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Today, the Force is with us as we bring you the world's biggest


lightsabre. And a gold badge surprise for a Star Wars legend.


award you pure gold Blue Peter The Force is strong with this one.


Don't worry, we have not had a power cut. We are just having an


epic battle. Put the Lions back on. We can call it at draw. Welcome to


the show. If you are an huge fan of Star Wars, you will know that this


is a lightsabre. It is a glowing power stick and the most powerful


weapon in all of the galaxy. This is about one metre long but


recently I went to help create the biggest lightsabre in the world.


There's only one place to go. The BT Tower in London. Just look


at this - it is incredible. You can see the whole of London. Sober


lighting designers are coming to set up some incredibly cool Kit and


the whole of London will be able to see the biggest lightsabre in the


world. This is to celebrate the release of the Star Wars Saga up in


Blu-ray. The story started in a galaxy, far away. When it was


released in 1977, no one could predict just how big the Star Wars


phenomenon could become. It was a story of good against evil. There


where space ships and the Force, a power for good and for bad. Not to


mention a new fighting weapon - the lightsabre.


Back on earth it is the day before the BT Tower's transformation for a


glittering star Wars event. At 177 metre site it is normally used as a


communications hub. It is going to be the perfect Handel for ad giant


lightsabre. The man responsible for creating it is Johnny Miller with


his team of a electricians. How will you turn but BT Tower into the


biggest lightsabre in the world? You have to start with lights and


we have 16 of the biggest you have probably ever seen. This is equal


to about 300 lightbulbs. For what conditions do you need? We need it


to be dark because we wanted good air quality. So this whole stunt


really depends on the lighting conditions on the day? That is


correct. It is not uncommon for cloud to be sitting on top of the


tower and that could be difficult. You're doing a brilliant job. How


do we turn that on? He is downstairs. Before the event we


have to make sure that the lightsabre actually works. We need


to do a secret test at exactly the same time of night as the real


switch-over tomorrow. Now you said that I could help test the tower.


Here we are on the roof of the building. We are able to control


the lights on the tower using this. These are at the controls. What do


we do? You can move your finger up to move the lights on. That is what


they call cool. With these buttons you can change the colour. I note


you will want one! How do we make it into a lightsabre? We have to be


really quick. Just a little teaser. Just press that button there.


here goes. I am going to make the noise. Vrrrrmmm! That is some


special piece of kit. It is amazing. We're here for the big switch-on


tonight. To see the world's biggest lightsabre. And I have a big


surprise for one of the original cast members of Star Wars. Anthony


Daniels played the lovable robot and has been in all six of the Star


Wars films. Before I meet him he has a rather important job to do.


It is my great pleasure to power up the biggest lightsabre in the


galaxy. Stand by because the Force There it is. The world's biggest


lightsabre, beaming alight 600 metres high. Anthony Daniels never


got to use a lightsabre in the films. I think they should make up


for it. So there you go, you finally get a lightsabre. Can I


show you something? I always played yield in the film and I did the


impressions. After six movies, is that the best you can do? Actually,


it is not back. -- not bad. We have a special award on Blue Peter known


as the gold badge. I would like to present you with our highest


accolade. We just think you are the best legend that Star Wars has ever


produced. It is my pleasure to award you with your gold Blue Peter


badge. I am immensely touched by that. Thank you for entertaining as


for all these years. I am very touched.


That really made me smile. I loved that. Genuinely so excited. We had


a cup of tea together! It was amazing. And turning on that huge


lightsabre! If you love Star Wars then we want to hear from you. E-


mail us now at [email protected] We want to know your favourite


thing about Star Wars. Send us that e-mail and you could see that your


name on the television. If you are watching stayed tuned because we


have a ferocious prehistoric visitor right here in this studio.


Brace yourselves for that. This time last week we launched the Blue


Peter appeal for this year. If you get involved you have the chance to


really change children's lives. All details are coming up later. But


for now, this is the charity we're hoping you will support - children


in Need. -- Children in Need. Welcome to the greatest fund-


raising show on air. Children in Need is all about one thing -


raising money to help vulnerable children in the UK. The public


raised money and send it into Children in Need and they then give


that money to hundreds of charities all over the country. Since the


appeal began a staggering �600 million has been raised by the


public for good causes. Each year fund raising builds up to one fund-


raising event in November - Children in Need at night.


There are countless celebrities. Even BBC newsreaders attempt to get


people at home to give generously to good causes. Last year our own


Helen got stuck in. Not bad, Helen! Each year the money goes to help


thousands of children like these. And it is not just celebrities who


get stuck in that with the fund raising. People up and down the


country raise money in all sorts of ways. And that is where you come in.


For this year's appeal will want you to raise money for Children in


Need. We want you to help raise more money than ever. You really


will make a difference. Barney is right, if you get


involved you will make a difference. This year we're asking you to "bake


a difference". We want you to hold at bake sale. All we need to do is


make some cakes, sausage rolls, what ever you can turn your hand to


and self. You need to find somewhere to sell your goods,


perhaps your school or youth club. There are plenty of hungry people


who will buy your goods. Do you know any hungry people? My family!


Everything you need to know he's on our website. There are different


sections to have a look at. The first is our financial guru, Saira


Khan. She will tell you how to run a successful bake sale. And if


you're stuck for inspiration, celebrities are getting on board.


This is a recipe from Alesha Dixon. And of course this one is the very


important page, once you have raised Germany this page will tell


you how to pay it in. The money can't really make a difference to


children's lives, children like Joy. I am joined, I intend years old and


I love coming to my local beach. -- I am joined. I am 10 years old.


sometimes she is not able to do these things because she has a


condition called cystic fibrosis. It means that basic functions like


breeding can be a real problem. Having this condition makes me feel


sick and sometimes be sick. I cough stuff up and it makes me feel tired.


I am sad because my friends do not have it. To stop herself getting


serious infections she has to take a lot of medicine at every day.


These have to be fed through a tube on her stomach because she is not


able to swallow them without them going down the wrong way. Cystic


fibrosis clogs up the lungs are making it difficult for her to


breathe. She needs regular visits to hospital. I just came out of


hospital after as serious infection. I could not sleep. All the babies


To help clear her lungs of the mucus, Joy has to do breathing


exercises like this three times a day. It really is hard work for her.


Are you ready for bed? At bedtime Joy has to have special milk to


make sure she is getting enough goodness to grow and keep healthy.


Milk and water are the only drinks she has been allowed to have. The


drinks have to be fed through a tube.


Life can be really tiring for Joy and sometimes she just needs a


break, but there is help. Thanks to a charity called the Butterfly


Trust which is supported by knead. They fund a befriender for Joy to


talk to or have fun with so she can take her mind off heifer illness.


-- off her illness. Emma is here. It can be popping to


the shops or the Zoo or whatever Joy wants to do.


Joy is in there now with her friend Emma. She has no idea that I'm here.


I thought I might just give her a little surprise.


Hello. Is that Joy? It's Barney from Blue


Peter. Have you seen the rare northern monkey?


He is very scaredy. Hello. There is no northern monkey,


I made that up, although my mum thinks I am a bit!


Shall we go for a chat? Yeah. If there is one thing you could


change, one thing you could sort of make happen, what would it be?


don't have this cough because I've got a cough.


Like that. Yes.


It is not a normal cough, is it, it is because you've got something on


your lungs as well. Do you think your friends understand has like to


be you? Do you think they know? Tell me the good things about


having Emma in your life? We paint together and we watch movies


together. Like chick flicks? Where someone


falls over at the beginning and they kiss at the end? I like


talking to her. It makes my mind off it.


Joy has been living with the symptoms of ify bro sis -- cystic


fibrosis since she was a baby. Having someone like Emma to help


and support her makes a big Get involved! Support this appeal


and Bake a Difference. There is no time to lose. Come on, off your


sofas and lets start running the bake sales. We want more sales. We


want you to tell us what you are planning to bake and how many items


you are planning to bake so we can add it to our totaliser which looks


like this. Right, let us know how many things


you are plan to go bake so we can put them on there and make the


totaliser fill the screen. We launched this appeal a week ago,


but loads of you have been in touch promising to bake things. Lauren


and Hannah are going to bake 72 cakes or biscuits and sell them at


their dad's work. That's a good idea.


The more people, the more items, the more money.


Matthew says, "What a great appeal. I have planned to make 50 items


with my friends. He is going to split it up 25 cookies and 5 cup


cakes -- 25 cup cakes.". Le Lisa and Heather and going to make 18


fairy cakes. 20 shortbread and ten plain and ten


coated in chocolate and 18 corn flake cakes. They get the biggest


cheer. All of those pledges are going to


be added to the totaliser, but Barney you have a better calculator.


How many pledges so far? The amount of pledges we have so far our our


Blue Peter appeal, Bake a Difference is...




That's in a week! That was a week ago we announced


that and that's how many we got in. Thank you for getting involved. We


Let us know how many items you plan to bake and you never know we might


Coming soon to Blue Peter, some of Liverpool's players cook up chaos


for the appeal. Ed Sheeran will be in the studio.


Plus I learned some skills for a red carpet premier.


. As you can see there is more to look forward and more to come on


Blue Peter. Now, I bet you think the T-rex was the big biggest and


most scariest dinosaur on the planet. Well, if you were watching


dinosaur files you will know that is wrong. Because when it comes to


T-rex and this guy, the T rection is a wimp -- the T-rex is a wimp!


Spinosaurus, 70 meters, the biggest killer ever to walk the Earth. An


11 tonne dinosaur. And here he is, everybody, here is


the Spinosaurus. This guy is a model. It is one fifth to scale


which means the real thing would have been five times bigger than


this. Just to give you an idea of how big that is, if he was real


size and I was real size, that's how big I would be in comparison. I


would be just as tall as one of the vertebra on his spine. Barney the


dog would be able to spit on the Spinosaurus's head. That's one dog


gone in one big munch. If you look at the floor, you will see Helen is


as tall as the Spinosaurus's foot from toe to ankle. It is fair to


say that this monster is without a doubt the biggest and scariest


dinosaur ever to walk planet earth. I can't believe you suggested that


Spinosaurus could eat this creature!


I mean, he is a beast. The Spinosaurus is seriously old though.


It lived 30 million years before the T-rex and it was found in North


Africa, even though North Africa is mostly desert, the Spinosaurus


liked to live in wet and soggy areas, Barney.


I know some more facts. We have written them down. He is a hunting


machine. He would look for his prey on land and water. I have to read


off a card because it is one of the weirdest names I heard. His


favourite food was onchopristis. That's a giant swordfish. This guy


was wiped out because when sea levels rose, it wiped out his food


sources. I have another one for you. The


first bones weren't found until 1912 in Egypt.


Wow. No one ever found a full skeleton


that's probably because they lived near the sea so the skeleton would


have been washed away and palaeontologists had to find the


different bones and put them together like a big jigsaw.


That's scary, isn't it? He was a big boy and he is on tour. He is


going to be near a town near you. If you want to find out where he is,


go to the website and you can find out the details there when you


click on the dinosaur. We asked you if you liked Star Wars


and loads of you have been in touch to let us know what you think about


Star Wars. Who you liked and what you liked about it.


That's one of the coolest things I had to do. Anthony Daniels will be


my favourite thing about Star Wars. Thank you, celebrity hand.


If you are watching live on BBC One and that proves it. You are


watching. My character is Hands Solar.


James says the best thing is the ships and the planets.


My favourite is the Death Star. Tune in tomorrow if you like


gadgets and behind the scenes access and if you like dancing.


Tomorrow, I get an exclusive look behind the scenes at the new Rowan


Atkinson film. I get to try out a new gadget as well.


Rizzle Kicks will be in the studio. They will be performing their new


single. This is one of the catchiest tunes I ever heard and


one you will be singing all day. You will be singing and dancing.


They dance around like this! Let's not do it right now because


it looks silly. You love to do that crazy dance.


They're cool. If you want to see it, same time, same place tomorrow.


you later. This year I'm supporting Blue


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