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Today, we'll be taking you backstage at the coolest music


awards ceremony - the MOBOs. And we'll be seeing if Helen is


funny enough to get into the CBBC Hello! What do you call two


robbers? I don't know. A pair of knickers. What do call a man in a


paper suit? Don't know. Russell. It wasn't that bad. If you want some


really funny jokes, I want to show you where you can go to get them.


Over 180,000 of you have already played this game on the CBBC


website, it's called Crack-A-Joke. The game works like this. You can


choose your favourite presenter, and then YOU decide what type of


jokes you want them to tell. After the CBBC star has told the joke,


its up to YOU to decide how funny the joke was. If you thought the


joke was rubbish, then you can pelt the presenter with rotten tomatoes


or custards pies! But if it made you laugh, you can throw roses.


Everyone is in the game but I am not allowed to be, and that is not


fair. You are not fully. At the moment, the powers that be have


decided that I am not funny enough to be a character in the game but I


am determined to get in! Over the next few weeks I am going to prove


to you that I can be funny too! And to do that I've enlisted some


expert help, please welcome funny man, James Campbell. Hello, James.


Welcome to the show. I am going to need your help, OK? Already I can


see there is a lot of work to be done here. Harsh, but probably true.


What types of jokes get the biggest laughs? I don't know, I try to do


jokes talking about me or life. If we are going to do joke jokes, we


can do that. What do you call someone who really likes balloons?


A balloonatic! For it is there a secret recipe for success? I think


as long as it is true. Anybody can learn how to tell a joke - anybody


except Holland. I like this guy. your guru, I think we should start


looking at embarrassing things you have done in your life. I have


plenty of them. I will help you find some funny stories. I think


you will be wonderful. You're a television presenter, you can hold


an audience. You can tell some funny stories about what you have


done, couldn't you? Are want to be in the game, but telling jokes is


not something I am comfortable with doing. But I want to learn, can I


learn? I think you can learn to be funny. If you are not comfortable


with doing it, you should do it and then we will find out. I am doing


my one-man show, doing a tour in October and I am going to Reading,


Leamington Spa, all sorts of exciting places, but on the


Saturday I am going to Dulwich. It is a new festival for children. How


about you come and do a five-minute open spot in my show? We can find


out if you are funny and I will give you some coaching. We will


turn you into a fully lady. Helen is going to get onto a stage


and do the hardest thing in the world, make somebody laugh. There


will only be about 500 people, children. This gets better for


start I am in physical pain at the thought of that. You have seen me


audition for singing, I can't do that kind of thing. This is


different. I am going to take the challenge because I want to get


into that game but I need your help. So send us an email and tell us


what makes you laugh and what you find funny. We can do a little


workshop before the show. When I work with children, I get them to


tell their stories, and I find everyone has a funny story. You


must have a funny story about your dog. For any accidents? Also you


have done some wonderful sporting things, you must have had some


embarrassing moments, things that have gone wrong. This is going to


be some good television. Last week I went to the coolest music awards


ceremony around - the MOBOs. Friend of the show Jessie J swept the


board with a massive four awards. Professor Green showed me around


backstage, and they have a catering van. Trust you to focus on the


catering! I heard one of the coolest McLees, this is awesome.


This is the MOBOs 2011. The Music Of Black Origin Awards is the


largest urban American award ceremony. It is a major event in


the international music Callander. Over the last 16 years, 250 awards


have been given out, and 500 that have performed. This year, we get


to go behind the scenes to find out what it is like to perform at the


MOBOs 2011. With over 500 people working behind the scenes, this is


an event worthy of international acclaim, and who better to lift the


lid on what goes on behind stage than the legend professor Green?


After winning the award in 2010, he is one of the UK's biggest rap


artists. He has sold over 500,000 singles and has a string of awards


under his belt. He has invited Blue Peter to hang out in his dressing


room. This man is employed to sit and look chilled, it is a bit like


when your grandmother get the dog. Your rise to fame has been rapid.


Even though you have the talent to get there, you didn't always know


that, did you? I was 18, which is quite a late start. Some people


have had their first album out by then. My friends had been making


music since they were 13. I got put on the spot, and everybody told me


I was good at wrapping. I just started messing around with it from


there. If we were to give you some words or props, could you make


something of about them? If I don't know about that. What time is it?


10 o'clock in the morning. See what you pull-out. That is me. Barney.


Yes. It's 10 o'clock in the morning so what are my rhyming for? Stood


here next to Barney, the dinosaur. I wear a lot so I make sure the


ground I stand on his tough. This isn't quite Michael Jackson's bluff.


Let's say we have a nine-year-old watching, wants to do your job,


they think they can do it. What would you say to get them going?


Practice makes perfect. You can always find new things to do with


words. It is all about syllables, cue mirth, think outside the box.


You are going to rehearse, so can we see you in action? We have got a


massive stage. It is a massive room - do you feel daunted? I would hate


not to feel nervous, I like feeling edgy, I like the adrenalin. We will


let you get back to rehearsals. Thank you for your time. Don't get


nervous. Now they are telling the lighting men to get ready. There


are three separate desks that control nearly 500 lights. Here


they go. That may look like it is


controlling the space centre, but they are not controlling rockets,


they are controlling the sound and lights. That is it, rehearsal done.


How are you feeling? Really good. As long as I don't walk into the


cameraman, we will be all right. Thank you. We will see you on the


red carpet. The big night is finally here and we have a prime


spot on the red carpet to do some celebrity spotting. I sat and


watched the MOBOs by myself last year and nobody knew who I was. I


have been nominated five times since then, performing, doing the


red carpet. Dreams come true. fans are still loving me so it is


nice to know. Every time I come on the red carpet it is excitement,


flashing lights, the cameras. A let's leave the last word to


Professor Green. I have got to pull it out of the bag tonight, haven't


I? A little bit nervous but you Coming soon to Blue Peter - Premier


League football has swap kicking for cooking for this year's Blue


Peter appeal. That was such a cool night. When you have people


performing live in front of you, the hairs on your back of your neck


stand up. I just loved chipmunk, he was always excited. Anyway, let's


get back to the Blue Peter appeal. Bake A Difference really can make a


difference. Remember, the more items we have pledged on our


totaliser the more money we can raise to help Children in Need.


have been meeting a lot of cake, haven't you? I have, I look like a


Victoria sponge. Later on, we will be seeing how the appeal is going,


but now this is why you should get involved.


Hello, I am Morley. I am nine years old. I live with my parents, my two


sisters and my little brother. Although it doesn't always show on


the outside, Molly has chronic arthritis and is in a lot of pain.


Arthritis usually makes us think of old people, but Morley got this


disease at just eight years old. The part of my body in pain are my


fingers, my ankles, my toes, my wrists, sometimes my shoulders.


Sometimes I have to sit out and I feel like it is not fair. It is


hard to do my buttons up because my fingers can't bend very well.


For when Molly found out that she had arthritis, she was in so much


pain that she had to be carried to school and she was limping. She did


not know what was happening and she found it really scary. I thought it


could not be that bad, but when we saw the doctor and they told us


that I had arthritis, I was quite surprised. Then I had to stop the


medication. As well as regular hospital visits and daily


medication, Molly needs two injections every week. Although


they ease the pain, she really does but like it. I usually get quite


anxious before. It makes it worse because I am more tense. It goes


into the muscle and its sting sometimes. Afterwards, my mum and


died usually cry about it. -- and five usually cry. If all their


writing and typing can be painful, if Molly is now in touch with other


children with the same condition, and that is thanks to a charity


that is funded by Children In Need. Normally when the children are at


school they have to sit out of the fun activities. But here the


activities are planned and carefully supervised so that they


do not have to sit out of fun things like this. He I am getting


The weekend is a chance for children with arthritis to come


away with their families and have fun with people that know exactly


I can fly! You are good mates now because you have met through this


event. Yes, we email each other every week to see how we are doing.


Where I was going to have injections, Molly had had them


before so she knew what it was. important is it to have days like


this? And its call everybody is different to you and they can do


things that you cannot do. -- at school. But here everybody has


limits on what they can do. Chronic arthritis affects joints and organs


inside the body so it is not always obvious to see how somebody is


suffering. That is why it is great that these days exist and people


can share their experiences to forget the pain that they feel.


This is why baking for Children In Need can make such a difference to


children like Molly and her friends. Let's get baking. And a huge thank-


you to the guys that made that very special weekend. Did I hear you


shouting that you wanted to get one of them? You did not look graceful


but Molly looked like think about! The more items that you bake and


sell, the more successful this appeal will be. Make sure you tell


us what you pledge to bake at your bake sale when you e-mail us. We


will add it to the totaliser. go to the totaliser now! I am


breaking the set! Sorry. Lots of you have told us what you are doing.


And Sir -- we have heard from somebody baking six gingerbread men,


six Victoria sponge cakes, and lots of flapjacks. She made �117 last


You are going to make four cupcakes, 16 be six and 12 -- 16 biscuits and


12 muffins. You are going to eat two cupcakes but that is OK because


he will take the money to the back straight away. And you are going to


make 16 fruity bars. You like that one, don't you? I like the way that


you say it! It should be in your stand-up routine. I'll have that


and as they are having the sale outside their house. -- Oliver and


jazz men are having a sale. They are going to put up posters to


advertise. Advertising is important. The gap advertise here on national


television! Alison is going to bake 120 cakes. 400 cupcakes will be


bake by so Rena. 400! That totaliser must be creeping closer


to the sky. Last week it was 1700. Shall we look? What is our


totaliser are currently standing That has gone up by about 6000 in


one week. That is amazing. Thank you so much. The more items that


you pledge to bake, the more money we can raise. Please send us


photographs of you having your bake sale. If you want to make a


successful bake sale to raise money, then we have some top tips from our


business guru Saira Khan. Holding a bake sale is like a business. It is


all about making money, whether you do it alone will get together with


others. This is what you need to run a successful bake sale.


Successful business people need to identify their target market. You


need to pick the right location to set-up your stall. Marketing is


next. Advertise your bake sale in advance. Tan your family and


friends about it. -- tell your family. Send out invitations, e-


mails and texts. Think about your product. What can you sell? You can


bake whatever you like, pizza or cupcakes. It does not have to be


complicated but get creative. You need to get your recipe,


ingredients and baking equipment. When you have got all of that,


To set up stall you will need a table and some staff to decorate.


Getting to collect the money. Some small change and some kitchen


towels. On sale day, presentation is key. You have to be creative


with your stall because the better it looks, the more customers you


get, and that means more money. Don't forget to include dietary


notices. How you price the cakes is important. It is best to put the


prices in round numbers. You are ready to hold your Blue Peter bake


sale. It is time to sell, sell, sell. I said sell, not eat your


If you want to run a bake sale and make a difference for Children In


Need, then you can find all of the information on the Blue Peter


website. Go on, Bake A Difference. You heard what she said! You will


have fun and you will get to eat cake, which we like, and help


children around the country. I like cake! Tomorrow I am going to show


you my sword fighting skills before taking to the red carpet with


Orlando bloom. You have got that down! Stefan Gates will do anything


with food to entertain. He is standing on real eggs! He will do


something explosive. I cannot wait to see that. It is all in aid of


our Blue Peter appeal, Bake A Difference. Explosive, I need to be


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