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With just a few weeks until Christmas, we are looking at this


year's coolest toys and gadgets. Checking out the smartest new


console games and we are revealing the gifts you can make without


Hello! Just look at this place. It is packed out like Santa's grotto.


Whatever you work it into, we have got something to get you excited.


We have got gadgets, puzzles, board games, you may net. You will be


telling your mates about what we will show you. One man who loves


his toys is Barney but he will be gutted because he is not here. He


is busy rehearsing for panto. We have a very special guest presenter


of joining us for the Day. I cannot think of anyone better to help us


on a show all about gadgets. The Gadget Show presenter and


technology fanatic Ortis Deley really knows his stuff when it


comes to all things Tech. Light, iPhone, action. He gets to play


around with cutting-edge technology, trying out some of the latest hi-


tech gear on the market. So, if it is gadgets you are after, he is the


man in the know. Ortis Deley, welcome to Blue Peter! We have got


to fire up your engine but you did that all by yourself. Is it that


cool? It is the only way to travel! I use it every day to get to work.


You into your gadgets and gizmos but have you always been techie?


was always into science, physics and chemistry but the only bit of


technology I was in two as a kid was the tech -- television. Back in


your day it was not fancy I pads. No, it was Abacus is. I cannot wait


I have some stuff to show you. There are loads of toys and gadgets


which are using technology these days. I want to show you a few


examples. This is probably one of the more affordable ones. This is


the Annoying Monster. If you attach the right part of him you will get


a reward. Are you not a fan of this? When I am in a toy shop I


have to press everything that makes a noise. This is clearly annoying


somebody! We have lost the monster! It is only �14. This here is the


Fidget. A people have been talking about on the message boards.


reacts to touch and sounds. You can have a small conversation with him.


Hello. You are looking good. Fish live in salt water. There you go.


�47. If you have got a bit more money at your disposal or perhaps a


rich uncle, for �140 you can get your hands on this radio-controlled


car from Playmobil but what is special about it is it has a camera


on board. You can use it to spy on people. You can sneak up on your


brothers and sisters. It uses Wi-Fi to transmit pictures to a screen of


your choice. Go and spy on the crew at the back eating sandwiches.


they are all working which is good. I have to have an advent calendar


every year but this year we have gone for something different. There


is no chocolate but it has toys instead. I know Barney Harwood


would love it because he is very into Star Wars. I know it is early


but I am going to open the first one. You get actual Lego.


Brilliant! You will not rot your teeth but you can make something.


That is moving without me operating it! The dog has got the remote.


There is something we have not mentioned but we know loads of you


have games consoles and if you do you are probably hoping for a new


game for Christmas. Here are our The ever-popular FIFA series has


released its newest version, FIFA 12. There are new ways of playing


on line which means you can be promoted through 10 leaks. The


movement of the players and the ball have become even more


realistic. You can try to take Manchester City to the Champions


League final or even score a goal with Wayne Rooney.


Just Dance three is a multi-player game where you can dance and sing


like a pop star. You can sing along to tracks by people like Katy Perry


and Jessie J. You can learn the routines to perfection and impress


all of your friends with your dancing skills.


With the London 2012 Olympics only eight months away, even Sonic and


Mario are getting in on the sporting excitement and they have


brought along plenty of pals as well. If you can play along with


your friends and family in 20 Olympic events including rowing,


athletics, football and Go on! Yes, Dilip! -- do it! It is


the taking part that counts. Moving on. It is not just about computer


games at Christmas because you can get toys which means you learn a


new skill as well. When I was younger, I had a Paul Daniels Magic


set. Your Dad's will know who he is. It is like the magic sets you can


get now. The idea is you learn a few tricks, you perform at your


friends and family. It is a very good gift all round. I never quite


perfected my tricks as a youngster so this is my chance to redeem


myself. Are you going to perform a trick now? I am going to make our


next guest magically appear. Why are you laughing? I am not! Brace


yourself! Waving a wand. Magic phrase, come on, magically appear,


abracadabra! What can I say? Very well done. Hello. This is then and


he is a real magician. He will be showing us a trick later on. -- Ben


Proos. Not only is he a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, but


earlier this year he was named Young magician of the aged just 16.


Congratulations. How did you get into it? I saw someone performing


tricks at school and I got in spite. Can anybody be a magician? Yes, you


have to have the confidence and the determination. The confidence to


perform and the drive to practise the tricks? Yes. Would you name a


card, any card. The five of hearts. Inside my DEC should be one of the


wrong way round in the middle. Somewhere in the middle. We are


looking for the five of hearts. is! I chose a different one in


rehearsal and he got that one right as well. We will move on to a more


light-hearted trip. Inside my back pocket I have some rope. There are


three pieces. A long one there for you and a little one for you. And a


little one for me. Three pieces of rope. The idea of the trick is this.


Take the ends of the little and the long and pull. All three become the


same size. When I said watch his hands closely, you did not have to


do it that close! People think it is easier to do the trick with two.


I think it is easier with one. That loop is there at the end is there.


Their I know scissors or glue. loop of rape is not much use. If we


take the ends, the trick is based on static electricity. There is no


rope in his pocket. But the ends jumper back into the pockets. You


can see the ends travel down the rope. They will link in the middle


like that. The hardest bit is the middle because you have to twist it


and pull. It gets confusing now. If you want to get back to where we


started, you have to take it so we have two. If you remember, Helen,


we had three. Three equal lengths of rope. No, you had a short,


middle and long. Correct. That is what we have. One short, one long


and one medium. That was amazing. Thank you very much. Now, Christmas


means big bucks for shops. �620 million is spent in the run-up to


Christmas. This Monday was mega Monday, the biggest online shopping


day of the year. You do not have to spend money to buy gifts and show


your family how much you love them. You can make gifts. I'm going to


introduce you to these magnets. They will cost hardly any money at


all and they will make a great gift. All you need is a special piece of


magnetic paper. It is magnetic on one side and white on the other.


This will help you make your pasteurised and magnets. You can


buy it from a superstore or online. -- your personalised magnet. You


can leave messages, put them on fridges. You could do photos of


your friends and families. I know you love One Direction. You could


do them! All you have to do is print them on to the magnetic paper


and then cut to around them. goes into the printer like normal


paper, even though it is thicker. I am going to cut up the Super Europe


because he is nice and muscly! The best thing is if you give a gift


that is personalised, so I'll probably going to give my mum some


of Barney the dog, and it is better because it is specially for them,


not just something bought in a shop. Yes. It shows you have thought


about them. There Hugo. We will put the Mermaid there. You can spend a


lovely afternoon doing this as well. And there's Barney's head on there!


The simplest, easiest, loveliest Christmas present. You could make


me a mermaid and Barney into a Santa. You can do whatever you like.


It is a lovely idea for a present and a great activity. Buying a set


like this could cost you �20 but this is a fraction. You hardly have


If you want to make magnets like ours with Blue Peter pets on them,


they are on the website. Just go there and print them out. The


instructions are there as well. we have a tip for you on how to


save money on wrapping your presence as well. We will have that


later on. Christmas shopping can be very stressful, with everybody -


and a round. But we have decided that not all the best Christmas


presents come under the tree. -- bit everybody is running around.


Now we have Aaron Craze, and he and his two daughters, Molly and Leah,


decided they wanted to spend more quality time together. That is the


best present of all. Hello, I am Aaron Craze. Come in


and meet the family. This is my daughter Leah and my other daughter,


Molly unable stop her as a very busy dad, being in the kitchen and


presenting Junior Bake off, it is very important for me to spend


quality time with my daughters. We are making something called the


tombola of time. It is rarely simple. This is how it works. You


get some paper and pens. We sit down as a family. We pick four


activities each. We write them down and put them into the tombola. We


pick one every month and do the I am writing down a little extra


thing for them here. It is the Pottery Cafe. They don't know that


so it is a bit of a surprise. I will take them there. We have got


all activities tucked away safely in the old tombola. And seen as you


are being created today, I have got a head start and I have organised


something for today. The pottery cafe. Hey! I have bought the girls


to a pottery cafe and I want to see something created. There is loads


to choose from. Have you made a decision? Yes. Let's get cracking!


Though we don't want to crack them! I don't know about the girls, but I


am having a great time! Your one looks good! As it is nearly


Christmas, it is quite bowled and I did not want to do something


outside. -- it is quite cold. This is fun. As you can see, they have


thoroughly enjoyed today. And I have as well. Looking good. We have


had lots of fun. We have got to spend time together, which is quite


difficult sometimes because I am always working in the kitchen and


that. But today, it was nice. Just me and the girls, sat doing


painting, having a chinwag. A good day. Buy one, get one free! I think


you have done a great job. We have had loads of fun and it has been a


fantastic afternoon. I cannot wait to pick out the next activity.


If you decide to have a timbale of time, I reckon you should write out


your suggestion five or 10 times and then you will get to do what


you want to do! That is cheating! Think of the members of your family.


You say that but when you see what they want... A good way of making


sure families spend time together at Christmas is to get the board


games out. This is Operation but My family will not play with me any


more because they say I cheap! of people are paid to come up with


new board game ideas. Scott is a board games inventor, so most


people's dream is his reality. Scott, I am a 10-year-old and I am


a board games inventor. After a long day at school... When most


children are getting home and spending the evening relaxing, I am


busy running my own business. A few years ago, when I was seven, I was


ill and away from school. Rather than being bored at home, I kept


myself occupied and was created. I decided to design my very own board


game. I never thought in a million years that my game would be made


into a proper product selling in the shops. The first thing to make


a board game is you need a prototype. That is a rough model of


whatever it is you are making. It shows you what it will look like.


We started with an Advent calendar. But it was flimsy and not stable


enough. We then moved on to a border like this. But the openings


were far too small to get the sweets in. We upgrade it to look


like this. The idea is, you start here at the opening time and moved


along all the way to the finish, here. A year ago, I received the


first batch and they have been sold in shops all over the country.


Including one of the most famous department stores in the world. At


Harrods in London. It was really exciting when I got the chance to


have my game professionally made. They also sell my game at the local


shopping centre. Let's have a look. This is my game up on the shelves.


It feels amazing to have my game surrounded by all these different


toys. They also sell masks, key rings, mouse mats, and each of them


is related to a character. A The first thing I do when I come


home from school is I come to my mum's office to see if anybody has


bought a game. Along with selling my game in the shops, were also set


up my own website to sell the Games. When an order comes in, I need to


prepare the package and get it to the customer through the post. When


it is safely packaged up, I take it to the Post Office. It has been so


exciting to design my own game and see it in the shops. I am Scott's


mum. The viewers have asked questions. How difficult is it to


make a gain? It is not hard but to get it sold in the shops, it takes


quite a long time. How has your life changed since you invented the


game? I have met lots of famous people and gone to lots of places,


like Chicago. It has been amazing. What advice would you give to


people who would like to design or invent their own game? Think of


your favourite toy or game and think of how you could improve it.


I herd you have enjoyed finding out about my life been a board game


designer. -- I hope. That is a pretty cool job. We have shown you


have to save money on presence, but what about the wrapping paper? --


on presents. Have a look at these. They look great and pretty tempting,


but if you have a closer look, you will see that all of these gifts


have been wrapped in recycled newspapers and magazines. Even the


decorations, the love of flowers, have been made out of these papers.


-- the little flowers. And we have put on some glitter. All the


instructions are on the blue Peter website and it is great for the


environment and saving money. -- the blue Peter website. Just one


thing more to show you before we go. This takes a remote control and


sent it into the air. It is a helium balloon, but using the


control, I can send it up into the air and make its nose bit. That is


pretty cool. You can have loads of fun with that. You can have a go in


a minute, dog! Thank you for coming in to be a guest presenters. It has


been an absolute pleasure! Only 17 years in the making. Next week,


Barney will be getting into the Christmas spirit with a host of


celebrities. And we will have a number one chart-topper in the


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