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Today's show is dedicated to the best new films and music, with spy


movie Johnny English. High School Rob Flett Lemonade Mouth, and a


performance from Mobil nominated On today's show, we are bringing


you everything you need to see that his film and music to keep you


entertained. Hands up if you like gadgets. Hands up if you like to


have a laugh. You do? Well, you're going to love the new Rowan


Atkinson film Johnny English Reborn. He is basically a spy who is not


very good but he is very funny and clever. I cannot help it, I do that


when I talk. We have gone behind the scenes. Sometimes you get to go


and have a little look around, but we did a lot better than that. By


dawn to talk to the main man and I went right to the top to meet the


head designer of gadgets, who taught me how to make a great gizmo.


He knows no fear, he knows no danger. He knows nothing. Johnny


English is back. Ridiculous but fearless. He is the most unlikely


agent in her Majesty's Secret Service. Work hard, play hard.


this unusual spy, disaster may be an option but failure never is.


When are we on security? English? Give me 24 hours.


Luckily for Johnny, he has some high-tech gadgets. Including a


voice-activated Rolls-Royce. A pen that turns into razor wire, and the


camera that fire starts. -- a camera that fires darts. I have


been given exclusive access to find out exactly how they bring the


gadgets to life. First up, I chat to all for Parker, the director.


This is Mi seven, their technical Lab. Johnny has come to collect the


gadgets that he needs for his mission and he is pressing buttons


that he should not, in typical style. That is how it turns out on


the cinema screen, but this is how they actually made it work. The


laptop fires a CD along something wires. At the moment the CD reaches


the dummy, a technician activates an air canister that blows off its


head, so it looks like the C D did it. It is very simple. We took out


the CD drive. We put in an air cannon. So if somebody is annoying


me to my right, I just think, you know what, shut up! It comes out


faster than you imagine. It really goes for it. Next stop, the art


director. Dominic is an expert in designing the coolest gadgets. Was


there anything in the script that you thought, I cannot wait to


create that? The bow tie it bolt cutters, for cutting wire fences.


The production designer will sketch how he thinks the gadget should


look and then the special-effects people will take it on. What is


that? That is just a torch. Some of the gadgets require special effects,


just like that. But others are surprisingly low-tech. Rowan


Atkinson has to act with all kinds of spy accessories, and in this


scene, he tries out one of his favourites. I did not think there


would be so many sweet treats. There seemed to be a lot. Semtex


chewing-gum. This one, which is my favourite, voice changing trouble


lozenges. You take one out and put it in your mouth, and then suddenly,


it is extraordinary. Your voice changes. I hope it works with you.


It might go the other way. definitely remember these.


never know when they might come in handy for your voice changing needs.


Voice changing travel lodges. -- travel lozenges. This has made me


want to have a go at designing gadgets. Jim overseas how


everything in the film looks, so he is just the man to put my designing


skills to the test. I have had a look at the set and it looks


brilliant. I cannot act. Is there any chance I could be a designer?


Absolutely. Have a look at page 94. There is a device contained in the


script, can you design that device? Thank you, Jim. It looks like I've


got some reading to do. "He takes a pen from his belt and four blade


snapped open." Time to get designing. It is a pen with four


blades and a red flashing light, and a wire. I don't know. I haven't


thought about this. I have just drawn it. I need to start again,


This time, I'm using just about At least my drawing apparatus has


helped me to focus. That is the main thing. Click, fire, goal. Let


us see what Jim thinks. It is a little the rough, but I think the


idea is there. That was my basic pen. And then when you click the


end, the blades come out. And that fires forwards. Is that full-size?


No. I think it is great. That is interestingly enough, fairly close


to what we did. Is it? It is. The grapple look comes out like this,


and then there is another one at the end, and this goes up his


sleeve. This fires the thing out of the end. That looks really cool.


Mind does not look back cool. should say at the end and Tucson to


the top of the building. -- this shoots out of the end and books on


to the top of the building. Up we go. Are you sure that is be a


sender? I would know it anywhere. Agent in distress, agent in


distress! ALARM sounds. Agent in distress, agent in


distress! I am over here! Thank you for telling me more about that. I


will let you keep my design. I will put it on the wall. I am not saying


that being an actor or an actress is no fun, but it strikes me that


there are plenty more exciting roles to play in the movie business,


especially if you're working on something as action-packed as


Johnny English Reborn. It looks like there are a few lozenges


missing? Was at you, Barney? He sounds the same. What about you?


Don't Look at me, I didn't have any. Head over to a website after the


show to see more hi-tech gadgets. I get to try out something before it


goes into the film. It is fast and fun. What are you doing? I would


like to thank all the people who have been checking out the message


boards. If you were in charge, what gadgets were to create? Coral says


"I would invent a gadget that can send me anywhere in the world and


back again." Sapphire says she would invent a gadget that would


turn her -- turn her invisible. Orange shy parakeets says: "I would


like a laser and a new piece to communicate with other Spies, and a


video camera necklace." Finally, Lennon crazy Kamal says that he or


she would invent a portal to another dimension. If the transport


yourself to the red carpet of a film premiere, you might bump into


the stars of our next film. Disney have brought out a film called


Lemonade Mouth and when they're a Lister's editor London, I was the


tour guide for a day. This being Blue Peter, we added a challenge.


London, home to nearly 8 million people. Hundreds of famous


attractions and loads of tourists. Not surprising that the city


receives over 20 million visitors every year. Today is the


destination for three more visitors. Hayley... Brigitte... And Adam.


They are the stars of Disney's latest hit TV movie, Lemonade Mouth.


Lemonade Mouth is a band formed when these guys met in school


detention. Instead of doing their punishment, they messed around with


instruments and discovered that they find it good when they played


together. -- they sounded good. They have been hard at work


promoting their new movie. Meeting their fans and performing on live


television. I have arranged a special tour to show them off on


time during their visit, and help them kickback. But this will not be


a traditional sightseeing tour. On board their private tour bus, I


have left them a surprise. Helen here. I hope you are enjoying the


bus. This is going to be your exclusive tour of the capital city.


I have done a little bit of research and found out something


about each of you. I am hoping that I have got three farm things lined


up and you will have a good day. All will become clear. For now, sit


back, and enjoy the bus. I'm in. Time to roll, bus driver, and the


first destination is for the lead singer. They're playing our song on


the radio! Olivia is shy about performing at first but with


support from her friends, she soon shows off her incredible voice on


stage. Bridget, as the lead singer, you're a bit of a legend. I'm going


to give you the chance to prove yourself. I've got a singing


challenge for you. It is not going to be easy. Adam and Hayley are


going to pick the songs so you will not have any time to practise.


What? I think you can do it. Good luck. Karaoke is a true test of a


singing voice and without any rehearsal, how will Bridget sound?


The guys have come to one of the top Karaoke venues in London, where


even Prince Harry has been spotted. Let us see what tracks APEC. I love


this one. Are you ready? I was born ready. Tate it away, Bridget.


I've got chills, they are multiplying.


# And then losing control. # Cost the power you are supplying.


# It's a leks -- it's electrifying. # You're the one I want, you are


the one I want, sorry, I couldn't resist. One of the best-selling


singles of all time. Poker face by Lady Gaga.


# He can read my poker face. # Poker face, Bridget clearly


demonstrating her skills with the mike. I want to know what her


secrets are for eight top singing voice. I think it is important that


you do not strain your voice. Also, warm-up and stay hydrated. That was


awesome. Thank you for being my back-up singers. Next up, at him.


The band was originally called Wen. He is the keyboard player and


rapper. I know that you like your head of dancing. I have lined up a


special treat for you. -- hip hop dancing. Grab your dancing shoes


and get going. Enjoy. Let's get I have sent them to the world


famous Pineapple Dance Studios. Many celebrities come here to


practise their incredible dance routines. It looks like the visit


has not gone unnoticed by a few fans. Up to 200 fans crassest of


different styles are taught here every week. Choreographer Roland is


teaching contemporary hip-hop today. He will try to teach one of the


signature moves from his routine for Adam to learn in just a few


minutes. Let us see Adam's moves. Are you ready? Let's do it. Up over


the left. Once again. Move forwards. It is good. Not bad for a beginner


but compared to these guys I think you had better get some practice in.


Because this is what it is supposed to look like. The next stop is for


Hayley who plays the lead guitarist of the band who likes to stand out


from the crowd. As the lead guitarist you need to look good. If


you need to look funky because all eyes are on you. It gives me great


pleasure to set you visit a challenge because it involves


shopping for something for me! London is full of vintage clothing


shops so I want you to find something for me to wear. Good luck


- I can be the key. I had that them to Covent Garden home to quirky and


trendy shops like this boutique. That would look good with her


blonde hair. The is looks pretty sophisticated. I am a


sophisticated?! Yes, I need new books. I love those. That is a


black skirt. Leave it to the girls, Adam. I really have no idea what


they got for me, I am looking forward to finding out.


And we end with a deal over London, 135 metres in the air. I hope you


have a head for heights. Enjoy yourselves on the London Eye.


I am scared of heights, but it will be great!


That was of whistle-stop tour of London under hope you enjoyed it. -


- and I hope you enjoyed it. think my favourite stop was the


London Eye because you can see the whole city.


The architecture is amazing. all that nature it in the middle of


that city. What a great day, so much fun seeing the sights of


London. Helen, I hope you will like what we got for you. I bullied her


into getting me a present! Let's take a look at it.


And it has got pockets on the back, that is practical. I did have a


sneaky look earlier on and I got Barney his own costume. There is a


method to my madness. We have got our at showbiz costumes and all we


need now is some entertainment. Well you are in luck because Rizzle


Kicks are here. Hello! Welcome to Blue Peter. I saw you perform at


the weekend. And everyone goes mad for you. Where do you get your


energy? I literally to not have a clue. It is just fun and you get a


bit of a buzz. You're doing so well, you have been nominated for three


awards. It is doing really well and it has happened quite suddenly. We


are very happy. You have got a number one with Olly Murs. It is


beyond belief. Well lots of questions from the message boards.


I have seen your amazing video, would you say that you're a big


kids at heart? It is fun to have a laugh. I would like to have as much


energy as I did when I was a kid! think you do a lot of stuff when


you're a young as well. All Europe hobbies. And what about the name


Rizzle Kicks, where did that come from? It just came from when I was


younger, the name Rizzle, and it just stuck. Well I loved watching


you perform at the weekend. And Rizzle Kicks are going to perform


When I Was A Youngster in a couple of minutes. And we could see more


of them next week because we will be backstage at the mo Boase


rubbing shoulders with the celebrities and catching up with


the red carpet gossip. -- the my elbows. You can get involved. Send


us a video of you telling a joke and make us laugh. That way you


could get the chance to be on the telly. It is time for Rizzle Kicks


# I can remember that when I was a little youth, I wanted to fly


around the world making a new life. # I never thought today, I'd be


where I am now. # Yo, wanted to be a fireman.


# Then I lost the desire, man. # The second I got old enough, to


buy myself a cider can. # Yeah, I was a smart little kid,


that side's departed me since. # These days you can catch me,


sitting on the bench in the park with a lager and crisps.


# Back when I was younger, I wanted to be everything on the planet.


# Now that I am older, it seems the ambition has vanished.


# Yeah when I was a youngster. # When I was a, when I was a


youngster, youngster, when I was a youngster.


# Yeah, and now that I'm older, I wish I could've been everything


that I wanted. # I'm on it.


# I think that, if I think back back to the days when I thought I


didn't think that. # Nothing that I thought would not


be possible. # Ha, try and figure that out.


# Back when I didn't know how, to settle for a desk job bring in


those pounds. # I wanted to live in those clouds.


# These days I deliver those sounds. # I always thought of myself as a


simple dreamer. # I never tried too hard but


believed it. # Now all of a sudden, it's gone my


way. # Back when I was younger, I wanted


to be everything on the planet. # Now that I am older, it seems the


ambition has vanished. # Yeah when I was a youngster, when


I was a, when I was a youngster. # Youngster, when I was a youngster.


# Yeah, and now that I'm older, I wish I could've been everything


that I wanted. # Youngster, when I was a youngster.


# Yeah, and now that I'm older, I wish I could've been everything


that I wanted. # I'm on it. # Youngster, when I


was a youngster. # Yeah, and now that I'm older, I


wish I could've been everything that I wanted.


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