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Today we're bringing you the amacing new technology that turns


the T-shirt you're wearing into a video game. And barney meets the


performers who can turn the oddest stuff into musical instruments!


Hello and welcome to Blue Peter. As you can sigh o see Barney is not by


my side. He's working very hard in pantomime. I think he's playing


dress up. Look at this picture he sent me. I can't look. I'm not


sailing this ship alone. I'm joined by CBBC's newest Action Man. Rav


Wilding is a full-bodied Action Man. He uses his investigating skills on


the BBC show Crimewatch and goes out as a roving reporter for The


One Show. You joined Blue Peter's extended family, we thought you can


-- Did such a good job, we wanted you to to come and fill Barney's


shoes. I have have to ask you about the adventure show you did the


Arctic. It was really, really hard. We were out in the Arctic, swimming


in the icy sea. What was the hardest thing? I think it was the


swim we had to do. It was a few, it was chunks of eyes next to us. It


was pretty cold. You did that, but you were nervous about wearing that.


It's not mine. It's a special T- shirt. It's a treat having Rav with


us for the day. We thought we would let you ask some questions. If you


are watching live, e-mail us a question for Rav. You can ask me


anything. Anything you want to ask, what it's like presenting Cop


School. Or maybe what I want to have for Christmas! Helen take note.


If you find yourself in a bit of trouble there are lots of places


and people you can turn to. One of them is a free 24 hour phone line


called ChildLine. Over the last years, ChildLine has helped 2.6


million children. They have high profile supporters. This is Marvin


from JLS. I'm lucky enough to be in one of the best bands ever. We have


had five number one singles and won Brit awards. When I was 12 years


old I was bullied. It really got to me. I know how important it is when


you need someone to talk to. That's why I support these guys. ChildLine


launched in 1986 and started as a freephone line for children to talk


to. ChildLine is still being inunnated with calls... These days


there are more than 1,000 trained council -- Counsellors working for


ChildLine Does it get upsetting for you? It is. But we're pleased they


have been brave and get in touch. There are trained councillors. Why


did you contact ChildLine. I felt lonely and isolated. Nobody to talk


to. Did you feel confident that everything you told them was


confident and -- Confidential and private. At first it was strange


talking about my problems. But a councillor was comforting and


helped. When I was younger I used to get bullied as well, if I had


not spoken to my parents about it. It might have been more of a


serious problem. You have trained as a councillor, things have


massively changed for you? started to train last year and


completed before Christmas. You are taking phone calls from people, who


were like yourself, getting bullied I'm checking out the bullying


thread on the ChildLine website. I remember writing this two years ago.


I was explaining to the guys that come on to the bullying thread


there's always someone who will listen to you, and so you should


never be squared to pick up the phone or go on the messaging board


and get it off your chest and know there's a voice for someone to


listen to you. They bully me because I have a packed lunch and


like reading and writing, and they tease me because I walk to school.


Two boys physically hurt me, and hope she did something about it.


And hopefully it stopped now. No matter how big or small you think


your problem may be, it's good to get it off your chest. Almost time


to ask. Before I go, here are guys on tour of ChildLine. They are here


to see what goes on behind the scenes. They don't know I'm here.


I'm Marvin from JLS. I will give you a hug for having a JLS bag. So


you're a fan? Yeah. Who is your favourite member? You! Great answer.


I used to get bullied 4 when I was younger for wearing glasses. People


used to call me all sorts of names. When was important, I learned I


needed to talk to someone. No matter how big or small you think


it is, know there's always someone to listen to you, if you have got


any problems. It has been fantastic meeting the young people and


meeting David and his amazing story. He has become a councillor, so it's


inspwraigsal. ChildLine does amazing things. Thank you Marvin.


And that is a fantastic organisation. It really is. I had a


tough time when I was at school and kids tried to bully me. To know


there's an organisation where kids can phone in, and there will be


someone 24/7 to listen to them it's a great thing. If there's anything


a great thing. If there's anything you want to talk to ChildLine about,


you want to talk to ChildLine about, you can call or head to the website.


Still to come before Christmas, Pixie will be performing her latest


single live in the stoofplt And we'll be behind the scenes when


barney went to film the Christmas celebrityy sing along. And we'll


sprou you to -- Introduce you to a boy in Scotland who makes his own


board games and gets them produced. You may have nltsed knees things.


These are called QR codes. You can read them using a Smartphone or a


tablet. You hold your device up to a code and it reads it and sends a


lot of information to your phone. They're on adverts in in newspapers,


and local busses and on ads on bus stops. Your device can read the


combination of black and white squares and uses apps to decipher


them. We have been talking about your T-shirt. These things are


complicated but they're very, very cool. The technology means you can


play a game by looking at your T- shirt. That's the reason you made


me wear the T-shirt. Your T-shirt has the codes in that we're talking


about. I have got this tablet. It is a flat T-shirt to the naked eye,


through this it comes alive. I have to disappear the aliens. This is


what you're looking at. To my eye more fun for you than me. It looks


like it's alive. I think it's time to -- To introduce the brains


behind it. Jack McConnell is -- Connell is the creator. I said it's


a funny device. How does it work. It recognises the image on Rav's T-


shirt and when it sees it, it can produce the game and interact with


it. The image on the T-shirt is programmed in the ap or the phone.


We clear it up with the image, and we design the game and put it into


the app and that is what happens. It's not a special Smartphone, it's


about the ap:. The app runs on lots of mobile phones. Can you reg your


scores. We don't have leaderboards at the moment but you can take a


photograph and show your friends. Can you do it with your phone.


can both be playing off Rav's T- shirt. What happens if you're


playing and Helen gets in front of me. Once the ap:can't see the T-


shirt the game no longer happens. We set you a challenge. We gave you


the Blue Peter log yo, what can you do with the logo? We set our artist


on the task. We'll use the logo we have on my card. Absolute normal


card. I will hold that. You'll zoom I can't even do that in real life!


That is really, really clever. Basically the ap:has turned that


into interactive. How long does it take to create? It took two or


three hours to put together. Potentially can it work on any


image. Potential blily any image. We have about 20 designs at the


moment and all have something different on them. What about the


future? We have loads of exciting things planned. They're top secret


at the moment. I'm sure you'll hear about it before Christmas. You hold


him down, I'll get it out of him! The future holds more creative tee


shirts like that. You guys at home make music by playing the piano,


and the recorder, and violins... And don't forget computers. Go back


20 years, things were different. A new theatre group came on to the


scene and started making music out of all things. Dustbins, and plan -


- Pans and mops. It's an anniversary of -- For them. He


challenged them to make music from whatever they can find. They bank,


and slap and stomp. They can make music out of everything from


dustbin lids and to cars, they're called stamp stamp -- Stomp. Stomp


is a nuclear combination of peraccusation and movement and


visual comedy. The show has played over 15,000 performances worldwide


and has been seen by over 14 million people. They can stomp with


almost anything, enter -- Any where. A -- Including this place. They


have been pounding and pounding and tapping on stage for 20 years. Luke


has been around from the start. Can you take us back to the beginning.


I started as a street performer as a drummer. I could not carry a drum


kit. When you set up to play, you would find something to play.


you have to be a drummer. I think anyone can do stomp, it's about


using imagination, and making rhythms. Your hands make different


sounds. There's loads of things you can do. You have to experiment and


play. We have brought you to a breaker's yard with your cast for a


reason. We have a challenge for you, to see if you can make a tune or


rhythm out of anything you have got. We want to go around the yard and


find the bits you need. And put it together for a performance. They


have only got two hours to get themselves sorted. Don't try this


at home! With a drum kit you have want to do, you want a base drum


sound and a snare sound. Make exhausts... Tire rims, car doors.


That's a great sound. The different parts of the metal give different


sounds. This has a ring to it. If I let it go, it rings a little more


than if I hold it. You're on a stage in a theatre normally with


lights and microphoneed. Is it that different. You still play scrap


metal on stage. It's all about objects you can find. Even those


these are oilier, and dirtier, we'll be playing these kinds of


things. The last time I was here there wasn't anything set up apart


from a few cars in the background. It looks amazing. It has taken very


little time to what I image is your stage. Like the old days. You have


the variation sections, through to the base, and the snares. Are you


trying to recreate that. That could be a snare tkwrum and a base drum.


We're working out different rhythms. What the colours are. And how to


put it together. She is working out how to slam doors... I 14 -- Should


probably let them get on and rehearse. I've always wanted to


have a little bit of a play on the drums. I link down something simple.


I'll play four beats, one, two, three, four As easy as that. Can


you make music out of anything. I'll leave it to the professionals.


You have heard what a couple of items sound like. What about when


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds






performed at the do together last night and they didn't turn my


microphone up! That's true. Barney is here, because he's rehearsing


for a musical. He's musical. Oh no he isn't. You offended the dogs. If


he could, he would have his fingers in his ears. We have had loads of


questions in from our viewers. We have had loads of posts off the


back of the pet show, lots of drawings from the -- Of the dogs.


As barney has run away, I'll show you a picture from -- Of barney,...


And now it's time to put the viewers' questions to you. Amy says


what was your favourite subject at school. PE. How did it feel when


you were -- Won 74 degrees north from Adam. That was really good.


What do you want for Christmas. be a Blue Peter presenter ever day!


How did you get involved in the army and why? I did it because I


wanted to get into the police later on, I thought a few years in the


Army, and then into the police. That's what I did. What has been


your most difficult challenge. could say working with you, that's


not true, the eyes swim. Do you have secret talent. I have very


bendy thumbs! That's bizarre! -- Eyes swim. How did you prepare for


the Arctic swim. I knew I did not want to go home first. I just


nuclear yeled down. You were in the final with two girls. My army and


police mates would have killed me if I lost to two girls. Would you


rather eat Maggots or spiders and if so dead or alive? Lovely choice,


marginally dead Maggots! Spiders would wriggle around. You would not


want either in your tummy. If you had one wish? To fly. What is the


most dangerous thing you have ever done. Arctic swim? Yeah. What did


you want to be when you were younger. A stuntman. You never


know! I'm freaked out by your thumbs. Equally impressed. I can't


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