Halloween, Time Travel & Gymnastics Blue Peter

Halloween, Time Travel & Gymnastics

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Today's show is seriously scary, as we've got Naomi from Nightmares of


Nature. We are also making some scary monsters out of these socks.


Lindsey ran the marathon in them. Hello. Welcome to a spooky, scary


blue BT. It is Halloween on Saturday. We are getting excited and


dressing up the studio to look like it. Those ghostly balls are my


favourite. If you like fear, I had a lot of it in my new Blue Peter


challenge with a Olympic legend. You will see him in just a second. I got


invited to Parliament to turn back the hands on one of the best, most


famous monuments in the world. It was brilliant. I will turn back time


later. I will also be showing you sound to make -- how to make your


own sock monster. It is Halloween this weekend. What are you doing?


Are you getting dressed up and putting on something scary? Tell us


about it. Get in touch and we will try and read your e-mail out later.


Lindsey isn't here. She is in Canada. She's back next week but she


has hooked us up with the queen of all things scary when it comes to


animals. This lady hosts Nightmares of Nature. She has stared down a


jaguar, and she has swam with sharks. Please welcome Naomi


Wilkinson. Hello. I'm excited to be here. Let's talk about your third


series. It is fantastic. You have met some scary animals. Tell us


about them. I have had some scary encounters. I got in the water with


Wales sharks. It is the biggest shock in the world. -- whale sharks.


I breathed into waking cobra's mouth through a tiny bit of straw. That


was waking it up after health checks. We found this on a beach in


Pembrokeshire, it is a ragworm. I don't like it. It is quite creepy,


but it is not harmful at all. Your fear knows no bounds. Does yours? I


don't want to go there. I'm going to play a game with you. You are going


to love it. We are calling it Fear or Fake. Come and play. Step this


way, take your positions on the petrifying podium. You are such a


good presenter, Naomi. You are going to love this, not a lot. You have to


try and guess the Halloween horror I am describing to you. The first


person to buzz and get it correctly gets to nominate their opponent to


put their hand into either box A or box B. In one of the boxes is a real


scary animal. The other one is fake. Are you prepared? I am up for this,


Naomi. You are going to love it. The overall loser will have a forfeit.


Halloween horror number one. This fearsome creature has heat-seeking


vision. Bat? Incorrect. It's their snake. It is! Which box do you want


him to put his hand in? I would like him to put his hand in box A. It is


so nice not to be me for a change. Put your hand in gently. Take it


steady. Write down inside. Feel around. Fear or fake? Fear. That is


fear correct. That is corn snakes. That was a mistake! Halloween horror


number two. These creatures have no arms or legs. Another clue? A worm?


No. They act as nature's recyclers, raking down rotten animals. Another


clue? You both look clueless. They turn into flies. This is rubbish.


Maggots. Well done, it is. Which box would you like him to put his hand


in? I am thinking box B. Radzi, just to remind you, you have no idea. We


genuinely don't know what is going on. Oh, no! What is it? What is it?


Fear or fake? Oh, no! It's real! You are doing very well so far. Under


number three. It was maggots. These creatures are powerful jumpers.


Kangaroo. No, it's not. They have spikes on their abdomen which they


use as a weapon. Starfish. No. I will give you another clue. They


share their name with a popular sport. How's that? Cricket! Yes!


Well done, Radzi. Which one? Box A. No, box B. Nothing to worry about at


all, Barney. Nothing to worry about at all. I don't like that! That is


fear, without a doubt. It is, correct. Those are crickets. They


are horrible! They are actually in both boxes. Who is our ultimate


loser? Barney, sorry. Well done, Radzi. That was actually OK. Thank


you for being here. Always good to have you on the show. Don't relax


too much. He scary animals haven't gone just yet. As the ultimate


loser, Barney, you have to introduce the next part of the show holding my


friend, Charlotte, who is a tarantula. Don't drop her. Oh, my


giddy aunt! Your hands are solid as a rock. Aren't they just? If you


want to see more from Naomi, we don't, but if you do, go to the


website. Did you enjoy your extra hour in bed on Sunday? I did that,


honestly. Are you struggling to concentrate? No, I'm fine! Time is


constantly ticking, isn't it. We use it to organise our lives. It keeps


us all in sync. Sometimes it lets us know when we are late to school. If


I'm going to talk about time, I'm going to need a clock, but not just


any old clock. I've gone to see the most famous clock in the world. Oh,


yes! We've been invited to Parliament to help with a very


special task, the changing of the clocks. Taking me through each stage


in the process are the clock mechanics, Ian, Hugh and Paul. All


the work happens at the top, which means climbing 334 steps. This is


one of those times when you have two speed be filled up. I am climbing


Elisabeth tower. The name Big Ben refers to the bell. Why do we change


the clocks? To explain, we have to go into space. The earth is tilted


as it orbits the sun. In the summer, we have longer days as we are facing


the sun. In the winter, the days are short because we are facing away. A


British builder called William Willis first suggested changing the


clocks in 1907, to make the most of daylight hours. I am finally here.


This is the great clock of Westminster. Look at that! It may


not look like the clocks you have at home, but this mechanism turns the


hands on the clock face. It weighs 4.5 tonnes, the same as a fully


grown elephant! We know that Big Ben is the sound that you here, but the


bit you recognise is the clock face. We are behind it. It is massive.


Seven metres across. This is the inspection hat. We can look and make


sure no panes of glass are broken. I think we should inspect the outside


while we are here. A lovely view of London. There is the camera crew,


Hallo! We can't get the camera out there to show you what the view is


like, but I have a little camera to show you just the job. Look out


here! That is me hanging out of this massive monument in London. Isn't it


beautiful? Enough dangling out of this world famous building, I've got


a job to do. First, turning the lights off. This takes place just


after 10pm and it allows the team to change the time without anybody


outside noticing. South, west... You have switched off the lights. And we


can now switch off the -- set the clock. This is the piece of


equipment we have to use. Nice and tight. That isn't going anywhere.


That isn't going to make a noise. We Big Ben silenced, we can change the


time. Unlock it -- unlike a clock at home, this mechanism can only go


forward. We have to move it on until exactly midnight where it will be


held until real catches up. Ready? Ready. What is happening outside is,


in complete darkness, you will see the silhouette of the hands moving


round. Time flies when you're having fun. Bang on! There you have it,


midnight. The night is chosen to allow for several hours of


maintenance to take place. And one of the most important jobs, winding


the clock. Years ago, my grandma had a watch with a wheel on the site you


would wind up and the energy would give you power so it would keep


working. This doesn't have batteries so we effectively have two wind it


up. We do. You have to do 120 to make it last three days. Harder!




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