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Lady Ga Ga's doing it. N-Dubz are doing it.


Gary Barlow's doing it. And now you can do it too. What are we talking


about? Find out on today's Hello! Today we've got all the


details about this year's Blue Peter appeal. Some of the biggest


stars in the world are queuing up to support our chosen charity and


now you can join them. This year the Blue Peter appeal is


supporting Children In Need! It's a real chance for you to help


change children's lives. We're so excited to be a part of it and hope


you are too. Now there's much more to the Children in Need charity


Children In Need is about raising money for children around the world.


Children In Need give the money to hundreds of charities all over the


country. Since it began a staggering �600 million has been


raised by the public and given to good causes.


He each year, fundraising gears up to a glitzy event in November were


the BBC is taken over by Pudsey Bear and countless celebrities.


Even BBC News readers attempt to get people at home to dig deep and


give generously for good causes. Last year, Helen got stuck in. Not


a bad! Each year, Children In Need money


goes to help thousands of children like these. It is not just


celebrities who get stuck in with fundraising. People up and down the


country raise money in all sorts of ways. And that is where you come in.


But this year's Blue Peter appeal, we want you to raise money for


Children In Need. We want you to help raise more money than it ever!


You really will make a difference. But how are you going to raise


money Blue Peter style? Well thanks to all the post and e-mails you


send us we know you all love baking, so for this year's Blue Peter


appeal we want you to "Bake a Difference".


That is the name of this year's appeal.


Up and down the country we need thousands of you to hold bake sales


to raise money. If enough of you do it, we could raise a whole heap of


cash that will really make a difference to children with


illnesses who will be helped by Children in Need.


Anyone can hold a bake sale and to prove just how easy it is, we've


prepared one, and if we can do it anyone can! It couldn't be easier


to get involved. All you need to do is get baking with your mates or


your family and then sell what you make to some other friends or even


to the whole of your school, scout group or youth club? You could hold


your sale in your living room or maybe take over your school or your


local church hall and make hundreds of things. Every penny you raise


will help children who really need it and you'll be having fun too!


am more concerned that you have a pork pie. It does not just have to


be cakes, it can be pork pies. I am rubbish at icing. Make something


work selling because this is about raising money for Children In Need.


I and 10, I live with my mum, my dad and my dog. I like American


football and I liked doing 360 turns in my wheelchair. Luke is


like any of a ten-year-old, but unlike other children his age he


lives with an illness that affects his life. At 18 months old, he was


diagnosed with a severe muscle weakness. It means the link between


his brain and muscles is breaking down, affecting his ability to move.


His muscles are used less and less, so they keep getting weaker.


I have come to pay him a visit to find out more about him, what life


is like living with this illness and what Children In Need are doing


to help. I had a bedroom like this when I


was younger, I had a football duvet, but I didn't have one of these.


What is that? It is a hoist. How do you use it? My mum, she puts me in


it and then I pressed the button and it takes me up. It is a way of


lifting you out of bed and into the bathroom? How is a different


compared to your friends? I take more time because I have to get in


my wheelchair. It is easy for them. Sometimes I have to be fed through


my tube. When I first got it, my mum came up with the name, Terry.


Why do you have Terry in your tummy? I lost quite a lot of weight


and because I cannot gain it, I had to have it put in my tummy. So it


is a way of getting the vitamins and minerals you need into your


tummy? Everyday activities are difficult for him because of his


illness so he is not always able to have the independence he wants. Do


you think people know what it is like, do they have a clue what you


go through? Probably not, they just think it is fun being in a fast


squealed share. Is it hard for them to understand? They think it is


cool. Sometimes they go up to the hill, so I am here on my own and


they have gone up the hill and I am on my own, which is annoying.


good news is, Children In Need are doing something to help by


supporting a hospice called acorns. It allows him to spend time with


other children like him. I like going to Acorn's because I like


seeing my friends and the big gardens. He can take part in


activities, have fun with his friends or just relax. When he is


there, he is care for by a nurse, giving his mum a chance to have a


rest. What is your favourite thing? I don't have my mum telling me what


to do! Acorns gives him the independence he wants, and there is


a specially built racetrack for him and his mates. I like this the best


because I get to race my mates and it is bigger than my garden.


they get tired of racing there is plenty of them to do inside. This


is your very own games room, can you play any of those? Yes.


wicked is that? This is one-game you have not played, and that is


the last one to the living room is a rotten eggs. When he comes here,


he gets to relax. It gives him more independence but he gets the chance


to meet other children who live with an illness like he does.


We want you to get baking and Ron Baker sales because the money


raised will go towards projects like this that to help support


these children. Get baking, you can make a difference.


We will be telling you how you can help these children. Now you don't


need to be an expert to have a go at baking! To prove it, we asked


some of your favourite CBBC stars to go head-to-head in one of our


fiercest competitions to date - The London, home to some of the best


chefs and restaurants in the world. The perfect location. At this


cookery Academy, two teams will battle it off in the kitchen. In


the red team, Danny and Angeline. They have the finest acting skills


on the set, but can they bake something out of this world?


In the Blue Team, Naomi Wilkinson and Ed Peter Reid. They are known


for touring Britain, but can they go the distance -- distance? They


have to impress this man, a professional chef, tough judge of


master chef. The prize? The golden rolling pin. For the losers, they


kitchen-sink full of washing up. Who will break their way to


victory? Welcome to the Blue Peter a Goth. Your baking skills will be


put to the test. By the end of today, only one team will be going


away with the trophy. It is only the goal Link -- golden rolling pin.


You have to impress John, who will be judge in use. Three things we


will be looking for - taste, presentation and originality. You


would choose what you do and you will have 60 minutes to do it. You


can bake as many as you like. We will give you a recipe folder for


inspiration, take what is in there and make it your own. There are


some good ones in here. Can you cook? A have never bake anything in


my entire life. I think we should go for a cake. That does look good.


Courgette cake. Tomato soup cake. My mum made it once. Cinnamon,


nutmeg. What if we were to create John and Barney in gingerbread men?


Let's do it. Gingerbread men inside. So, Edward and Naomi are hoping to


win originality on their tomato soup cake. The others have gone for


sponged and gingerbread men. They have just �20 to spend on


ingredients. That is more than enough. Wicked. Shall we go for the


raspberry conserve? Whilst the red team are splashing the cash, the


blue team are in search of the cheapest ingredients. Will it taste


OK if it is cheap? I think we will The teams have all the ingredients


they need. Can they turn them into something edible. You have 16mips,


best of luck. Off you go. The red team are off to a controlled start.


The blue team have a slightly more creative approach. Are you serious?


Come on, Ed, focus, all good cakes start with a good cake mix.


smells gorgeous. It smells horrid. Wyles the Blue team concentrate on


getting their cake into the oven the other couple have a different


problem. Is there enough for one? have to do two. I'm sorry. Follow


the recipe! In the Blue team, Ed makes a start on the icing. What


have you done? Too much water will leave you with a sticky mess.


I'm not sure. OK. In the Red team there are problems with the


Gingerbread dough. The heads keep falling off. A Gingerbread massacre


over here. We can always make more, can't we? Yeah. NO! It's good.


have had half an hour. That's 30 minutes. You have the exact same


amount of time left. Even those though their icing isn't perfect,


the blue team are hoping their cake will be cooked properly. It's a


moist cake. Cut it into a square. Leave it like that. It won't be a


house. Oh, no! Everybody, you have They are not red. That is. It your


time is up. Stop what you are doing, please. Stop, stop. Not what either


of us expected, but it's fine. baked a recipe worthy of the Golden


Rolling Pin, is it the Red team or Did they actually put toe Matt owe


soup from a can in that cake? soup in a cake. Is smelt awful. You


will find out how it tasted later. It's not just cakes you can make


anything you like, pizzas, pies and sausage rolls. Chop, chop, you


haven't iced that pork pie. I can't get it out. Use muscle. Whatever


you bake, you have to sell. This is all about raising cash. Britain we


need you to get baking. To tell us just how to have a profitable bake


sale we have enlisted... Blue Peter's business guru, Saira Khan.


Give it to me! Hard. Take it away, while I do this. Holding a bake


sale is like a business. It's all about making money. Whether you do


it alone or get together with others, here's what you need to run


a successful bake sale. Successful business people need to identify


their target market. What you need to do is pick the right location to


set up your stall. Marketing is next you need to advertise your


sale well in advance. Tell your family and friends about it.


having a bake sale. Send out invitations, e-mail, text, put up


posters. Think about your product, what are you going to sell? You can


bake anything you like, from pizza to cupcakes, it doesn't have to be


complicated. Get creative. You will need to get your recipe,


ingredients and all your baking gear. Once you have all that, start


baking. To set up stall you will need a table and some stuff to


decorate, a tin or small pot to collect money, small change and


kitchen towels. Get creative with your stall, the better it looks the


more customers you will get, that means more money. Include any


dietary notices. How you price your goodies is important. It's best to


price in round numbers. You are now ready to hold your Blue Peter Bake


Sale. It's time to sell, sell, sell. I said sell, not to eat your


If you want to run a bake sale and Bake a Difference for Children in


Need you will find all the information on the Blue Peter


website. Go on, Bake a Difference. You can find out how to start by


going on the website after the show for more information. You can watch


that film again on the website if you want to remind yourself or


friends of the top tips. If you are stuck for recipes, they can this --


check this out. While you are there, you need to know about hygiene.


There are tips there. Do not pick your nose. Why do you make it


gross? Some people do. Wash your hands. The boring stuff is on there.


Check this out for control. Oh, yes! Once you made your money that


tells you how you can pay it in. This year we want to know from you


how many items you plan to bake. I look forward to receiving an e-


mail from Barney Howard in Manchester pledging a lemon drizzle


cake. What happens if I cut it into 12 slices That would up your


pledges to one cake to 12. It's 12 slices and you stand a better


chance of making more money. the information is on the website.


Now back to the Bake Off Challenge. Two teams are battling out for


Golden Rolling Pin only one can impress the MasterChef judge who is


John Torode. Who is going to win? Previously in the Blue Peter Bake


Off the Red team made a Victoria sponge house and the Blue team did


a toe mattic soup cake. Have you seen anything like that before,


John? First up the Blue team. that's bizarre. The good thing is,


you can't take the tomato soup. I actually think that's really clever.


If you did that, like a bowl of soup, you did a sweet roll with


that andmarzipan fruit you are inventing a dessert. You have two


elements here, Gingerbread and Victoria sponge. I will try me.


will try me. I expected more. didn't want to overwhelm the


flavours. It has real presence, real heart. Is it enough? Both


recipes have been tasted. We must now decide on a winner. Originality


from me is the one they excel on. Bowl of soup, but it's a cake.


clever. If they hadmarizapan it would have added to it. We were


going to domaripan cr o utons. kept opening the door? Open the


door and the heat comes out. They made you into a Gingerbread man and


me the same. I thought it was fun. Gingerbread men didn't taste of


ginger. Would you rather gingery men or a hint of ginger? I would go


with a hint. They did that work and hacked it to bits. They have fallen


down massively. To win would mean anything. I want that trophy.


know who you want. I think I know who I want. Who will be our winner?


We did actually come to a decision, didn't we? There can only be one


winner. Our winner of the Blue Peter BakOff is... The Red team.


YES. You don't go away with the rolling pin, you do get these. You


are washing up. No! Just a little bit more, pet.


APPLAUSE I think the applause is for the


winners not necessarily for Naomi and Ed's washing up. It was quite


good washing up. If you want to see the Sarah Jane Adventures gang in


action they will be on your television scenes on Monday at


5.15pm. We want you to go out straightaway and start bake sells


and start raising money. I will now make the Blue Peter appeal, Bake a


Difference Bake Sale the first ever in the studio, officially open.


we need now are customers. We have a room full of hungry Blue Peter


crew. Come on in. This is Louise. What do you want? This is our


producer and make-up lady. Get stuck in. �1 each. This is Gav he


makes all the films on Blue Peter. Very clever man. We have lots more


celebrity bakers throughout Blue Peter in the next few weeks


including Premiership football players. Stick with us if you want


tips. We have muffins and pork pies and a selection of flapjacks which


have been made perfectly. You have nearly knocked that over. Next week,


if you are a Star Wars you will love it, if you are not, will you


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