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On today's show, we'll be checking out the latest apps and showing you


how some can be used for good causes.


And you have got an invitation to I am en route to the new home of


Blue Peter. In true Blue Peter style I am on board a royal Sea


King helicopter. I've got to get to the studios,


thanks to these guys and and I'm making good progress. This is a


Royal Navy Sea King helicopter. It Don't worry about me, Helen. I'm on


the way there too except I am on this 260 horsepower jet ski. This


thing is as fast as a Ferrari. It is awesome. In fact, I might be


there before you are! Not that it is a race or anything!


We will be finding out out more about their work, but for now, I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Welcome to your new home. That was so much fun. We better get


changed. Good idea! This is our brand-new


home in MediaCity in Salford, Greater Manchester. Overlooked by


the Imperial War Museum and Old Trafford, home of Manchester United,


Blue Peter has arrived. This area wasn't always this shiny


and new. For over 100 years this site was


snon as Salford -- known as Salford Docks. It was the third busiest


port in the UK. As at its peak it employed 5,000


people and had 200 huge cranes in operation.


From here everything from textiles to cars were sent around the world


on ships, weighing up to 12500 tonnes each. That's as heavy as the


Eiffel Tower, with around 2,000 elephants on it!


Industry started to decline in the 1970s and the docks closed in 1982.


For 20 years, the area remained unused and unloved.


What a huge transformation began in 2007 and here we are, MediaCity. It


is one of the biggest studio complexes in all of Europe and now


home to some of your favourites, like Football Focus and Match Of


Hello. Hello.


Welcome to our brand-new home. We are live on BBC One from our new


studios, HQ7. This is the launch of a new series


and for those of you worried about the dog, you needn't have bothered.


He got here before we did. To kick things off for us, Chelsee


Healey and Pasha Kovalev will be joining us to show us their moves.


How is your your dancing, Barney? Rubbish.


If you are watching live, send us an e-mail and tell us what you


think of our new studio. Send us an e-mail because you might


see your name on the TV! If you like your gadgets, you will


know about a gadget that has had us hooked this year and it is the


smartphone. There is a new scheme in schools. It is called Apps for


Good. It gives you the chance to design your app. But it is an app


with a twist. Mobile apps are everywhere. These


clever applications can be downloaded to personalise your


smartphone or tablet. There are new apps being created all the time.


There are over 300,000 out there and we're going to show you some of


the bestment here is our first top three and where better to start


than with what you love doing most, playing games. At three, it is


Fruit Ninja, use your finger to slice through the fruit. Addictive


and one of the best selling games this year. At two, it is Angry


Birds. This app has been downloaded over 300 million times.


And at number one, it is Cut The Rope.


Feed the cute monster by swiping your finger to release the treats.


So good, it has won a BAFTA. We will have more later. Smartphones


don't have to be used for entertainment. A new scheme is


going into schools to help children design smartphone apps. It is about


creating apps that help make life better. We have enlisted help.


won the race! Miss gadge eth Show herself --


Gadget Show herself, Pollyanna. She has tested all kinds of gadgets,


so if she can't spot a good app, no one can.


We will have to pitch our apps in front of a panel of experts.


Hi Barney. Hi gang. This is where we have two teams who


play against one another and one wins.


Are you ready for an app-off? talk about your app. What is it?


is an alarm clock, but with a twist. How is it different from a normal


alarm clock? When you set your alarm clock, how do you do it? I


set two alarms. If the first one told you need to


get up, you are going to lose your job, whatever, put that load on you,


would you press the snooze button. Exactly. My team's app is an alarm


to get you out of bed by playing a message. If that doesn't work, it


gets a friend to call you. Pollyanna's team hit on an issue


that could be bigger. We thought bullying was one of the


morn issues. -- important issues. We came up with an app that has


advice. It is in a fun and comic style.


That's a great idea. It does affect so many people. It is like, it is


it is basically a whole community for people that are suffering from


cyber bullying and it is the whole support system and support network


for you to get through, I guess, which could be one of the hardest


times a lot of people face in their life.


Pollyanna's team have come up with 2-the-res-Q.


Time to practise what we will say to the judges. We are acting out


the risks of oversleeping. Sorry, one of our team members


should be here, but she is late. I think it is all about body language.


The way you talk. How confident you sound. It is very much like working


in TV, but they are doing it to a panel of real human beings who will


be reacting as they are talking. I can hear Barney and his team.


They seem to be jove jovial. A lot of laughing. I believe their app


has that aspect to it. Ready? It is my acting debut. I'm excited.


Where were you going? I'm going... Pollyanna's team have got her


playing the role of a bully to show the effect it can have.


How did it go? All right. I think we've got a winning app.


you think? Yeah. Are you confident? Yeah.


I can tell you that you are not going to win.


What makes you say that? You should see ours. Ours is good.


We bring you more of the latest apps and which one of our apps will


impress the judges? We have decided that the winner is... You can't


stop it there! We will have to wait to later. We


will find you the top three apps to make you go "wow.". You looked so


cool on that jet ski. That fighting talk, we've got to work on that.


My My fighting talk is great. Put them up sunshine.


We have had lots of letters. Lots of you are writing to us because


you care about the environment including me. There is a picture of


Green Girl who will save the planet and Amber and Joel have been in


touch. They made a windmill out of recycled material. Well done, guys.


Very cool. This is Heather. She made herself a


dress. A load of rubbish. You can't say that, Barney, it is


harsh. She made it out of plastic bags and


paper. For that you get your own green


Blue Peter badge. Because so many of you have been in


touch telling us you care about the environment. I have been to meet a


group of people who do as well. They do something interesting with


rubbish. Festivals, attracts people and rubbish, but it doesn't go in


the bin. England's green and pleasant land.


A picture of beauty, tranquillity and serenity.


That is is until hundreds of thousands of music lovers descend


en masse to enjoy one of the many music festivals held around the UK


every year. With tents, sleeping sleeping bags, and food and drink,


festival goers spend the days enjoying their favourite bands and


the nights camping out nearby. What happens when the party stops?


Every year, each festival in the UK is left with an average of over


7500 abandoned tents. That's over 80,000 tents chucked away every


year. The clear-up is a massive job and this festival in Chelmsford is


no exception. Enter Ver ritty and her gang of


helpers. They have come up with a way of getting this place spick and


span again once the once the 90,000 revellers have gone. This place is


disgusting. Is this particularly bad? This bit is good because there


is a nice open space that we can walk through without falling over


anything. I can't get over the fact that


someone has left so much stuff. They have had a full blown camp


fire, noodles stuck to the bottom of a pan. You wouldn't do that in


real life, why do they do it? have had a great time and they


leave everything. They can't be bothered to take it home.


I cannot believe how many tents are left intact. I thought a few would


get left, but over there, there is a field of tents and there is not a


soul in them? Where will the tents go? A lot of


the time the bags and the instructions are in the tents. So


we wrap them up and ship it off and the Rotary sell it and the proceeds


from the sales of the tents goes to help charity.


It is a case of one man's thrash is another man's treasure? Yeah,


pretty much. Have you found anybody in a tent


asleep who has not left yet? It has happened. Like you open the tent to


check if it is OK and there will be someone asleep in there!


That is immaculate, isn't it? That doesn't look like it has been slept


in. Oh, it lass. It has been slept in.


The outside is nice, the inside is not.


Don't go around the front of that tenth!


-- tent. Big tents in good condition are


valuable to you guys? Yeah. This looks brilliant, it is good.


We can't take this one, but because someone has taken a can and spray


painted, we can't take that one. We have got to leave it I am afraid.


This is a good one, yeah? I'm going to help.


Someone has left an actual pair of shoes. They are worth something,


aren't they? I am such a hoarder, I would never throw out a pair of


shoes like that. That is one tent taken town and


this will go in the collection truck and be resold. The tents are


packed up and on the van ready to be sold for charity and the gang


have finished for the day. Not all of these tents have been


abandoned. Some people left them intentionally. They are encouraged


to do so because it raises money. I have got to be honest, there is a


lot of stuff here that could have been taken home. That's someone's


tooth brush and they look in good condition.


Those festival goers have a weird diet. There was shampoo and toilet


toilet roll in that pan, no wonder Two teams and two apps to pitch to


the judges. Claire Vivien from Del, an internet


expert and apps dofrl, apps developer, Greg.


So what are the judges looking for? The principle in developing apps,


they are simple and easy, that you don't need to explain to someone


how to do it. We are looking for an app that


deals with an issue that young people really care about. Something


that affects lots of young people's lives.


A good sales pitch is one where there are three or four strong


messages and no one can leave the sales pitch missing what those


three or four strong messages were. So while the judges take their


seats, let's check out our next top three most useful apps.


At three, it is An app that changes language in front of your eyes.


And at number one, no more bumping into things. It is the app that


uses your phone's camera to help you walk and text at the same time.


Wish you luck -- wish us luck. Time to get the pitching underway.


One of our team should be here, but she is late. Yeah, one of our team


has overslept. If only she had been using Buzzer Buddies.


When you wake-up, you press the snooze button and if someone was


there to tell you to to wake up, you would.


The pitch went well, or did it? We forgot the power point.


That's a good thing. We will see how the next team do.


Pollyanna's team need to convince the judges that the world needs an


anti-bullying app. The situation we are addressing


today is teenagers not feeling safe in places they are meant to feel


safe. Where do you think you're going?


School. Have you got any money?


Where is your your phone? Teenagesers are -- teenagers in a


situation that they don't know who to tell.


You did a brilliant job. I don't think you could have done any


better if you tried. Top for our final three. At three,


it is Song Ify. The app that records your voice and turns it


into a song. I like this app. At number two, it is Dinosaur Zoo.


Annoy the dinosaurs to make them roar. Don't make them too mad or


this might happen. Then it is Google Sky Map. But which of our


ideas will be turned into an actual app?


First of all, I am talking about Buzzer Buddies. We liked that idea.


It was a really strong concept. It was nice and original. It has not


really been done before. In terms of things we weren't sure about, we


were wondering how long it would be used for and how long its life span


would be. To the the rescue, we loved the


fact that you tackled probably the biggest problem in education. I


loved the impact of the of the presentation. It really landedted


problem with us and we really understood the issue.


We've decided that the winner is... 2-the-res-Q.


Con Congratulations. It is all about sportsmanship.


I was joking, thank you to Pollyanna and congratulations to


the 2-the-res-Q team. Their app has been made and you can download it


to your phone. How cool. If you would would like to make


your own apps, go and see your teachers and say you would like to


sign up for this new scheme called Apps for Good.


Thank you for your messages. It is time for our Strictly performance.


Here is Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev.


It is Chelsee and Pasha. Thank you for coming in.


Thank you for having us. We have had so many questions in


for you. Craig is 12, asks, what is your favourite type of dance,


Pasha? Anything which is Latin, fast, quick movement, lots of hips.


Thank you. Chelsee, which of the dances do you think you will find


the most difficult? The slow ones. I'm not good with slow movement.


He likes the fast, quick ones. bet I will be terrible with the


fast ones as well. What's the most important thing to


remember during dancing? Just enjoying it. Having fun and not


worrying about anything, but what you feel at the moment. What do you


think makes a great a great Strictly Dancer? Shall we show them.


We will do some salsa. We do it on Strictly all the time. Are you


ready to learn? Get your left foot ready to go.


Step forward and bring it back to your right. Now take your right and


step back. Don't rush. The left step back. Don't rush. The left


goes forward. Yes, let's speed it up a little bit.


Left, right back. Speed it up. Yes. Arms going,


that's nice. Even faster. Good. Take the left


foot to the left. Close together, right to the right. Close together.


Yes! Left. Right. Let's do it together.


See how I hold my partner? A little bit higher.


Nice. Start with the basic. Speed it up.


Keep going. You're missing this one.


Not a chance. While these two have a showdown,


why don't we find out what is coming up on tomorrow's show. If


you went to -- want to get involved in the Blue Peter appeal, you need


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