. Then I washed my hair. And I do not


have a shower attachment. I just used a beaker. And then I looked at


it and suddenly thought, Tracy beaker.


Jacqueline's writing is just half the story. Her books are brought to


life by the illustrations. Nick and I have been great friends were the


last 20 years since we first started to work together. I love


these photographs of Nick as a little boy. And already doing


wonderful illustrations when he was only about six. I usually write


modern stories sold it is a challenge to write as the little


Victorian girl. I had to be careful about all my Victorian facts. So I


did a lot of research. Here are some of its Victorian books that I


consulted was to up Jacqueline is not the only one who likes to write.


She gets up to 200 fan letters each day. Sometimes people say such


wonderful, touching things about sad circumstances in their own life


and perhaps one of my books has helped them. That means the world


to me. This is a replica of my writing room where I write all my


stories now. That is my lovely little cat, Jacob. The next time


you read one of my books you can just picture how we first got


started. Straight after breakfast, with a notebook and a pen, lying


back. It is a lovely life being a writer.


I love Jacqueline Wilson! If you want to go to see the exhibition it


is open now and if you are a Blue Peter badge holder at you can get


in for free. Now back to business. After your pledges have all been


sent in, we now know that the Totaliser total stands at... 14,711.


That is amazing. That is brilliant. I have had the look at the online


cookbook. And the recipe from Alesha Dixon looks great. Speaking


of Alesha Dixon, are you a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, or X Factor?


Next week we have grown -- run Erne Park from Britain's Got Talent on


the show. You could e-mail us with your questions and could even get


the chance to ask them live on the show. Next week Ed sheen and it is


going to be here in studio to perform one of my favourite tracks.


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