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Today, we spring a big surprise on a man who has brought some of our


favourite characters to life. Stand by as we go gastro-nutty as


experimental chef Stefan Gates supports this year's Blue Peter


On guard. The reason I'm dressed like is because there is a new film


out this week called The Three Musketeers. It's full of action,


thrills and spills, stunts, Orlando Bloom is in it, James Corden is in.


There is comedy. This plastic sword is a joke. Brace yourself. We know


you learnt your skills on the set of The Three Musketeers. In this


studio, right here, right now, you have met your match. You were meant


to catch that. Let's see how I got on on the red carpet. It might look


look I'm in France I'm at a film premier for The Three Musketeers. I


will escort Freddy Fox down the red carpet. Every King needs a


bodyguard. That is where these guys Guys, can we slow it down a second.


Some of us have to learn skills to protect the King. The musketeers


were created by the King of France at the beginning of the 17th


century. They acted as the King's personal guards. The legend has


been brought bang up-to-date with the release of this new film much I


will meet Freddy very soon. How are you? First, I need to learn how to


This isn't called a sword. This is the weapon of the musketeer. Other


than being honourable what makes a good musketeer? Excellent sword


work. At all cost protect the King. And and look good while you do it,


if if you can. You lay-down the challenge, I accept. Excellent.


lesson starts off pretty well. I'm learning good skills and feeling


confident. That's it. When it comes to being a musketeer I think I'm


half way. There look at these guys, girlie hair and leather. I have


curly hair. I've got the leather. I need practice with this sword.


Where is some competition? As always, I spoke too soon. I think


I've taught you all I can for today. We u need prove your self-. It's


time to see if I can cut it as a movie musketeer. Here they come.


They are dressed in black. They are the bad guys. Look at them staring


me out. Without a sword. You won't always have a sword to protect the


King. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm nervous. I will try and get


your sword. OK. Well done. As if one isn't enough, now, I have to


APPLAUSE It has to be embarrassing for them,


hasn't it? Three boys, one girl. The men head off in a sulk. There


is good news for me. Job done. You are a fully qualified musketeer.


Are you confident the King will be OK? I'm confident the King is in


safe hands. Thank you, no-one needs to worry about the King. Have fun.


I've mastered the art of being a musketeer and feel ready to meet


Freddy Fox. Brawling with the Cardinal's guards, very bad. He is


talking to the press about the movie. I feel it's my job to save


him from the boring interviews. costume... I'm here to protect you.


I'm not sure I'm happy about this. That means all journalists out.


That's the door over there. don't I have one of those. Build me


one. You are backed into a corner. Right. I'm the King I can say,


"stop it" Yeah., "stop". I'm your servant. Gotcha. The benefits of


being a King. In the film you act if if you are not on guard, but you


are? Maybe that is the truth. You have to be when have you the


Cardinal and Buckingham, roch fort and M'lady. Finish them off.


give me from saying this, D'Artagnan, you look a little under


dressed. You seem object cress sesed with fashion, is that


important to you? Very. In real- life and in the film? You look


dapper. Definitely. You have beaten me hands down. In the film big


names. Yeah. Who was run to work alongside? James Corden was fun.


Sorry, sirs. He carries the bags. He is the bagman. What are you?


Complete and utter waste of space, sir. And. I will see you on the red


carpet. I'll blend in, watching your back. Back at the film's


opening the crowds are gathering. I make sure the area is safe. Let the


premier begin. Take That, everyone! As the stars arrive, I take the


chance to speak to my fellow musketeers. Matthew Macfadyen plays


Athos? Did it take you a long time to learn the fight scenes? Yes, it


took a month. You practice and practice the moves over and over


again and get them faster and faster and faster. Ray Stephenson


is Porthos. How hard was it to learn the skills? You have a short


career if you don't learn the skills. Luke Evans is Aramis. The


only thing you miss in your gang is a a woman. I keep guard. It's not


long until the King arrives. He has arrived in one piece on the red


carpet. How are you feeling after your encounter? I feel better


trained. I feel better prepared. I feel better protected. That is


exactly what I wanted to hear. From one King to another. Orlando Bloom


plays the fashion conscious King of England. Love the outfit. Very


retro. We were wearing those in London, when was it, last year or


the year before? Hello Blue Peter. How are you? I'm good. You have


your badge on. How can you not notice the out fit and go for the


badge? The badge counts. How can anyone compete with my bloomers?


have learnt lessons should I need to protect a King again. You have


to be honourable, skilful and determined. Other thing I've learnt.


If you want to attract the attention of movie stars wear a big


hat. Good advice that right there. Always wear a large hat. That was a


lesson on how to be a movie start star by Orlando Bloom becharming.


He said if he picked the muss MissS I could be one. Sometimes we have


special guests on the show. Sometimes it's the guest that do


something special that we think should be noticed. Tony Ross is a


well-known illustrator. He brought some of your favourite chashs to


life over the years including Little Princess and Horrid Henry.


love Horrid Henry. He would fit in with the musketeers dressed like


that. Only if I was there to protect him. I can't speak I'm


thinking of Orlando Bloom. Let's find out what happened when we gave


something special to Tony Ross. heard he was going to be at this


school outside Birmingham along with Francesca Simon author of


Horrid Henry. I have to make sure he doesn't see me as I try to


So, here I am hiding in the headmasters office, along with the


Horrid Henry costume, which I will put on. He has no idea what's about


to happen. Normally, when you go to the headmasters office it's for a


different reason. Tony and Francesca have started on the


screen. She was awarded her Gold badge in 2010. She knows all about


it today. The children and Tony don't have a clue. I have to put my


head on and wait for my cue. Here Here we go! I'm very pleased to


introduce to you a very special visitor.


# It's not easy being me # Wash your face and brush your


hair... # Now, I'm here for a very special


reason. The last time Tony and I were together Tony turned to me and


said, "when I I get my gold Blue Peter badge" I said, "you have to


earn it"? You said. That I've never earnt anything in my life. Do you


think he's earnt it now? YES! second, Tony, it gives me great


pleasure for delighting audiences all over the place and for being a


great friend to Blue Peter that is your very own gold Blue Peter badge.


Wow! He is such a lovely guy.


talented. I love him more for the fact he went rock star at the end


and went, "thank you" A very special man with a very special


badge. Time to tell you about the Blue Peter appeal Bake A Difference.


Lots of people have been helping us to help with children in need.


Stefan Gates has got on board from Gastronuts. He took ordinary


ingredients and turned them into an extraordinary event. I have been


reading his joke book. I'm Stefan Gates I love cooking. I'm obsessed


with the wild side of food, not only how it tastes but


experimenting with it and pushing the boundaries of what food can do.


Now, I'm on a mission to expose the extreme side of one of the most


popular baked goods of all, the sweet, humble cupcake. Over the


last few years, cupcakes have exploded in popularity. They are


worth a fortune. The cupcake industry is worth over �26 million


and billions worldwide. I will show you that the ingredients used in


cupcakes can be bizarre, super strong, highly reactive and down


right dangerous. You'll never look at a cupcake in the same way again.


First up, the icing. It starts off like, this nice, clean and white.


What goes into it to turn it pink. Natural food colouring. It's so


strong you need a tiny little bit to turn this whole pot of icing


bright pink. Let's take the water out of the colouring and see what


is left. It's a powder. It's hair. Let's take a closer look at her.


You can see that she's an insect. She lives on cactus leaves in South


America. They dry them out in the heat of the sun. The legs get


knocked off. You take these bugs and you put them in a pot and grind


them up. You get this dark, almost rust-coloured powder. What that is


is the blood. When you add a little bit of water that red blood turns


into a bright pink food dye. Mix that, together with some icing, and


that is insect blood pink. We put that on our cupcakes and we eat


Have a look around your food car but -- your food cupboard. If you


spot cochineal, you have been eating cochineal bugs. Next, eggs,


the most extraordinary ingredient in the cupcake. That is the real


problem with eggs. When I bring things home from the shops, I am


worried if they have smashed. In some ways, they are incredibly


strong as well. The strength is in the shells. This as an experiment


you can try at home if your parents give you permission and if you do


it over the sink with protective gear. Take your eggs so it is


upright, and squeeze, and squeezed harder, and as hard as you can! You


probably don't believe me but that was me squeezing as hard as I


possibly could. But the eggshell is not breaking. The reason is, these


have an amazing design. This stone shape means that all of the


pressure in between my fingers is spread across the entirety of the


egg -- dome shape. I want to do an experiment find out how much weight


eggs can take. Here I have a couple of trays of eggs. I am going to put


a heavy weight on them. Let's start with a brick. I will lay it down


gently. The eggs will support the weight of a brick. Not bad. Let's


upscale bliss. I have -- upscale this. I have a large piece of a


house. It probably weighs about half the weight of me. I am going


to drop it very gently onto the eggs. But I think most of them have


survived, let's have a quick look. Yes! Can be eggs take a fully grown


Stefan? Here we go. I can feel one Oh, my word! The eggs have taken my


entire weight! Can they take the weight of the large bit of building,


weight of the large bit of building, and me? I have never put this much


weight on eggs before. Here goes. One of them so went but just then!


That is amazing. There is only so much an egg can do. If you think


that is amazing, wait until you see what my next extraordinary


ingredient can do. Bicarbonate of soda. It is a strange white powder.


Look at that. This stuff is put into your cake to help it rise,


because it leads off a gas when it is cooked. It sounds a bit weird,


so I will show you what happens. This is an old fashioned 35


millimetre film canister. I am going to put a little bit of lemon


juice inside of it. About a centimetre. Take one piece of


toilet paper, put it over the canister, so it goes down, but not


canister, so it goes down, but not as far as the lemon juice. Take a


teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Stick it in the top. Put the lid


And then, I'm going to turn it over, so that the bicarbonate of soda


mixes with the lemon juice. See mixes with the lemon juice. See


what happens. A little pop. What is what happens. A little pop. What is


happening here is the lemon juice is reacting with the bicarbonate of


is reacting with the bicarbonate of soda, and releasing carbon dioxide.


It is exactly the same thing that happens in your cakes. If we can


make a film canister pop, I wonder if I can do the same thing on a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Next time, I will be taking it one step further, with icing sugar and


flour. Believe me, it will be In case you are wondering if eggs


really are that strong, we have them here and I really am squeezing


that as hard as I can. I thought I was strong! These are real eggs, by


I can't complain, look at him! It I can't complain, look at him! It


you are inspired to get baking, you We both said, I want to try that.


We are hoping when you see some people having a bake sale, you will


say, I want to try that. If you do, you will be raising money for this


year's appeal and supporting Children In Need. You are a good


sport! For this year's appeal, we are teaming up with Children In


Need to help provide money for children living with chronic


illnesses in the UK. Loads of you from across the country have been


getting involved. We went to this school near our new home in Salford,


where preparation for the Bake A Difference bake sale are in full


swing. We are baking cakes for Children In Need, because we need


to Bake A Difference. We have 24 cakes with different flavours.


made chocolate and strawberry flavoured capes. We are doing it so


children can have a better future. Save some of those for me! I wonder


how many cakes they will add to the totaliser. We made 433 cakes in 15


If you want to Bake A Difference for Children In Need, you will find


all the information on the Blue Peter website. Go on, Bake A


Watching that makes me smile, and hopefully it will make you want to


have a bake sale. Sorry about the egg thing. That is quite all right.


Get yourself a mixing bowl and bake some stuff for us. It doesn't have


to be eggs, you can bake anything. Sell it at your bake sale and make


some money for Children In Need. Pizzas, sausage rolls, if you can


bake it, you can sell it and make money for the appeal. I am sorry.


He is never going to have an omelette again! Next week, the


Liverpool football stars will be swapping a kicking for cooking as


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